Healthy Pets, Happy Owners: 6 Pet Tech Startups Transforming the Industry

By Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Bhawna Thairani, Linly Ku Published on Jul. 03, 2023

As the healthcare and pet industries move into the digital era, it’s only natural to see the same in the pet health industry. From innovative health monitoring platforms to wearable devices, pet owners can now track almost every aspect of their pet's well-being. These innovative pet tech tools make the invisible visible, allowing pet owners to provide even better care for their animals.

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Smartwatch wearable devices have been used for years to monitor and track our health data, including activity, sleep, and heart rate. In recent years, innovative pet technology has allowed owners to track their pet's movements and behaviors.

Using collar-worn wearable devices lets pet owners look closer at their pet's health, measuring signs of conditions such as dermatitis and observing how scratching behavior changes in response to diet. These pet technologies also provide valuable data 24/7, even when pet owners are not home, leading to a complete health picture for pets and a more straightforward diagnosis for veterinarians.

Many companies are working tirelessly to improve the capabilities of this industry. Don’t miss these six pet tech startups innovating pet healthcare.

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Pet Wireless

Pet Wireless is an IoT startup that has developed a health monitoring platform for pet owners and veterinarians alike, called Tailio. With Tailio, pets can live longer, healthier lives while vets provide high-quality care, increase revenue, and bring pet owners peace of mind. Combining user-friendly, non-wearable sensing devices, cloud-based data analytics, and a convenient mobile app, Pet Wireless has raised the bar on at-home pet care with Tailio.

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Dinbeat is a medical device manufacturing company that provides wearable devices for pets. Its innovative devices can remotely track a pet's most important vital signs using wireless monitors and receive notifications via cloud software and a software application platform, keeping pet owners connected with their pets' health at all times.

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PitPat, the leading dog wellness brand in the UK, offers the best-selling and top-rated dog activity monitor alongside an app-based exercise and weight management program. Based in Cambridge, their multidisciplinary team, composed of vets, technologists, and dog lovers, aims to get the nation's dogs healthy and fit. Their services are delivered directly to dog owners through notable partnerships with leading pet insurers, food brands, and others.

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Obe Digital Pet Health and Wellness

Obe's digital wellness platform facilitates better pet health and happiness while streamlining caregiving for vets and owners. High-quality, real-time consumption data enables making well-informed health and nutrition decisions. Early diagnosis of potential challenges ensures prompt intervention long before they become acute.

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Mella Pet Care

Mella Pet Care specializes in creating accessible technology and diagnostic products to help pet owners and vets maintain a better understanding and track record of pet health. As a starter, they built a smartphone-enabled, AI-assisted non-rectal thermometer that provides an alternative and non-invasive method for axillary temperature measurement in under ten seconds.

This intelligent thermometer pairs with mobile devices and smartwatches through an app, and it can also work seamlessly with patient management systems like Covetrus - which commands a 90% market representation, meaning that vets can examine patients without worrying about or taking down temperatures manually.

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Scollar is transforming animal care with its full-stack open platform. Designed to manage every aspect of animal care, from cats to cattle, Scollar offers three tightly integrated technologies: a modular smart collar, a mobile app, and a data cloud service.

This pet tech startup is reshaping the future of animal management by enabling countless animal care requirements to be managed through a single device. The amount of data collected in the Scollar data cloud enables algorithm development, providing a complete, portable picture of an animal's health.

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