10 Reasons Why Startups Choose Plug and Play

    By Aislin Johnston Published on Jul. 28, 2022

    The world is moving fast and we help you move faster. Plug and Play Tech Center has spent 15 years building the world's leading innovation platform. Our vision is to be at the forefront of corporate innovation, creating the future through groundbreaking innovative practices.

    To do this, we connect global corporate leaders to disruptive, cutting-edge startups that are focused on the future. We know that partnering with the right people is the key to our success. To nurture these partnerships, we equip startups with the tools they need to succeed.

    Today, most industry-leading startups have a wealth of accelerator options to choose from.

    Yet, over 30,000 of them choose Plug and Play.

    Our winning formula includes three key components:  

    • Acceleration 
    • Investment 
    • Collaboration 

    But, it's more complex than that. There are many reasons why the world's most dynamic and exciting startups continue to choose Plug and Play, but we've distilled them down to 10. 

    Stage agnostic 

    At any stage of a startup, from early seed to enterprise, we want to collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations. When partnering with us, we believe our startups set themselves apart and are more than a business model. Essentially, our startups have intangible qualities, filled with optimism and intellectual curiosity and cultivate a sense of closeness and mutual purposes. In the past, we’ve shown an upward spiral of success, landing contracts with industry-leading corporations, raising capital, and boosting their businesses. According to our annual 2021 Company Report, our company accelerated more than 2500 startups last year.

    No shortage of space 

    Plug and Play aspires to be at the center of the action, especially with our headquarters nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley. Boasting over 180,000 square feet, our offices are big enough for your visions, your ambitions, the teams of your dreams, and beyond.

    No equity required 

    Our business incubator is committed to providing startups with free services, unlike traditional accelerators. Often, there is a misconception about giving up a large amount of equity to raise capital. However, at Plug and Play, we believe that startups shouldn't be handing over equity and actively discourage this practice. We advise against accelerators that operate this way. We'd rather help you kickstart your innovation journey and invest in your next round of funding for a more level playing field.

    Assigned venture capitalist 

    Plug and Play has our startups’ best interests in mind, and we'll support you in every practical way you'll need. Part of the package includes assigning you an in-house VC. Our venture team invests in 260 startups annually on average, with check sizes running from $25,000 to $500,000. In 2021, our median investments hit six figures at $148,894

    World-class mentors 

    Our world-class mentorship is one of the reasons why Plug and Play has grown so strong over the last 15 years. Our startups get the opportunity to connect with the brightest and boldest in the business. The Plug and Play ecosystem is well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise of industry leaders who continue to work with us today. 

    Corporate collaboration

    Corporate innovation is our life force. We match our corporate partners with the startups in our ecosystem whose vision for the future aligns. After identifying the corporation's needs, we hold a "Dealflow," where startups have the opportunity to pitch to our partners. To get an idea of how hard we work, in 2021 alone, we hosted more than 1100 of these pitches. During these dealflows, startups can see their POC (Proof of Concept), acquisition, and investment dreams come to life. 

    Our verticals 

    Plug and Play's industry prowess spans over 20 verticals, with high growth in each every year. What does that mean for startups? No matter your industry or background, Plug and Play has the experience and knowledge base to support your business. Our global ecosystem is filled with industry experts at your disposal to turbocharge your pathway to success. 

    Networking opportunities 

    Plug and Play is the innovation platform that puts people first, and places great emphasis on building strong partnerships. By joining the ecosystem, startups rub shoulders with the entrepreneurial elite. We know that the best ideas spring from the pooling of wisdom and experience—therefore we encourage as much networking as possible. As of 2021, we organized more than 1300+ events worldwide, averaging 3.6 events a day.  

    Access VC framework 

    As part of the Plug and Play family, you not only connect with your immediate success team, but you access our broader framework of key industry players. We’re some of the most active investors out there, and our ecosystem counts 300 of the world's most respected venture capital funds as members.

    Go global 

    Joining the Plug and Play platform is the key for many startups to go global. Our network now comprises over 40 offices worldwide, dotted across North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Our international architecture gives startups the foundation to accelerate scaling to new markets at an unprecedented rate.

    Joining the platform is just the beginning. Find out why so many startups choose Plug and Play. 

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