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Demo Day Report: Japan Summit Winter/Spring 2023 Batch - Tokyo Edition Report

TOKYO, JAPAN March 7, 2023 -- Plug and Play Japan KK (Based in Shibuya, Tokyo, CEO: Philip Vincent, hereinafter “Plug and Play Japan”) held a Japan Summit Winter/Spring 2023, a Demo Day to present the results of the three months accelerator program, regarding the Fintech, Mobility, Smart Cities, Energy, Food & Beverage verticals from March 2nd to 3rd in Tokyo. The Demo Day for Health, New Materials will be held on March 8th in Kyoto.

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About Japan Summit Winter/Spring 2023 Batch

For the accelerator program Japan Summit Winter/Spring 2023 Batch, which was held from January to March 2023, we and our corporate partners selected 74 national and international startups of 8 verticals*.

*8 verticals: Fintech, Insurtech, Mobility, Health, Smart Cities, New Materials, Energy, Food & Beverage

At the Summit Tokyo Edition, 47 national and international startups and 15 corporate partners and guest speakers pitched on the stage and presented the results of the program and their in-house advanced technologies, services and products.

At the end of the Summit, we awarded the startups from each vertical who got the highest votes and awarded corporate partners that helped us make our program successful. Please see below for the details.

EXPO Startup Award

Plug and Play calls a demo day in each vertical “EXPO,” and startups in each EXPO that earn the largest number of votes from the audience receive an award.


Name: Another works, Inc


所在地: Tokyo, Japan

事業内容: A business matching platform that connects people with companies and local governments

Website: https://anotherworks.co.jp/

Insurtech (awarded at ITC Japan Roadshow feat. Plug and Play Japan Insurtech EXPO)


代表者: Kanako SUGIURA

所在地: Tokyo, Japan

事業内容: Online advice from midwives and experts for women and their families living in Japan and abroad

HP: https://josanshi-cafe.com/


Company name: Asuene inc.


HQ: Tokyo, Japan

Main business: Developing CO2 visualization and reduction solutions for corporates



Company name: Skytree BV


HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Main business: Provides distributed on-site DAC solutions

Website: https://skytree.eu/

Food & Beverage

Company name: Resugar


HQ: Shoham, Israel

Main business: Provides a clean label sugar alternative that perfectly replicates the taste and properties of sugar

HP: https://resugar.com/

Smart Cities

Company name: BIOTA inc.

CEO: Kohei ITO

HQ: Tokyo, Japan

Main business: Provides urban design and public health business based on genome analysis of microorganisms

HP: https://biota.city/

【Corporate Innovation Award】

Corporate Innovation Award was given to the corporate partner who has passionately engaged with the accelerator program from designing the program to operating itself.

・Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd. (J-POWER)

・Toshiba Corporation

【Ecosystem Builder Award】

Ecosystem Builder Award was given to the person in charge of the corporate partner who contributed to the formation of the Plug and Play innovation ecosystem during the program.

・Mr. Akira Yanagida, Suzuki Motor Corporation

・Mr. Shinsaku Takano, Tokyo Century Corporation

・Mr. Tomohisa Hirano, ENEOS Holdings, inc.

【Startup Friendly Award】

Startup Friendly Award was given to the partner in honor of being friendly to startups in the process of their meetings/collaborative projects.

・Resona Bank, Limited

・Toshiba Corporation

About the accelerator program in Plug and Play Japan

Plug and Play Japan provides accelerator programs to accelerate innovation by connecting Plug and Play Japan's corporate partners with Japanese and international startups. Through these programs, corporate partners are able to connect with participating startups with technologies and services that could accelerate their innovation activities. For startups, they have the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of major corporations.

Summit (so-called Demo Day) is the final step of the accelerator program where startups give pitches outlining their results from the program. It is a great opportunity to get the latest updates on innovative technologies, meet cutting-edge startups, and develop new business partnerships.

About Plug and Play Japan

Plug and Play Japan is the world's leading accelerator/venture capital.

We are a global innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, 45+ leading companies of each sector participate in our programs as official corporate partners.

Our major expertises are "support corporate partners creating innovation", "cross-industrial accelerator programs" and "startup investment", making best use of our extensive global network. Plug and Play Japan supports the co-creation and collaboration between Japanese/international startups with innovative technology/ideas and industry-leading corporations enabling them to generate innovation.

For further information, please take a look at: https://www.plugandplaytechcenter.com/

Company Overview

Company:Plug and Play Japan KK

Founded: 2017/7/14

Address:Shibuya Center Place 3F 1-16-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Representative:Phillip Vicent


For further information

Plug and Play Japan KK

The person in charge: Midori Abe

Email: press-japan@pnptc.com