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Plug and Play Insurtech Europe Announces 13 Startups Selected for Batch 9

Munich, Germany, October 7, 2022 - Plug and Play Insurtech Europe announces 13 startups joining the ninth batch of their 3-month innovation program. Initially, 25 startups were sourced based on the focus topics of founding and anchor partners. Selection Day featured startups clustered into three main categories: (1) General Tech startups, (2) Property & Casualty, and (3) Life & Health. The pitching startups were spread across all lines of business, stages, and geographies. Once the pitches were completed, some of the world's most highly ranked companies were invited to vote on the top startups, to which these votes determined the startups that would move on to the next phase of the program. The ultimate goal of the program is to facilitate pilots and POCs between the selected startups and the program partners including RheinLand Versicherungsgruppe, Versicherungskammer, Irish Life, UnipolSai Assicurazioni, Vienna Insurance Group, Wiener Städtische Versicherung and Aflac.

The uniqueness of Plug and Play lies in its offering, which focuses on business development for growth-stage startups and scaleups, for which Plug and Play has the world's largest innovation platform including mentorship, venture capital, and business development opportunities. Plug and Play programs do not require any equity or fees from the startups. The value behind Plug and Play is that startups are provided a unique business development opportunity for free.

The program started fully in-person for the first time in 2 years with Selection Week and will continue online throughout the entire process with the various activities and workshops. However, the Insurtech Europe Batch 9 EXPO, which follows the completion and graduation of the program, and aims to showcase the work between the startups and partners, will be held in-person on February 02. 2023.

The following 13 startups have been selected for the Batch 9 Program:

BestFit: BESTFIT is a pioneering behavioural science-based platform that reveals through an engaging, 3-minute “discovery journey” deep personality traits and decision drivers, leveraging proprietary algorithms, Nobel Prize-winning insights, psychometrics and neuroscience. http://www.bestfithi.com

Caruso: Caruso is a neutral, open, and secure mobility data marketplace. The platform enables third parties to consume data standardized across multiple vehicle manufacturers. Their built-in consent management technology ensures data privacy by giving vehicle end-users full control over data sharing. They empower their customers to easily build life-improving solutions based on data from connected cars. http://caruso-dataplace.com

DeepOpinion: DeepOpinion is the no-code, API-first (150+ integrations), and AI-native (deep learning) automation platform where teams automate millions of hours of repetitive cognitive business processes end-to-end. https://deepopinion.ai

Elona Health: Elona Health was founded in 2021 in Düsseldorf, Germany by a team of psychotherapists, business, design, and tech minds with the goal to reinvent mental healthcare in Germany and beyond. Our team shares a deep understanding and personal relation to mental health care, either as care providers, patients or caregivers. https://en.elona.health

ESG Book: Launched in 2018, ESG Book’s wide range of cloud-based sustainability products and solutions are used by many of the world’s leading financial organisations which collectively manage over $120 trillion. ESG Book is a global leader in sustainability data and technology. Our vision is to transform finance through sustainability by making ESG data accessible, comparable, and transparent. https://www.esgbook.com

Fisify: Fisify is a SaaS for physiotherapy centers, hospitals and health insurance. It is created to monitor the patient from the moment they are injured until their final recovery, increasing the scope of the recovery process and improving its quality. It is a virtual assistant that supports the patient in their rehabilitation plan. https://www.fisify.com

FurryChamp: FurryChamp is an Insurtech provider of innovative pet health insurance combined with an advanced End-to-End tech platform. As the “shopify” of pet insurance, FurryChamp’s objective is to democratize pet insurance distribution. FurryChamp leverages data to provide a new type of service at the intersection between care and Insurance. https://www.furrychamp.com

Hi.Health: hi.health is on a mission to make complex healthcare systems understandable, easy to use, and human. hi.health acts as an intermediary between customers and insurance companies and offers digital solutions for health care services reimbursements. http://hi.health

Inaza: Inaza is a Platform-as-a-Service for underwriting and distributing embedded and digital motor insurance solutions. The platform comes with Insurer hosted pricing, white labeled mobile application, APIs/SDKs helping insurers distribute digital insurance solutions. Inaza also has a partner program that gives seamless access to thousands of vehicles in need of personalized insurance solutions. https://www.inaza.com

Testamento: Testamento provides cloud based technologies to boost sales and compliance of life insurance products. Testamento started its journey in 2013 with a B2C offering, by bringing the concept of online wills and testament in France. Since 2018, Testamento has become a SaaS / API provider for the financial sector, more specifically to boost the distribution networks of life insurance. http://testamento.io/

Tigerlab: Tigerlab is an Insurance PaaS for digital insurance distribution and management, building innovative insurance solutions across the world. Tigerlab is built to connect insurers and distribution partners to ensure a top-notch digital experience for customers and back-end users. The embedded insurance platform offers relevant, personalized, and affordable insurance to customers when and where they need it most. http://tigerlab.com

Toonimo: Toonimo provides real-time interactive step by step guidance to end users at the point of need, with a patented audio/visual experience using text bubbles, engaging voice and coach marks. The end result is a dramatic rise in conversions, a reduction in support load and increased consumer loyalty. https://toonimo.com

Zaamigo: Zaamigo has developed a device that has the form factor of an electric toothbrush, but it isn't used for brushing the teeth. Instead of a ring of rotating bristles, it features a tiny waterproof digital camera surrounded by a ring of eight LEDs. Users stick the head of the Zaamigo in their mouth, and utilize it to take a total of six photos of their upper and lower teeth. The images are wirelessly transmitted to an iOS app on their iPhone or iPad, where artificial-intelligence-based algorithms check for stains, inflamed gums, and accumulated calculus. https://www.zaamigo.com

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