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Plug and Play Teams Up with Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center

SUNNYVALE, CA, September 9, 2020 - Innovation is changing the way we work, shop, and even eat. Now more than ever we need new ideas and ways of working to reliably deliver safe food to global consumers as we all rise to the challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why the Walmart Food Safety Collaboration Center (WFSCC) is teaming up with an expanded group of partners to bring you Round 4 of the Global Food Safety Innovation Pipeline. Plug and Play is among the partners and scouted high quality startups for this year’s program.  

The Round 4 Innovation Pipeline has received 125 startups applicants nominated/recommended from partner organizations. The three categories "Retail and Distribution", "Food Services and Hospitality," and "Food Production and Processing" had 64, 26, and 35 applicants respectively. Among Plug and Play’s recommended startups, 10 were selected to the 20 finalists in the “Retail and Distribution” category, including all the global finalists shown below. The submitted proposal combines the most advanced technology to provide innovative solutions to current food safety problems.

POCs/pilots projects run throughout the program will be announced in November.

Walmart Global Innovation Finalists 2

Walmart Global Partners