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  • GeDy TrAss Logo
    GeDy TrAss
    GeDy TrAss Logo
    GeDy TrAss

    Company Description
    We contribute to a quick and accurate design of gearbox and power transmission systems with particular attention to the early stage design in order to accelerate the time to market. In addition, we can provide results in dynamic framework that are not so common to achieve. GearDraft is based on an algorithm that automatically generates a whole mechanical transmission by inserting a few input data in a short time. The algorithm chooses the components (bearings, shafts, synchronizers, gears), their dimensions and their positions to satisfy the user initial requirements. GearDraft is useful during the blank-sheet pre-design phase, when a new transmission has to be thought from the beginning, or even when a different layout of the components is needed. The power of the tool is to leave to the user complete freedom on the choice of the algorithm constraints, for instance the overall dimensions of the gearbox and the transmission ratio. Afterwards, the output can be converted into a CAD/FEM interfaceable with other commercial softwares. GearDraft’s aim is to make the user save time, cutting down the preliminary design operations often made “by hand”, and reinvest it for further detailed analyses.
  • Galvani Power Logo
    Galvani Power
    Galvani Power Logo
    Galvani Power

    Company Description
    Born of a two-year development, Galvani Power provides modular, high quality and high-performance battery solutions for non-mass market electrification needs: $5.0B/yr demand not served by Gigafactories. Galvani Power's differential competitive advantage: a complete and advanced battery platform that cuts dramatically customers' time to market and need of system integration. A lego-like set of "bricks" that can be composed into high-tech, plug-and-play batteries with all certification requirements needed to speed up homologation of final products in an industrial and scalable way. Galvani Power's team combines young blood with experienced automotive professionals bringing in managerial and technical competence and industry network. Supply chain and customer development, under way for over a year, yielded a sizable portfolio of solid leads. CAPEX envisaged is about €2.8M fo the first three years - destined to technical equipment for prototyping and manufacturing. Founders together with Family&Friends investors to provide a first capital contribution in the range of €500K; advanced discussions are under way with Seed industrial investors for the remaining €2.0M needed for a full industrial scale-up leading to a targeted €10.0M+ turnover in 2025, with EBITDA of €2.0M.
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    TOM Robotics

    Company Description
    TOM Robotics is an Austrian Deep-Tech Startup in the field of automotive and robotics. Our goal is to provide a cooperative perception service to OEMS and TIER1 that enables autonomous cars to share perception information to improve their safety, performance and perceived safety by the passengers in order to drive the acceptance of autonomous driving. • High Accuracy Positioning – TOM Robotics leverages high accuracy positioning services to globalize sensor data from connected vehicles in a way that they can be shared with other connected vehicles. • 5G Low-Latency Communication – All information is shared via 5G Low-latency communication protocols such that highly-dynamic information can be shared for decision making. • Trustworthiness – TOM Robotics maintains trustworthiness of the information shared with other traffic participants through their trust-building algorithms.
  • Switch EV Logo
    Switch EV
    Switch EV Logo
    Switch EV

    Company Description
    Switch is founded by Marc Mültin, the leading global authority on interoperability and ISO 15118. The company is backed by Link Ventures from Norway and a number of family offices and angels in California, Brazil, Slovenia and the UK. Based in London, Switch is now a team of 25 leading engineers and business developers, and will be launching its flagship charger management suite, Sara, in Q3 2022. Its operating system Josev enables the future of 2.0.1 charger capability, including plug-and-charge, V-2-G, V-2-X, predictive maintenance and true "smart charging". Our clients include leading charger manufacturers, mobility providers and OEMs.
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    Company Description
    CAPSolar develops high-performance vehicle-integrated solar modules for electric vehicles. Accompanied by proprietary dynamic charge controllers, they significantly extend the range of electric vehicles while optimizing the fleet management of mobility companies. As the mobility industry moves toward Electric Vehicles (EVs), CAPSolar are committed to power them with an accessible, affordable and clean energy source. Whether the vehicle needs extra range, longer battery life or a clean energy source for daily commuting, they develop flexible, high efficiency solar modules with customers' needs in mind.
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    Company Description
    Neuron is a London-based technology company utilising distributed ledger technology to connect the next generation of intelligent transportation systems. Their network can be used to enable drone deliveries, to share data between e-bike providers and to connect vehicles to smart technology Their API's provide developers with tools for sharing and monetising data in a secure, permissioned environment allowing for frictionless integration and resilient automation of critical processes. Neuron provides the benefits of blockchain, with the performance of the cloud, and the economics of a marketplace. If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from the network, please reach out to out team
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    Company Description
    itselectric is electric vehicle (EV) charging purpose-built for cities across the US, unlocking access to clean vehicles for millions of drivers who park their cars on the street - and we share with our neighbors. Their curbside charging posts are sturdy enough to survive in the toughest urban environments, with a minimal footprint and plug-and-play charging. itselectric’s unique business model utilizes existing, privately owned electrical infrastructure, ensuring rapid scaling and an equitable transition to the new electrified economy.
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    Company Description
    In an always more contactless world, arises the necessity of a new model of digital trust. VoiceMe enables people, companies and objects to interact between each other through a simple interface and in an ultra-secured way opening the door to a new generation of services. Users can create their profile in a few seconds and use it to access all applications and services compatible with VoiceMe.
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    Company Description
    Sonatus helps automakers transform vehicles into “data centers on wheels'' with next-generation architectures capable of supporting the most advanced future mobility use cases. Leveraging our extensive software-defined expertise, we build scalable vehicle and cloud software solutions that orchestrate vehicle behavior dynamically—without requiring software updates—and can be integrated in as little as a year. Sonatus dynamic In-Vehicle Infrastructure, Data Management, and Automation solutions form the foundation for digitally dynamic vehicles that evolve and adapt in real-time — empowering automakers to innovate faster, reduce complexity and costs, and become more agile.
  • Route Konnect Logo
    Route Konnect
    Route Konnect Logo
    Route Konnect

