11 HR Startups to Watch in 2018

By Linly Ku Published on Oct. 05, 2021

The human resources sector is quickly changing in the face of digital transformation. Ideas around independent work, the gig economy, and outsourced services are changing how employers are hiring, training, and managing talent.

The industry needs to innovate and startups have realized it. An influx of HR startups has cropped up in recent years using artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics to address the HR needs of companies.

Here are 11 HR startups to watch with great potential to disrupt the industry.

HR Startups



Scoutible is a game-based hiring platform, using immersive mobile games to pinpoint perfect-fit candidates for jobs. Scoutible’s technology identifies players’ unique cognitive and personality traits through gameplay, then spots opportunities where players’ attributes match those of companies’ proven top performers.



Headstart is geared toward fitting the right candidates with the right jobs — and cutting down on all that needless hold-ups that keeps the two from meeting. Headstart works to discover candidate information and whether they have the technical expertise as well as a cultural fit with a company and then helps them connect.



Vetty is a next-gen identity and background verification platform - utilizing deep learning bots and the blockchain. Vetty makes background checks easier, faster and more accurate for both the client & applicant. We do this by developing proprietary databases, introducing deep learning bots to the process, and by creating an industry best user experience.



Fishbowl is providing an actual social network to connect professionals within the same industry or company. It allows, for instance, consultants to understand what the work experience of other consultants in the company or industry has been.

Ambit Analytics


Ambit improves human connection & empathy by helping new managers master communication and more effectively lead. As a spin-off from SRI International - the birthplace of Siri - Ambit leverages world-class audio AI technology to quantify verbal communication and use those metrics to provide insights, coaching, and behavior change. Today 60% of employers complain their workforce lacks sufficient interpersonal and communication skills.



Talespin is disrupting the future of work through radical change in enterprise tools. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) Talespin is changing the way we engage, educate, and empower the next generation of the workforce.



Beaconforce is a people management solution that monitors the pulse of a workforce in real-time and builds practical recommendations that reduce the guesswork in managing people. Applying algorithms and machine-learning on the data collected from employees, Beaconforce generates a dashboard of instruments that gives managers real-time visibility into employee engagement by individual, team, department, division, and company-wide. Beaconforce turns data into information, information into insights, and insights into recommended actions for Managers.



PeopleJoy is a financial wellness benefits provider for the modern workforce. PeopleJoy helps CEOs and HR grow their businesses by attracting and retaining their most valuable resource. People. Their unique benefits help you develop a stronger employer/employee relationship, by addressing the financial wellness needs of your employees outside of work. Your employees become more committed to you because of shared values and commitment to their financial wellbeing. Through the increased retention, recruiting, and productivity gains of partnering with PeopleJoy, you can maximize your ROTI (return on talent investment).



Censia is on a mission to empower enterprise companies in matching opportunities to ideal candidates at scale. Their technology facilitates talent professionals to be strategic partners in their companies. Censia does that by equipping recruiters with artificial intelligence solutions that dramatically shorten the recruiting cycle, lower turnover, and automate the low-value, manual recruiting processes bogging talent teams down today.



Remesh is an audience intelligence platform for engaging and understanding large groups of people- whether it be employees, consumers, or constituents. Remesh empowers researchers and executives to have a dynamic conversation with up to 1,000 participants- online and in real-time. The Remesh platform uses AI to understand, analyze, and segment the vast amount of open-ended responses pouring in- in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re using the platform to build winning products, craft messaging that resonates, or cultivate employee engagement, Remesh gives you audience insights that get you closer to the truth- faster.



Bringing talent acquisition into the digital age by building the most powerful tools in recruitment to help easily incorporate video job marketing into the recruitment process. Employers can seamlessly create, edit, and share videos showcasing testimonials and company brand to help better engage with both active and passive talent.

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