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  • CamDo Logo

    Company Description
    Cost effective, easy-to-use 4K construction time lapse cameras you can manage and view from anywhere.
  • Sarus Lifting Logo
    Sarus Lifting

    Company Description
    Sarus Lifting is building the SaaS platform for the crane & heavy haul vertical. Their software, Lift-Pro, helps these companies save time and reduce risk across their entire project workflow while capturing operational data for insights into efficiency and safety. After inventing an automated fire truck ladder control system and realizing that it was a solution looking for a problem, the Sarus Lifting team pivoted their technology to construction. Here they discovered a need for digitization across numerous parts of construction and heavy industrial processes. Leaving behind their robotics project, they built a software MVP to make crane modeling and optimization a field-friendly process, reducing miscommunications and improving efficiency related to crane operations. With this product in the market, they are planning to address the bigger problems faced by crane and heavy haul companies such as route planning, personnel scheduling, and fleet management. The team is made up of Dustin Ramsay, CEO, who grew up to his mom an entrepreneur, and his dad a civil engineer. He’s joined by founding engineer Eric Heinmiller and interns Enrico and Abdul. They are advised by Paris Holley (engineering) and Julian Nguyen (UI/UX).
  • Incube Space Logo
    Incube Space

    Company Description
    Incube enables commercial property owners and tenants create smart, sustainable and reconfigurable spaces without the construction and without the CapEx. Cubes is a patent pending smart modular partition wall that Incube launched to rapidly build up rooms and dividing partitions without the carbon impact or high upfront costs of traditional construction. Individual panels are manufactured offsite at workshops close to a client reducing time to install and carbon emissions. The panels are standalone and can be click and connected together to create rooms or dividing walls of any shape and size. Thanks to a unique structural stability algorithm, Cubes walls are fully standalone and don't require any construction to teh base build. Cubes can be reconfigured to any shape, size or location on demand, ensuring your spaces meet the ongoing changing needs and demand of occupiers.
  • Trebellar Logo

    Company Description
    Trebellar software reduces building emissions and optimizes resources by distilling company's data into actionable insights. They help businesses minimize environmental impact, optimize energy usage, and reduce costs across their entire workplace. They are the IoT command center, unlocking the power of heterogeneous data & making it actionable to everyone. The software provides holistic insights driving informed actions as well as customizable dashboards that track progress in a quantifiable way, and display the information that is interesting to you. The provide clarity and discoverability of information in a proactive and personalized way enabling intelligent cost and energy reduction. Some extra features include weather forecasts for optimal heating/cooling strategies. Trend breakers as early indications of equipment failure for proactive repairs. Adaptive to changing utility rate structures for control of peak pricing, scheduled blackouts in order to learn and anticipate user patterns.
  • Sparkel Logo

    Company Description
    Sparkel uses AI to help construction companies understand project requirements and generate accurate and fast cost- and sustainability estimates.
  • AICON Logo

    Company Description
    Construction sites are complex, disconnected and often not profitable. AICON started as a camera analytics tool: get efficiencies, progress and detect events form live cameras, in order to help They since broadened their mission to make construction data coming from site searchable and actionable. This means searching through camera feeds for text, objects in them, as well as searching through site diaries and invoices. They have customers in Europe and are looking to expand in the US (founder is Boston based).
  • Workorder Logo

    Company Description
    Workorder is helping the construction industry have all the right information at their fingertips. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and OCR technology, along with well-refined, dynamic pricing calculations, Workorder provides the most accurate construction information available anywhere.
  • DMAT Logo

    Company Description
    DMAT develops highly-advanced concrete formulas that increase durability and reduce carbon emissions. DMAT's technology relates to proprietary admixtures, as well as their specific calibration within concrete formulas. This results in mixes with up to 50% greater durability, 10% greater profit margins for readymix producers, and 20% CO2 reduction compared with traditional concrete mixes. DMAT's patent-pending technology does not require retrofitting. DMAT's business model is to sell concrete formulas under production license contracts.
  • Zauben Logo

    Company Description
    Zauben is a green product and services company reimagining how people think and interact with nature. The products are changing the future of wellness at work and eco-homes. Nature plays a vital role in creating a healthier and happier environment for people. It's carefully designed with self-irrigation, IoT plant sensors, and attached plant lighting to provides the perfect amount of light to make sure that the living wall is always beautiful and healthy. The living wall systems are modular and made from environmentally friendly 100% recyclable hydroponics growth materials. Plants improve air quality by removing particulates and filtering toxins out of the air. Zauben designs the living walls with resilient, allergy-friendly, and plants known for their air purification benefits that help breathe life back into your space and purify the air up to 87%.
  • JuuNoo Logo

    Company Description
    JuuNoo invented a solution to drastically reduce 2,35 million tonnes European building waste originating from demolishing interior walls per year. This accounts for 174 million ton CO2 yearly, as there is only a 1% recycling rate. The patented solution is an interior wall that is both aesthetic and movable. It is installed easily and up to 7 times faster than a traditional wall (drywall). The solution consists of adaptable core-modules, decorative boards and reusable tapes. It is equally priced as a drywall and 100% circular; meaning it can be built, moved and rebuilt cost-efficiently. The ambition is to get the solution in 30% of the office projects in 5 different cities by 2023 (Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Dublin). To achieve this goal, JuuNoo initially focuses on real estate developers who rent out fully fitted offices, a 3.61% market segment of a 63 bn€ industry in Europe. JuuNoo currently seeks 350 k€ pre-Series A capital to expand to 1 additional city region in 2021.
  • MAA'VA Logo