    Company Description
    Route Konnect's sensors and analytics tools offer intelligent, real-time insights into the movement within our cities – saving time, resources and our planet. Route Konnect’s are developing an edge processing solution to process real-time sensor data to gain insights into movements within cities with the product “Road Konnect”. Such insights include: vehicle speeds, vehicle classification, vehicle counts, pedestrian counts and pedestrian movements heat maps. The company is currently exploring the use cases of such technology and deploy their software within a real world environment to test and validate system performance against defined use cases. Their technology is at TRL7 as it has received funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) to develop innovations via the Transport Technology Research Innovation Grant (T-TRIG).
  • DeepDrive Logo

    Company Description
    DeepDrive is developing a standardised vehicle platform for all car bodies. This will be the first fully modular, completely flat vehicle platform. The platform combines all driving functions – new players can build on top whatever they want. Using the platform results in ~50% less development costs of a new vehicle concept and >24 months faster time to market. Their core innovation lies in the highly innovative in-wheel motor system which is efficient, compact & powerful and cost-efficient (patents pending). The first motor prototypes are finalised and working. Their full platform prototype to be finalised in September.
  • Cubiq Logo

    Company Description
    Cubiq enables access to car manufacturer production raw data. We identify e.g. safety relevant features and transfer them in to harmonized and comparable format to enable insurer to understand the risk impact of latest vehicle technology and to reward customers for saver vehicles with lower premiums. We aim to develop a vehicle safety score for consumer but can also provide other meaningful information such as CO2 related data. Our data can also be used to optimize convenience for customers, to digitalize customer journeys, to optimize motor claims and to enter new distribution channels or to optimize existing.
  • Meep Logo

    Company Description
    Meep has the mission of providing solutions to promote a better connection between society and transport. And because of that, Meep has created a mobile application (iOs & Android) that integrates all available modes of transport into a single platform. Users can combine different modes of transport in one route, search for transport, reserve and pay in one transaction, eliminating the need for several apps. They can also select travel preferences that are incorporated into suggested routes. Meep has its own app as well as white-label solutions, which shows all transport nearby to a current location and contains a journey planner. Meep has also developed MeePath - a proprietary analytics tool that employs artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights for public and private providers. By the end of 2020 Meep will be present in +11 cities and 4 of them will be Agency-branded solutions. Currently in: Malta, Lisbon, Malaga, Valencia, Zaragoza and Cyprus. Which goals or milestones have you reached so far? Are there details you would highlight as achievements to date? 2018: 3 cities deployment, 2 testing cities, 2 ticketing and 2 research projects 2019: 6 cities deployment, 4 testing cities, 2 pilots urban mobility + long distance. Full integration of several operators (plan, book and pay). 2020: 11 cities deployment, 4 of them Agency-branded solutions. 2 projects urban mobility + long distance. Presence in Malta, Lisboa, Málaga, Valencia, Zaragoza, Sevilla and Cyprus. 2021: 27 cities deployment, 11 of them Agency-Branded. Expansion to Asia and Latam. Deck(s): https://api.typeform.com/responses/files/16e48b8e0bf88f7e506f0c55e6af2816a2008e5637f1513c45c7bc349aae4abf/MEEP_2020_.pdf Video(s): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uz_jLQbjoz8
  • OVO Automotive Logo
    OVO Automotive
    OVO Automotive Logo
    OVO Automotive

