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  • Innotech Materials Logo
    Innotech Mater…
    Innotech Materials Logo
    Innotech Materials

    Company Description
    Innotech Materials dedicates the development of nanocellulose technology producing several of cellulosic nanomaterials for applications in biosurfactants and bioplastics.
  • Synovance Logo
    Synovance Logo

    Company Description
    We are a biotech company that uses microorganisms to produce natural dyes for textiles from sustainable biomass waste. We fight against the pollution caused by the textile industry.
  • Silvis Materials Logo
    Silvis Materia…
    Silvis Materials Logo
    Silvis Materials

    Company Description
    Silvis Materials is creating 100% bio-based materials for the adhesives, binders and coatings industries.
  • Papair Logo
    Papair Logo

    Company Description
    Papair develops and uses innovative technologies for the production of sustainable packaging materials.
  • ColorSensing Logo
    ColorSensing Logo

    Company Description
    ColorSensing is developing a range of applications from digital image standardization to printed sensing technologies.
  • Arylla Logo
    Arylla Logo

    Company Description
    Arylla connects products to the internet.
  • icpg Logo
    icpg Logo

    Company Description
    Sustainable packaging solutions for the replacement of PS in rigid thermoformed & FFS food, health, and pharmaceutical packaging.
  • LabsCubed Logo
    LabsCubed Logo

    Company Description
    Automating polymer testing for R&D and quality labs.
  • Filigrade Logo
    Filigrade Logo

    Company Description
    Embossed watermarks solution to sort all kinds of plastic at the most granular level (all types of plastic, food vs non-food sorting)
  • Nfinite Nanotechnology Logo
    Nfinite Nanote…
    Nfinite Nanotechnology Logo
    Nfinite Nanotechnology

    Company Description
    Nfinite Nanotech is commercializing a rapid open-air nanocoating platform that produces large-area, high-quality, ultrathin-films at low cost, for applications such as packaging, batteries, fuel cells, membranes, photovoltaics and flexible electronics
  • Enval Logo
    Enval Logo

    Company Description
    Microwave-induced pyrolysis solution for low-density packaging waste.
  • Carbix Logo
    Carbix Logo

    Company Description
    Carbix transforms atmospheric carbon dioxide into carbonates to build industrial products.
  • Graft Polymer Logo
    Graft Polymer
    Graft Polymer Logo
    Graft Polymer

    Company Description
    Polymer Modification (Modifiers & Alloys)
  • Performance BioFilaments Logo
    Performance Bi…
    Performance BioFilaments Logo
    Performance BioFilaments

    Company Description
    Performance BioFilaments Inc. (PBI) specializes in developing, producing, and commercializing nanocellulose additives that enhance advanced materials and specialty chemicals.
  • Hygratek Logo
    Hygratek Logo

    Company Description
    Liquid separation and repellent coating
  • Phiex Technologies, Inc Logo
    Phiex Technolo…
    Phiex Technologies, Inc Logo
    Phiex Technologies, Inc

    Company Description
    Chemical technology for solid-state to gas sterilizer that's portable and non-carcinogenic for self-sterilizing materials for healthcare and food safety.
  • Archipelago Technology Logo
    Archipelago Te…
    Archipelago Technology Logo
    Archipelago Technology

    Company Description
    Archipelago's Powerdrop technology enables non-contact coating with virtually no waste.
  • AddiCo Logo
    AddiCo Logo

    Company Description
    We are a company that provides solutions to enable the circular economy of plastics
  • traceless materials Logo
    traceless mate…
    traceless materials Logo
    traceless materials

    Company Description
    traceless is an innovative circular bioeconomy start-up offering a sustainable alternative material to conventional (bio)plastics.
  • Virtual Lab. Inc. Logo
    Virtual Lab. I…

    Company Description
    Make your own materials simulation in the most optimized cloud-based environment.
  • Scindo Logo

    Company Description
    Creating a novel biological platform to turn low-value plastic landfill waste into high-value molecules.
  • Uncountable Logo

    Company Description
    Uncountable helps R&D teams cut development time, reduce testing iterations, and find innovative new products faster.
  • Polymerize Logo

