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Plug and Play Brand & Retail Europe launches its 11th Batch with increased emphasis on international, disruptive, early-stage startups.

PARIS, FRANCE, September 7, 2021 - Plug and Play Brand & Retail Europe unveils the 15 startups and scale-ups that have joined Batch 11 this week, and the group of startups constitutes one of the most disruptive and international batches yet. With the great shift that has occurred in consumer purchasing habits in the past 18 months, the team in Paris is invested, more than ever, in its mission of supporting the European Retail industry to adapt to these trends and habits and thrive in a post COVID-19 world.

With only three “late stage” scale-ups, for this new cohort we are welcoming an unprecedented number of “early-stage” startups, originating from Russia, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and the United States.

After the two previous batches featured predominantly later stage startups, Plug and Play Brand & Retail Europe has flipped the script for our newest edition: to provide new and disruptive solutions to our French and European brand and retail partners and connecting them with emerging technologies that are ready to prove their performance and solution in the retail market.

The selected startups all have the same goal with us over the next three months: to accelerate their commercial growth by working closely with the 19 corporate partners that are part of the Plug and Play Brand & Retail Europe platform in Paris, in order to help them address their business challenges with innovative technology. As always, this promotion will culminate with an Expo Day next December to showcase the progress the companies have made with us.

Supporting brands and retailers on their main innovation priorities for 2022

Social Commerce, immersive experiences, sustainable materials and shopping, customer engagement and personnalisation are just some of the key areas of retail innovation on which

the new startups that will be accelerated by Plug and Play Brand & Retail Europe will focus on in the last quarter of 2021.

Christian Kunz Director of Plug and Play Brand & Retail Europe states: “We are thrilled to welcome these 15 incredible startups to Plug and Play Brand & Retail’s Batch 11, with which we also celebrate the 5th anniversary of our Brand & Retail platform in Paris. It is thus fitting that this batch looks more similar to Batch 1 than some of our previous batches, with a return to a higher proportion of more early stage, disruptive startups. Due to the urgent needs of our partners since the start COVID-19 pandemic, we have generally focused on more mature and developed solutions to address the challenges posed by the health crisis with robust implementations and fast rollouts. As we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we are encouraged to see our partners focus on planning for the future once again.”

The selected candidates for the eleventh batch are:

3D Look- UNITED STATES- Late Track
3DLOOK is the global leader in AI-first mobile body measuring and fit solutions that uses a patented technology to provide personalized fit and size recommendations and virtual try-on for shoppers to help brands reduce returns while increasing conversions and AOV.

Allo Review- FRANCE- Early Track
AlloReview is a simple and fun way for customers to talk about their experience orally instead of filling out an often lengthy satisfaction survey. They have developed a proprietary artificial intelligence technology that enables the understanding of the voice and transforms it into key information to engage and retain customers.

Answerable- CANADA- Early Track
Answerable is a consumer powered brand advocacy platform helping turn conversations into conversions.

Emperia-UNITED KINGDOM- Early Track
Emperia creates virtual stores and galleries that help businesses in retail and art boost their sales and customer engagement.


GEEIQ is an enterprise data platform that identifies ideal partnership opportunities and optimises brands’ gaming and esports strategies. GEEIQ provides a standardised perspective on the core metrics in partner selection, paired with a nuanced understanding of the gaming industry.

Get Circle-FRANCE- Early Track
Get Circle is a data-driven multi-brand social selling platform allowing brands' customers and any other individual to sell products from home, a café, a friend's place, on TikTok etc.

LiveCrew-FRANCE- Early Track
LiveCrew is a SaaS for retailers, to finally know why customers in stores are buying or not buying which products. We enable retailers to manage their physical and digital stores on the basis of consumer behavior data collected in stores and online.

Metapixel-RUSSIA- Early Track
Metapixel makes eCommerce content production and management 10X faster, 2-10X cheaper, and more scalable by enabling in-house marketing and content teams with a suite of AI-powered SaaS tools and APIs towards the production of hero shots, lifestyle images, 360 spin videos, 3D product videos, product descriptions and content quality moderation.

Mi Terro-UNITED STATES- Early Track
Mi Terro turns milk waste into soft, sustainable, and affordable fibers that can apply to apparel, bedding linen, and packaging wrap. Their fibers are applied to apparel, bedding linen, and packaging wrap. Through their patent-pending technology, they have created the world's first apparel line made from milk waste.

Naker-FRANCE- Early Track
Naker is an automated visual content factory to help retailers show off their products online & reduce purchasing barriers.

Obsess- UNITED STATES- Late Track
Obsess is an experiential e-commerce platform, enabling brands to create photorealistic 3D Virtual Stores on their websites.

Patch-UNITED STATES- Early Track
Patch provides solutions to calculate emission and carbon footprint. It provides API to automate the sustainability goal for the business. It integrates with businesses, calculates their emissions, and compensates their environmental footprint by purchasing verified from carbon removal projects.

Poplar- UNITED KINGDOM- Early Track

Poplar is a platform that provides AR campaigns on demand. They activate a new generation of global AR creators and provide collaborative tools that make AR production affordable and quick.

Remesh Inc.- UNITED STATES- Late Track
Remesh is the only online qualitative research performed at quantitative scale & at the speed of a conversation.

Revelry AI Inc.-UNITED STATES- Early Track
Revery AI is a scalable, affordable and easy-to-integrate virtual try-on solution for fashion retailers.

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