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Plug and Play Insurtech Europe Announces 12 Startups Selected for Batch 8

MUNICH, GERMANY, April 18th, 2022 - Plug and Play Insurtech Europe announces 12 startups joining the eighth batch of their 3-month innovation program. Initially, 24 startups were sourced based on the focus topics of founding and anchor partners. Selection Day featured all 24 startups clustered into three main categories: (1) General Tech startups, (2) Property & Casualty, and (3) Life & Health. The pitching startups were spread across all lines of business, stages, and geographies. Once the pitches were completed, some of the worlds most highly ranked companies were invited to vote on the top startups, to which these votes determined which of the 24 would move on to the next phase of the program. The ultimate goal of the program is to facilitate POCs and pilot projects between the selected startups and the program partners including RheinLand Versicherungsgruppe, Versicherungskammer, Irish Life, Chedid Capital, Baloise Group, UnipolSai Assicurazioni, Vienna Insurance Group, Wiener Städtische Versicherung and Aflac.

Plug and Play is unlike any other innovation and acceleration program. The uniqueness of Plug and Play lies in its offering, which focuses on business development for growth-stage startups and scaleups, for which Plug and Play has the world's largest innovation platform including mentorship, venture capital, and business development opportunities. Plug and Play programs do not require any equity or fees from the startups. The value behind Plug and Play is that startups are provided a unique business development opportunity for free.

The program started fully virtual with Selection Week and will remain online throughout the entire process to ensure the health and safety of all participating parties. However, the Insurtech Europe Batch 8 EXPO, which follows the completion of the program and aims to showcase the work between the startups and partners, will step away from the virtual world this summer. Plug and Play Insurtech Europe is eager to reveal a special edition to the biannual EXPO with a pop-up feature taking place at the end of June (28th June) in Amsterdam, alongside the Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA).

The following 12 startups were selected for the Batch 8 program:

Aktivolabs: Aktivolabs helps insurance, reinsurance, banks, and corporations to understand their clients’ health in real-time. The Aktivo® digital health platform empowers financial institutions to measure real-time chronic disease risk of populations and drive meaningful engagement at scale with customers about health and longevity. Aktivolabs focuses on 3 key areas: physical lifestyle, nutrition and mental wellbeing. The Aktivo Score®, which is a proprietary digital biomarker for health and longevity, addresses the challenge of analyzing real-time physical lifestyle data to scientifically quantify the risk of developing chronic disease on a daily basis. https://www.aktivolabs.com/

AllThings: Allthings’ tenant management platform captures 100% of interactions between tenants, property owners and service providers. Customers do this in order to increase tenant loyalty, maximize efficiency, execute their digital brand strategy, and operate with sustainability in focus. In addition, Allthings allows customers to build up and control an ecosystem of partners that generate value beyond rent for tenants and owners, and to gather insights about their assets from the generated data. The Allthings platform offers a modular set of functions through its app store for buildings, to support residential and commercial tenant communities. It also offers an omnichannel communication infrastructure for easy tenant communication across all relevant communication channels, an open API, and SDK and interfaces for easy integration with 3rd party systems. https://www.allthings.me/en/

Anagog: Anagog is the world’s first On-phone Customer Engagement & Enrichment Platform. Being the first marketing platform that's powered by Edge-AI, working from within the phone without dependency on cloud processing, Anagog helps mobile app owners truly meet and exceed their customers’ expectations for relevant personalized experiences in real-time, while (finally) meeting the demand for privacy. Anagog’s patented award-winning technology enables companies to understand their users from outside of their app and extract hundreds of 1st party insights using the phone’s OS and sensors. In addition, companies can finally deliver personalization while solving privacy completely as personal data is processed on the phone. Lastly, Anagog overcomes various cloud limitations such as real-time, or blocked push notifications to dormant users, delivering marketing capabilities beyond limits. https://www.anagog.com/

BetterYou: BetterYou is a healthy habits companion that helps people find more time for their health. The app automatically tracks health progress and provides redirection at the opportune moment (help people get a walk in when they've been stuck at their desk all day, or to sleep and get off email at 2am), improving overall health in the process. Today we work with over 100 organizations through their benefits teams. https://betteryou.com/

