9 Leading AI Healthcare Companies in 2020

By Linly Ku Published on Oct. 06, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of innovation in healthcare. It has infiltrated the healthcare space tremendously in the last decade bringing in billions of dollars to different sectors. Top AI applications in healthcare include robot-assisted surgery, virtual nursing assistants, dosage error reduction, and much more. These applications are projected to create $150 billion dollars in annual savings for the healthcare economy by 2026. 

Because of this AI healthcare boom, insurers and investors are pouring millions of dollars into these technologies. Here are 9 top AI companies in healthcare to keep an eye on. 

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Remedy Health

Remedy Health’s AI-assisted platform equips non-physician staff with clinical expertise to uncover hidden chronic diseases through phone screening interviews. Early diagnosis allows them to find the best fulcrum point for intervention to positively affect health outcomes and decrease cost. Finding undiagnosed patients will also drastically increase a health system's RAF scores and profitability.

What’s Unique?

Competitors rely only on sparse historical medical records and claims, which are only generated when the patient is in the hospital system, usually after they are already sick. Remedy Health’s system empowers low cost, non-physician staff to proactively screen patients through virtual interviews and capture clinically relevant data outside of the 4-walls of the hospital for timely decision-making.

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Subtle Medical 

Subtle Medical has developed a suite of deep learning software solutions that enhance images during the acquisition phase of the radiology workflow, improving workflow efficiency and patient experience.  SubtleMR and SubtlePET, both FDA cleared and CE Mark approved, utilize deep learning algorithms that integrate seamlessly with any scanner and PACS system with no change in the imaging specialists’ workflow. SubtlePET and SubtleMR bring the latest imaging enhancement technology to existing scanners.

What’s Unique?

Subtle Medical's technology is well recognized by the AI and radiology community and awarded by RSNA. Subtle Medical won the 2018 NVIDIA Inception Award as a Top 1 AI Healthcare startup globally. Subtle Medical is partnering with top industry vendors such as AWS, Google Cloud, NVIDIA, and Intel to bring the best AI solution to hospitals.

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Quid inspires full-picture thinking by drawing connections across massive amounts of written content, enabling senior leaders to draw insights from big data (e.g., media, patents, employee reviews, analyst reports, company descriptions). Quid supports 300+ companies across the globe and was recently recognized by CNBC on their list of "2017’s top 50 disruptors” (joining the ranks of Google and Airbnb in this unique honor).

What’s Unique?

Leveraging proprietary algorithms, Quid is able to read through the world’s data in minutes, creating dynamic visualizations. These visualizations allow senior leaders to understand the contextual element of any topic/narrative, versus the traditional static report or list search.

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Traditional ML technologies are incompatible with biomedical raw data formats, and there are few standards for data standardization, normalization, and harmonization. BioSymetrics solves this problem by deploying its primary solution, Augusta, which is a pre-processing and analytics platform that can process large amounts of data (siloed and raw data) for predictive analytics. This is useful for capturing the exabytes of data released from the 25B IoT devices and other biomedical data types (EEG, MRI and others) and deriving actionable insights from them. The customized and flexible tool can be used for scientists, providers, hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies.

What’s Unique?

Augusta is the first biomedical specific machine learning framework. Augusta is designed to transition time from data pre-processing and integration to model building and interrogation using familiar toolsets within Python. Augusta begins with diverse, raw medical data types (e.g. images, chemical structures, genomic data, tabular data), and operates across three modules: Pre-Processing, Machine Learning, and Architect. 

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Sensely is an avatar-based, empathy-driven platform that leverages natural user interfaces to intelligently connect insurance plan members with advice and services. By utilizing Sensely’s scalable platform technology architecture, insurance companies can converse with their members in an entirely new way, combining the empathy of human conversation with the efficiency and scalability of technology. 

What’s Unique?

Support for 32 languages is included, making Sensely ideal for large organizations with broad geographic and language coverage. With offices in London and San Francisco, Sensely’s global teams provide virtual assistant solutions to insurance companies, pharmaceutical clients, and hospital systems worldwide.

