Plug and Play Accepts 21 Startups for its first Batch in Brazil

    SÃO PAULO, Brazil., April 22, 2020 -- Plug and Play announced today the 21 startups chosen for its first Batch in Brazil. These startups were selected by Plug and Play's corporate partner network and will enter one of the following programs for the next three months: Food & Agtech and Financial Services. 

    The selected startups will now have the opportunity to engage with Plug and Play's network of corporate partners, venture capitalists, alumni, and industry leaders. Due to current challenges surrounding COVID-19, companies will be connected virtually to partners in private deal flow sessions to accelerate the POC process and work on joint projects to find the best solutions to the challenges our corporate partners addressed.

    "I am proud to welcome the first batch of startups to our Brazil program," said Saeed Amidi, Founder and CEO of Plug and Play. "We are here to connect them with new opportunities and I look forward to have successful cases in the Latam ecosystem."

    Plug and Play does not take equity as a prerequisite to joining the program and there is no cost for the selected startups to participate. Plug and Play invests separately from the activities of the program and is ranked as one of Silicon Valley's most active early stage investors. The startups will remain part of the ecosystem even after the program's EXPO Day on June 4th.

    Click below to learn more about the 21 startups participating in the Fintech and Food & Agtech Latam program:

    Brazil Batch 1 Fintech Startups


    Nuveo: Boosts its client's competitiveness by applying the latest technology tools through artificial intelligence in their manual processes, turning them into faster, safer and cheaper processes.
    FullFace Biometric Solutions: Proprietary algorithm of facial biometrics, is specialized at people identification, does not store images and can easily integrate with any existing hardware or software.
    Kublau: Tracking Help Center Platform that helps Financial Institutions ensure the correct delivery and early activation of Credit/Debit Cards
    Datarisk: Online predictive modeling platform focused on credit, collection, and fraud serving mainly financial institutions.
    Pandapay: The only digital wallet with blockchain technology in Brazil, gives you all the infra-structure so you can have your own fintech. Blockchain solutions on remittance, notarization, tokenization and DeFi products.
    Spin Pay: Fintech that connects payers and payees, who want to manage resources in a simple, quick and secure way.
    Buzzmonitor: An innovating solution involving consultancy, diagnosis, and technology, to help you manage your business on Social Media.
    Nextcode: A product that uses computer vision and machine learning to analyze identification documents, such as CPF, RG and CNH, as well as proof of residence.
    RockContent: Content marketing company that provides technology and services for companies in Brazil to achieve their marketing targets.

    Brazil Batch 1 Food & Agtech Startups

    Food & Agtech

    SlicingDice: The All-in-One Data Solution for Small and Medium Businesses that don't require any technical expertise to be (really) used.
    Brainn: Venture Building platform that helps innovators build digital products from scratch.
    InCeres: Software development company that has developed the Systems Precision Farming for the management of agriculture.
    Atollogy: IoT solution that uses cameras and sensors to turn physical operations into data and insights without process changes, system interfaces or connections to any equipment.
    Kakaxi: AI powered platform to easily collect and analyze remote images and ambient data. We designed the Kakaxi camera device to capture the natural world and utilize data from remote environments.
    OroraTech:  A holistic wildfire service, including global wildfire detection and wildfire monitoring.
    Rhizom: A blockchain based ecosystem of decentralized market networks, promoting disintermediation through collective intelligence.
    Agrotopus: End-to-end agriculture chain traceability solution that tracks the management practices and product origin in the field.
    DigiFarmz: A digital platform for smart agronomic recommendations that promotes higher productivity and profitability with less environmental impact.
    Gavea Marketplace: Physical Commodities Exchange, a blockchain-based trading platform disrupting a centuries-old industry by digitizing the Supply Chain
    Grão Direto: Network between buyers and farmers connected in a more intelligent way. Through Grão Direto technology, farmers receive notifications about opportunities registered by grain buyers, which can reach a much larger number of farmers using an easier and faster process.

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