    Company Description
    MAA’VA™ is developing a proprietary sustainable carbon negative construction material, turning plastic and nonplastic waste into eco-material, advancing solutions to climate change crisis, waste crisis, global river sand shortage, water scarcity and rapid urbanization. Their eco-concrete can be used for both conventional and 3D printing construction. By optimizing 3D printing technology they can build environmentally friendly low cost housing with eco-concrete in one day for 1/10th of the construction cost and half of the construction waste.
  • Dirtsat Logo

    Company Description
    DirtSat is building an IoT-enabled network of urban rooftop farms, empowering smart cities to accelerate food security and climate resilience — and farmers to make accurate decisions through real-time data and pooled analytics. DirtSat helps cities target, measure and reframe their sustainability footprint in climate and food susceptible neighborhoods. Using geospatial data and predictive analytics, our platform offers an end-to-end solution to decrease cities’ reliance on fossil fuel models, minimize heat island effects and reinforce food assistance programs.
  • AECInspire Logo

    Company Description
    AECInspire streamlines the current material management lifecycle of construction projects with its user-friendly, patent-pending SaaS application, effectively addressing current challenges faced by contractors. By digitizing every step of the process, from generating Bill-of-Material (BOM) to procurement, tracking, and installation, it reduces time-consuming manual processes, minimizing costly mistakes by 90% and reduce material waste by up to 95%
  • Tangible Logo

    Company Description
    Building materials are responsible for around 11% of all greenhouse gas emissions. However, it is currently challenging for developers & owners to connect decarbonization goals to the products that can make them happen. Tangible is a platform that enables real estate actors to identify, manage, and report on products that meet their carbon, environmental, and social goals.
  • OpalAi Logo

    Company Description
    OpalAi lets anyone with a phone create a floorplan and digital twin of a property with a simple walkthrough. Their AI does the rest.
  • Safety Bolt Logo
    Safety Bolt

    Company Description
    Through the development of monitoring technologies, Safety Bolt is able to reduce cost, time, and risks associated with structural bolts across a wide range of industries. The company focuses on bringing substantial bottom-line savings, flexibility, and scalability to structural maintenance of wind farms, mines, infrastructure, and tooling. The company primary serves Construction, Infrastructure and Mining industries.
  • Loris Logo

    Company Description
    Developer of a beacon Internet of Things (IoT) light towers and data platform intended to create safer, cleaner, and greener industrial job sites. The company's beacons offer to provide long-lasting, battery-powered temporary lighting while automatically capturing 360° photos, blanketing job sites in WiFi, delivering security notifications, reducing slip, trip, and fall hazards, capturing and comparing real-time progress photos, and securing the job sites all from the comfort of the mobile and desktop software, thereby helping general contractors, owners, and trades to work smarter, increase safety, lower costs, and reduce waste. Loris bridges the gap between the field and the office. In the field Loris empowers job site workers with a safer, portable, cost-effective, and green solution for lighting. In the office, Loris allows GCs to instantly set up WiFi, deploy a robust security system to prevent theft, automatically capture job site data, and do virtual job site walks. We're creating safer, leaner, and greener job sites by delivering 360° light and data.
  • CivilGrid Logo

    Company Description
    CivilGrid is a construction intelligence platform combining layers of utility, environmental, and geotechnical project site data. They aggregate and curate datasets that developers, engineers, and construction companies need to make critical planning and project implementation decisions. By partnering with local utilities and agencies, they gain access to the most current GIS datasets. These datasets help you accelerate project due diligence, reduce utility research and project engineering cost, and improve risk identification and construction planning.
  • Allium Engineering Logo
    Allium Enginee…
    Allium Engineering Logo
    Allium Engineering

    Company Description
    Allium is developing the next generation of steel rebar coating to make concrete infrastructure safer, long lasting, and more sustainable.
  • Reental Logo

    Company Description
    Reental is a provider of tokenized investment services intended to give access to investment opportunities in profitable and liquid goods. The company provides investment services in the real estate sector in the form of tokens with investment agreements, enabling users to invest in real estate tokens to get capital gains.
  • IMAJION Logo

    Company Description
    IMAJION connects remote and onsite workers securely and effectively through augmented reality video conferencing. IMAJION offers cross-platform video calling in the browser and on augmented reality devices like the HoloLens 2 and iPad Pro, connecting project stakeholders instantly with access to the physical job site, files in the cloud, and team members anywhere in the world. IMAJION lets offsite team members reach directly into the site with patented precision remote augmented reality markup.
  • Constructn.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Construction.ai's vision is to transform the way project teams leverage technology and make construction monitoring simpler, faster, and easier with Constructn.ai. Reality capture data is becoming increasingly important for construction project teams in order to better understand project progress. Constructn.ai's automated progress monitoring augments project teams with comprehensive progress analytics derived from reality capture data, making it simpler and easier to monitor construction progress. This enables teams to better execute their projects, saving time and money. Constructn.ai enables asset owners, contractors, and project managers, to have complete, accurate, measurable, and accessible insights of the construction site.
  • Skycatch Logo

    Company Description
    Skycatch is the leading industrial data collection and analytics company, focused on indexing and extracting critical information from the physical world. We use a combination of hardware, software, and artificial intelligence to deliver high precision data at unprecedented speed and ease of use. Built for enterprise, our turnkey solutions are deployed across global project sites with the world’s largest construction, mining, and energy companies.
  • Minus Materials Logo
    Minus Materials