    Company Description
    Develop new high performance materials faster than ever.
  • OKEANOS Logo

    Company Description
    We can replace the majority of plastic in packaging with stone - Meet Made From Stone™, nature's solution to plastic pollution.
  • NanoSpy Logo

    Company Description
    NanoSpy has developed a new state-of-the-art rapid detection biosensor providing results in 20 minutes from collection to detection without the need for an enrichment process, environmentally harmful reagents, or laboratory facilities.
  • Lusoco Logo

    Company Description
    Imagine the potential that glass holds as a carrier for new technologies enabling energy harvesting.
  • Keiryo Packaging Technologies Logo
    Keiryo Packagi…
    Keiryo Packaging Technologies Logo
    Keiryo Packaging Technologies

    Company Description
    We reduce the environmental footprint and manufacturing cost of plastic packaging by changing the performance of the material in the injection process.
  • Intermix Performance Materials Logo
    Intermix Perfo…
    Intermix Performance Materials Logo
    Intermix Performance Materials

    Company Description
    Intermix creates additives that enable the efficient and cost effective recycling of post-consumer mixed plastic waste.
  • DePoly Logo

    Company Description
    We chemically recycle low valued post consumer PET plastic waste back to its high valued original chemical components.
  • BERKM Logo

    Company Description
    New type of additive and catalyst for PET plastic. Our additive improved strength of the PET for 66%, gas barrier properties 29X and UV resistance for 52X.
  • Atmonia Logo

    Company Description
    Sustainable Nitrogen Fertilizer. Electrochemical catalysis for ammonia production for on-site applications in precision agriculture
  • Integrated Lipid Biofuels Logo
    Integrated Lip…
    Integrated Lipid Biofuels Logo
    Integrated Lipid Biofuels

    Company Description
    At ILB, we are dedicated to enabling cost-effective production of biopolymer from organic wastes. The general products of interest include specialty high-value bioproducts, renewable chemicals, and biofuels.
  • PCN Materials Logo
    PCN Materials

    Company Description
    Nano Materials with disinfection and antibacterial activity targeting materials, water, and air
  • Aqdot Logo

    Company Description
    Aqdot is a chemtech company with a focus and expertise in developing, licensing and selling novel proprietary products based on the transformational chemtech platform AqBit.
  • Aegis Packaging Logo
    Aegis Packaging

    Company Description
    More than a packaging film manufacturer, Aegis will become a future global leader in manufacturing regenerative high barrier coating for flexible packaging.​
  • Nanotronics Logo

    Company Description
    Nanotronics produces and offers nanostructured materials from highly renewable indigenous plants, and provides bespoke technical solutions leveraging its core competencies in advanced and nanocomposite polymers, and additive manufacturing (3D printing) technologies.
  • Alchemy Logo

    Company Description
    Alchemy is a next generation platform that provides customized workflow-driven ELN and LIMS to specialty chemical and material science companies to speed product development and improve service delivery.
  • Volatile AI Logo
    Volatile AI

    Company Description
    Small sensors for food quality testing. Our innovation combines bioinspired machine learning algorithms with long lifecycle gas sensors, which can last at least a year in industrial environments.
  • Typhon Treatment Systems Logo
    Typhon Treatme…
    Typhon Treatment Systems Logo
    Typhon Treatment Systems

    Company Description
    A UV LED water treatment technology & equipment manufacturing company. Our design represents an optimized geometrical configuration of UV LEDs for use in high flow-rate water treatment.
  • Spero Renewables Logo
    Spero Renewabl…

    Company Description
    A green chemistry company that develops tech for plant-based alternatives to products manufactured with petrochemicals. Utilizes its tech to unlock the resources of available biomass for making cost efficient and natural products.
  • Silencions Logo

    Company Description
    Silencions is a smart acoustic materials startup working on innovative technology that delivers significant noise and vibration reduction of the structure and air born sound via its engineered architecture.
  • SAFI Tech Logo
    SAFI Tech

