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Plug and Play Accepts 19 Startups for its Batch II in Brazil

SÃO PAULO, Brazil, November 3, 2020 Plug and Play announced today the selection of 19 startups chosen for its Batch II in Brazil. These startups were selected by Plug and Play Founding Members in both the Fintech and Food & Agtech sector. Partners include, ELO, Sicoob, BRB, Ihara, Claro, Suzano and Klabin. The selected startups will enter either our Food & Agtech of Financial Services program for the next three months.  

These startups will now have the opportunity to engage with Plug and Play's network of corporate partners, venture capitalists, alumni, and industry leaders. Due to current challenges surrounding COVID-19, companies will be connected virtually to partners in private deal flow sessions to accelerate the POC process and work on a joint project to find the best solutions to the challenges our corporate partners addressed.

"We are delighted to onboard the new cohort of startups to the Plug and Play ecosystem," said Andrea Sanchez, Director at Plug and Play Brazil. "The LATAM ecosystem formed by our startups and corporate partners has shown its potential and its ability to develop an environment of co-creation and interaction. We are very much looking forward to identifying, together with our partners, new success stories that can generate an impact in the Brazilian ecosystem”.

Plug and Play does not take equity as a prerequisite for joining the program and there is no cost for the startups to participate. Plug and Play invests separately from the activities of the program and is ranked as one of Silicon Valley's most active early stage investors. The startups will remain part of the ecosystem even after the program's EXPO Day on November 19th for Fintech and November 26th for Food and Agtech.

Click below to learn more about the 19 startups participating in the Fintech and Food & Agtech Latam program:


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Allya: Collaborative network of partnerships that builds value in the connections between people, companies, and partners.

Fligoo: Technology company that helps different businesses increase sales, reduce client churn, and optimize internal processes by leveraging customer data with AI and machine learning to predict behaviors and automatically enhance current campaigns.

Ironchip: Location-Based Security (LBS) is Ironchip’s core technology that allows you to use a non-gps geolocation. Ironchip's LBS AI algorithms are able to analyze all available radiowave signals surrounding a device, creating a unique signature to identify that place.

Meu Tudo: Marketplace lending application that offers products and services via payroll loans and banks.

Movva: Nudgebot company: Nudgebots are based on behavioral science, and the right technology to improve education and prevent default. Thus, Movva improves the indicators of organizations, with artificial intelligence and personalized content to change the behavior of those who matter most.

Nama Software: Conversational AI platform to build enterprise-level solutions in a collaborative way.

Pluggy: Financial services technology company that offers fintechs, financial institutions, corporations or any innovator the power to connect to their users' financial data sources, such as bank accounts, investments accounts and many more.

Prometeo: It is the largest Open Banking API platform in Latin America. Prometeo provides a single point of access to banking information, transactions and payments across multiple financial institutions in Latam.

Supersim: Online personal loans as a tool for financial inclusion for non-prime consumers. In addition to unsecured loans, SuperSim recently launched a secured loan product using the customer’s mobile phone as collateral.

Xerpa: Platform for companies who want to strengthen the financial life of its employees through offering instant access to salary and personalized financial intelligence.

Food and Agtech:

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Arena.im: Customer data platform for consumer enterprises to create personalized experiences throughout the buyer's journey. With Arena, data-driven companies can increase engagement, conversion and revenue.

Canscan:  Founded by a maritime industry veteran, Canscan offers maritime port operators an innovative software system that automates their container inspection process. Using artificial intelligence, machine vision and data analytics and leveraging the port's existing infrastructure, the system automatically inspects containers transiting through the port.

Handl: Universal API service for document classification and data extraction with superhuman accuracy.

KoiReader: Top FreightTech company that is applying AI and Data Science to the logistics, transportation and supply chain industry.

Neomode: Omnichannel platform that connects online retail channels with physical stores. Neomode provides a digital sales platform that integrates online and offline channels, automates processes, and increases sales conversion.

Onisys: Replaces human subjectivity with an intelligent machine look, using artificial intelligence and computer vision to eliminate losses in production processes, increase productivity and reduce operational accidents. Órbita Engenharia Integrada develops technology in diverse industries.

Saara: Platform that helps reduce returns, wastage and labor cost for Ecommerce and Logistics businesses using AI and computer vision.

Tractian: Platform that monitors and analyzes the vibration and temperature of machines and equipment, foreseeing breakdowns and preventing downtime.

Unbox: Data driven online sales solution designed brand-focused SMEs to increase sales. Using Unbox everyone is able to create a ready-to-sell online store in less than five minutes with native payment, shipping, and marketing tools.

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