    Company Description
    Minus Materials was founded to support sustainability and innovation in cement and concrete manufacturing. They are a pre-seed startup that recently spun out of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Living Materials Laboratory. Specifically, Minus Materials is industrializing a process to form limestone that replicates the natural process by which limestone deposits are naturally formed. They use microalgae, sunlight, and seawater to capture and store carbon dioxide as biogenic limestone. As a result, they shorten the formation of limestone quarries from millennia to minutes while sequestering and storing carbon dioxide in the process. The result is carbon-negative biogenic limestone that can help the cement industry achieve significant emissions reductions and, in combination with other cutting-edge technologies such as electric clinkering and carbon capture, enable the production of the world’s first carbon-negative portland cement.
  • ServicesApp Logo

    Company Description
    ServicesApp is a facilities management prop-tech company, empowering space with a SaaS modular platform, giving customers full control over their facilities in just one place, serving the largest asset class in the world. The platform's modules include asset management, operational services and community engagement. ServicesApp reduces costs and inefficiencies for customers through optimizing facility operations, all while delivering a smooth user experience. Some of its major clients include Microsoft, Kimberly Clark, Pfizer & UBS The app is available for iPhones, iPads, Windows 8 devices, Android devices and desktops. ServicesApp was founded by Boaz Keidar and Michal Keidar in 2010 and its operations are based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • Super Logo

    Company Description
    Super is the operating system for buildings. Run your building with smarter software so that owners can get back to enjoying their homes, boards can focus on improving building value, and property managers can streamline operations.
  • RELSTAY Logo

    Company Description
    RELSTAY is the first Italian short term rentals chain and is characterised by 3 key elements: - technology: i) to improve the guest experience, ii) to make operational and management processes more efficient; - positive impact: we do not want to have only a 0 impact on the environment. We want to have a positive impact at 360 °; - superior guest experience: higher quality / price ratio. We are delivering a seamless customer experience building streamlined and efficient operations. Starting from the online reservation, the RESTAY guests will be able to manage the entire experience from their smartphone: self check-in, smart room and code assignment, Guest Portal to manage the stay, 24/7 real time support, and the smart platform to optimise the cleaning service are some of the elements digitalising the processes. Our focus on the customer experience is our real competitive advantage. Thanks to the RELSTAY brand, we are bringing reliability and consistency to vacation rentals offering what the travellers are really looking for.
  • Azure Printed Homes Logo
    Azure Printed …
    Azure Printed Homes Logo
    Azure Printed Homes

    Company Description
    Azure is fundamentally changing the construction industry by leveraging 3D printing technology using polymers.
  • Asap.work Logo

    Company Description
    Asap work has developed a temporary work platform for the Construction and Public Works market that connects the best construction industry profiles to your job offers.

    Company Description
    The company focuses on digitalization in the AEC Industry. The industry has great potential to impact world sustainability and is supporting huge projects despite the very low levels of digitization. Bimcrone has the vision of changing the world for the construction industry. They want to help the industry to better, make more effective and profitable the projecting. Their digital twin platform BIMCRONE creates a digital twin of buildings and increases resource utilization by digitalization, monitoring, and reporting project data from planning, construction, facility management to demolition. BIMCRONE helps reduce expenses, increases profits, proficiency, and efficiency, preventing delays. And makes the project traceable from other parties such as banks, insurance companies, suppliers, public institutions, creating smart cities from bottom to top. BIMCRONE is a smart city application designed to create full digital cities. BIMCRONE give an opportunity to make simulation and projection on buildings and also cities.
  • IngeniousIO Logo

    Company Description
    IngeniousIO provides a data-driven platform that enhances the entire project life-cycle by elevating efficiency and reducing tech spend. The platform allows its user to orchestrate projects across multiple stakeholders and partners from business development to close-out. This Integrated cloud-based application is designed to manage daily operations within business development, project execution, and completion. It was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Carbon Limit Logo
    Carbon Limit

    Company Description
    The concrete industry is one of the largest producers of carbon dioxide. Considering all stages of production, concrete is estimated to be responsible for around 8% of the world’s CO2 emissions. Carbon Limit’s nature based technology quantifiably reduces the carbon footprint of the concrete manufacturing process and transforms the concrete into a permanent to help decarbonize the cement and concrete industries. The product is a carbon negative cement that is a simple drop in solution that doesn’t require any new equipment, processing, or CAPEX from the customer. The technology allows any cement and concrete company to offer a lower carbon footprint concrete product.
  • TechnoCarbon Logo

    Company Description
    Thanks to its innovative CarbonFibreStone® technology, TechnoCarbon® has developed and patented a family of innovative materials.
  • Lavanda Logo

    Company Description
    Lavanda is a modular SaaS platform designed to optimize real estate assets by enabling landlords and property managers to tap into legitimate short and medium-term rental demand. Lavanda has built an integrated ecosystem focused on delighting residents whilst boosting net operating income. Target markets include multifamily, build-to-rent (BTR), student housing, serviced apartment and vacation rental portfolios.
  • ARK Logo

    Company Description
    ARKLOGIC™ software generates optimized building designs instantly, allowing architects to make better and faster decisions. From concept to construction, design the most profitable configurations, optimizing for density and profitability. ARKLOGIC™ brain analyzes and learns metadata of architectural designs and creates infinite variations that account for US local regulations and ordinances. Built by a dedicated team of AI scientists, architects, and software developers, Ark’s solution is 100 times faster than the current design process and cuts design costs by up to 90%. Ark’s software generates infinite variations that optimizes the design, while taking local regulations and ordinances into account.
  • Carbon Reform Logo
    Carbon Reform
    Carbon Reform Logo
    Carbon Reform