    Company Description
    Develops no-heat solders, including a No-Heat SAC305, for use in electronics manufacturing and assembly. No-heat solders utilize significantly reduced processing temperatures enabling significant improvements in both cost and design.
  • Pure Blue Tech Inc Logo
    Pure Blue Tech…
    Pure Blue Tech Inc Logo
    Pure Blue Tech Inc

    Company Description
    Pure Blue Tech Inc. provides low-fouling membrane-based solutions for the desalination, wastewater, oil, gas, mining, food, beverage, manufacturing, and other industries.
  • Pellucere Logo

    Company Description
    Develops and manufactures low-temperature curing, Anti-Reflective and Anti-Soiling coatings including its that delivers energy gains on solar modules of 3.4% - 4.3% from anti-reflection and more.
  • Nobio Logo

    Company Description
    Nobio develops antibiofilm, antifouling and antimicrobial solutions for materials and surfaces in manufacturing facilities.
  • Nanoz Logo

    Company Description
    Nano gas sensors for selective detection of harmful gases. No matter what kind of industry you are operating in, with our sensors you can collect data about: protection, industrial process, safety and environmental regulations.
  • MITO Materials Logo
    MITO Materials

    Company Description
    MITO produces safe to handle and easy to integrate nano additives to be utilized in fiber reinforced composites to either toughen or lightweight at a 0.1%wt.
  • Microwave Solutions (MWS) Logo
    Microwave Solu…
    Microwave Solutions (MWS) Logo
    Microwave Solutions (MWS)

    Company Description
    Re-imagining a circular carbon economy: solving our biggest carbonaceous waste recycling challenges (all plastics, fiber reinforced composites, rubber/plastic composites, tires, rubbers), while providing critical and scarce materials.
  • Melodea Logo

    Company Description
    Melodea develops innovative CNC based barrier solutions for the packaging industry that are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.
  • Halomine Logo

    Company Description
    Halomine manufactures and supplies high-performance and human-friendly antimicrobial coating materials and technology.
  • GoLeafe Logo

    Company Description
    Using organic materials and non-energy intensive equipment, GOLeafe produces graphene through an innovative, 5x more cost efficient and eco-friendly process, from readily available source materials, such as wood, sugar, and waste tires.
  • E-Sens Logo

    Company Description
    e-sens manufactures a new generation of hand-held instruments that dramatically simplifies the process of testing water quality.
  • Dispersa Logo

    Company Description
    At Dispersa, we are harnessing the power of microbes to present low-cost, 100% biodegradable, and natural surfactants used in a variety of industrial applications.
  • 9T Labs Logo
    9T Labs

    Company Description
    9T Labs advances lightweight design by simplifying the use of high-performance materials.
  • StenCo Logo

    Company Description
    StenCo's patent pending barrier coating system blocks oxygen, is cost effective, and biodegradable.
  • Valentis Logo

    Company Description
    Valentis is a platform technology incorporates select nanoparticles (NP) into a cellulose nanocrystals (CNC) base to produce highly improved polymeric films, coatings, and compounds.
  • Tyromer Logo

    Company Description
    Tyromer is the cleantech tire recycling company, focused on implementing a circular economy in the tire and rubber industry. our recycled product is the perfect base polymer to use in TPVs. Great opportunity to develop new materials and IP.
  • ThruPore Logo

    Company Description
    heterogeneous chemical catalysts, offering the chemical industry high-performing precious metal and carbon- only catalyst products at the 100+ ton scale. ThruPore is innovating in include energy, aerospace, medical and animal feeds.
  • SAS Nanotechnologies Logo
    SAS Nanotechno…

    Company Description
    SAS Nanotechnologies is a smart microcapsule technology such that the microcapsules can be activated to release the chemicals inside them “on-demand” opening opportunities to a variety of industrial problems including corrosion inhibition.
  • Nth Cycle Logo
    Nth Cycle

    Company Description
    Nth Cycle developed a modular recycling technology for cost-efficient recovery of the critical metals from e-waste for reuse in the clean energy sector.
  • Interface Polymers Logo
    Interface Poly…

    Company Description
    Interface Polymers developed radical new solutions to long-standing compatibility problems, and is opening up a new world of opportunities in polymer blending, joining, and finishing.
  • Funxion Logo

