9 Deskless Solutions Every Leader Should Keep an Eye on

By Natalia Markovskaia Published on Apr. 27, 2020

For many industries, the state of the workforce has evolved over the last several months: layoffs, reduction in salaries and jobs, to name a few. Fortunately, modern companies are resetting many of the unacceptable global norms around work and moving towards the deskless workforce arrangements. 

This transition implies a whole paradigm shift in corporate culture. Right now, companies really need to inject maximum flexibility in their business processes and its leaders adjust to the new circumstances. 

During our virtual event “Supporting Remote Workers in a Black Swan Event” we have seen nine thriving startups that provide infrastructure and communication technology to enable every leader to work effectively, focusing on employee and company wellbeing.


Sorcero’s Enterprise NLP suite provides prebuilt, configurable NLP solutions to deliver scalable, automated, advanced knowledge bases, decision support, and compliance to enhance the value chain across insurance and life sciences. One of the valuable applications is continuous performance support and workforce training for highly technical and regulated industries. 


Jam is a recommendation engine for coworker connections. Through a tool that recommends and schedules groups of employees for face-to-face conversations, Jam is designed to encourage knowledge sharing across departments, offices, and tenure. Jam allows an employee to press a button and become more connected, and more valuable, within their company.


Vymo is a mobile-first Personal Sales Assistant that captures sales activities automatically, learns from top performers in the team, and then coaches sales people contextually to do more.


Whether working from home or in a fully remote team, Jamm, offers all the lightweight collaboration features you need – voice, video, recording, screen-sharing, white-boarding, shared pointers, and more – all in a single app with a single click. They make it easy to feel connected with your team without being “always-on”, communicate across time zones with video stories or video podcasts, quickly huddle, brainstorm, and whiteboard ideas, bond socially and just have fun!


Passively collected data from smartphones to detect changes in mental health. Burnout prevention through just-in-time intervention delivery for healthier lifestyles. Remote patient monitoring for better outcomes and de-centralized clinical trials.


Leveraging the video technology and social motivation platform, BurnAlong provides programmatic health and wellness content, on a subscription basis, to employers, payers, hospitals, and government entities with superior engagement and retention levels.


Compt is an enterprise SaaS solution that helps companies develop and manage lifestyle spending accounts so employees can buy the perks they want and need most. Compt makes perks 100% customizable for employees (without relying on vendors), easy to manage and scale for HR, and more meaningful for everyone.


Sora is a HR automation tool that makes it easy to personalize employee onboarding, offboarding, and key moments in between. It integrates with existing HR tools to move employee data seamlessly, and allows teams to create rules to automatically send a welcome email, schedule a new manager training, or even deliver an anniversary cupcake to the right employee at the right time. 


Hopin is an all-in-one live online events platform designed to connect distributed communities. It is a platform where attendees can learn, interact, and connect with people from anywhere in the world. Hopin is known for their full conference capabilities: stages, networking, breakout sessions, sponsors, tickets, analytics, and sponsors.

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