9 Companies Revolutionizing Livestock Management

By Linly Ku Published on Oct. 06, 2021

Farmers today are facing challenges from infrastructure to connectivity, growing demands for animal proteins to food spoilage, and disease with concerns rising around animal health. Technology is disrupting all industries in our modern age and livestock management is no exception.

These 9 livestock companies are revolutionizing not only the traditional livestock industry but AgTech as a whole.

1. Connecterra

9 Companies Revolutionizing Livestock Management - Connectera 1

Connecterra is engineering sensor hardware and cloud based machine learning platform to predict real time behavior of dairy farm animals enabling better health management. Animal health is the #1 cause for low milk production and improvements can save farmers $250/year or more in direct costs. Additionally, most farmers try to visually observe animal health and require specialized training. They eliminate the need for visual observations and technical training. Connecterra is democratizing dairy technology enabling farms of all sizes to get access to health monitoring services without the need of expensive milking robots.

2. Rex Animal Health

9 Companies Revolutionizing Livestock Management - Rex Animal Health

Rex is on a mission to help livestock producers and farmers feed the world by increasing productivity and predicting, preventing, and precisely managing disease in the herd. They have a built up the largest database of clinical, health, performance, and genetic data on these livestock. Also, agribusinesses can use this data in order to understand their supply chain to identify the source of potential food borne illness, find the most efficient producers, set prices in commodities trading, and to understand and assess risk to increase transparency in the food supply chain.

3. Cainthus

9 Companies Revolutionizing Livestock Management - Cainthus

Cainthus is developing the world’s most advanced technology for dairy farms today; technology that’s transformational for animals, farmers, and the production of food. Using computer vision and artificial intelligence to identify health, reproduction, and environmental changes early on, Cainthus translates visual information into actionable data.

4. Vence

9 Companies Revolutionizing Livestock Management - Vence

Vence is utilizing connected sensors, artificial intelligence, and leading animal behavioral research to transform one of society’s oldest and most valuable industries. Vence reduces the need for physical infrastructure (fences) and manual labor associated with livestock management. They use the data retrieved from their devices to enable the determination of health, fertility, and other traits to enhance customers’ productivity.

5. SmartShepherd

9 Companies Revolutionizing Livestock Management - SmartShepherd

SmartShepherd is filling information gaps in livestock breeding programs by identifying the relationships between animals - principally to build maternal pedigree. Maternal pedigree is the key to unlocking the genetic potential of a farmer’s herd or flock, significant productivity gains can be achieved by tracking which animals produce profitable offspring. Additionally, there are numerous animal welfare issues that can only be addressed by knowing an animal’s mothering ability. SmartShepherd works with any grazing livestock, including sheep, cattle, and goats.

6. Quantified AG

9 Companies Revolutionizing Livestock Management - Quantified Ag

Cattle operations are now able to identify outliers, prevent cattle diseases from spreading sooner, and maintain lower morbidity and mortality rates than ever before. Quantified AG’s system allows Feedlot Managers to have faster more insightful data on the performance of their operation. Our smart cattle ear tag “Quantified AG® Tag” pulls behavioral and biometric data from your cattle allowing managers to see the exact animals that need more attention regarding their health.

7. Pure Cultures

9 Companies Revolutionizing Livestock Management - Pure Cultures

Pure Cultures is a BioTech company developing microbiome solutions for animal health. They specialize in the development and manufacture of prebiotics and probiotics used to support the growth and health of animals. Pure Cultures uses natural supplementation as an alternative to using antibiotics in animals.

8. Agriwebb

9 Companies Revolutionizing Livestock Management - Agriwebb

AgriWebb is cloud-based cattle management software that connects on-ranch data through the supply chain to dramatically improve profits and predictability for ranchers, feeders, processors and retailers. With more than 10,000,000 animals on their software, Agriwebb has quickly grown to be the market leader and aim to unlock huge potential gains throughout the US beef supply chain in 2019.

9. BovControl

9 Companies Revolutionizing Livestock Management - Bov Control

BovControl started providing cloud-based data collection app for cattle management and livestock ranchers. Its apps provides reports, graphics, and analysis of cattle production, through multiple perspectives: processors, brands, ranchers, employees of the farms and technical consultants.

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