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National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center and Plug and Play Japan Concluded a Collaboration Agreement


KYOTO, JAPAN, November 19, 2021 -- National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center (hereinafter “NCVC”) and Plug and Play Japan announced a collaboration agreement for open innovation in the hospital and research institution within NCVC.

Starting in 2020, NCVC has been hosting a series of matching events called "Innovation Cafe" as an initiative to find and accelerate medical innovation.

It aims to provide academics, corporations, and startups with opportunities that lead to new collaboration and joint research by introducing each other’s cutting-edge technologies, research, and on-site needs.

This time, as part of the collaboration agreement, NCVC will be hosting a series of events titled "14th Innovation Cafe Powered by Plug and Play" in December 2021 and January 2022. It will include lectures to raise interests in entrepreneurship, seminars on entrepreneur support, and presentations by startups. NCVC and Plug and Play Japan will continue to collaborate and create startups that utilize research and foster the healthcare industry through open innovation especially in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

Plug and Play Japan launched a health-themed accelerator program in 2019 to connect startups with leading companies to innovate the healthcare industry.

Focusing on startups that create new solutions such as AI, big data, sensing, and genome analysis, Plug and Play Japan has accelerated a total of 62 startups so far.

Utilizing the networks of both NCVC and Plug and Play Japan, we will work together to promote open innovation for the next generation of medical care and healthcare.

About the Collaboration

Aiming to extend healthy life expectancy, we will cooperate with each other in human resource education, community building, and research and development related to medical care and health promotion.

[Main cooperation terms]

  1. Creating startups and supporting their growth utilizing researches in NCVC
  2. Fostering industrial development through open innovation in the specialized areas of NCVC
  3. Supporting startups with researches, tests and demonstration experiments

As the first step of the collaboration, we are planning to hold an event for members of the NCVC Science Cafe Club. For more information on the event, please visit the website below.

Comment from NCVC:

Upon the relocation to Suita JR Kishibeekimae "Kento" in July 2019, we established the Open Innovation Center in order to become the world's top-level medical research organization associated with a hospital and a research institute. We are very pleased to commence collaboration with Plug and Play, the world's most active venture capitalist for supporting startups. Along with strengthening joint researches and developments with companies, we hope social implementation of research results from academia, including venture creation, will be further accelerated.

Comment from Plug and Play Japan:

We are very pleased to initiate collaboration with the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center. Plug and Play Japan has endeavored to build a startup ecosystem through collaboration with major companies, local governments, and universities. We believe that by having NCVC, a leading medical research institute in Japan, as a partner of our Health Program, we will be able to innovate in the field of healthcare more comprehensively. Through this partnership, we hope to support and accelerate the implementation of new technologies in healthcare in Japan.

About Plug and Play

Plug and Play Japan was established in 2017 as a subsidiary of Plug and Play, a global innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley. Our major strength is to provide "Consortium-type Programs with our extensive global network" and support startups through “Venture Capital Investment”.

By working closely with 45+ official corporate partners, Plug and Play Japan supports Japanese and international startups to scale their businesses and to enhance collaboration with industry-leading corporations.

Plug and Play Website: https://www.plugandplaytechcenter.com/about/

Company Overview

Company: Plug and Play Japan KK

Founded: 2017/7/14

Address: Shibuya Center Place 3F 1-16-3, Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Representative: Phillip Vicent


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