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Plug and Play Alberta Announces 18 Startups for Third Cohort of Sustainability Program

CALGARY, ALBERTA, March 16, 2023 - Plug and Play Alberta has announced 18 startups selected for the third batch of their Sustainability program. The objective of this program is to introduce worldwide innovation to the province through business expansion, guidance, as well as pilots and Proof of Concepts among the chosen startups and the program's founding partners.

An advisory panel has been established to jointly select and guide the participating startups, including representatives from Suncor, Canadian Natural, BP, TC Energy, and Emissions Reduction Alberta.

“We’re thrilled to welcome 18 top-notch startups to participate in Batch 3 of our Sustainability startup accelerator program,” said Kevin Dahl, Director of Plug and Play Alberta. “These companies are on the innovative forefront to solving the greatest environmental challenges that our society faces today. By connecting them with our corporate partners, they’ll gain impactful partnerships that will fast-track their innovation journey.“

The Plug and Play Sustainability program brings together world-class startups and corporations tackling innovation challenges in natural resource industries that power, feed, and provide shelter for the world. By investing in sustainable clean technology innovations, we can improve environmental sustainability and economic diversification. Since the launch of Plug and Play Alberta in January this year, 26 startups have been accelerated in the Sustainability program, resulting in several business opportunities for Albertan, Canadian, and international startups.

The three-month program officially launched on March 6, 2023. It will run until the next Plug and Play Alberta EXPO from May 29-30, 2023, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The EXPO will mark the highly-anticipated graduation of Plug and Play’s Spring 2023 cohort.

Learn more about the 18 startups participating in the program:

NGON Solutions
NGON helps the oil industry eliminate the flaring of natural gas by utilizing environmentally friendly on-site mitigation services.

Kanin Energy
Kanin Energy helps heavy industries monetize their waste heat and decarbonize their operations.

Ayrton Energy Inc.
Ayrton Energy delivers a clean alternative to traditional grid services and provides energy security powered by hydrogen.

Terrapin Geothermics
Terrapin Geothermics Inc. (Terrapin) helps large industrial emitters advance their net-zero commitments by generating emission-free power from wasted heat from their operating assets. Unlike the traditional project developer, Terrapin will self-finance for zero cost to the client and buy their waste heat, which provides a rare $0 per ton of CO2 reduction opportunity.

Cvictus Inc.
Cv̄ictus's Enhanced Hydrogen Recovery™ technology produces hydrogen that is ‘cleaner than green and cheaper than grey’ by extracting syngas from ultra-deep coal and re-injecting CO2 back into the same seam for permanent geological sequestration, turning coal ‘from a source to a sink’ of CO2.

Nanoprecise Sci Corp.
Nanoprecise improves efficiency with Advanced Machine Monitoring.

Hago Energetics Benefit Corporation
Hago Energetics makes green hydrogen from waste materials.

OptiSeis Solutions Ltd.
Optiseis optimizes Subsurface Imaging for the new energy economy.

Qaptis is a swiss spin-off from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), building a CO2 capture solution to retrofit heavy vehicles and help the freight industry to reach its climate goals.

Diesel Tech Industries
Diesel Tech injects hydrogen intelligently.

ClimateWells enables sustainability teams to acquire local carbon credits by plugging non-performing wells across the U.S. and Canada.

Copperstone Technologies Ltd.
Copperstong produces robotics for mission-critical data.

Carbon Upcycling Technologies
Carbon Upcycling unlocks the next frontier of circular materials.

Kiana Analytics
Kiana powers the connected workplace to drive productivity, security, and safety at the frontline.

Stranded Solutions
Stranded Solutions is commercializing a proprietary technology to access stranded natural gas and abate flares in the oil and gas industry while producing a valuable commodity, reducing emissions, and capturing CO2.

With software and modeling, Arolytics enables the oil and gas sector to become leaders in emissions management by forecasting, managing, and disclosing emissions for regulatory and ESG purposes.

Litus Inc.
Litus develops breakthrough nanotechnology to accelerate lithium and battery metals production.

4Zero drives supply chain sustainability through interoperability.

Visit the Plug and Play Alberta website for more information.

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Plug and Play Alberta is building a world-class innovation platform to attract top technology and investment to the region and support Albertan entrepreneurs to scale and grow, hire tech talent, and propel digital transformation across the province. Plug and Play is part of the Alberta Scaleup and Growth Accelerator Program run by a consortium led by Alberta Innovates. The consortium, also including Technology and Innovation, Edmonton Unlimited, the Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund, and Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan), allocated $35m over three years to retain business accelerators. It’s part of the Alberta government’s goal to help create 20,000 jobs and increase technology firm revenue to $5bn by 2030.

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