    Company Description
    Carbon Reform is a Delaware-based company focused on modular carbon capture for indoor air. Ventilation is an enormous financial burden on commercial building owners and operators, especially as organizations like the CDC encourage buildings to be over-ventilated to maintain good indoor air quality. State of the art variable air ventilation systems track building occupancy, correlating with CO2 and pathogen buildup, and increase ventilation during the peak hours of the day when electricity prices are highest. At Carbon Reform, we have created a smart appliance which will capture CO2, with drop-in filters for other harmful pollutants like VOCs, human bioeffluents, and viruses, and allow building owners to decrease their ventilation rates and save energy. The device captures and sequesters the CO2, allowing our customers to take advantage of carbon credits and work towards their sustainability goals.
  • Asynos Logo

    Company Description
    Supply-Chain-Digitalization-as-a-Service with full vertical integration. From 'Material-to-Datapoint' approach making assets smart generating trillions of digital twins in global supply chains for full end-to-end tracking (B2B2C). Single-Unit Digitalization for any kind of physical product/asset in Food, Pharma, Construction, Industrial IoT, Agetech, Warehousing etc. Turnkey provider of ultra-low-cost digitalization solutions for large supply chains (Food & Bev, Pharma, Construction, Automotive, and others). Helping Fortune-500s to digitalize trillions of assets on the single-unit level with ultra-cost efficient IoT solutions.
  • Spaceti Logo

    Company Description
    Spaceti is a leader in PropTech, providing integrated solutions of sensors (our own or integrated with building systems - Compatibility across the entire Cisco wireless product portfolio), data analytics and mobile user interfaces that enhance the satisfaction and productivity of people in buildings while improving the bottom line for organizations. The system  is  made up of a set of modules that can be combined or used separately to  tailor  the  solution  to  the  client’s  needs,  saving  owners  and  tenants  building  management  costs  while  increasing  people’s well-being.
  • Qflow Logo

    Company Description
    Qflow combines IoT and ML to revolutionise the way engineers manage emergent risks during construction; protecting them from legal breaches and stakeholder unrest. Qflow collates data into a centralised cloud based platform, analysing and visualising it in real-time, delivering the world’s first tool that provides targeted interventions to eliminate environmental risk in construction.
  • District Technologies Logo
    District Techn…
    District Technologies Logo
    District Technologies

    Company Description
    District is one of the rising stars in London’s PropTech and smart city space. They enable property owners and companies to create seamless and unique office experiences through community features and smart building tech. Their app, connects people, services and spaces, allowing property owners and companies to improve their bottom-line and exceed tenant and employee expectations.
  • HoloBuilder Inc. Logo
    HoloBuilder In…

    Company Description
    "Google Street View" for construction projects and facilities. HoloBuilder, Inc. is a San Francisco-based construction technology company that designs, develops, and sells enterprise SaaS software. HoloBuilder offers reality capturing solutions for progress documentation and construction project management. Making use of 360 imagery, computer vision, and AI, HoloBuilder is the fastest and most insightful solution to document construction projects. HoloBuilder's customers include 40% of the Top 100 General Contractors in the United States. Its investors include Brick and Mortar Ventures and Tandem Capital. HoloBuilder is the fastest and most advanced reality capturing solution. Its solution is made up of a combination of applications: Mobile, Web Browser, Desktop. Together they serve the purpose of capturing sites and facilities in a streamlined process and making the information securely accessible to stakeholders.
  • Envio Systems Logo
    Envio Systems

    Company Description
    Envio Systems was started with the goal to positively impact the world via automated solutions and focused on creating a suite based on compatibility, scalability, affordability, and intelligence. The result was the world's most advanced web-based building management system to affordably enable exponentially smarter buildings in real-time. This breakthrough IoT solution is for any existing commercial building regardless of its size, age, and infrastructure. Ease of installation, ability to upgrade in stages and universal compatibility of the Envio solution make it truly an end-to-end solution for building monitoring and control. Founded in Berlin, Germany, Envio’s team is a unique group of engineers, data scientists, product managers, and more from around the world. For more information, please visit www.enviosystems.com. We have implemented our solution across 14 countries in offices, retail spaces, banks, multi-use commercial, and even chicken farms.
  • Circularise Logo

    Company Description
    Sharing information across supply chains can present challenges, not only because of the inherent complexity and scale but also due to concerns around trust, privacy and confidentiality. Circularise has developed a patent-pending technology to enable supply chain transparency for materials and products via creating a digital twin on a public system that avoids exposing sensitive data. This enables material producers, OEMs, and manufacturers to trace raw materials from source, into parts and ultimately to the end product and end of life recovery. This innovative technology enables companies to show "good-stewardship" practices towards customers and regulators, but at the same time maintain control over the information they share to improve collaboration and competitive advantages. We have a proven track record of working with companies such as Marubeni, BASF, Covestro, Domo Chemicals, Stanley Black & Decker, Arcelik, Porsche and a number of their Tier 1-2 suppliers.
  • LAIIER Logo

    Company Description
    LAIIER.IO makes wireless connected printed sensors which install like tape and detects leaks, occupancy and more. We're building a Surface to Cloud™ Industrial IoT solution that is uniquely easy to install and scale in the smart building and smart facility. Billions of dollars every year is needlessly spent on repairing damage to buildings and industrial infrastructure, that could be avoided with predictive maintenance technology. 20% of insurance companies in the US are now using connected solutions to mitigate loss. The number of self-insured facilities using IoT is increasing 50% year on year. But this robust growth is inevitably limited by current sensor technologies. LAIIER is creating a Surface to Cloud™ connection with unique retrofittable sensors that install like stickers and tape. Our unfair advantage is going places that other sensors can't. We cover more area, with more resolution, with easier installation at a lower-cost than our competitors. Every floor, wall and ceiling will become a smart LAIIER. Our customers are in commercial insurance and the industrial IoT space. Our model is Hardware as a service. We sell sensor units and access to our cloud services, where we provide seamless information about the condition of assets.
  • Dayta AI Logo
    Dayta AI

