10 Precision Agriculture Companies to Watch Out For

By Linly Ku Published on Feb. 09, 2023

Agriculture is undergoing an evolution - technology is becoming an indispensable part of every commercial farm. New precision agriculture companies are developing technologies that help farmers maximize yield and reduce waste by understanding where and when fertilizers and pesticides should be applied to gain maximum impact. By utilizing real-time data and complementary automation, farmers can reduce labor needs, increase sustainability, and maximize the resiliency of their operations.

Precision agriculture companies have found a huge opportunity to grow. The precision agriculture market is projected to reach $19.24bn by 2030. The emerging new generation of farmers is attracted to faster, more flexible startups that systematically maximize crop yields.

In this article, we have identified ten leading precision agriculture companies that are revolutionizing the farming landscape.

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Leading precision agriculture companies

Regrow Ag

Regrow Ag is a company that empowers the food and agriculture industries to adopt, scale, and monetize resilient agricultural practices. The company’s product, Crop Insights, collects and analyzes decades of records to create crop and soil-specific reports. Users can monitor crop performance, stress, and nutrition. Consequently, they can now easily adopt a more steadfast approach to their operation. Along with sustainability insights, the company provides an MRV platform to execute sustainability programs.

Small Robot Company

Small Robot Company uses robotics and artificial intelligence to make food production sustainable. Its three small robots, Tom, Dick, and Harry, monitor, treat, and plant crops autonomously.

Wilma, the company's AI advice engine, rapidly ingests billions of data points from Tom and processes that into Per Plant Intelligence. The company created Per Plant Intelligence for ecologically harmonious, efficient, and profitable farming. It autonomously collects Per Plant data and processes it for insights at a field scale.

Soiltech Wireless

Soiltech Wireless equips farmers with the resources necessary for maximizing crop yields by providing information through wireless monitoring. Its device has features that provide value across the entire crop production cycle (growth, harvest, transport, storage). The company’s product, the Beacon, collects critical product-level data throughout the agricultural supply chain.

The Soiltech cloud platform boasts complete farm management solutions, disease modeling, weather forecasting, irrigation history tracking, and growing degree day automation. Its intuitive features promote easier collection and storage of critical farm data.


ChrysaLabs has developed a portable probe that can measure real-time soil nutrients and soil health. The solution is based on a connected probe (Optics and Machine Learning). The company claims that it gives every needed information within seconds to producers and agronomists, with the same accuracy as a laboratory. Through its management platform, workers can easily access every data and take action quickly. In addition, the probe has the ability to measure the available nutrients directly in the soil solution.


Precision.ai provides stable, drift-free precision spraying technology for broad-acre farms. With its computer vision and onboard edge processing, it can differentiate weeds instantly. Its drone has a flight time of up to 55 minutes with a payload of 25lbs. The precision spraying solution also reduces water usage significantly compared to broadcast spraying. It eliminates soil compaction, which reduces the rate at that water and oxygen is absorbed by plant roots.

GeoPard Agriculture

GeoPard Agriculture is a cloud-based analytics platform for agricultural data. The platform core is capable of processing any set of geospatial data. The company helps its clients integrate into their business processes and their applications. The GeoPard engine processes satellite imagery, soil sampling, yield, high-density soil scanners, and topography data, building sophisticated multi-layer and 3D models.

Green Growth

Green Growth provides farmers with real-time analytics on land productivity that shows how much crop was harvested from each point in the field. This data is collected directly from harvesting machines and processed with proprietary algorithms. As a result, farmers can see yield maps in the web app. The maps are crucial as they allow farmers to optimize farm inputs, such as fertilizers, seeds, and crop protection products. These are all necessary steps to achieve sustainable farming operations.


Nerit’e provides a soil-analyzing solution to promote soil health by using data. It collects nitrate, phosphate, potassium, calcium, sodium, water content, pH, and conductivity from sensors. Leveraging the power of AI, it can identify soil management solutions to enrich fertility and aid in reversing climate change.

Nerit'e's sensors are IoT-enabled stationary probes that collect real-time soil measurements. The platform then finds patterns and provides actionable recommendations for farmers to save valuable resources by avoiding nitrogen over-fertilization and fostering soil microbial activity.

Agro Intelligence

Agro Intelligence takes advantage of the great potential that exists within the areas of precision farming and automation. Its product, ROBOTTI, is a robot capable of treating the field. It’s also a digital infrastructure enabling automatic data collection in the field that can support decision-making and management systems. Robotti is made for precision plant nursing, like seeding, weeding, ridging, and spraying. The design of it also makes use of standard and well-understood components, making it robust and easily serviceable.

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Agtech Logic

Agtech Logic provides automated agronomy services to help farm managers maximize efficiency, reduce waste, control weed management, and improve the predictability and control of crops.

In today’s growing environment with less precipitation, limitations on herbicide usage, and resistant weeds, effective weed detection and elimination are becoming increasingly important. Agtech Logic’s sensor-controlled weed management systems detect weeds from living crops and spray only the weeds. And the company claims that it can save farmers up to 90% on chemical usage.

These companies are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and automation to build innovative precision agriculture solutions, enabling farmers to make data-driven decisions and improve their operations. From soil mapping, to weed control, to crop health monitoring, these companies are transforming how we grow food.

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