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14 Startups Selected for the Second Batch of Plug and Play's Fargo Location

Fargo, North Dakota, Oct. 30th, 2020 -- Plug and Play North Dakota has announced the 14 startups selected for the second batch of its new Agtech Program. This program aims to facilitate opportunities for pilots, POCs, and new relationships between the selected batch startups and Plug and Play's global ecosystem. Founding partners of the program include Microsoft, Bremer Bank, CHS, and OCP Group.

The startups, chosen by partners of the program, represent a variety of new agriculture-specific innovations focused on soil sensing and analysis, field monitoring, precision farming, automation, and sustainability.

Click below to learn more about the 14 startups participating in the program:

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AgTools Inc.

Agtools – Microsoft Award Winner Machine Learning and AI – is a worldwide SaaS global food & agricultural intelligence data solutions company for the Food and AG worldwide supply chain platform offering real-time data and intelligence, for farmers and buyers to manage market volatility, increase profitability and reduce the world’s food waste. It has over 500 commodities, 27 years of historical data, 150 million plus data points and over 50 years of weather patterns worldwide uploading at 1 billion transactions per second.


AgroCares provides state-of-the-art technology to analyze and monitor nutrients in soils and feed. They use in-house designed spectroscopy tools, extensive soil and feed databases, machine and deep learning algorithms and IT solutions to display agdata in the most efficient way.

Small Robot Company

Small robot company engineers sustainable farming robots that will deliver per plant farming; helping feed the world while regenerating the planet.


The Spornado early alert system for crop disease provides the data farmers need to optimize their pesticide use.

Insight Sensing

Insight Sensing helps farmers and their agronomists adopt data-driven nitrogen fertilizer management to reduce input costs and increase yields.

Shepherd Farming

Shepherd solves the problems of farm labor management by allowing farm management to send tasks to farm workers and be updated about status and progress, while automatically building farm records as tasks are completed.


eAgronom is a farm management SaaS platform that allows farmers with a low tech skill to plan, manage, and analyze their activities.

Provender Technologies

Provender Technologies specializes in automating feeding systems for beef and dairy cattle operations. They’re focused on developing affordable, labor-saving technologies, that increase feed efficiency, improve profitability, and give farmers greater flexibility.

Farm Dog

Farm Dog helps growers and agronomists reduce pesticide use, protect yields, and promote environmental sustainability.

Pro Power Ag

Pro Power Ag provides herbicide performance data so agricultural professionals can make more informed decisions for their fields.


MycoNourish customizes microbes to suit specific crops and solve targeted problems in their production – enhancing crop performance and adding value for growers.


SpaceSense provides advanced satellite insights for digital farming solutions. By plug & play API integration, digital farming platforms can better serve farmers with a scalable, cost-effective and innovative approach: qualified farm data from satellites..


EarthSense has developed an agricultural robotics and AI platform focused on gathering data to make farming more productive and sustainable.


FarmQA provides digital tools for agronomists and crop consultants that make field scouting, recommendation writing, and consultant-grower communications fast, efficient and complete.

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