    Company Description
    Auto makers, Google, and Apple participate in a battle to control the last unconquered screen — the in-vehicle dashboard/Infotainment system — for direct interaction with captive audience and monetizing from connected vehicle services. OVO provides a cloud based connected car platform, using an original app delivery method to the in-vehicle screen, thus enabling customer interaction which is independent of automakers and Apple/Google, so fleet owners, car dealers, smart mobility service players and connected car service providers can start interacting directly with their own customers, on the go. OVO closed a commercial agreement with one of the leading Israeli car importers and in pilots with other European customers in the rental, car-sharing, car-as-a-service, smart parking and EV charging businesses. OVO was founded in 2019 by experienced entrepreneurs with successful track record in cyber security and cloud native service delivery at scale in the Telco and Enterprise spaces.
  • Mobito Logo

    Company Description
    Their objective at Mobito Technology is to render the complex process of exchanging and utilizing mobility data simple. Mobito enables businesses to improve their offering by accessing external data and help them advance their data strategy by making better use and monetizing their own data. They are focused on serving the external data needs of Automotive OEMs and Automotive Insurance companies and building data coverage in the categories that match these data needs. For data providers, Mobito offers a controlled way of sharing and monetizing their data in a trackable way. For companies that consistently rely on accessing external data, they take care of sourcing, integrating, preparing and delivering sought after data in an efficient way. The data categories that they already cover include: weather, air quality, mobile location data, vehicle data, individual fleets' data, road quality and traffic data.
  • Vianova Logo

    Company Description
    Vianova uses connected vehicles data to help cities and mobility operators build more efficient and sustainable transport systems for people and goods. Vianova is developing the essential data layer between cities and mobility operators, for them to collaborate seamlessly. They replace regulation playbooks with APIs, lowering enforcements costs and increasing mobility services efficiency. Thanks to aggregated mobility data, cities can monitor real-time compliance of vehicles and better understand their impacts on the streets network. Vianova works on building more liveable streets by becoming the control tower of the connected mobility world.
  • Ryd Logo

    Company Description
    ThinxNet is a fast-growing Startup based in Munich. With „ryd“ we created a solution bringing the connectivity to all cars and we created the first user-driven platform offering highly attractive services and benefits to users and partners. We use cloud-based, state-of-the-art technology to pursue our vision of making our streets a safer and more efficient place. Big Data Analytics and an innovative business model help us to achieve our goal and make our vision real, led by an experienced management team.
  • Kruzr Technology Solutions Logo
    Kruzr Technolo…
    Kruzr Technology Solutions Logo
    Kruzr Technology Solutions

    Company Description
    Kruzr is world’s first technology-powered driving assistant designed to help drivers understand and mitigate the avoidable risks they face on the road. This preventive motor insurance technology helps insurance companies understand their risk exposure accurately, create personalized insurance policies, and help their customer be safer on roads, helping them improve their claims ratio. Kruzr's risk measurement is the most comprehensive driving safety index, which not just measures acceleration, braking, turns, and speeding, but also captures distractions and fatigue levels of the driver. However, we not only measure what the driver is doing but also capture what the real-time traffic and weather conditions the driver has to encounter. This makes Kruzr's safety index truly contextual and comprehensive, making it more meaningful and useful for underwriting and actuarial purposes. But the true innovation we've brought in is that we analyze the risk in real-time to identify the critical
  • Fast Charge Engineering Logo
    Fast Charge En…
    Fast Charge Engineering Logo
    Fast Charge Engineering

    Company Description
    FCE customize the powertrain and the Energy Storage systems with the customer requirements. The best work is done on liquid cooled Energy Storage Systems: Increase the performance of these systems without damage the cells. This innovation has a patent request.
  • Vizen Analytics Logo
    Vizen Analytics
    Vizen Analytics Logo
    Vizen Analytics

    Company Description
    Vizen’s demand planning solution aids automotive parts manufacturers and food & beverage companies improve their supply chain performance by pro-actively predicting raw material lead times, labor utilization and product demand. The Empowered-AI™ platform connects forecasting results to business KPIs by applying the right external data modeling to counterbalance dynamic market conditions including Covid, socioeconomic & political impact patterns that affect SKU shortages and future buying behavior. *Increase Forecasting Accuracy by > 15% *Improve Margins & EBIDTA *Prevent Plant Shutdowns *Reduce Food Waste

