14 Top NLP Tools for Human Resources

By Linly Ku Published on Oct. 06, 2021

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a computer’s ability to understand language in its spoken or written form. It is the component of artificial intelligence that can “listen” or “read” when a computer interacts with a human.

NLP is a core component in any human-to-computer interactions and is being used from the first resume screen to the exit interview. These 14 startups are creating NLP tools to improve departments across human resources to legal and accounting.

NLP Tools 



Judicata is mapping the legal genome—i.e. using highly specialized case law parsing and algorithmically assisted human review to turn unstructured court opinions into structured data. They are leveraging that data to build legal research and analytics tools that are an order of magnitude better than existing offerings. Great legal technology will never replace lawyers, but it can help them make sense of massive amounts of information and aid them in exercising their skilled, human judgment.

Clearlaw AI


ClearLaw AI is applying seamless design, artificial intelligence, and innovative natural language processing tools. ClearLaw uses machine-learning to make the corporate in-house contract negotiation and review process more efficient by informing the user what is “standard” contract language for every new inbound contract. It puts the organization’s historical data at the reviewer’s fingertips, enabling the discovery of useful insights and reducing the chance of errors.



UiPath is a leading Robotic Process Automation vendor providing a complete software platform to help organizations efficiently automate business processes. UiPath is the most widely used RPA platform in the world today, drawing together elite enterprises, global partners committed to excellence in implementation and product innovation, and the largest RPA developer community ready to make an impact on the world.


rapid rpa

RapidRPA offers an integrated management platform that aims to standardize third-party solutions with its suite of smart robotic process automation (RPA) products and services. RPA currently supports many back-office applications such as human resources, finance and accounting as well as front-office applications such as customer service. With RapidRPA's Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Lean Six Sigma best practices, employee performance and business outcomes are dramatically enhanced.

Passage AI

passage ai

Passage AI has developed a natural language understanding/processing platform to deploy a chat interface on your website, mobile app or on messaging services like FB Messenger, Skype, Kik, Slack or on voice-enabled devices like Amazon Alexa. You don’t need engineering resources to deploy your chatbot Passage AI's bot building console lets you do this without having to write a single line of code.



Censia is on a mission to empower enterprise companies in matching opportunities to ideal candidates at scale. Their technology facilitates talent professionals to be strategic partners in their companies. Censia does that by equipping recruiters with artificial intelligence solutions that dramatically shorten the recruiting cycle, lower turnover, and automate the low-value, manual recruiting processes bogging talent teams down today.



Mya is an AI recruiting assistant that instantly engages candidates at scale with meaningful conversation throughout the end-to-end recruiting lifecycle. Mya saves 75% of your team's time by streamlining steps such as sourcing, screening, answering questions, and scheduling.



HoneIt makes it easy for recruiters to go beyond basic interview questions and scribbled interview notes. Their platform helps recruiters capture real-time candidate data and audio insights, to accelerate the interview process, make collaborative decisions and enable higher quality hires. By sharing a few audio highlights from a single phone screen, hiring teams can cooperatively review and assess candidates, to identify and hire the best candidates, before their competition.



Ambit improves human connection & empathy by helping new managers master communication and more effectively lead. As a spin-off from SRI International - the birthplace of Siri - Ambit leverages world-class audio AI technology to quantify verbal communication and use those metrics to provide insights, coaching, and behavior change. Today 60% of employers complain their workforce lacks sufficient interpersonal and communication skills.



Remesh is an audience intelligence platform for engaging and understanding large groups of people- whether it be employees, consumers, or constituents. Remesh empowers researchers and executives to have a dynamic conversation with up to 1,000 participants- online and in real-time. The Remesh platform uses AI to understand, analyze, and segment the vast amount of open-ended responses pouring in- in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re using the platform to build winning products, craft messaging that resonates, or cultivate employee engagement, Remesh gives you audience insights that get you closer to the truth- faster.



Ushur creates cloud-based software solutions that automate the customer engagements of large enterprises for more effective and efficient customer service, support and marketing operations, using software innovation to engage with customers on their terms.


rozie ai

RozieAi’s state-of-the-art language comprehension and context management technology helps brands scale the delivery of personalized care, delivering a single continuous conversation with an individual. Their technology enables organizations to deliver personalized customer service and analytics in a more robust and efficient fashion. RozieAi's solutions encompass applying Natural Language Understanding to deliver on automated customer service platforms or social media analytics. RozieAi can be your partner to build an intelligent social engagement system.

Eloquent Labs

eloquent labs

Eloquent Labs supplies artificial intelligence to augment and replace live chat customer support agents, specifically targeted at eCommerce companies. Based off of the founders' experience in the Stanford Natural Language Processing group, Eloquent Labs’ AI agent is able to hold natural and conversational dialogs with customers fully autonomously, while also knowing when to back off to experienced agents for complex tickets.



Talespin is disrupting the future of work through radical change in enterprise tools. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) Talespin is changing the way we engage, educate, and empower the next generation of the workforce.

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