How Data Enrichment is Boosting Pet Insurance Adoption in the Metaverse

By Ben Ahrens Published on Jun. 16, 2023

Virtual pets, once embodied by Tamagotchi and Nintendogs, are evolving as the metaverse expands and advances. Meanwhile, the pet insurance market is burgeoning, motivating insurers to seek novel ways to add value beyond typical accident and illness coverage. One such prospect emerges — insuring digital pets existing in the metaverse — opening new doors for data enrichment and collection.

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Insurers could gather new insights into pet health and behavior and use this data to offer personalized insurance plans and streamline claims processes. Plus, with more pet owners spending time in virtual environments, protecting their digital assets is becoming increasingly important.

So, how can insurers tap into this emerging market and embrace the possibilities of data enrichment? From leveraging emerging technologies to partnering with pet-centric startups, many strategies exist.

Rising pet insurance adoption rates aim for the metaverse

The pet insurance industry has seen a dramatic increase in adoption rates over the past few years, with more and more pet owners recognizing the value of protecting their furry friends. Pet insurance provides financial protection for pet owners in case of unexpected illnesses or accidents, so they don't have to bear the financial burden of veterinary care. This increased understanding of the value of pet insurance has led to a massive surge in adoption rates across all demographics — although Gen Z is actually three times more likely to be interested in pet insurance than any other generation, and as this generation comes of age, this market is expected to continue to grow exponentially.

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Now, with increasing adoption rates, the pet insurance industry is looking ahead to its next growth target: the metaverse. The metaverse is an online world where virtual avatars interact in virtual environments, much like people do in the real world. As this technology develops and matures over time, it's becoming increasingly attractive to pets and their owners as an alternative way to socialize and interact.

For pet insurers to capitalize on this trend, they must be able to provide services explicitly tailored toward metaverse users. This could include discounted coverage for virtual vet visits or creating unique plans for virtual pet owners. By developing plans for digital pet protection in this new market, pet insurers can ensure that they remain competitive in this rapidly evolving space. These plans may also help draw even more people into the metaverse by making it easier and more affordable for them to take care of their pets online.

Data enrichment and its essential nature for the digital realm

In today's digital world, data enrichment is essential because it allows businesses to understand their customers and their needs in-depth. By collecting more data, organizations can make better decisions about their products, marketing campaigns, customer service strategies, and more. In addition, enriched data helps organizations to find new insights and trends that allow them to stay ahead of the competition. A recent PwC survey underscores the significance of this trend, with insurance respondents indicating that the metaverse will be fully integrated with their companies within the next three years, surpassing the all-industry average.

Data enrichment is also crucial for insurers in the pet insurance industry, particularly in the emerging metaverse where virtual pets are becoming increasingly popular. By harnessing the power of AI pets, insurers can collect vast amounts of data, including information on pet health, behavior, and lifestyle. This data can then be enriched with demographic, geographic, and socio-economic information to create a more comprehensive profile of each insured pet.

One example of this is in PetNow, which is using AI and integrating with insurance providers, where pet owners upload photos of their pets, which creates a digital profile to purchase and store all insurance information through the first and only biometric ID for dogs and cats using their nose prints, also referred to as "snout-ID." Companies like PetNow were featured in our recent market overview, so be sure to check out the video below for more startups that are shaking up the pet insurance market.

With this enriched data, insurers can leverage advanced analytics and modeling techniques to assess risk more accurately and tailor their insurance products to meet the unique needs of their customers. For example, insurers may offer personalized insurance coverage based on the specific breed, age, and health condition of a virtual pet, as well as the needs and preferences of its owner.

Identifying strategies for boosting pet insurance adoption through data enrichment in the metaverse

Pet insurance adoption in the metaverse can be boosted through several strategies. Firstly, developing engaging and interactive experiences that educate and inform pet owners about the importance of pet insurance in the virtual world can be compelling. This can include creating virtual simulations of real-life scenarios that show the benefits of insuring a pet in the metaverse, such as covering vet bills and accidental damages. Additionally, partnering with metaverse platforms and pet-related communities to raise awareness and promote pet insurance can be beneficial.

AnimalGo, an emerging startup, has a revolutionary platform that enables the creation of pet AI avatars in the metaverse. With the ability to scan and input biometric data, pet owners can collect and track real-time activity information using an IoT sensor-enabled pet necklace. The app provides users with comprehensive health and movement status updates, check-up services, and tailored companion insurance plans.

data enrichment_pet insurance_happy puppy dog

Providing personalized and cost-effective insurance plans customized to the virtual world is crucial to encourage more comprehensive adoption rates. Enter Spokk — an affordable and straightforward pet accident and illness insurance company. Although currently only offering regular coverage, it's already setting its sights on expanding to other insurance products, encompassing gaming, cryptocurrency wallets, and NFTs.

As such, its insurance policies could cover digital items only present in the virtual gaming world — such as skins, which add graphics to enhance a player's character, or even virtual pets, like those from Digital Dogs, the AI NFTs that transcend traditional apps and provide immersive experiences in the metaverse. Furthermore, data enrichment through AI pets can also be used to drive innovation and improve customer experience in the metaverse. Insurers can analyze the data to identify trends and patterns, informing new product development and enabling them to deliver more value to their customers.

Data enrichment services are changing the game for pet insurers

Data enrichment in the metaverse is revolutionizing the pet insurance industry by enabling insurers to provide more tailored and relevant policies to pet owners. With the help of advanced technologies, pet insurance companies will soon be able to analyze massive amounts of data generated across virtual platforms to understand pet owners' needs and preferences better.

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As the world continues to evolve and more people engage in virtual worlds, pet insurance companies can use data enrichment to remain competitive and enhance their offerings. Doing so ensures that pet owners can provide their furry companions with the best care possible without worrying about unexpected expenses. Whether it's a cat-astrophe or a ruh-roh, pet insurance provides security and peace of mind for pet owners, anywhere and anytime, and the integration of data enrichment in the metaverse is proving to be a game-changer for the pet insurance industry.

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