    Company Description
    'fabrics of the future'. A world where our fabrics and fashion are smart. This includes changing the color of our apparel or accessories on-demand or enabling the continuous monitoring of our physical and mental health.
  • ElectroActive Technologies Logo
    ElectroActive …
    ElectroActive Technologies Logo
    ElectroActive Technologies

    Company Description
    ElectroActive Technologies is pushing a new paradigm for sustainable cities of the future where waste produced in cities, as well as renewable electricity, is used to generate zero-emission fuel for local use in the form of hydrogen.
  • Corumat Logo

    Company Description
    Corumat uses micro-engineering to produce layered bioplastics that are lighter, stronger, and cheaper than comparable products.
  • Cambridge Electronics Logo
    Cambridge Elec…
    Cambridge Electronics Logo
    Cambridge Electronics

    Company Description
    Cambridge Electronics develops advanced GaN technology for data centers and electric cars. Based on breakthrough technology originally developed at MIT, CEI's GaN transistors offer 2-4x in performance improvement over the competition.
  • Bolder Industries Logo
    Bolder Industr…

    Company Description
    Bolder Industries develops the most sustainable rubber and plastic products in the world using Bolder Black®.
  • Biorgani Logo

    Company Description
    Biorgani is a provider of sustainable plant-based resins for the packaging industry. Their products are certified and sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics.
  • Azolla Logo

    Company Description
    Azolla is a Carbon Tech company determined to meet demands for infinitely sustainable society by inventing high- performance biomaterial that will be produced without depleting limited natural resources, without toxic chemicals and will remove CO2 from the air.
  • Ares Materials Logo
    Ares Materials

    Company Description
    Ares Materials creates novel optical films with a set of unparalleled optical and mechanical properties that enable new products such as foldable and rollable displays, near-eye displays (AR and VR) and other optoelectronic applications
  • Aequor Logo

    Company Description
    Aequor’s “green” chemicals uniquely remove bacterial and fungal biofilm in minutes, prevent biofilm formation for days, and kill a broad spectrum of antimicrobial-resistant pathogens/“Superbugs.”
  • UBQ Materials Logo
    UBQ Materials

    Company Description
    The UBQ proprietary process converts Residual Municipal Solid Waste, destined to landfills, into novel bio-based UBQ Material, that can be used to make everyday durable products - with a reduced carbon footprint.
  • Spoonfuls Logo
    Spoonfuls Logo

    Company Description
    the first and only patented spoon-cap package with ‘flip and go’ technology delivering a packaging solution poised to disrupt the marketplace with multi-use functionality and ergonomic design for unsurpassed convenience.
  • SoundGuard Logo

    Company Description
    SoundGuard has created the world's first soundproofing paint.
  • Naneon Logo
    Naneon Logo

    Company Description
    the world's fastest nanocoating to prevent damage for electronic devices against liquids, moisture, humidity, gases, dust, corrosion and bacteria.
  • Moeco Logo

    Company Description
    a blockchain-powered platform for global IoT connectivity that enables a new level of efficiencies for supply chain, insurance, telecom, and smart cities.
  • MicroRio Logo

    Company Description
    MicroRio's technology makes biodegradable plastic affordable.
  • Magnomer Logo

    Company Description
    Magnomer introduces a Design2Recycle™: Magnetizable inks that enable bottle recyclability. Our inks complement or substitute ink currently used during package manufacturing (printing) to impart magnetization.
  • Inhibit Coatings Logo
    Inhibit Coatin…

    Company Description
    a New Zealand based start-up company producing high performance antimicrobial paints and coatings for use in food safety and healthcare applications.
  • Hydrox Technologies Logo
    Hydrox Technol…
    Hydrox Technologies Logo
    Hydrox Technologies

    Company Description
    a manufacturer of advanced, sustainable agricultural plastics
  • Gamma Alloys Logo
    Gamma Alloys

    Company Description
    a powder metallurgy company that uses a patented technique to distribute nano-sized alloying ingredients into metals.
  • Fleep Technologies Logo
    Fleep Technolo…
    Fleep Technologies Logo
    Fleep Technologies