    Company Description
    Management of waste from carbon fibres is becoming a significant societal issue. For decades, the most popular disposal methods were landfilling and incineration; significant economic losses were incurred from not recovered fibres. These methods have led to increasing environmental awareness to recycle carbon fibres into a valuable resource and prevent the cumulating wastes. Currently the focus is on manufacturing wastes (prepreg offcuts, obsolete moulds, faulty parts, etc). However, given the ever increasing utilization of carbon fibres in various industry applications, end of Life wastes are expected to exceed manufacturing wastes by 500%. RECARBON offers ready to use intermediate materials and has developed a functional approach for manufacturing products from rCFs in the form of Organosheets and Prepregs. Prepregs, cores and organo-sheets targets are high-performance applications in the aircrafts, sport & leisure, industrial and automotive sectors.
  • Racing Teams app Logo
    Racing Teams a…
    Racing Teams app Logo
    Racing Teams app

    Company Description
    As startup being established, it is the first and only professional platform dedicated to all team members involved in Motorsport world: relevant features are now all in one! Main topics (cross platform): 1. Vehicle data management - Sessions planning and tracking, - Automatic mileage update, - Continuous driver connection; 2. Team and Personal logistics - Synchronized acceptance calendar, - Customized inventory, - Job offers and shop; 3. Championship interface - Track procedures automation, - Database system, - Forums section.
  • INVENTIO.ai Logo
    INVENTIO.ai Logo

    Company Description
    INVENTIO.ai: Artificial Intelligence for Industry Made Simple (https://www.inventio.ai) Our solution is software: industrial apps integrate cutting-edge AI (machine/deep learning) and modern Web UI/UX technologies and designs. Our apps run completely at the edge, and we are strongly involved in hardware, since we are working hard to be completely hardware agnostic in our proposals. They can also run in hybrid and cloud environments. We solve industries and manufacturing shop floor challenges at the edge, such as inspection, grasping proposition, anomaly detection and others. We provide “industrial-app” as products, focused on specific scenarios and custom solutions tailored on the customer’s business needs. We build our AI core on the latest research outcomes.
  • HMDrive Logo
    HMDrive Logo

    Company Description
    HMDrive has developed the first effective software solution enabling the usage of AR glasses on vehicles. HMDrive technology is general purpose one: no matter the vehicle or the driving context. Thanks to HMDrive, AR glasses can be used for creating transparant AR dashboards in the driver's field of view (improved safety) but also for projecting holograms in the outside environment. The AR ADAS based on HMDrive technology can reduce the risk of accidents on heavy-duty industrial vehicles by 80% and improve productivity by 20%. On the other hand, HMDrive solution can also be used in the field of sports cars as the enabling technology for "Metaverse motorsport competitions" where real drivers on real cars compete on-track against AR vehicles.
  • Invisens Logo
    Invisens Logo

    Company Description
    A family of 4D radars for automotive L2/3 and L4/5 applications. They are based on off-the-shelf parts and novel low-level software processing. It is not an imaging radar, but along with cameras covers almost any scenario. We also think of open radar processing libraries and datasets later on. Problem solved: Automotive radars are black boxes developed by a limited amount of suppliers. It happens because, unlike cameras, radars implement either complex high- and low-level processing on the unit due to legacy constraints. Dependency on the limited amount of radar suppliers also disadvantages those who develop sensor fusion systems. Solution: Eliminate bottlenecks in the radar architecture caused by conventional high-level processing. It is now split between a sensor fusion system a new low-level engine on the radar. It has consistent data processing rules that fit a sensor fusion system. The approach shows its best on custom radars but works for radar-on-chip as well. Vision: A company that develops radars based on its IP and promotes the automotive radars idea in general. To make money we want to strategically partner with automotive suppliers/manufacturers.
  • 2electron Logo
    2electron Logo

    Company Description
    2electron is an engineering company. Core mission: providing Innovation and high-tech engineering services, E-Mobility device/system development, turn-key projects for the automotive sector. The automotive User Experience in the future in term of FUN TO DRIVE. In ICE vehicles, the sound, the vibrations and the gear-shifting, are the soul of driving. EVs are characterized by a direct/single speed transmission and complete lack of engine noise and vibrations, which results in a much plainer and less appealing driving. Patented McFly technology, has been invented to provide real-time driving interactions (we change the performance) and enabling a wide range of UX (such as sounds, vibrations, driving sensations, dynamics of a real gear-shifting, i.e.). