Why Companies Must Take Corporate Innovation Seriously

Published on May. 21, 2018

Corporate innovation is something that we believe is truly essential to the longevity of large organizations – be it public companies, governments, or even academic institutions.

According to this infographic produced by McKinsey, around 98% of the economy is being influenced by digitization and modernization. It has never been more important for companies to go 'all-in' on their digital transformation and look towards innovative products to make them resist to future disruption.

Evidence already proves that the shift is paying off where digital leaders are building and maintaining an enormous competitive lead over everyone else. Although the main focus might be on corporations being proactive about bolstering their digital capacities, it also trickles all the way down to the individual.

We must all be aware that our jobs will become increasingly reliant on technology, hard digital skills, and an evolution of what your role actually is.

corporate innovation infographic

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