Your Morning Ritual Can Be The Key To Success

Published on April 24, 2018

Some wake with the sun. Others arise to the startling sound of sirens, or the static ring of the radio. Maybe you’re innately a morning person, thriving off the bite of early air. Or, maybe you dread the alarm, and must set two just to get your body in motion. How you are called from sleep can say a lot about you. The pivotal question, however, doesn’t seem to be as much about how one wakes, but what they first do once they have risen.

Two eggs? One cup of Joe made black? Half of a spotted banana? Or, maybe nothing at all? Here’s some food for thought: it’s been said that doing the thing you dread most in your schedule directly upon waking sets one up for their most productive and fulfilling day. So, get your routine set, figure out what makes you tick, so that you don’t spend the day watching the clock do it.

We look for entrepreneurs that are truly passionate about their company – so waking up to thoughts related are commonplace around here. But, no matter what your morning routine consists of, at some point, it’s safe to bet you’re going to be looking in a mirror. Seize this moment in order to carefully schedule the next hour of your day. I can almost guarantee the person staring back will thank you come evening time.

Here’s a list of what some of the most famous entrepreneurs do in the early hours of their day.

best entrepreneur morning routine