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  • Asynos Logo

    Company Description
    Supply-Chain-Digitalization-as-a-Service with full vertical integration. From 'Material-to-Datapoint' approach making assets smart generating trillions of digital twins in global supply chains for full end-to-end tracking (B2B2C). Single-Unit Digitalization for any kind of physical product/asset in Food, Pharma, Construction, Industrial IoT, Agetech, Warehousing etc. Turnkey provider of ultra-low-cost digitalization solutions for large supply chains (Food & Bev, Pharma, Construction, Automotive, and others). Helping Fortune-500s to digitalize trillions of assets on the single-unit level with ultra-cost efficient IoT solutions.
  • Biotic Logo

    Company Description
    Biotic provides an end to end, fully bio-based, fully biodegradable polymers manufacturing process. We use macroalgae and our secret recipe to create PHBV polymers.Enabling optimal transition from fossil-fuel-plastics, with a scalable, fully biological, environmentally friendly process, eliminating recycling needs, contributing towards reducing greenhouse gases emission, with a zero waste and circular economy approach.Biotic is an Israeli based startup, which envisions a world where plastic pollution is not a concern and in which the consumer purchases and uses the product in the exact same manner, and after use, tosses it to any trash and the product fully biodegrades no matter to the environment.
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    Company Description
    Founded as Cellulosic Technologies (now BIOWEG) in 2019 in Germany, they are a purpose-driven organization powered by conscious ChemDesign. They match BioInnOvation to business problems. They explore and combine biotechnology, material science, and molecular simulation learning to create and sell advanced sustainable and bio-based high-performance ingredients. Their ingredients are 100% animal- and GMO-free, globally scalable, and sustainably produced without using any harsh chemicals. We work with results-oriented, forward-thinking companies and consumer brands with global scale in the beauty, nutraceuticals, and food/beverage sectors who desire highly-differentiated, 100% animal-free and sustainable, science-based ingredient technologies. We bring to you biodegradable and clean ingredients made with bacterial cellulose. Our portfolio includes bio-based and customized microbeads, biodegradable rheology modifier, bio-based and highly functional hydrocolloid.
  • CelluComp Limited Logo
    CelluComp Limi…
    CelluComp Limited Logo
    CelluComp Limited

    Company Description
    CelluComp is a Scottish-based material science company that produces microfibrilated cellulose from the waste streams of root vegetables, namely from sugar beet. CelluComp produces a product called Curran®, which is shipped in powder form and adds mechanical and thickening properties to a wide range of other materials, such as paints, concrete, cosmetics, home-care products, paper and even composites.
  • Enlipsium Logo

    Company Description
    An innovative materials company with a portfolio of products for Manufacturing, Medical and Building industries. Enlipsium's core strength is in thin-film materials and coating materials, we have our own Research and Development capabilities as well as scale up synthesis capabilities for various solution processed materials. One of our flagship product includes - Enlit SG100 Anti-Dust Coating Technology. This is a water-based sustainable coating solution that can be applied on a variety of surfaces, such as building facades and front glass of Solar Panels. With this coating in place, users can reduce their maintenance cycles since dust accumulation gets reduced drastically. In areas of high rainfall, the super-hydrophillic surface allows dirt and dust to be rinsed off effective keeping the surface clean for a long time. We see a minimal reduction of 50% in water usage to maintain the same area cleanliness and a 20% long term cost savings for facility management. Enlipsium is also working on few other innovative solutions for various technology. Such as thin film dosimetry and coming out with the world's first perovskite-based scintillators. There is also strong interest in using our materials in the field of anti-counterfeiting.
  • Enzymity Logo

    Company Description
    We are developing a method for breaking down polymers such as plastics and resins into monomers with the help of synthetic enzymes. The enzymes are tailored for specific types of material (e.g. PET or synthetic rubber) and are produced by genetically modified microorganisms. The monomers which result from the process can be used to create new virgin polymers, thus reducing the need for fossil fuel derived plastics/resins. The cycle can be repeated many times and does not deteriorate the quality of the material, as opposed to the currently prevalent mechanical recycling. We are using nature-inspired active proteins (enzymes) engineered for efficiency and scale – a somewhat similar principle to how animal stomachs work to digest complex organics. Our business model is process licensing to plastics value chain players (producers, recyclers, precursor producers), prototype process release planned for H1 2022.
  • FunCell Logo

