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Plug and Play Topeka Announces Startups For Their Second Batch

TOPEKA, KANSAS, September 9, 2021 -- Plug and Play Topeka has announced 10 startups that were selected for the second batch of their new Animal Health Program. This program aims to facilitate opportunities for pilots, POCs, and new relationships between the selected batch startups and Plug and Play's global ecosystem. Founding partners of the program include Cargill, Evergy, and Hills Pet Nutrition.

The startups, chosen by partners of the program, represent a broad range of new innovations focused on things like packaging, food safety, pet and livestock health, as well as energy.

“We are so excited to have 10 startups join the second batch of our Animal Health program in Topeka,” said Stephen Fay, Director of Corporate Partnerships at Plug and Play. “These are some of the most innovative startups we have seen in the region, and we are confident that they will bring some of the brightest ideas to the industry.”

Click below to learn more about the 10 startups participating in the program:

Aegis Packaging 

More than a packaging film manufacturer, Aegis will become a future global leader in manufacturing regenerative high barrier coating for flexible packaging.


Birdstop inspects critical infrastructure with zero humans in the field.

ISO Thrive

ISO Thrive is curating the microbiome to support human and animal health.


Kenzen is a biometric platform with a smart patch that keeps workforces safe from heat, fatigue and over exertion on the job.


Lumin has changed the fundamental building block of electricity distribution system, the circuit breaker panel, by making ordinary circuits smart and responsive.


Maven is the first AI+Human veterinarian that knows if your pet is safe and healthy 24/7 right from the palm of your hand.


NANOX is a natural antimicrobial product line, derived from nanotechnology that contains silver as an active ingredient.


B2B commerce platform, serving the sales force and customers of manufacturers and wholesale distributors.


A mobile-first veterinary telemedicine platform enabling veterinary clinics to offer text chat and video consultations to pet owners.

Tarot Analytics 

Last Kilometer Route Optimization and Delivery Management SaaS platform for Enterprise.

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