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Plug and Play Alberta Announces 18 Startups for Third Cohort of Sector Agnostic Program

CALGARY, ALBERTA, March 16, 2023 - Plug and Play Alberta has announced 18 startups selected for the third batch of their Sector Agnostic program. This program aims to facilitate opportunities between the selected startups and founding partners of the program, including business development, mentorship, as well as pilots and Proof of Concepts.

An advisory panel has been established to jointly select and guide the participating startups, including representatives from EECOL Electric, TD Bank, WestJet, YEG International Airport, Servus Credit Union, Shaw Communications, and Telus.

“Over the next three months, we’ll be welcoming 18 exemplary startups to participate in Batch 3 of our Plug and Play Alberta accelerator program,” said Kevin Dahl, Director for Plug and Play Alberta. “These startups are paving the way in automation, from robotics to fintech to enterprise solutions. They offer an array of innovative opportunities that we look forward to connecting to our corporate partners.”

The Plug and Play Sector Agnostic program brings together players from all relevant industries worldwide to support and accelerate artificial intelligence and machine learning across multiple sectors. Since the launch of Plug and Play Alberta in January of 2022, 36 startups have been accelerated in the Sector Agnostic program, resulting in several new partnerships and business opportunities.

The three-month program officially launched on March 6, 2023. It will run until the next Plug and Play Alberta EXPO from May 29-30, 2023, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The EXPO will mark the highly-anticipated graduation of Plug and Play’s Spring 2023 cohort.

Learn more about the 18 startups participating in the program:

Chexy is the first tenant-facing payment platform that allows renters to earn rewards and build credit on rent, all while bringing rent payments into the 21st century.

Clearhead is an innovative workplace well-being EAP provider delivering holistic and proactive employee well-being support. Its AI platform takes an integrated approach of evidence-based AI mental health tools, a global therapists network, and sophisticated organizational well-being data insights.

CTHINGS.CO develops and manufactures end-to-end 5G IoT solutions designed to uncover the hidden potential in processes and assets. Even your simplest processes and assets are glowing with untapped digital potential. It delivers the promise of 5G by enabling a myriad of business cases and business models.

Dyne is an ML-based analytics platform that improves operations for the restaurant industry. With 700+ clients across five cities, it’s established a network that services multiple segments from mom-and-pop shops to large-scale enterprises such as Starbucks and Earls; all possible through its AI insights which process 30m data points daily. Currently, It’s backed by Microsoft and is generating $90k MRR with 20% MoM growth with 87% retention. The company is moving towards an oversubscribed seed round.

Fulfilld is the next generation of intelligent warehousing management software. Via patent-pending location-awareness (5G/UWB) digital-twinning, AI/ML-powered system-driven ops optimization, integrated Fulfilld handheld scanners, and holistic orchestration capabilities of system-directed tasking between human and connected systems, Fulfilld optimizes core warehousing operations by reducing wasted warehouse worker activity by 40%, improving inventory accuracy by 24%, optimizing product placement by 18%, and improving warehouse worker efficiencies by 80%.

Gaze and Movement Analysis (GaMA)
Gaze and Movement Analysis, GaMA is a SaaS analytics platform for automatically converting raw gaze and movement data into high-fidelity performance metrics and reports. End-user firms operating in high-risk environments benefit by ensuring employee readiness while saving the company time and money and enhancing safety.

JIFFY.ai has built an integrated low-code/no-code platform that enables businesses to build intelligent automation HyperApps for enterprise processes. Global leaders in varied industries have been using the platform or HyperApps and are reaping quick ROI benefits.

MachEye features natural search and AI-powered interactive analytics. Analytics made consumable and actionable.

Personify XP
Personify XP provides digital experiences created in real-time using AI and real-time visitor intent.

Phaze is a powerful payment solution that enables enterprises to issue digital gift cards, prepaid cards, and mobile top-ups—making digital currency spendable.

Quickly is an "Earned Revenue Access" technology that lets small and medium businesses (“SMBs”) take control of their working capital by providing next-day access to their verified receivables.

Recorem is the world's first democratic AI-driven top passive talent discovery platform that identifies and rewards qualified applicants via untapped channels.

Kemisoft - Redline Manager
KemiSoft is a Salesforce SI and ISV partner with an extensive experience in Enterprise architecture and Solutions. Kemisoft developed the Redlining Manager App that orchestrates and automates contract lifecycle management.

Scription allows maintenance companies to offer subscription service contracts for commercial and industrial equipment.

SCOOTY is a Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform bringing transit-integrated, shared electric micro-mobility services to Canadian cities and infrastructure.

Sentire provides APIs and custom solutions for vision AI. It augments robots via machine vision and learning to quickly learn a new task and adapt or react to complex environments (i.e., farms).

SmartConcil is the platform that helps companies to simplifies business financial decisions to make time for what really matters: growing business with control.

TIQ Software
TIQ Software delivers awesome online orientation, onboarding, and training programs with TIQ Software.

ZipStall is the community's solution for parking. It’s the parking marketplace delivering the ultimate parking search, better sessions, and innovative parking passes.

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