    Company Description
    FunCell is a company that provides biobased additives for paper, boards and nonwoven industry : - Packaging - Hygiene papers - Specialty papers - Cardboard industry Our product: - BioWet: reinforces paper mechanic x2 when dry and 20x when wet. It allows paper manufacturers to save 30% of primary material. We are using a natural polymer extracted from biomass. The additive is non-toxic! We are in the process of getting the food contact approval. The beauty of our additives is that they are increasing the mechanical strength of the treated paper and at the same time they do not hinder recyclability. A paper treated with BioWet can be “repulped” to make new paper. Paper manufacturers directly integrate the additive in their processes - it react with the cellulose naturally by forming a chemical liaison to reinforce the paper. We already have proven our additive efficiency with top-tiers customers in Europe. We are located in Grenoble (French Alps) in a region that used to be the heart of the paper ecosystem and even if this Industry has now vanished, the paper ecosystem in the region remains very active and FunCell is a living proof of it.
  • LAM'ON Logo

    Company Description
    LAM’ON is a biodegradable and suitable for composting laminating film. It offers the same results as the currently used ones and even using the same machinery. What makes it stand out is it’s composting properties of both film and glue. It is derived from renewable resources like corn. The glue layer that we developed specifically for the needs of the industry is completely toxic-free. It is also water soluble in order to ease the recycling process. On top of that our production method is simplified in a way that saves us time and money. LAM’ON offers the same results, is used on the same machines, and is offered at the same price range as the currently used laminating films. During the development of the product we received a big amount of inquiries for a packaging foil as well. And so another product was born - PACK'ON.
  • Montinutra Logo

    Company Description
    Montinutra develops and produces ingredients for the cosmetics, food, and beverage, and chemical industries using forest industry side streams as its raw material. Our products can be used as a functionals for film forming, emulsions or a as a biopolymer for bioplastics. Further, they also have active properties as for anti-oxidants, prebiotics, anti-inflammation, soothing and skin conditioning. We are in a Seed+ phase, progressing with market development towards the Series-A financing and establishing a Commercial Plant. Currently we run a TRL7 pilot production. The proprietary production technology is proven, all natural, good yield, scalable and CAPEX affordable. Through our industrial partner, Metsä Group, we have secured our raw material supply, and the raw material is globally abundant. The technology is not limited to current raw material, saw dust, but also other biomaterials can be leveraged. Looking forward new partners to develop and commercialize new products! Montinutra produces Sprucegum™ from sawdust, which is commercially relevant, underutilized Forest industry side stream. Sprucegum™ is an adjustable emulsifier & stabilizer, and could be a potent component in future health beneficial functional foods.
  • Phaxtec Logo

    Company Description
    Combating plastics pollution requires innovative alternatives and PolyHydroxyAlkanoates (PHA) are the most appropriate alternative to plastics due to them being marine, fresh water and soil biodegradable, recyclable, and home and industrially compostable. They are being produced commercially in small scale and have been thoroughly validated in 100’s of applications for 40+ years. PHAXTEC, Inc. would use Biogas, an abundantly available GHG, be cost competitive to plastics and enable recycling, and home and industrial composting, eliminating landfills. PHAXTEC uses proprietary microorganisms and patented and commercial production and applications technologies to ensure competitive advantage. Priority markets include a) foodservice paper coatings - enable packaging to be either recycled for the cellulose or composted - and b) slow-release fertilizer coatings - allow reduced fertilizer usage without losing yield, reduce fertilizer leaching into the waterways to reduce Algae Bloom and Red Tide. The PHAXTEC® team is successfully bringing together hi-tech development, manufacturing and traditional markets positioning PHAXTEC® to be a leader in transitioning the industry to circularity and sustainability.

