May 2021 | Our Monthly Event Recap

Published on Jun. 01, 2021

What a fantastic month May has been! Full of insightful events, as our one and only Spring Summit 2021. In case you missed any of them, do not worry. You can find them all below, ready for you to watch them whenever you like.

Life, Savings and Pensions

The life insurance market is often undervalued despite the large portion of GDP that pension and saving assets represent. In this webinar, we got a chance to hear insights and pitches around topics such as micro-savings, pensions (personal & auto-enrolment), and life insurance.

Spring Summit 2021

Spring wouldn't be Spring without our Summit. We couldn't be more excited to have hosted this event with the fantastic 98 batch startups that joined us. These are the startups that have graduated from six of our industry-focused innovation programs: Brand & Retail, Food & Beverage, Media & Ad, New Materials & Packaging, Supply Chain, and Sustainability.

North Dakota AgTech Expo

The third Agtech Expo, where we celebrated our successful accelerator program, and the 14 agtech startups that are bringing innovation to a whole new level! We had some great speakers lined up and companies that are doing amazing things for the agricultural industry.

Strategies to Drive Corporate Innovation

During this event, we invited Professor Robert Bornhofen and Professor Jeremy Dann to dive deeper into corporate innovation. Utilizing different case studies and first-hand experiences, the professors discussed a variety of different approaches to this process.

The Future of Talent in Insurance

There is a growing opportunity to attract diverse and emerging talent into the insurance sector. During this event, we learned how our ecosystem startups and their technologies are supporting our partners' initiatives to increase their reskilling, upskilling, recruiting, and employee retention capabilities.

May Path to My Career - Things I Wish I Had Known Before

During this event, we deep-dived into the world of female entrepreneurs, shining a light on successful businesswomen who shared their inspiring stories.

Advancing Healthcare with Digital Therapeutics

The range of digital health tools and services available is rapidly expanding and includes doctor-patient communication, cost reduction, clinician workflow, medication adherence, and patient engagement. Watch the recording and learn what the future holds for digital therapeutics.

The New Technology Era of Grocery Post-Covid

On May 26th, we hosted a remarkable panel discussion with leaders in the Retail space who shared how they are leveraging technology to adjust to the changing environment and world post-COVID.

Investing in the Future of Logistics

What are the leading supply chain technology companies doing to expand their services and markets in 2021? How does technology drive business and improvements? What is the value of technology in logistics? These and more questions were discussed with the experts during the event.

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