    Company Description
    Dayta is a software company which develops retail analytics SaaS solutions for brick-and-mortar retailers.
  • TBMDesigns Logo

    Company Description
    TBM Designs through its InVert self-shading window system reduces solar heat gain in buildings, resulting in reduction of up to 25% of air conditioning costs while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Carbon Upcycling Technologies Logo
    Carbon Upcycli…
    Carbon Upcycling Technologies Logo
    Carbon Upcycling Technologies

    Company Description
    Carbon Upcycling Technologies uses the waste of today to build a better tomorrow by converting CO2 gas into solid products. CUT sells advanced solid products derived from greenhouse emissions and cheaply available solids.
  • LIGHTYX Logo

    Company Description
    LightYX leverages new technologies from the autonomous vehicles in order to communicate the blueprints to the workers in a revolutionary way.
  • ISAAC Logo

    Company Description
    Company that offers devices and services for the diagnosis, monitoring and earthquakes protection of existing buildings.
  • Beawre Digital SL Logo
    Beawre Digital…
    Beawre Digital SL Logo
    Beawre Digital SL

    Company Description
    Beawre provides solutions for continuous operational risk management.
  • FLX Solutions Logo
    FLX Solutions

    Company Description
    FLX Solutions has patented and developed intelligent inspection/maintenance robots that are miniaturized to operate in spaces that humans can't easily access.
  • Dynamic Infrastructure Logo
    Dynamic Infras…
    Dynamic Infrastructure Logo
    Dynamic Infrastructure

    Company Description
    Dynamic Infrastructure disrupt civil infrastructure operation and maintenance.
  • Cybrik Logo

    Company Description
    Cybrik project intelligence is a cloud based AI platform for radically improving engineering and construction projects.
  • Climate X Logo
    Climate X

    Company Description
    Climate X projects how climate change will damage properties, assets or infrastructure under different climate scenarios, quantifying how that damage impacts valuations and costs of moving to a green economy. Quantifying financial impacts of climate change, turning future losses into opportunities.
  • SwissAI Logo

    Company Description
    Swiss AI modelling technology to make your risk management future ready with AI.
  • Globechain Logo

    Company Description
    Globechain is an B2B ESG reuse marketplace offering external and internal reuse and loaning, generating ESG data on the impact.
  • Oxygen at Work Logo
    Oxygen at Work

    Company Description
    Oxygen at Work helps companies reduce health care and energy costs by using data analytics and specific plants to improve office indoor air quality.
  • ioAirFlow Logo

    Company Description
    Data intelligence platform for commercial buildings
  • Remote Optix Logo
    Remote Optix

    Company Description
    Provides easily accessible, high quality live video and collaboration tools for construction, inspection and real estate use cases.
  • PassiveBolt Logo

    Company Description
    PassiveBolt is revolutionizing the supply chain for smart door locks by bringing to market the first-ever turnkey smart lock module.
  • One Key Access Logo
    One Key Access

    Company Description
    One Key Access provides authorized delivery drivers with convenient entry to apartment buildings and parcel lockers.
  • Digital Blue Foam Logo
    Digital Blue F…

    Company Description
    AI-powered design tool that helps customers discover the right building configuration in a sustainable, efficient, efficiently, and intelligent way.
  • Gryps Logo

    Company Description
    Empowering construction owners by providing the fastest access to quality information to make better decisions during the project life-cycle.
  • VIMaec Logo

    Company Description
    VIMaec offers a suite of tools that provide visualization, data analytics, and collaboration to the Architectural, Engineering processes.
  • Plazrok Logo

    Company Description
    Plazrok USA is turning waste plastic into a commercially viable technical concrete additive with scalable revenue and cost-savings for the concrete and waste management sectors.
  • Ipsum Logo

    Company Description
    Scheduling and planning made easy, fast, and collaborative based on Lean Construction.
  • UbiQD Logo
    UbiQD Logo

    Company Description
    UbiQD is a quantum dot technology company that will power and feed the smart cities of the future.
  • Strong by Form Logo
    Strong by Form

    Company Description
    Specialized in the development of high performance prefabricated structural elements based on composite materials.
  • Daika Logo

    Company Description
    Daika developed formulation that enables digital fabrication of 100% wood, using existing mass manufacturing technologies.
  • CivRobotics Logo

    Company Description
    Civ Robotics is automating construction layout and stakeout with unmanned systems.
  • Voyage Control Logo
    Voyage Control

    Company Description
    Voyage Control is a cutting-edge 'Air Traffic Control' for inbound logistics management. Powerful, efficient, and easy to use.
  • METAseismic Logo

    Company Description
    METAseismic is a UC Irvine Applied Innovation startup.
  • Vocalytics Logo

    Company Description
    We are Acoustic Ambient Intelligence. Vocalytics is an AI software that listens to ambient noise, analyzes events & trends, and sends real-time alerts to improve essential business operations, reduce cost, and drive tangible business outcomes.
  • Habidatum Logo

    Company Description
    Financial risks of being in the “wrong place”: big data driven location scoring system for commercial real estate
  • Basking Automation Logo
    Basking Automa…
    Basking Automation Logo
    Basking Automation

    Company Description
    Basking Automation is an occupancy analytics platform for office spaces.
  • Felix Homes Logo
    Felix Homes
    Felix Homes Logo
    Felix Homes

