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Plug and Play Alberta Announces 16 Startups for the Second Cohort of its Sustainability Program

CALGARY, ALBERTA, September 29, 2022 - Plug and Play Alberta has announced 16 startups for the second cohort of its Sustainability program aiming to facilitate business opportunities for pilot projects, proof of concepts, while developing new and existing relationships with Plug and Play’s global ecosystem of corporate partners and investors.

An Advisory Board has been established to jointly select and guide the participating startups, including representatives from Pathways Alliance, EY Canada, British Petroleum (BP), Cenovus Energy, and Canadian Natural Resources.

“We’re excited to welcome 16 innovative startups to participate in Batch 2 of our Sustainability and Clean Resources startup accelerator program at Plug and Play Alberta,” said Kevin Dahl, Director of Plug and Play Alberta. “Our goal is to help fast-track impactful partnerships between our batch startups and corporate partners in Alberta, Canada.”

Since the launch of Plug and Play Alberta in January of this year, 10 startups have been accelerated in the Sustainability program, resulting in several business opportunities for Albertan, Canadian, and international startups. The second cohort represents a variety of sustainable clean technology innovations focusing on hydrogen and alternative fuels, renewable energy, electric vehicles and autonomous driving, carbon capture utilization and storage, emissions reduction, greenhouse gas reduction, and other combinations of technologies.

The second 3-month program officially launched on September 7th, 2022 and will run until the next Plug and Play Alberta EXPO on November 29th and 30th, 2022 in Banff, Alberta, which marks the highly anticipated graduation of Plug and Play’s fall cohort.

Learn more about the 16 startups participating in the program:

Aurora Hydrogen
Aurora Hydrogen is developing the next generation of hydrogen production technology.

Carbon Cantonne
Building carbon removal solutions through generating energy from the conversion of CO2 as fuel and into a value-added solid carbon product.

Crbon Labs
Crbon Labs reduces GHG emissions by acquiring high-intensity oil and gas wells, decommissioning them, restoring the land to its original state, and making carbon credits for sale to corporations and individuals. They make climate change impact by turning oil and gas liabilities into carbon assets.

Vertically integrated wind turbines.

Digital Carbon Bank
Digital Carbon Bank creates blockchain-based offsets for the voluntary market that ties cryptocurrency to specific emission-reducing projects, then use credible hard-tech measurement technologies and GHG accounting to validate real emission reductions.

Electronic Grid Systems
Electronic Grid Systems (eGrid) is developing a unique EV charging solution that can avoid infrastructure upgrades for commercial charging stations. By doing so, eGrid’s solution helps commercial charging station owners reduce the upfront and operating costs, and also the costs for future expansion.

element 4
element 4 produces batteryless, energy-independent and modular sensor technology that is adaptable to any environment.

Innova Hydrogen
Innova Hydrogen is a renewable energy company that develops innovative and proprietary hydrogen, graphite and graphene-producing technology for the energy sector.

Minera Systems
Minera Systems captures and monetizes CO2 by installing carbon capture systems at industrial compost facilities. Minera Systems then sells carbon removals and shares the revenue with the facility operators.

NanosTech is an energy transition company; they have developed multiple nanocatalyst product solutions to reduce greenhouse gases and promote environmental stewardship. Their most notable products include the company's flagship catalytic In Situ Upgrading Technology (ISUT), recently launched Oxidative DESulfurization-Stream Assisted (ODESSA) technology, their Low Temp Steam Reforming (LTSR) and the NOVA catalyst platform for upgrading renewable oils.

qualiTEAS is a corrosion inspection and management company, aiming to transform asset integrity inspection practices with its AI solution.

Rocsole provides production optimization tomography solutions for processes to enable max production and lower OPEX.

SolarSteam delivers renewable heat to industrial and institutional clients through enclosed concentrated solar technology and is a game-changer to reduce their costs and emissions.

TerraFixing is a Canadian direct air capture (DAC) company with a low-cost technology geared towards cold climates.

Vertus Energy
Vertus Energy is an industrial biotechnology company converting waste into fuel. They control biology, specifically bacteria behaviour, to generate 60% more energy; 3 times faster than ever before from the same amount of waste.

Vortis is a carbon management company based in Calgary, Alberta focused on developing simple and affordable ways to capture, convert, and market CO2 emissions.

Visit the Plug and Play Alberta website for more information.

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