Plug and Play Accepts 20 Startups for its Batch in Brazil

    Fintech and Food Startups

    SÃO PAULO, Brazil, Apr. 27, 2022 - Plug and Play Tech Center announced the selection of 20 startups chosen for its batch in Brazil. These startups were selected for the Fintech, Food & Beverage, and Agtech verticals.

    Partnering with these startups will be Claro, Ihara, and Klabin for Food & Beverage and Agtech. BRB, Tokio Marine, and BNP Paribas have partnered with startups in Fintech.

    The startups can now engage with Plug and Play's network of corporate partners, venture capitalists, alumni, and industry leaders. Due to current challenges surrounding COVID-19, companies will be connected virtually to partners in private deal flow sessions to accelerate the POC process and work on a joint project to find the best solutions to the challenges our corporate partners addressed.

    The LATAM ecosystem formed by our startups and corporate partners has shown its potential and its ability to develop an environment of co-creation and interaction. We look forward to identifying, together with our partners, new success stories that can generate an impact in the Brazilian ecosystem.

    Plug and Play doesn’t take equity as a prerequisite for joining the program and there is no cost for the startups to participate. Plug and Play invests separately from the activities of the program and is ranked as one of Silicon Valley's most active early-stage investors.

    The startups will remain part of the ecosystem even after the program's EXPO Day on June 30, 2022.

    Learn more about the 20 startups participating in the Fintech, Food & Beverage, and Agtech LATAM programs:

    Kamino is a one-stop shop for fast-growing startups and SMBs in Latin America, which covers everything from incorporation services and marketing.

    CustomerX allows you to follow your customers from the sale until the renewal or upsell/cross-sell. enables any company to have their own crypto ecosystem without concerns with regulation or Central Bank.

    Sipremo uses AI to conduct natural disaster and climate change forecasting and monitoring.

    DUGAA provides enterprise SaaS solutions with big data and machine learning technologies.

    4KST builds some of the most accurate models in the market and is able to track trends in real-time.

    Sensix is an integrated agronomic platform capable of generating prescriptions and recommendations from soil, satellite, drones, and machinery data, directly impacting crop profitability.

    Prepi offers a platform for SMB retailers to boost and professionalize their online presence.

    Agdata is an all-in-one system for smart agriculture that offers enterprise management, sensors, machine tracking, satellite imaging and more for crop planning.

    Barte is a B2B online payment platform optimizing cash flow management for SMEs through automation and revenue based financing.

    RIZE is a decentralized development team that empowers entrepreneurs to create all kinds of applications.

    Pure Blue Tech provides self-cleaning reverse osmosis for liquid filtration and water reuse. Their membrane filtration produces more with less waste, maintenance, and cost.

    Cromai solves the problem of limited actions during the crop cycle caused by the lack of information on essential aspects of the agricultural production.

    Digital Carbon Bank (DCB) enables climate action by providing blockchain-based voluntary market carbon offsets that tie cryptocurrency to specific emission-reducing projects.

    Me SintoSeguro is an agro insurance platform working beyond crop insurance to offer an ecosystem of digital solutions.

    Elytron develop biopesticides based on microorganisms, incorporating into their R&D an AI platform focused on understanding the mode of action for effective pest control tools.

    Biotrends is a zero-carbon emission, green technology company committed to improving the productivity and sustainability of agriculture. is a financial service starting in Brazil to support women's empowerment and financial education.

    Farmonaut provides satellite-based crop health monitoring services as well as field mapping services to farmers and business partners through its platforms.

    Chainparency is the latest in global blockchain technology to focus on issues of trust and authenticity with digital modernization solutions.

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