Meet the 175 Startups Joining Our Programs

Published on May. 18, 2018

These 175 startups have been hand-selected by our Ventures Team to be introduced to our ecosystem of 180 corporate partners, 200 VCs, and 583 alumni. *Not all are featured due to stealth mode.

"We look forward to the arrival of brilliant minds to our headquarters. We foresee our corporate partners more involved than ever. The startups can expect to run more pilots, diversify their business offerings, and raise additional funding to build their dream," comments our Founder and CEO, Saeed Amidi.

Get a first look of the startups below and get your tickets to meet them at our Summer Summit June 6th-8th at our HQ.

Brand Retail Batch 7 Startups

Alcmeon: Human + AI cloud-based innovative tools to help leading brands dialog with their customers on social networks and messaging apps

Antenna: Antenna is a mobile-first engagement platform for retailers and publishers that use consumer feedback to increase sales, monetize content, and build loyalty

Bold Metrics: Unlocking human body data to change the way products are bought, sold, and designed

Botmetrics: Analyze and improve customer satisfaction for chat and voice interfaces

BREINIFY: The leading time-driven AI engine predicting an individual’s highly dynamic interests

Cappasity: A cloud-based platform that lets online stores easily create and deliver 3D shopping experience

Commerce.AI: Artificial intelligence to power next generation commerce

Crowdz: The (R)evolution of the supply chain: from months to milliseconds

DOTTY: A suite of products with a focus on AR and IoT

Inbenta: AI search that delivers real results

Influential: The only AI influencer platform with Watson on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to deliver demographically, psychographically, and contextually targeted campaigns for brands and agencies

Joinedapp: Connecting the world’s largest brands and merchants with their customers on the largest untapped sales and market channels in the world today

Kokko: Kokko creates digital experiences that give consumers the confidence to purchase when color is critical

Mobee: Crowd sourced in-store intelligence for brands and retailers

Outernets: Transforming glass into smart, interactive, digital displays

PlusMargin: PlusMargin combines Behavioral Psychology and AI to psychologically profile visitors and subsequently persuade them to buy

PRIMO1D: RFID in a yarn to propel products in the world of connected objects

Satisfi Labs: The virtual assistant for the world inside

SHOPRUNBACK: Turning online returns into customer satisfaction

Stylitics: Interactive outfit recommendations to help retailers engage customers across all channels, with no manual work required

SupplyAI: SupplyAI helps retailers turn returns into profit opportunity

ThirdEye Labs Limited: Thirdeye provides retailers computer vision solutions to run brick and mortar stores

WIREWAX: Interactive video

ZeroLight: Best in class omnichannel visualization combined with data capture proven at global scale

Fintech Batch 5 Startups

Abaris: Abaris is creating the future pension - a digital way to get guaranteed, lifelong income in retirement regardless of employer or employment status

acuteIQ: Customer acquisition powered by artificial intelligence

Akouba: Akouba is a white labeled digital on-boarding and lending platform for regulated financial institutions.

Authomate Inc: Authomate delivers advanced frictionless user identity solutions, leveraging your mobile device as your personal key to the digital world, bringing convenience and security to authentication for everyone

BeeBell: The live event recommendation platform that enhances card loyalty programs

BigID: Personal Data Protection and Privacy for the Enterprise

Cassia: We build SaaS tools for financial advisors and wealth management firms to save them time and win more clients

Certain Safe: MicroEncryption® - A New Paradigm in Cyber Security

Courier: A messaging platform for retail banks to better engage their customers

Even Financial: Even is the first & only dedicated supply-side platform for online financial services.

