Fighting COVID-19 with Startup Technology in China

By Rebecca Xie & Lu Wang Published on Mar. 26, 2020

This article will introduce several tech startups that are helping enterprises and individuals in different ways during the pandemic. The startups include Plug and Play China portfolio companies or alumni of accelerator programs.


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, remote working has become the most popular choice for thousands of enterprises. In addition to remote meetings and document collaboration, logistics, engineering construction, and manufacturing industries also place a lot of demand for unmanned work.


1_Onesight_Startup Quotes.png

Onesight provides a BIM and AR visualization service for building construction. Through hardware deployment, AR, and positioning technology, remote project acceptance can be carried out, which helps reduce field supervision work on the construction site.


2_zhenjizhineng_Startup Quotes.png

The unmanned patrol temperature measurement and preaching robot, anti-virus commercial cleaning robot, and unmanned distribution robot from ZhenRobotics can be used in hospitals, centers for disease control, government agencies, communities, schools, business, and other public places. 

Its core functions include autonomous mobility, in-situ steering, 3D environmental awareness, voice interaction, indoor and outdoor compatibility, real-time video monitoring, intelligent video analysis, waterproof, dustproof, and thermal insulation.


3_skysys_Startup Quotes.png

Skysys provides drones, mobile drone hangars, and data analysis services, focusing on providing "fly-free" drone operation management solutions to achieve unmanned throughout the process.

Smart Marketing

During the epidemic, person-to-person contact is restricted and offline stores such as traditional supermarkets, convenience stores, and car dealerships are affected. Unmanned smart marketing solutions can help physical stores upgrade.


4_Chatopera_Startup Quotes.png

Huaxia Chunsong (Chatopera) uses artificial intelligence technology to integrate a variety of chat robot production methods and creates an automated management interface to achieve rapid deployment of solutions.

It can be used for medical resource consultation, feedback data collection, and omni-channel intelligent customer service. By connecting corporate customer service staff and customers through websites and WeChat public accounts, it provides account management and automatic agent assignment to collect data rapidly, analyze data, and monitor communication as well as provide robotics customer service and other functions.


5_Techsun_Startup Quotes.png

Techsun provides a smart vision-based car dealership showroom solution based on computer vision technology. It can identify and collect customer characteristics through the camera and generate user portraits to help customers obtain model information online and register a test drive. It can analyze the heat map of the attention of different models in the store, remind the store guides on regular customers to achieve accurate reception and sales, and generate Face ID-related tags for reserved customers to create unique marketing solutions. 


6_taobotics_Startup Quotes.png

Taobotics is a manufacturer of autonomous robots for supermarkets in China to help brands promote and advertise their products in stores. The startup, which employs a team of robotics experts, says people are 7x more likely to purchase a product from a robot than in-store sales help.

Corporate Services

Due to COVID-19, many companies in China are working remotely. In this new scenario, HR, IT, and other jobs are also facing new challenges.


7_ioBP_Startup Quotes.png

Many retail companies are currently facing pressures from both sides of supply and demand, resulting in cash flow issues.

oiBP uses the intelligent decision-making schemes of the retail company's products and supply chain to help business owners implement refined management, improve the efficiency of resource optimization and allocation, and simulate the supply and demand recovery after the epidemic.


8_Threatbook_Startup Quotes.png

In the remote office scenario, the company's original intranet security measures failed, making security operations more difficult.

During the epidemic, TreatBook opened its OneDNS service free of charge. No hardware is required. As long as the company's operations and maintenance personnel change the DNS, it can easily block various malicious software, Trojan horses, worms, and other network threats in a remote office environment. 


9_worktrans_Startup Quotes.png

WorkTrans is a SaaS service provider for attendance management. During the pandemic period, it launched an “employee sharing” platform to provide large- and medium-sized labor-intensive enterprises with the deployment and matching services of on-the-job staff and employment enterprise staff. At the same time, digital management tools are used to help enterprises solve the flexible employment problem in one stop.

COVID-19 is continuing to spread across the globe. Plug and Play is working directly with US Government Agencies to find startups and technology to diagnose and mitigate its spread. If you are a startup with technology that can either diagnose or do rapid product development and can help, please apply here.

If you are a corporation looking for solutions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact us here.

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