5G and Me: What the Latest Cellular Technology Means for Consumer Media and Digital Advertising

By Ben Ahrens Published on Oct. 10, 2022

Carriers are constantly advertising the "best" 5G speeds and how 5G is a game-changing technology that will revolutionize our daily lives without explaining how or why. 5G is the generation of wireless technology intended to replace 4G, the dominant cellular network on the market. It promises quicker data transmission rates and more dependable links, making it better for video streaming and gaming and connecting devices like smart home accessories and autonomous vehicles.

When it comes to media and advertising though, 5G is something that is already shaking up the industry in a variety of ways:

  • New forms of advertising and marketing will be enabled, such as location-based advertising and augmented reality, or AR, ads
  • It will be possible for brands to target consumers with more personalized content than ever before
  • New challenges for marketers will arise, such as data privacy concerns and the need to keep up with the latest technology trends

5G is changing the way we interact with the world around us

For consumers, 5G is likely to mean a better overall experience with their media and entertainment. They'll be able to stream movies and shows in 4K quality without buffering, download large files in seconds, and enjoy enhanced reality experiences through their mobile devices.

However, 5G won't just be about faster speeds and more data. The new cellular technology will also bring about changes in how we live and work, as well as in the way we interact with the world around us. This can be seen in a variety of ways:

  • People can now work from anywhere — whether that be from the office, home, or on the road
  • New forms of communication will be enabled, such as holographic calling
  • The facilitation and development of smart cities, where everything from traffic signals to the cars driving down the street is connected and can be controlled remotely

The US leads in 5G development but is quickly expanding internationally

5G networks now cover 300 million Americans, or 90% of the country.

David Christopher, EVP and GM of Partnerships and 5G Ecosystem Development at AT&T, highlighted that the United States was the first to activate commercial 5G service when looking at the global 5G rollout. "According to CTIA, the first US 5G network achieved nationwide coverage in half the time of 4G," he said. "All three major providers [Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T] built nationwide 5G networks 42% faster than 4G, and 5G networks now cover 300 million Americans or 90% of the country."

Despite making up just 4.5% of the world's population, the United States accounts for more than 19% of the global private wireless investment. So far, America's wireless providers have invested over $100bn in 5G, with $29bn last year alone. That’s over four times as much per person as China does now.

Although the United States currently leads in 5G accessibility, China is not far behind and is predicted to make considerable advancements. According to one estimate, Chinese mobile media revenues could exceed $500bn by 2026. Additionally, China's average growth rate will exceed other countries in virtual reality, or VR, content creation, internet advertising revenue models, video gaming popularity, and esports tournaments.

5G will enable even more immersive experiences through new tech features like haptics in VR and AR

By creating realistic virtual experiences, AR can revolutionize how we engage with media. By 2028, AR is expected to create a market worth more than $250bn, making it a highly lucrative industry for producers of volumetric 3D content — of which AR gaming accounts for more than 90% of total 5G AR earnings.

In the long run, bringing new senses to media — touch and feel — will be vital. High-tech haptic clothing linked with cutting-edge VR capabilities, such as bHaptic's TactSuit Series X, will provide a new sensation dimension to entertainment consumption. Other haptic technologies that benefit from 5G's growth include remotely sharing tactile information, such as how a piece of clothing feels while shopping online, and could also be used in steering wheels to vibrate and notify drivers about hazardous conditions.

As a global creative studio, Vitulo & Co. is one of the innovation leaders at the forefront of 5G technology and its potential applications for marketing experiences. They have already produced viral and frictionless AR experiences for global campaigns for brands such as:

  • HBO Max
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Calvin Klein
  • WWF UK
  • Oreo Arabia
  • Farm Rio
  • American Eagle
  • Samsung Portugal
  • Facebook Messenger
  • And, Facebook Rayban Stories

Digital advertising is undergoing exceptional growth

5G will accelerate content consumption and bring vast potential for media companies willing to adapt their business models appropriately. In the next few years, global mobile media revenues will accelerate, peaking at $420bn in 2028. The United States market is expected to make up $124bn.

Mobile display advertising is expected to balloon into a huge source of income, increasing from roughly $140bn in 2022 to around $600bn by 2029.

According to a recent study from Fortune Business Insights, mobile display advertising is expected to balloon into a huge source of income, increasing from roughly $140bn in 2022 to around $600bn by 2029. 5G will aid in the transition of traditional display advertisements into social and media immersive experiences. Scale, delivery, and metrics are some of the problems that mobile ad campaigns may benefit from 5G.

5G technology is currently in its early stages but shows much promise for the future. Its faster speeds, reduced latencies, and expanded bandwidth will allow people to work from anywhere as long they have a 5G connection. Businesses must get started now to ensure they're not left behind as 5G continues to become increasingly prevalent.

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