Flutterwave: Flutterwave processes payments across cards, mobile money and bank accounts for global merchants, payment service providers, and Pan African banks across 33 African countries

Glassbox: Glassbox is video replay of every point/click/swipe/moment in a customer journey through both web/mobile channels on one platform

Monotto: Monotto is an automated saving engagement tool for financial institutions

OneVisage: OneVisage is a leading cyber-security company that develops breakthrough biometric solutions for financial services integrators and identity management providers

PandaDoc: Leading Digital Management platform that accelerates the way businesses transact digitally

PayKey: PayKey enables banks to provide their users with peer-to-peer payment options just when they are needed most – while they are engaged in social interactions

Paylasso: Paylasso is a platform that allows employees to request instant virtual payment cards for company expenses

Vizru: We create purpose-built apps without codes that can accelerate decision making and improve response flow using AI workflow

Zenplace: Zenplace is an award-winning technology-led property management company reinventing the $55 billion real estate and property management industry

Zumigo: Zumigo leverages mobile network data, such as a user's mobile location and identity, to secure and enable commerce

Food Batch 1 Startups

6d bytes: Using robotics to make fresh on-the-go-food that can be personalized to an individual’s taste and is available at any time of the day, anywhere, cost-effectively

Airo Health: food guru in your pocket

Aromyx: digitizing taste and scent

Astrona Biotechnologies: food safety in the palm of your hand

Clear Labs: analyzes food at the molecular level to help the world’s best food companies secure their supply chains and differentiate their brands

Conelum Biotech: ultra-fast microbiological diagnostics and enumeration at ultra-high sensitivity level

Konkiu: redefining flavor creation with real world quantitive data

Kwik Commerce: an open marketplace that allows brands and retailers to go direct to consumer, increasing loyalty, engagement, and sales

Proteosense: commercializing a rapid, hand-held diagnostic system to detect food borne pathogens without sample incubation, providing results in minutes not days

Rex Animal Health: machine learning to ensure a safer and more sustainable protein supply

Seva Coffee: the world’s best and most personalized coffee

Six Foods: using crickets milled into a flour to make tortilla chips, making healthy, delicious, and sustainable foods from insects

TeleSense: monitoring for food safety & compliance from production to point-of-sale

Health Wellness Batch 4 Startups

BioBeats: Artificial Intelligence for Healthy Living

BioFlight VR: An immersive platform for VR & AR content in the healthcare space

Breezing: Breezing Co. creates game-changing solutions for personal health, combining proven science with intuitive technology to enable better biometrics tracking

CrowdVision: CrowdVision is a leading automated pedestrian analytics and insights company that provides video-based people tracking software that accurately shows what is happening with complete pedestrian populations, in real time

Firstbeat Technologies: Body analytics for sports and wellbeing

Geneticure: Shaping the future of prescription medicine

GoGoGrandparent: A senior concierge that arranges and oversees on demand transportation for older adults

GYANT: GYANT leads patients from symptom to likely condition, by asking questions and listening to the answers, like a doctor does, but through AI

healthcoin: A global, blockchain-enabled rewards platform designed to change people’s behaviors and prevent diabetes

iClinical: A real-time analytics and collaboration platform for clinical trials

iTreatMD: Smart Workflow Platform to generate customized patient encounter documentation to benefit doctors and patients

KNOX: KNOX is developing Aeris, a portable spirometer for kids that has hospital-grade accuracy to detect early signs of asthma attacks

Lief Therapeutics: Smart patch for stress and anxiety management for consumers, patients, and healthcare systems

Pillo: An intelligent healthcare assistant for the home

NowRx: Pharmacy on-demand, free same-day delivery for all prescriptions

Thryve: Helps people to learn about the microbes in their body to improve health

Tueo Health: A device-enabled digital health service for pediatric asthma management

VibroniX: Providing advanced imaging technologies for disease diagnosis and treatment

Vida Health: A mobile platform that helps people prevent, manage, and reverse over 20 chronic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertensions, and depression

Vitagene: Building the personalization and distribution platform for consumer healthcare productions

insurtech batch 2 startups


Aureus Analytics: AUREUS is the Customer Intelligence & Experience company that enables Insurers to deliver superior Customer Experience leading to greater customer Retention, Loyalty and Lifetime value.

DataRobot, Inc.: DataRobot provides a machine learning platform for a spectrum of data-driven users and skill levels. From the progressive business analysts or statisticians to the applied data scientists - users from around the globe are building and deploying accurate predictive models in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Extraordinary Re: Extraordinary Re makes insurance liabilities tradable.

INSTANDA: The management tool that empowers insurers, brokers and MGAs to build and launch any insurance product within unprecedented timescales, and then distribute and self-manage it online and on a global basis.

Pypestream: Connecting businesses to customers through the power of smart messaging.