    Company Description
    evelops and produces microchips and integrated circuits that are flexible and recyclable, defining a new paradigm in the electronics and semiconductor industries.
  • DryWired Logo

    Company Description
    Drywired’s mission is to harness nanotechnology as a catalyst for change. Their eco-friendly protective thin-film coatings make buildings more energy efficient, surfaces cleaner, lessen e-waste and reduce city air pollution.
  • Circulor Logo

    Company Description
    Traceability for supply chains and plastics waste. Empowering better business
  • Arevo Labs Logo
    Arevo Labs

    Company Description
    Arevo Labs produces products and provides services pertaining to 3-d printing.
  • Nanosferix Logo

    Company Description
    Advanced nano-materials for lightweight composites and specialized applications in pharma/drug delivery/cosmetics etc.
  • Checkerspot Logo

    Company Description
    Designs high performance materials at a molecular level with technology at the nexus of biology and chemistry.
  • Pivot Materials Logo
    Pivot Materials
    Pivot Materials Logo
    Pivot Materials

    Company Description
    Pivot specializes in manufacturing lightweight, sustainable, durable and cost competitive composite plastics for injection and extrusion molding applications using natural fibers including bamboo and rice waste fiber.
  • OakBio Logo

    Company Description
    Commercializing a fundamentally new way to make the building blocks of food and materials, using natural microbes to capture and covert industrial CO₂ emissions into new products.
  • Magic Add Logo
    Magic Add

    Company Description
    Magic Add uses unique identifiers and a cloud-based platform to make cost-efficient, high-volume smart packaging for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).
  • Loomia Logo

    Company Description
    LOOMIA creates drapable circuits that can be used for heating, lighting and sensing.
  • Industrial Microbes Logo
    Industrial Mic…
    Industrial Microbes Logo
    Industrial Microbes

    Company Description
    iMicrobes invents green manufacturing methods using synthetic biology by partnering with Global 500 companies to bring chemical products to market.
  • Elemental Machines Logo
    Elemental Mach…

    Company Description
    Smart lab platform delivers powerful, data-driven insights that improve R&D, laboratory operations, and manufacturing outcomes.
  • Drop Water Logo
    Drop Water

    Company Description
    Drop Water is solving the plastic waste problem associated with bottled water, while making the industry more profitable and efficient.
  • Digital Alloys Logo
    Digital Alloys

    Company Description
    For manufacturers of hard metal parts, additive manufacturing with Digital Alloys’ radically simple Joule Printing™ delivers the highest speed and lowest cost.
  • Arcanum Alloys Logo
    Arcanum Alloys

    Company Description
    Disrupting global steel production one alloy at a time.
  • algotek Logo

    Company Description
    Creating algae based bio plastics to help combat the waste generated from traditional plastics.
  • XOnano Logo

    Company Description
    XOnano engineers enhanced foam products which can sense impacts and pressure.
  • Tethis Logo

    Company Description
    Tethis designs and licenses high volume biomaterials
  • Serionix Logo

    Company Description
    Serionix bring color-changing air filtration technology designed for NASA and Astronauts to your family, pets, homes, and cars.
  • Salus Nanotechnologies Logo
    Salus Nanotech…
    Salus Nanotechnologies Logo
    Salus Nanotechnologies

    Company Description
    Coatings for energy & sustainability in consumer & industrial space
  • Radisurf Logo

    Company Description
    Developing unique replacements of glue and primers for strong plastic-to-metal bonding - an environmentally friendly nano surface coating
  • Novarials Logo

    Company Description
    A leading nanowire technology developer
  • Molecule Works Logo
    Molecule Works
    Molecule Works Logo
    Molecule Works

    Company Description
    The company develops and produces thin micro-porous metal and molecular sieve membrane sheets for energy and environmental applications.
  • Is It Fresh Logo
    Is It Fresh

    Company Description
    We are digitizing food supply chain through our unique freshtag (combination of sensors and NFC chips) which can be integrated in almost any type of packaging.
  • Flora Coatings Logo
    Flora Coatings

    Company Description
    Development and Manufacturing of Advanced Intelligent Coatings
  • Cruzfoam Logo

