Do You Waste Your Workday?

Published on April 24, 2018

The coffee pot bubbles, the sunlight streaks into the room for the first time, the devices get fired up. It’s a normal morning in the workday of a wired-in entrepreneur. Rubbing off the sleep from her eyes, the first number she sees is the amount of unread emails.

“Ugh… That’s going to take a while.”

Up next, Instagram. A few minutes of scrolling, double tapping, and smiles later – her mind feels better. Some old faces looking happily back at her through the screen, a few animals being cute as hell, and the number of unread emails is forgotten.

Until she heads back over to the computer – the number has grown. She responds to the easy ones, she leaves the harder ones for the commute – won’t have anything better to do anyway.

She gets a call on the train, it’s her first meeting of the day. There’s no agenda, it’s just a brainstorm about a new feature on the iOS app her team is developing.

The emails can wait.

The doors to the office swing open and she swoops over to her desk to drop her bag, her coat, and the contents of her pockets. The first port of call is the kitchen – caffeine.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Meetings intermingling with Sisyphean email pile-ups – but when does work get done? Data software provider, Scoro, took a dive into the metrics behind this question, and the results are interesting, but definitely not all that shocking...

where time gets lost at work

H/T: Contently