August 2021 | Our Monthly Event Recap

Published on Aug. 31, 2021

August has been another great month—a perfect way to end the summer season and many opportunities to look forward to in the upcoming fall season. We’ve had many great events, including our Plug and Play Brazil Summit, fireside chats, and many more. Don't worry in case you missed any of them. You can find them all below, ready for you to watch whenever you like.

Venture Capital Summit 2021 | Plug and Play Brazil

"Welcome to the day of innovation hosted by Plug and Play Brazil, where we're pleased to discuss the latest trends in Latin American Venture Capital and participate in a network round between startups and investors.

LatAm and Brazil have gained relevance in the global venture capital and open innovation scenario in the past years. "

The Rise of AgTech

"The global pandemic has changed a lot in the last year and with that comes so much uncertainty of the future. One thing that has had a positive outcome in all of this is growth in the agtech industry. What does that mean?

Adam Bergman with EcoTech Capital leads the conversation on how this is happening."

Partnerships Transforming Healthcare: Fireside Chat With Fausto Lendeborg & Edmond Mack

Relive this fireside chat with Fausto Lendeborg, CEO/Co-founder of Secberus & Edmond Mack, VP Security Architecture & Engineering, Global Tech Organization of GSK where we talking about the importance of partnerships transforming healthcare.

Grand Farm Meets Plug and Play

Grand Farm Meets with Plug and Play to talk about the future of AgTech.

Business International Expansion: Opportunities and Challenges

Expanding into international markets comes with opportunities and challenges. For many startups, this means make or break.

Join us as Roger Royse and Stephen Wares lead the conversation and help us break down all the aspects of international expansion that we, startups, need to consider.

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