    Company Description
    Compostable plastic foam
  • Bioserie Logo

    Company Description
    Durable, heat resistant, USDA 100% biobased and MADE SAFE certified baby essentials (and potentially more!)
  • ACI Materials Logo
    ACI Materials

    Company Description
    Develop, manufacture and sell advanced aerospace coatings and materials for FHE
  • Vessl Logo

    Company Description
    With the Vessl™ technology we have been able to compact and mobilize heavy liquid containers, bringing a wide array of liquid products into the age of ecommerce.
  • Cambridge Crops Logo
    Cambridge Crops

    Company Description
    Natural and edible solutions for extending the freshness of food
  • CRATUS Technology Logo
    CRATUS Technol…

    Company Description
    AI platform bridging the gap between business intelligence and the physical world, making it extremely easy to access to real time sensor data and analytics for enterprise software.
  • Liquid Wire Logo
    Liquid Wire

    Company Description
    Provider of printable metal gels for stretch electronics, in garment RFID, and biofeedback.
  • WEAV3D Logo

    Company Description
    EAV3D Inc. is a manufacturing technology company focused on developing and commercializing revolutionary fiber-reinforced plastic manufacturing processes and processing equipment.
  • Metalmark Logo

    Company Description
    Metalmark has a technology platform that creates nanostructured coating, which treats airborne pollutants and toxins to support indoor air quality systems.
  • Opus 12 Logo
    Opus 12

    Company Description
    Opus 12 captures carbon emissions where pollution is generated and turns the CO2 into chemicals like methane, ethylene, and ethanol.
  • Lingrove Logo

    Company Description
    Lingrove is a material and design firm focused on plant-based fibers and resins that outperform traditional materials while preserving elegant natural grain finishes.
  • Tangi0 (TG0) Logo
    Tangi0 (TG0)
    Tangi0 (TG0) Logo
    Tangi0 (TG0)

    Company Description
    TG0 is an interactive technology that allows brands and manufacturers to build 3D touch control systems.
  • Monolets Logo

    Company Description
    MonoLets is building an end-to-end encrypted and enterprise-scale data warehouse. We build the network with batteryless and standards' compliant wireless mesh sensors, at a profile and price point that essentially enables embedding wireless connectivity into physical objects.
  • Bare Conductive Logo
    Bare Conductive

    Company Description
    Bare Conductive is a printed electronics company providing functional coatings, printed sensors and integration solutions to industry for applications in smart home, pest control, security, and healthcare.
  • TacitWear Logo

    Company Description
    TacitWear enables the transfer of tacit knowledge for workers and ready access to expertise / information in context supporting universal and emerging enterprise wearable devices.
  • Smart Planet Technologies Logo
    Smart Planet T…
    Smart Planet Technologies Logo
    Smart Planet Technologies

    Company Description
    Smart Planet Technologies is a materials engineering and intellectual property company with innovations in packaging technology.
  • SLIPS Technologies Logo
    SLIPS Technolo…

    Company Description
    SLIPS Technologies, Inc. is a venture-funded Harvard spin-out that makes SLIPSTM, the world’s only fully-slippery materials and coatings with liquid-interface surfaces that repel virtually all fluids and biological fouling agents.
  • Riffyn Logo

    Company Description
    Riffyn provides cloud-based process design and analytics software to life science, materials and food industries — reducing time-to-market and unprecedented analytical transparency.
  • LIMEX Logo

    Company Description
    LIMEX is an amazing future material, made from Limestone. We can save water by LIMEX.