BirdsEyeView: BirdsEyeView, a European Space Agency funded InsurTech Venture based in London, harnesses developments in Earth Observation Data to structure parametric solutions for emerging climate change risks. BirdsEyeView's parametric product is delivered through their proprietary algorithmic underwriting engine RAPTOR™. This technology is at the core of their product offering. Specifically, the Company is structured as a Managing General Agent and uses RAPTOR™ to underwrite parametric insurance products for agricultural, energy, and contingency risks. Capacity is provided by Tokio Marine HCC and insurance brokers use the RAPTOR platform to structure parametric products for their clients RAPTOR™. BirdsEyeView’s founders consist of Dr Albert Dow, previously working at the CERN laboratory in Geneva, and James Rendell an ex-reinsurance broker. Together they bring expertise in data science, risk modelling, insurance. https://www.birdseyeviewtechnologies.com/

Climatica: Climatica is an insurtech using ML models to build parametric insurance products. The founding team comes from a highly selective background (hedge fund/BCG/insurance). Climatica protects weather sensitive industries (e.g., travel or renewable energy) against risks such as heavy rainfall or lack of sunlight through novel methods of data analytics, rarely used in large companies, and can facilitate immediate payouts. It is the first product created in Poland based on this technology in partnership with a leading insurer, and is working with others on travel and renewable product roll outs. https://www.climatica.ai/

DocMe: DocMe is a UKCA (CE marked Class I medical device that records real-time vitals from a face video allowing insurers and Medical Aids immediate underwriting, prevention and monitoring of consumers. DocMe saves onboarding time, consumer efforts and cuts down potential policy drop-off after-sales. Today, we present an AI-powered medical triage tool that uses optical sensors from existing ICT devices (smartphones and computers) to capture objective clinical data, which integrate into personalized care recommendations. https://docme.ai/

Exact Data: ExactData is a Fully Synthetic Data modeling and provisioning business applying its patented Dynamic Data Generator™ technology and specialized services. The data is used for development and testing of data processing systems and eliminates the $3.6T USD risk of 3rd party data breaches. Our market segment focus is high-end, where clients require professional services rather than self-service technology. These opportunities are typically multi-million dollar and high margin, approaching 50%. https://www.exactdata.net/

Healthy Virtuoso: Healthy Virtuoso helps corporates to boost employee engagement & wellbeing through the usage of gamification, rewards, and big data. Today more than 130.000 people and +70 International Companies (American Express, Prysmian, KPMG, Intesa Sanpaolo, Merk MSD, Whirlpool among others) have successfully chosen our programs. https://healthyvirtuoso.com/

InvestSuite: InvestSuite is a B2B fintech partnering with financial institutions globally. With its suite of cloud-native, white-label solutions, InvestSuite helps companies extend their product range with next-generation tools, in an agile, fast and cost-effective way. InvestSuite offers digital wealth management solutions for wealth and asset managers, Portfolio Optimizer, and end-investors with a best-in-class Robo Advisor, a superior white label online trading platform Self Investor and last but not least, a revolutionary new way to report portfolio performance StoryTeller. https://www.investsuite.com/

Nect: Nect enables insurance companies to provide their customers with compliant yet user-friendly access to their online services. For example, Nect currently handles the online identification of users who want access to their electronic patient records for 80% of German health insurance companies. Meanwhile, users can not only confirm their ID in seconds with a simple selfie via the Nect Wallet, but also sign documents via QES, replacing the written form. https://www.nect.com/

PicUP: PicUP is an engagement and optimization platform transforming the way enterprises communicate with their customers. The technology, already active on 25M devices, helps leading enterprises including Vodafone, Unipolsai and more, add personalized, interactive digital visual layers to their outbound calls, enabling customers to know who calls them and why, defer calls to better time, answer surveys, switch to digital channels and more. PicUP’s digital layers, on, before, during and after the call increase answering rates, improve efficiency, create engagement, and improve sales by 40%. https://www.picup.io/

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