    Company Description
    Felix Homes is changing the way real estate is bought and sold. Starting with our iBuyer-like product which we launched in 2018 to our recently announced flat-fee and buying service. People move for different reasons so why shouldn't there be different ways TO move.
  • Staytion Logo

    Company Description
    Dedefining the living experience by deploying AI and AR technologies.
  • SlatPlanner Logo

    Company Description
    SlatPlanner blurs the lines physical and digital look-ahead planning.
  • Buildup Logo

    Company Description
    On site mobile construction management app saving your project costs and time.
  • Chunker Logo

    Company Description
    On-demand, short-term warehouse marketplace connecting companies needing temporary space with those that have excess space.
  • dataArrows Logo

    Company Description
    dataArrows develops smart building information technologies for commercial buildings. It results in minimizing the energy consumption buildings while enhancing the health, safety, and productivity of the occupants.
  • Auditmate Logo

    Company Description
    First-ever SaaS to get more from your elevator maintenance contract.
  • DABBEL Logo

    Company Description
    AI Self-Driving Buildings.
  • Gleensite Logo

    Company Description
    Predictive Analytics for Real Estate
  • ArchChat Logo

    Company Description
    ArchChat lets project collaborators work remotely on design & construction projects and get business opportunities Architects, designers, engineering consultants, contractors, product sellers, project owners and their teams collaborate here.
  • ARUtility Logo

    Company Description
    Augmented Reality utility locating, asset management, BIM visualization and remote assistance.
  • AreaScan Logo

    Company Description
    Applies Deep Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to the estimation portion of pre-construction takeoff.
  • Voxxlr Logo

    Company Description
    Where digital twins are made.
  • Buildout.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Digital assistant in construction that helps do work easier and faster.
  • TracFlo Logo

    Company Description
    TracFlo is an online financial tool developed to help contractors manage project risk.
  • Constru Logo

    Company Description
    AI-powered solution to perform ongoing site inspections.
  • Contilio Logo

    Company Description
    Contilio is an AI analytics platform empowering the construction industry to improve project performance and enable real-time payments.
  • Zweispace Logo

    Company Description
    Zweispace targets to redesign the standard practice of real estate industry by combining the real world property with online virtual community through a series of innovative applications.
  • Vero Solutions Logo
    Vero Solutions

    Company Description
    Disruptive, patent-able hybrid (steel and concrete) modular construction technology that reduces construction cost and time.
  • Uvara Logo

    Company Description
    End-To-End Mapping and Management of Infrastructure Assets.
  • Urbanico Logo

    Company Description
    Urbanico is a smart-cities' data integrator, providing private sector companies that works in the urban arena with direct access to standardized civic data.
  • Hauzd Logo

    Company Description
    The easiest way to create interactive 3D presentations for real estate: Boost Sales, Engage Clients and Centralize all marketing information in one place and integrate with CREMs.
  • eguana Logo

    Company Description
    Wireless monitoring systems for civil and environmental engineering.
  • Butlr Logo

    Company Description
    Empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions using artificial intelligence and real-time behavior analytics. AIoT insight and intelligence for indoor people movement without violating individual privacy.
  • BodySafe Technologies (BST) Logo
    BodySafe Techn…
    BodySafe Technologies (BST) Logo
    BodySafe Technologies (BST)

    Company Description
    Improving productivity and safety on construction sites by giving visibly into worker location and creating an onsite culture of safety with real-time alarms and smart dashboards.
  • BEAD Technology Logo
    BEAD Technology

    Company Description
    Creates digital models of buildings by using real-time data and AI.
  • WorkerSense Logo

    Company Description
    WorkerSense utilizes custom hard hat-mounted wearables to provide builders with the real-time insights they need to keep their workers safe, and their projects on time.
  • Vyer Logo

    Company Description
    Vyer Technologies automates modeling and web visualization adapts to 3D that can be accessible to all.
  • Pre-Framing Logo

    Company Description
    Pre Framing is an innovative, partially-prefabricated solution which allows homebuilders, general contractors and framers to build standard and gable walls 10 times faster, with less waste and more precision than traditional methods.
  • Passive Logic Logo
    Passive Logic

    Company Description
    PassiveLogic is the first fully autonomous platform for buildings.
  • Oloid Logo

    Company Description
    Oloid.ai offers a secure privacy-forward software solution for smart access and clock-in into buildings and workspace to improve identity assurance and worker productivity.
  • Occupier Logo

    Company Description
    Occupier is a building software to enable businesses to make real estate decisions.
  • Modelo Logo

    Company Description
    Modelo is a cloud based design and development communication platform for AEC industry.
  • FairFleet Logo

    Company Description
    FairFleet offers on demand drone inspections and smart data analytics.
  • YouVR Logo

    Company Description
    YouVR develop affordable, large-scale 3D space scanning technology for real estate and construction to enable anyone to capture, experience and collaborate the world in 3D without expensive hardware or software. YouVR’s vision is to democratize 360 capture and VR tour creation for the Real Estate Industry and construction. For real estate, 3D home enables photographer or agent to capture, create and manage professional VR tours and contents, such as 3D floorplan and 3D virtual model houses easily.
  • Xinaps Logo

    Company Description
    Xinaps has a 3D cloud service, “Verifi3D”, enabling contractors and engineers to check building design models, visualize, validate data and generate reports real-time. The Verifi3D rule editor is a unique feature which is a great support in design validation processes. It takes away inefficiencies in pre-construction. Because of the cloud platform and seamlessly integration with the BIM 360 workflow, a BIM file on your local machine becomes obsolete now. To utilize Verifi3D, a simple Revit or IFC file is all you need.
  • WiBotic Logo