    Company Description
    Smarter Products Come with EVRYTHNG.
  • Cosine Additive Logo
    Cosine Additive

    Company Description
    Cosine Additive builds high-performance additive manufacturing hardware and software which quantifies and digitizes the human experience factor to drive automated planning, routing and production of commercial and industrial parts.
  • Cerahelix Logo

    Company Description
    Cerahelix is developing a filter that enables process manufacturers working in harsh environments to operate sustainably by providing high purity, durable filtration that reduces operational costs and environmental impact.
  • Aromyx Logo

    Company Description
    Aromyx provides a platform to measure and digitize taste and scent, for big companies in the food & beverage, consumer packaged goods and agriculture industries.
  • AnCatt Logo

    Company Description
    AnCatt developed the world's first high performance anti- corrosion paint without using traditional toxic heavy-metal anti- corrosion pigments such as chromate, lead, and zinc.
  • Veloxint Logo

    Company Description
    Veloxint is commercializing a new MIT-developed approach to designing and processing high-performing nanocrystalline metals.
  • SynTouch Logo

    Company Description
    SynTouch is the world leader in the science of touch, with an extensive portfolio of hardware and software IP and a range of applications in development.
  • NuLabel Logo

    Company Description
    NuLabel builds disruptive hardware and polymer solutions for the packaging industry that reduce material usage, flatten supply chains, and create brand owner value.
  • Mango Materials Logo
    Mango Materials

    Company Description
    Mango Materials, a San Francisco start-up company, produces the naturally occurring biopolymer, polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), from waste methane gas.
  • Grow Plastics Logo
    Grow Plastics

    Company Description
    Grow Plastics has created a technology to generate sandwich-core structures in thermoplastics.
  • Full Cycle Bioplastics Logo
    Full Cycle Bio…
    Full Cycle Bioplastics Logo
    Full Cycle Bioplastics

    Company Description
    Full Cycle Bioplastics (FCB) turns organic waste into a biodegradable plastic called polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), a home and marine compostable material.
  • Ecologic Brands Logo
    Ecologic Brands

    Company Description
    Ecologic Brands is a California-based designer and manufacturer of the world’s first-ever paper bottle.
  • Connora Logo

    Company Description
    Connora is an advanced materials company addressing new performance barriers in the next generation of high tech consumer, automotive, and mobile electronics products.
  • Citrine Informatics Logo
    Citrine Inform…
    Citrine Informatics Logo
    Citrine Informatics

    Company Description
    Citrine's analytics platform mines large-scale data about materials, chemicals, and components to help manufacturing companies take highly optimized products to market faster.
  • ATACAMA Logo

    Company Description
    The world’s first moisture-channeling technology that integrates with flexible substrates (knits/wovens/nonwovens).
  • ALINA Logo

    Company Description
    ALINA develops and produces new types of environmentally-friendly antimicrobial additives for building and construction materials.
  • Visolis Logo

    Company Description
    Engineered Biology enabled Carbon Negative materials.
  • PurThread Technologies Logo
    PurThread Tech…
    PurThread Technologies Logo
    PurThread Technologies

    Company Description
    Protects fabrics with its patented process of embedding EPA-registered silver salts into fibers and yarns, making them permanently antimicrobial against the effects of microbial contamination and odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus.
  • PolyDrop Logo

    Company Description
    PolyDrop creates conductive materials for lightweight elastomers and coatings.
  • MesoFilter Logo

    Company Description
    Mesopaper is our exciting new filtration medium that eliminates arsenic, lead, mercury, radioactive elements and other harmful pollutants from air and water.
  • Living Ink Technologies Logo
    Living Ink Tec…
    Living Ink Technologies Logo
    Living Ink Technologies

    Company Description
    The only company using algae for ink and are developing the most sustainable ink in the world.
  • Imagine Intelligent Materials Logo
    Imagine Intell…
    Imagine Intelligent Materials Logo
    Imagine Intelligent Materials

    Company Description
    Imagine Intelligent Materials: the Sensing Power Of Graphene enabling every thing to communicate.
  • IGNIS Logo

    Company Description
    IGNIS has developed a fire extinguisher material via nanotechnology which can put off fire when temperature rises or flames erupt.
  • Hexigone Logo

    Company Description
    An agile and progressive pigment company that collaborates to create environmentally responsive coatings to replace toxic and mutagenic chemicals.
  • Global Thermostat Logo
    Global Thermos…

    Company Description
    Our revolutionary technology FARMS THE SKIES: very low cost Direct Air Capture of CO2 for commercial use - no transportation needed.
  • Diatomix Logo

    Company Description
    A bio-engineered photocatalytic technology that actively and continuously improves indoor air quality by adsorbing and degrading toxins to safe byproducts.
  • Alchemy Logo