    Company Description
    The company develops and produces luminescent tracers, nanomaterials and intelligent materials, studies their formulations and designs optical instrumentation for use in the industrial sector. The company is currently validating an oxygen sensing system for modified atmosphere packaging. SINBIOSYS also aims to commercialize a new silicon-based material (Si), which is part of a family of luminescent semiconductor nano materials known as 'quantum dots' (QDs). In recent years SINBIOSYS has developed a portfolio of synthetic routes to obtain SiQDs that can be used in a wide range of applications, a plan for industrial scale up for both SiQDs and for the non-destructive oxygen tracking system for the food industry. SiQDs also offer the possibility of sorting plastic waste with a biocompatible and cheap material, obtaining purity of the recycled polymer higher than 99%. Knowledge in the field of molecular sensors and optical and spectroscopic instrumentation also allows us to provide materials, consultancy and ad hoc solutions also in other industrial fields. At the moment the company is collaborating with the first potential customers who are testing its products, if the results are positive it will be necessary to scale the production processes.
  • Solutum Logo

    Company Description
    After years of intensive R&D, we have managed to produce a uniquely eco-friendly compound that provides the best user experience. The unique manufacturing process allows for usage of regular plastic machinery to create our products - reducing costs and meeting manufacturers' requirements. Our product feels and looks like plastic, but is made of a 100% environmentally friendly material which requires only water to biodegrade. No elaborate process or the use of chemicals is needed - once you're done, just throw it down the drain. Easy to produce, easy to use and easy to dispose of - our product allows for a sustainable and cleaner environment.
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    Super Polymer

    Company Description
    We transform polymers into super polymers. Our technology generates new and improved polymer properties that will impact many industries such as coating, paint, displays, optics, electronics, micro and nano electronics, sensors, medical, cables and many more. Some important properties are: • Particle size - we can produce particles in a controllable diameter in the range of 3-40 microns. It can be reduced to a sub-micron size. • High refractive index - SP-HDPE has a refractive index of 1.96 comparing to raw HDPE that has a refractive index of 1.52. Effective scattering observed in a wide spectral range of 400-2000 nm [VIS to NIR]. • Opacity – the particles are white and opaque. • High dielectric constant - Calculated dielectric constant is 3.85. • Suspension in liquids - Stable dispersion in liquids (water, oil, organic media), no surfactants required, no media optimization (i.e., pH) required. • Super Hydrophobicity - Coatings that contain SP’s particles have a contact angle of 155° or higher, and a sliding angle of 2°. • Dry particles repulsion - Free dry particles would not adhere or attached to a surface containing SP’s particles. • Unique structure - The special morphology of SP's polymer’s carries many merits.
  • Teratonics Logo

    Company Description
    See through the matter... This is the solution proposed by Teratonics to the industry to reduce its poor-quality costs and to optimise its processes. Teratonics markets an innovative non-destructive imaging solution based on ultrafast terahertz (THz) pulses to reveal the invisible inside many non-conductive materials (e.g. plastics, composites…). This breakthrough technology can perform 3D dimensional control (typically thickness measurements with micrometric precision) and detect defects such as voids, dimples, density variations... The key differentiators of Teratonics's technology are its single-shot detection (10 million times faster than the state of the art) and its high level of automation (part scan, image generation and defect detection). This solution is safe for operators, contactless and rapid. It can address several markets such as automotive, aerospace, naval, renewable energy, medical devices…
  • Titan Bioplastics Logo
    Titan Bioplast…

    Company Description
    As a sustainable material engineering company, Titan Bioplastics adapts existing and initiates original sustainable materials - including nano technology additives - into a variety of resins and composites. Titan has the solution to maximize the commercialization of a wide variety of healthy polymers. We have three core company initiatives: 1. We develop client driven projects - where clients come to us to solve a material mechanical or structural issue, or request production of a new material composite that needs to function to target specifications. 2. We develop Proprietary Innovation projects - This is where we see a market niche, produce a material/composite which we own, manufacture and take directly to market ourselves. Like Augie Bones (www.augiebones.com) The pet industry's first tough bioplastic chew toy for dogs. Our 2023 market innovation is in Ag Tech. 3. We develop nano technology additive systems for various applications, including water and oxygen barrier. Our expertise spans, but is not limited to: coatings, polymer composite development, nano barrier technology, the use of graphene oxide and graphene resin composites and masterbatches, pilot compounding, material testing, bioremediation and energy capture technology.