Plug and Play Promotes Eugenio Gonzalez to Partner

    Eugenio Gonzalez brings experience and insight to Plug and Play’s investment in entrepreneurs shaping the future of Fintech, Insurtech, and Enterprise.

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    Plug and Play believes that talent is borderless–great founders launch new companies across the globe, and the same can be said about the investors who look for and support them. Eugenio Gonzalez epitomizes this philosophy and Plug and Play is proud to celebrate his promotion to Partner and his continued dedication to the firm’s investment practice in Silicon Valley.

    Eugenio joined the firm in 2018, where he quickly rose to lead our Insurtech investing efforts, and subsequently developed roadmaps across Fintech, Enterprise, and Web3. Previously, he earned an MBA from MIT Sloan, where he collaborated with Boston-based venture firms like Accomplice and MassVentures. Before MIT, Eugenio was an Associate at Carey, the largest law firm in Chile, where he helped with investments across Latam and the US.

    "As our investment strategy continues to evolve, Eugenio has been a key leader in guiding the team, supporting promising entrepreneurs, and bringing new ideas to the table. He is passionate, curious, and driven and I am proud of what he has accomplished over the past three years," says Neda Amidi, Partner & President at Plug and Play.

    “I’ve been involved in financial services my whole life, first through M&A deals where I saw the impact of launching new companies and services in emerging economies and now as an investor where I help entrepreneurs shape the future of financial services,” shares Eugenio. “I continue to be amazed by the sheer size of the financial services industry and its potential to grow, by the incredible companies that entrepreneurs can build which have a tangible impact on millions of peoples’ lives, and by the amount of room for improvement within incumbents as well as the challenges that riddle them. I’m extremely excited to continue enhancing Plug and Play’s corporate platform as we welcome and launch new funds, and double down on our commitment to investing in early-stage financial technology founders.”

    From enterprise SaaS to embedded Insurtech solutions, the companies Eugenio has led investments in include Esusu, Symend, Resilience Insurance, Back Office, Koffie Labs, Brella Insurance, VOOM Insurance, Relay,, P46, Fintoc, (acquired by Ro),, Agency, and Homli. In addition, Eugenio has also helped deepen Plug and Play’s footprint in Europe and APAC with investments into Appboxo, doctorly, Hypatos, and Helvengo.

    “Eugenio's confidence and insight on the newest upcoming trends are recognized by many. We cannot wait for Eugenio to continuously help us deepen our investment practice as we discover and support the most innovative startup companies in today’s world,” shares George Damouny, Partner at Plug and Play.