The Innovation Salon of Plug and Play China & Longhua District Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Camp Turned To A Big Success

    Shenzhen, CHINA, December 17, 2021 -- The Innovation Salon co-hosted by Plug and Play China and Longhua District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau was successfully held at Baoneng Science and Technology Park in Longhua District, Shenzhen. The innovation salon is a part of the innovation activities of the Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Camp organized by Plug and Play China and supported by Baoneng Science and Technology Park. The camp aims to help startups understand Longhua District’s policies regarding technology innovation, provide training on smart manufacturing, and organize visits to large manufacturing enterprises to facilitate business development and technology partnerships between companies and the startups.

    The Innovation Salon is a unique accelerator model of Plug and Play that has been operated in Silicon Valley, Germany, and Singapore. Plug and Play now brings this model to China, connecting startups with the government for talent recruitment and startup introduction. The accelerator aims to support the growth of the innovation ecosystem and the industrial upgrade in China. Under this model, startups are directly connected to the heads of the innovation R&D departments of large companies. Startups can thus work with leading companies from different industries to shape future.

    The Innovation Salon started with a general overview of Plug and Play, followed by an introduction of Longhua District’s policies on scientific innovation by the district’s science and technology bureau. After that, senior investment professionals provided in-depth training on investment and financing to startups.


    In the second part of the event, 8 startups from the smart manufacturing ecosystem including ZWZTECH, Deltafit, Qiaopin Technology, NeuroBot, Daschendr, CIT Optical Application, Xingyi Technology and Zifisense presented their pitch.

    For the startups, the event brought them closer to the Longhua District government, and helped them better understand Longhua District’s current development in the manufacturing industry, business environment, and technology-driven innovation situation. Through face-to-face interactions, startups developed an in-depth understanding of Longhua District’s policies on tax, talent recruitment, and industry support. In addition, by visiting large manufacturing enterprises in Longhua District, startups better understood the ecosystem of the local manufacturing industry, and could further consider the collaboration opportunities with Longhua District.

    The event marks another milestone of the Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Camp co-organized by Plug and Play China and Longhua District. More training workshops for Longhua District’s innovation acceleration will be expected in 2022.

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