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Plug and Play North Dakota Announces 14 Startups Selected for Its Agtech Batch 3

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FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA, Feb. 3, 2021 -- Plug and Play North Dakota has announced 14 startups that were selected for batch three of their new Agtech Program. This program aims to facilitate opportunities for pilots, POCs, and new relationships between the selected batch startups and Plug and Play's global ecosystem. Founding partners of the program include Microsoft, Bremer Bank, CHS, and OCP Group.

The startups, chosen by partners of the program, represent a variety of new agriculture-specific innovations focused on soil sensing and analysis, field monitoring, precision farming, automation, and sustainability.

Click below to learn more about the 14 startups participating in the program:


CarbonSpace is an AI- and Satellite-powered B2B SaaS Platform for remote carbon footprint tracking and verification.

Grain Discovery

Grain Discovery is changing how agricultural supply chain networks and consumers regain trust and confidence in their food origination story by building a digital ecosystem addressing this growing disconnect between farmers, intermediaries, and consumers.


Nutrivert creates a postbiotics that provides an alternative to antibiotics. The company's postbiotic is a formulation of a feed additive that increases livestock feed conversion efficiency, enabling customers to get better output from their livestock. The product is currently on the regulatory pathway for use in swine, but has applicability in cattle and chickens.


ProAgni started to reduce the environmental and social footprint of agriculture while improving farm economics and remain 100% committed to that goal.

IZ Agro

IZ Agro is a free platform where users can ask for quotation of inputs, agricultural services, technical tips, and consultations.

LiveRoad Analytics

LiveRoad Analytics is an IoT data analytics and meteorological technology company bringing an advanced road weather solution for improved prediction and mitigation of safety or delay risk in transportation.


EarthScout is a proven and affordable Precision Farming Application and Remote Sensor for efficiently monitoring growing environments above and below the soil – helping growers increase yields, manage and reduce costly inputs, protect the environment, and develop living soils.

Katana AgriScience

Katana AgriScience is transforming global agriculture through developing next-generation biosafe nanotech crop improvement inputs and blockchain-enabled crop traceability systems.


PlutonBio develops antibiofilm, antifouling and antimicrobial solutions for materials and surfaces in manufacturing facilities.


Ficosterra produces innovative fertilizers and biostimulants extracted from marine algae. Our products allow farmers to reduce the use of chemical-mineral based fertilizers by replacing them with no residue, highly effective, organic certified substitutes.

Athena Intelligence

Athena unlocks valuable data that ultimately changes how and where food is produced. Utilizing a combination of proprietary processes and A.I. Athena delivers unique operational predictions for food, agriculture, and insurance industries.


Agrology Ag’s Prediction Agriculture™ platform guides farmers to maximum profitability while sharing critical supply chain insights with agricultural suppliers and manufacturers. Our patented platform is the only system capable of simultaneously protecting farmer data while delivering lean optimization to the agricultural supply chain.


Atmonia is developing a breakthrough electro-catalytic process for generating aqueous ammonia from air and water for direct use as fertilizer through irrigation.


Bioponics offers nano-structured material products and custom product development services leveraging core competencies in advanced and nano-composite polymer and additive manufacturing or 3D printing technologies.

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