    Company Description
    WiBotic provides software and hardware solutions that automate power for everything robotic. From unmanned vehicles to industrial automation equipment and even electric cars: autonomous charging and reliable power management for any battery-powered vehicle has become the a significant bottleneck to mobility and uptime. WiBotic offers integrated solutions to maximize uptime and enable autonomy.
  • Visual Estate Logo
    Visual Estate

    Company Description
    Developer of a virtual visual estate platform intended to bring modern day e-commerce experience into the real estate world, eliminating the buying and selling of "invisible" properties. The company's platform brings the "tailor" approach to projects, lets users to turn any floor plan into a deeply engaging experience for their clients, design their own or choose any of its pre-designed styles, enabling real estate developer or marketer to create a smart virtual show apartment instantly, using just a floor plan.
  • Vedalabs Logo

    Company Description
    Vedalabs is the leading Artificial Intelligence-based Organization which uses Image Processing, Facial Recognition, Computer vision, and Deep Learning techniques in the wide domain of analytics across retail space.
  • UpFlex Logo

    Company Description
    UpFlex is provider of a workplace booking platform designed to make working companies flexible. The company's platform helps to book spaces using a mobile application where teams can find a office or room to work, enabling employees to work flexibly anytime and anywhere close to home or while traveling.
  • TouchLight Innovations Logo
    TouchLight Inn…
    TouchLight Innovations Logo
    TouchLight Innovations

    Company Description
    TouchLight Innovations help commercial properties self-generate their own electricity at a lower price per kWh by adapting their existing property to maximize power generation capability using a technology built called the Energy Tile. A device which can turn parking lots, sidewalks and any high vehicle or human traffic location into a place that generates electricity when you walk or drive over their devices.
  • SentioVR Logo

    Company Description
    SentioVR is changing the way AEC & Real Estate professionals visualize, share & collaborate with 3D models in Virtual Reality. How does a project that has not yet been built look like? Instead of reviewing 2D floorpans, renders & video walkthroughs - SentioVR customers put on standalone VR headsets for real-time feedback, completing projects faster or winning new clients.
  • Real Factors Logo
    Real Factors

    Company Description
    Real Factors is a data intelligence platform for CRE investment professionals and intermediaries. Real Factors provides two core products:Real Factor is a data intelligence and advanced analytics for institutional commercial real estate investors. Real Factors will provide institutional CRE professionals with the ability to access all their internal, commercial, and publicly available data resources in a single place. The Real Factors Data Terminal, enhances data accessibility and usability throughout the entire investment process.
  • Humatics Logo

    Company Description
    Humatics is pioneering microlocation technology that is faster, more precise, and more affordable than any 3D positioning or location tracking technology on the market. Its breakthrough microlocation products and analytics software comprise the Humatics Spatial Intelligence Platform™ that is revolutionizing how people and machines locate, navigate, and collaborate in the connected world.
  • Fohlio Logo

    Company Description
    Fohlio's intelligent web platform streamline the creation of project schedules, product documents, material cost quotation and estimate, presentation materials, central data library, and integrate them into user’s projects more efficiently. It help teams around the world collaborate, design, organize, order and track these products for their projects.
  • BuildStream Logo
    BuildStream Logo

    Company Description
    BuildStream helps contractors transform productivity by making heavy equipment operations smart and connected. Our software provides one source of truth for equipment data including scheduling, AI powered cycle optimization, and team comms. We enable supply chain collaboration by linking in suppliers to the project environment, ideal for mega projects with multiple contractors requiring co-ordination and reliable data across mixed fleets.
  • Bldbox Logo

    Company Description
    Bldbox is an algorithm-based PropTech application which provides landowners, developers, investors, and real estate brokers with powerful solutions to evaluate the best use of land. Our mission is to revitalize the world of real estate investment by introducing new technologies capable of transforming outdated and time-consuming practices.
  • Spotscale Logo

    Company Description
    Spotscale is a 3D technology company that offers products and services for real estate developers and builders who need extremely precise digital and physical models of buildings and surroundings. Spotscale’s proprietary capturing and processing solution delivers photo-realistic images that can be viewed and manipulated close up and from any vantage point on a tablet, laptop or VR
  • Triax Logo

    Company Description
    Triax Technologies, Inc. develops and delivers IoT technology for construction. Its proprietary Spot-r system records and transmits realtime location and activity data from sensors worn by workers and tagged onto equipment and sends automatic safety incidents notifications to site personnel, resulting in faster response to potential injuries and enhanced safety culture. By automating manual processes, monitoring workers and equipment, and leveraging the Cloud for real-time insights, Spot-r enables contractors to save time aggregating, analyzing, and acting upon project data.
  • StructionSite Logo

    Company Description
    Automated site capture and progress reporting for the construction industry. Using nothing but a 360 camera, some computer vision and machine learning, StructionSite lets builders and owners capture the jobsite and determine progress relative to a schedule.
  • OnSiteIQ Logo

    Company Description
    OnSiteIQ is a progress documentation platform for owners and developers. Our platform utilizes computer vision algorithms to map 360-degree walkthrough videos to a floor plan on a weekly basis. This enables remote progress monitoring, higher levels of accountability, and never-before-available analytics in your hands.
  • Form Found Design Logo
    Form Found Des…

    Company Description
    Form Found Design, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based startup using six-axis industrial robots to cast concrete with precision levels usually reserved for the auto industry. Thanks to the proliferation of robots, the use of advanced 3D modeling software, and concrete material advancements, Form Found Design (FFD) has developed a digital-to-physical workflow allowing for the realization of new concrete forms with a fraction of the material waste associated with the industry standard.
  • Assemble Systems Logo
    Assemble Syste…