    Company Description
    Alchemy is constructing state-of-the-art nano-coatings to enable the use of advanced polymer windshields in autonomous vehicles.
  • ViridisChem Logo

    Company Description
    ViridisChem is a software company offering web-based tools, offered through yearly subscription, essential toxicity data and tools for companies to move towards sustainable product development.
  • SynMatter Logo

    Company Description
    SynMatter utilizes a NASA Patent Technology to create Smart Particles for Extended Metal Protection and Antifouling Coatings
  • Puralytics Logo

    Company Description
    Puralytics is a water purification company, using only light energy either from LEDs or sunlight to activate an advanced nanotechnology, eliminating or reducing contaminants such as pathogens, chemicals, pesticides and more.
  • PulpWorks Logo

    Company Description
    Designers and manufacturers of sustainable packaging from waste.
  • Noble Environmental Technologies Logo
    Noble Environm…
    Noble Environmental Technologies Logo
    Noble Environmental Technologies

    Company Description
    We convert waste fiber into high performance building and packaging materials
  • Nano Hydrophobics Logo
    Nano Hydrophob…

    Company Description
    Nano Hydrophobics makes advanced coatings to improve the thermal efficiency of industrial heat exchangers to lower manufacturing costs, reduce downtime, and shrink carbon footprints.
  • Eco-Catalyst Logo

    Company Description
    Help manufacturers and recyclers expand market for recyclable materials by increasing profitability through smart business models, powered by analytics and optimization.
  • Compact Membrane Systems Logo
    Compact Membra…
    Compact Membrane Systems Logo
    Compact Membrane Systems

    Company Description
    CMS are experts at tough chemical separations, with new technology for olefin separations
  • CinderBio Logo

    Company Description
    CinderBio harnesses three billion years of biology to make extremely heat and acid stable enzymes to increase efficiencies in existing applications and expand the reach of enzymes into new markets and industries.
  • Biobent Polymers Logo
    Biobent Polyme…
    Biobent Polymers Logo
    Biobent Polymers

    Company Description
    Bioplastics from agricultural waste that exceed USDA BioPreferred requirments for sustainability, don't compromise performance and cost less.
  • Air Cross Logo
    Air Cross

    Company Description
    We transform air pollution and reactive oxygen species into beneficial molecules
  • Throughput Logo
    Throughput Logo

    Company Description
    Throughput offers intelligence-based supply chain solutions to its clients. The company's range of solutions include operations, quality and manufacturing, and supply chain.
  • Sylvatex Logo

    Company Description
    We replace petroleum based solution chemistry with a technically superior, lower cost, higher performing non-toxic solution chemistry.
  • Folia Water Logo
    Folia Water

    Company Description
    Folia Water's patent-pending silver nanoparticle-infused Folia Filter papers are the world's first water filter that costs pennies and not dollars: a week of germ-free water for a family for only 50 cents.
  • Adrich Logo
    Adrich Logo

    Company Description
    Adrich closes the information gap by providing real-time accurate consumption/product usage data through connected smart labels that helps brands understand consumer needs.
  • GraphWear Logo
    GraphWear Logo

    Company Description
    GraphWear is replacing blood and urine diagnostic tests with a non-invasive continuous sweat and breath sensing technology.
  • Shoof Technologies Logo
    Shoof Technolo…
    Shoof Technologies Logo
    Shoof Technologies

    Company Description
    Shoof is developing the first open architecture advanced wireless technology for the industrial IoT and logistics industry.
  • BioInspira Logo

    Company Description
    BioInspira is a sensor platform startup advancing air chemicals and pathogens detection for growing industrial and healthcare needs. Our first product is a virus-based natural gas sensor that is 1000x more sensitive, 100x smaller and 100x lower in cost than current sensors.
  • TacSense Logo

    Company Description
    TacSense has developed the world's most sensitive and flexible pressure sensing technology, known as Supercapacitive Iontronic Sensor (SCIS).
  • Reality AI Logo
    Reality AI

    Company Description
    An AI signal processing engineer that detects anomalies and classifies signals.