RiskBazaar: P2P risk contracts on the blockchain.


Abaris: Abaris is creating the future pension - a digital way to get guaranteed, lifelong income in retirement regardless of employer or employment status.

Atidot: Makes Insurance Smarter

BenRevo, Inc.: BenRevo creates sales automation software for Insurance companies that are inhibited by legacy processes by allowing them to connect with their customers and channel partners through a digital marketplace.

Lapetus Solutions, Inc.: The future of life event prediction is here!

LevelFunded Health: LevelFunded Health is a national, direct to employer wholesale benefits brokerage focused on level and self-insured benefit programs for small to mid-size employer groups.

Limelight Health Inc.: Limelight Health: We're reimagining employee benefits through real time, quote-to-enrollment, for health insurance carriers, brokers, and general agents. Our product, Quotepad, is an automated platform to visualize and shop for plans in one simple place.


BOLD PENGUIN: Making commercial insurance simpler.

BrokerLift: BrokerLift is a cloud-based Insurance eCommerce platform.

Cybewrite: Cyber Insurance Technologies

fenris: fenris delivers better mobile quoting outcomes and sales lift for insurers

Jumpstart: Bounce Back After an Earthquake

Matic Insurance: Matic integrates directly with lenders and insurance carriers to provide HOI during the mortgage process. This disrupts the typical model and takes quoting and binding to as little as 2 minutes.

NEOSURANCE: The Next Generation Virtual Insurance Agent for insurers that want to sell push based contextual micro-insurance in the age of the customer.

Pillar Technologies: Pillar Technologies deploys construction job site sensors and provides predictive data to allow insurance providers to quantify risk, reduce long term exposure and provide a better service to their customers.

Pointivo: 3D Intelligence Platform using Computer Vision and Machine Learning

SituatiVe: SituatiVe offers event based insurance granting consumers hassle free and digital risk transfer at the point of demand i.e. when and where exposed to risk.

Snapsheet: Snapsheet is the pioneering provider of virtual claims technology to leading auto insurance carriers

Zeguro: Cyber Insurance Platform for SMEs

Zensurance: Your Commercial Insurance Quick & Easy

IoT Batch 6 Startups

Aerial: Using robotics to make fresh food, personalized to an individual’s taste and perfection, available any time of the day, anywhere, cost effectively

Aerostate: Worldwide air quality forecasts and analytics

Applied Particle Technology: Enabling cleanroom quality air everywhere through next generation air purification and air quality sensing technologies

AR4 GmbH: commercializes augmented reality and computer vision technologies

Breezi: A “Check Engine” light for the smart home

BREINIFY: The leading time-driven AI engine for predicting and acting on an individual’s highly dynamic interests

Chronicled: Securing physical world identities and data with Blockchain, including IoT, supply chain, and M2M applications

DataRobot: A machine learning platform for a spectrum of data-driven users and skill levels

Emotion Research Lab: The emotional software company

Greppy: Visual cortex for consumer robotics enables companies to build intelligence conversational services

Koniku: We mimic human or animal receptors with the merger of synthetic biology and silicon technology, Koniku can deliver can deliver flavor representation, fruit composition, or ripeness detection with millisecond resolution

MODCAM: Get insights to people flows in stores and offices

Neuron Soundware: Recognizes broken machine using sound

Outernets: Transform glass into smart, interactive, digital displays

Pillar Technologies: Pillar Technologies deploys construction job site sensors and provides predictive data to allow insurance providers to quantify risk, reduce long term exposure and provide a better service to their customers.

Pointivo: 3D intelligence platform using computer vision and machine learning

Mosaic: Mosaic develops the best AI voice assistant dedicated for IoT and connected cars

Sensify Security: Intelligent IoT security services for the edge

Senso: Senso enables companies to understand the emotions of their customers on an individual level using computer vision and emotion research

Sentiance: Sentiance analyzes sensor data to understand human behavior and context so our clients can develop new products and services that turn the Internet of Things into the Internet of You

Skymind: An artificial intelligence company supporting the open-source framework Deeplearning4j, the most widely used deep learning framework for Java

Mobility Batch 2 Startups

Acerta Analytics Solutions: Dynamic machine learning platform to detect anomalies and predict failures in vehicle data

