7 Companies Revolutionizing Sustainability

By Celine Chen Published on Sep. 09, 2019

Sustainability remains a major challenge for all industries worldwide. Fortunately, scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs have all been seeking and developing impactful solutions that have the potential to alleviate and even cure sustainability issues worldwide. 

Here are seven companies transforming sustainability in retail, food, energy, and new materials

1. Colorifix

Reducing worldwide chemical waste

With its advanced synthetic biology, Colorifix has discovered and perfected a way to dye clothing while minimizing its harmful environmental impacts. Colorifix's innovative dying process completely reinvents the textile industry, eliminating the use of typical chemicals and using 10 times less water than industry-standard dying processes. 

2. Finless Foods

Protecting our health and oceans 

Focused on supporting the ocean's ecosystem, Finless Foods is on a mission to protect our valuable oceans and their inhabitants without compromising the consumption of seafood. Finless Foods offers an alternative seafood source with via cellular biology, challenging destructive commercial and farm fishing methods. 

3. YouSolar

Empowering consumers with power

YouSolar puts consumers back in power with their energy consumption by maintaining their standard of living while saving the environment. YouSolar's alternative electricity options allows consumers to source their energy from renewable resources and minimize emissions without sacrificing the use of high-electricity products. 

4. Exelon

A mission for sustainability and innovation

As a Fortune 100 company dominating the energy industry, Exelon is moving towards providing cleaner, sustainable options for consumers worldwide. 

5. Living Ink Technologies

Transforming plants into ink

Living Ink Technologies disrupts the ink industry with its biodegradable ink, offering the first environmentally friendly printing option. This algae-based ink not only replaces traditional petroleum-derived ink but also encourages the growth of algae and reduces carbon emissions. 

6. Hongkong Land

Striving for sustainability

A leader in real estate and development, Hongkong Land makes sustainability a top priority in residential and commercial projects in Asia. 

7. UBQ Materials

Finite resources, infinitely reused 

UBQ Materials envisions a world where finite resources are infinitely reused. They make household waste a renewable resource. Through a patented process, waste becomes UBQTM Material, an infinitely renewable thermoplastic resource with ever-expanding applicability. Quantis, a leading provider of environmental impact assessments, qualified it as the most climate positive material in the market.

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