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Plug and Play North Dakota Accepts 14 Startups for its First Batch

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Fargo, North Dakota, June 8, 2020 -- Plug and Play North Dakota has announced the 14 startups selected for the first batch of its new Agtech Program. This program aims to facilitate opportunities for pilots, POCs, and new relationships between the selected batch startups and Plug and Play's global ecosystem. Founding partners of the program include Microsoft, Bremer Bank, CHS, and OCP Group.

The startups, chosen by partners of the program, represent a variety of new agriculture-specific innovations focused on soil sensing and analysis, field monitoring, precision farming, automation, and sustainability.

Click below to learn more about the 14 startups participating in the program:

AGRON Solutions


AGRON offers portable testing technology to perform soil fertility analysis on field, at least 10x faster than labs, guiding farmers to increase crop yield, reduce input costs, and maintain fertility despite the constant production.



Agronomeye is digitising agriculture from the ground up, generating and analysing high resolution 3D models of entire farming systems to enable more informed decision making related to water management, re-development and much more. A digital twin for agriculture.



Agriculture pest and pathogen crop diagnostics and analytics to improve efficiency and sustainability of every farm operation.



Arable is an agricultural data and analytics company.

Ceres Imaging


Ceres Imaging is a California-based aerial spectral imagery and analytics company that serves farmers and agribusinesses.

Continuum Ag


Continuum Ag integrates soil health data to create a common soil language. Our unbiased dataset provides actionable recommendations for farmers, clean data tracking, and supply chain connectivity for sustainability opportunities.



FluroSat delivers hands-free crop health monitoring analytics.



GroGuru has developed a game-changing wireless soil monitoring system.



InCeres is a software development company that has developed the Systems Precision Farming for the management of agriculture.



Nordetect has developed a rapid chemical test that allows farmers and agronomists to make better decisions on fertilizer use. Our product combines microfluidics, nanosensors and computer vision to analyze chemicals found in soil and water samples.

Olho do Dono


Portable 3D camera to calculate the weight of cattle. 1st Techcrunch Startup Battlefield LATAM Winner, Best Brazilian Agtech for 3 times in a row.

Rabbit Tractors


Autonomous, multi-purposed, compact and swarm-enabled farm vehicles.



AgTech firm helping farms increase yield and reduce costs by combining soil science, IoT sensors and machine learning.

Ukko Agro


Ukko Agro has built a smart crop management platform that helps farmers make decisions to proactively optimize crop inputs, such as pesticides, water, and nutrients in order to maximize yield.

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