6 Wealth & Asset Management Startups Share Their Views On the Industry

Published on May. 30, 2019

This won’t come as a surprise, but it’s always worth repeating: startups are playing a huge role in Wealth and Asset Management innovation. 

Here at Plug and Play we are in touch with some of the most relevant ones worldwide, and we wanted to help them share what they have to say. 

In order to do that, we have interviewed 6 Asset and Wealth Management startups

And we have 6 videos to prove it. 


“Grove was founded to make financial planning accessible and affordable for everyone”. Chris Doyle, their Founder & CIO, tells us what’s unique about Grove and how innovation is changing the Asset and Wealth Management industry. 


Sage Wohns is CEO of Agolo, a company that specializes “in the science of summarization”. We’ll let him explain that.

Rocket Dollar

Not everyone is aware of it, but wealth tech is disrupting retirement planning. Rocket Dollar account holders can invest in any asset allowed by the IRS and put their retirement money to work. 

Henry Yoshida is the Founder & CEO of this company. 


“We think that there’s a massive amount of wealth that is not being tapped into”. Listen to the story behind Say, a company that drives connections between all shareholders and their investments. 


“The main challenge in Asset Management is that people simply are not able to invest by city, which I find shocking in this day and age.”

And that’s the problem Compound wants to solve. 


“We see a lot of larger companies that are scaling with labor rather than scaling with technology. We’re trying to change that landscape,” says Kumesh Aroomoogan, Co-Founder & CEO at Accern. 

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