Algolux: Algolux provides an optimization-based platform for tuning vision systems

Auro Robotics: Revolutionizing mobility with self-driving shuttles

AutoX Technologies: Creating software solutions for self-driving vehicles

Braiq: Personalizing the ride experience in autonomous vehicles by teaching artificial intelligence how to better read human emotions

Cargo Chief: Data driven logistics platform and tools that significalty boost the productivity of brokers, forwarders, and warehousers through AI and automation

Context360: First to use smartphone sensor data to provide contextual insights and engagement with mobile app users

GBatteries Energy Canada Inc.: GBatteries Energy Canada Inc. developed ActivebMS, a charging technology that enables li-ion batteries to charge extremely fast while extending their life and improving safety

German Autolabs: German Autolabs is working on Chris, the world´s first digital co-driver to make the driving experience more pleasant, safe and human. Perception for autonomous navigation

INEVIT: Accelerating auto manufacturers’ development of feature/cost-competitive EV’s via energy-dense, highly-manufacturable, cost-effective, standardized ‘slide-in’ battery modules

Life Detection Technologies: Reimagining the future of vital sign monitoring

Neteera Technologies: Innovative THz sensing technology for continuous, remote and contact-free vital signs and well being monitoring of driver and vehicles occupants

Nexar: Building the world’s first over the top vehicle network

Prome: A multinational technology company headquartered in California, invents, develops, and sells Artificial General Intelligence software

Savari: Savari makes cars “talk” to each other and their environment by providing V2X sensors to car manufacturers and cities

Swiftmile: eBike sharing solutions

TankTwo: Optimizing range. Minimizing costs. Tanktwo battery pack.

WaiveCar: The world’s first all-electric and free car-sharing service

Zerolight: Best-in-class omnichannel visualization (including VR/AR) combined with data capture proven at a global scale

New Materials Packaging Batch 3 Startups

Arka Incorporated: The B2B platform for companies to source packaging online

Applied Particle Technology: Next generation air purification systems capable of removing particles, gaseous pollutants, and pathogens in a single step

Dropel: Making clothing lifeproof

Molecule: Using innovative materials to solve the difficult challenges this globe faces in the areas of environmental protection, health, and daily life

NeuWorld Plastics: Smart compostable films for high-moisture product packaging, because temporary-use plastics should have a temporary life

Sponge: A novel carbon-based material that will bring affordability, scalability, and sustainability to all industries in oil removal, water, and air cleanup

The Paper Battery Company: Using supercapacitors to solve power management problems with batteries in innovative ways

Vartega: Creating strong and lightweight low-cost carbon fiber used in the aerospace, automotive, win energy, sporting goods, and oil & gas industries through the use of its patent pending recycling process

WaterIO: The IoT smart packaging company

Travel Hospitality Batch 3 Startups

30SecondstoFly (Claire): AI driven, corporate travel assistant for SMBs

Cambiu: Revolutionizing mobility with self-driving shuttles

Grabr: A peer-to-peer traveling and shopping community where shoppers can get anything they want from around the world, delivered by travelers who are going their way

Groups360: Groups360 is the fastest growing marketplace for meetings and events, allowing planners and hotels to discover and connect in a simple, transparent platform

Hello Scout: Hello Scout uses data to personalize in-destination services for hotel guests

Hepstar: Hepstar enables travel merchants to maximize revenues from travel insurance sales using personalized customer engagement and advanced e-merchandising technology

Hitlist: An app that alerts you when they are cheap flights to places you want to go

LuxTripper: Helps you discover your unique travel DNA

OpenKey: The industry standard for Universal mobile key hotels

PassengerOne: Enterprise software that removes the pain points of business travel planning and management

SeatAssignMate: Bringing interactive apps in emails to help merchants, like airlines, increase ancillary revenue from email point of sales.

Tarzango: An online Hotel Negotiator for Events and group travel

Unicobag: Unicobag delivers mishandled bags for airlines and also lets passengers to request a baggage delivery from the airport to their requested destination, so they bypass the baggage carousel

WhereForBusiness: The world’s best business travel booking tool

ZeroLight: Best in class omnichannel visualization combined with data capture proven at global scale

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