    Company Description
    Assemble is the web-based 3D solution that lets you extract meta data, add coding, collaborate, and connect. This allows project personnel to make better decisions and deliver projects on time and in budget.
  • Acculis Logo

    Company Description
    Acculis helps construction projects fully leverage BIM assets with a lightweight collaboration platform. A streamlined BIM workflow will empower your team to communicate efficiently, avoid costly rework, and deliver projects ahead of schedule. Acculis seeks to empower everyone from on-site foremen to project managers with BIM without heavy upfront costs.
  • Phion Logo

    Company Description
    True spatially independent wireless power and data over distance.
  • Inspirit IoT Logo
    Inspirit IoT

    Company Description
    Inspirit IoT is a leader in delivering sensor intelligence through our design tools and custom platforms that analyze and optimize machine learning for efficient hardware deployment
  • HyperSurfaces Logo

    Company Description
    HyperSurfaces is a AI company that uses clever AI and ML applied to standard sensors to convert any object or surface of any material and shape into a data-enabled smart surface.
  • Tensorflight Logo

    Company Description
    Instant and global commercial property data via computer vision.
  • Kespry Logo

    Company Description
    Kespry’s aerial intelligence platform is transforming how organizations capture, analyze and share insights about their business, providing the information they need to accelerate their operations.
  • CopperTree Analytics Logo
    CopperTree Ana…

    Company Description
    CopperTree Analytics provides energy management and automated Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) with our Kaizen software, and empowers you to optimize your building’s performance, reduce energy consumption, and improve occupant comfort.
  • Alcatraz.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Replace badging as an access point identification method by leveraging facial recognition, 3D sensing and artificial intelligence to enable highly secure and frictionless entry into physical locations.
  • Sweep Logo

    Company Description
    Sweep is your automated personal financial assistant. We help you save in advance so that you can spend your money confidently and finally get ahead.
  • Zesty.ai Logo
    Zesty.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Zesty.ai is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) data analytics platform that leverages 115Bn data points on 140 million buildings and their residents. Using the latest advancements in computer vision and deep learning, zesty.ai extracts building characteristics, such as, roof geometry or distance to inflammable vegetation, among other features, with unprecedented accuracy. P&C carriers and reinsurers use our unique data insights in their existing systems/models to underwrite risk more accurately, provide consumers a better purchasing experience through pre-filled forms and manage home inspections more cost-effectively.
  • VergeSense Logo

    Company Description
    VergeSense is a provider of advanced occupancy sensors and analytics software for CRE professionals. Our unique, 100% wireless platform can be installed in minutes, and operates completely independent of the corporate IT network. Sensors can be deployed in both open-office & conference room environments, and measure exact person counts down to the individual desk-level. By using machine-learning and artificial intelligence, our platform "learns" over time - providing CRE and workplace services professionals with a continuously-improving digital picture of real estate usage and employee mobility.
  • Qlair Logo

    Company Description
    Coming from three continents, we gather in Bay Area, CA, where our 27 years of filtration experience meets Artificial Intelligence. QlAir provides the experience of breathing Clean Air indoors. We help you achieve the optimum air cleanliness at the lowest possible operating and environmental cost.
  • Matterport Logo

    Company Description
    Matterport is an immersive 3D media company. We are digitizing the world’s spaces in 3D and providing a platform for those spaces to be visited virtually from anywhere and any device with a browser. We enable deeper understanding of these spaces and enable better decision making through their entire lifecycle. Our platform is simple and inexpensive to use. Our largest market is real estate where we have captured over 500,000 spaces to date.
  • LocateAI Logo
    LocateAI Logo

    Company Description
    LocateAI uses artificial intelligence to predict the value of any commercial real estate property. Today we are focused on the retail sector - being in the right location is absolutely critical for a successful retail store. We have built a full stack software product that helps retail brands predict the potential revenue of any street address in the United States.
  • Kognitiv Spark Logo
    Kognitiv Spark

    Company Description
    Kognitiv Spark is specialized in Holographic Worker Support technology. Their RemoteSpark app for the Microsoft HoloLens is used by organizations in the industrial, construction, defence & aerospace fields to allow frontline workers to connect with remote Subject Matter Experts and holographic content when performing a complex task, which helps minimize equipment downtime and onsite travel by SMEs.
  • Doorport Logo

    Company Description
    Doorport is focused on delivering simple, sophisticated living for the multi-family real estate industry. Their first product, Arrive, turns apartment residents' smartphones into their video intercom and their key fob with one device. They provide end-to-end installation & service directly to their customers - saving them $11/unit/month on intercom and access problems.
  • Concrete Sensors Logo
    Concrete Senso…
    Concrete Sensors Logo
    Concrete Sensors

    Company Description
    Concrete Sensors is committed to automating the construction industry by helping general contractors save money, reduce risk and improve quality control with this powerful wireless technology. Embedded sensors with real-time data, a mobile app, and an in-house lab provide a high level of accuracy that enables contractors to use the system, take action and see a ROI.
  • Cherry Labs Logo
    Cherry Labs

    Company Description
    Cherry is an AI for your house which learns what is normal for your family and tells you when something goes wrong. It replaces a home security system or cameras, baby monitors and even watches after your kids or elderly relatives for you. It processes and keeps all of your data inside your house and there is no video in a cloud, so no one can access your private life.
  • RealWear Logo

    Company Description
    RealWear manufactures and designs rugged wearable computing devices purpose built for industry, completely voice-controlled and hands-free industrial workers
  • Flow Labs Logo
    Flow Labs

    Company Description
    Flow Labs helps commercial buildings save water and save money using a combination of affordable, easy-to-install sensors and a mobile-based alert system.