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Continuing Innovation in Northwest Arkansas, Plug and Play Announces the 13 Startups Accepted for the Third Supply Chain & Logistics Program

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BENTONVILLE, AR, September 15, 2020 -Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas has announced the 13 startups selected for the third batch of itsSupply Chain and Logistics Program. This program aims to facilitate opportunities for pilots, POCs, and new relationships between the selected batch startups and Plug and Play's global ecosystem. Anchor partners of the program include Walmart, J.B. Hunt, Tyson Foods, and Georgia Pacific, as well as Ecosystem Plus Partner ArcBest, and Ecosystem Partner Crowley Maritime Corp. The program is also supported by Community Partners Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC), NWA Council, Walton Family Foundation, and the University of Arkansas.

The selected startups will now have the opportunity to engage with Plug and Play's network of corporate partners, venture capitalists, alumni, and industry leaders. Due to current challenges surrounding COVID-19, companies will be connected virtually to partners in private sessions to accelerate the POC process and work on joint projects to find the best solutions to the challenges our corporate partners addressed.

“The capabilities provided by the startups in Batch 3 will allow logistics companies to look at traditional processes with a different lens and to create innovative new solutions to common logistics problems,” says Mike Porkert, Director of Terminal Systems and Plug and Play Champion at Crowley Maritime. 

Click below to learn more about the 13 startups participating in the program:

BrightHive is a platform for trusted cross-enterprise data collaboration, helping business networks share and combine data.

Cargocast optimizes your warehouse & workforce in real time using IoT location data.

CognitOps is an AI company building the industry's first warehouse operating system. CognitOps automates warehouse management by centralizing operations management in the cloud.

Covariant AI
Covariant is building the Covariant Brain: universal AI that allows robots to see, reason and act on the world around them.

Flock Freight
Leveraging algorithms, data science and technology, we’re pioneering a new means of shipping LTL - one removed of terminals and excessive handling. Our software enables shared truckload service.

Freedom Robotics
Mission critical software infrastructure to enable the next generation of robotics companies to build, operate, and scale robots and robotic fleets.

newtrul is a freight aggregation platform, similar to expedia, so carriers can easily search, find and book their next job.

A developer platform for automating and optimizing operational decisions like routing, scheduling and assignment.

Parsyl is a technology company that delivers IoT enabled supply chain visibility and insurance solutions for shippers and suppliers of pharmaceuticals, perishable foods and other sensitive goods.

Skan uses computer vision and machine intelligence to discover and map business processes , without human interviews . This evidence-based approach to business process discovery drives effective optimization and transformation.

Symbio Robotics
Symbio enables industrial robots with artificial intelligence because automation can empower the best of both people and machines.

TipTags is a patented mobile map-based data collection and analysis platform. Supply Chain, Government and Insurance organizations reduce risk by gaining operational transparency with TipTags.

Veryable is a digital marketplace created specifically for "on demand" distribution and manufacturing labor. Our browser & app-based platform delivers an operating tool and model that gives industrial businesses the ultimate flexibility to "variablize" labor costs proportional to production volume...in real-time. 

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About Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas
Established in 2019, Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas is a hub for supply chain and logistics solutions for future-thinking corporations and eager startups to meet and engage. Our program is designed to reflect our vision of bringing together innovators so that we can help revolutionary new ideas grow.https://www.plugandplaytechcenter.com/arkansas/

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