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InformAI is an AI company with a healthcare focus on products that speed up medical diagnosis at the point-of-care and improve radiologist productivity. InformAI’s AI-enabled image classifiers and patient outcome predictors are developed within the world’s largest medical center complex as well as with national physician groups and a leading medical imaging company. InformAI with its partners are transforming the way healthcare is being delivered. 

What’s Unique?

The company has key differentiators, such as access to 10X larger privileged medical datasets, direct-access to world-class medical experts and proprietary AI data augmentation, model optimization and 3D neural network toolsets. InformAI was selected by NVIDIA in 2018 to join their AI Healthcare Inception Partnership and was cited by Forbes as one of 8 Startups Ahead Of The Pulse In Healthcare.

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SaliencyAI enables pharmaceutical companies to leverage artificial intelligence in their R&D.

They provide a suite of tools that streamline each step in the data science pipeline for pharmaceutical companies:

  1. Data Labeling:

Leverage a single user-friendly interface all of your data partners can use to label and submit data so you receive everything in a standardized format.

  1. Data Unification:

Perform analyses on a combination of several preexisting data sets with ease. Retrieve many heterogeneous data sources as a single, uniform data set with a single line of code.

  1. Training artificial intelligence models:

Efficiently create and train models with a few lines of high-level code. Automatically compare several cutting-edge models to find the best. Access models that have already learned from hundreds of thousands data points to minimize your own data collection efforts.

  1. Deployment

Empower your teams with user-friendly research tools backed by AI. Automatically convert trained models into intuitive web apps that are HIPAA-compliant.

What’s Unique?

SaliencyAI focuses on the requirements of AI development and deployment that are specific to the pharmaceutical industry. This includes special focus on data security, HIPAA compliance, and algorithms designed to perform well on biomedical data. Meeting this industry's specific analytics needs requires a nuanced understanding of both biomedical research and data science. Their combined expertise spans AI, computer vision, software architecture, and medicine, placing them in a unique position to address these needs.

7 Top AI Companies in Healthcare - Owkin


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Founded in 2016, Owkin combines life-science and machine learning expertise to make drug development and clinical trial design more targeted and more cost effective. Owkin's machine learning algorithms create models that predict disease evolution and treatment outcomes. These predictive models are used for enhanced analysis, surrogate endpoints, patient stratification and selection, and subgroup identification. The impact of this research is faster discovery of better treatments at a lower cost.

To train its models, Owkin has developed a real-world data access network through collaborations with top tier hospitals. This network is the first at-scale solution for federated on-site machine learning for the healthcare industry. Through this network, Owkin can interrogate heterogeneous real-world data, while preserving patient privacy. Owkin works hand in hand with world-class clinicians to interprets its models' features to discover and validate validate novel multimodal biomarkers.

What’s Unique?

OWKIN has launched an AI-powered network comprised of 44 hospitals and research institutions in the United States and Europe. Members include Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai and Groupe AP-HP, a group of 39 hospitals in France.

7 Top AI Companies in Healthcare - binah.ai


Binah.ai is shaping the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by simplifying and accelerating AI adoption with our world-leading expertise in machine and deep learning, signal processing and AI, addressing high-value problems in multiple Industries. Binah.ai has released a series of non-invasive, video-based health and wellness monitoring solutions. Binah.ai gives an unparalleled advantage in health analytics as its technology transforms any device equipped with a simple camera into a medical-grade healthcare gadget. The video-based digital health use cases include heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) measurements, providing the data for stress measurements.

What’s Unique?

Binah.ai is the only company offering clearly defined, pre-built use cases and offers signal processing-integrated data science. They have a custom-built, proprietary, comprehensive, and complete mathematical back end and actionable intelligence strengthens the onsite data science team's capabilities. With end-to-end solutions focused on business results, Binh.ai solves real-world challenges with a production focus. 

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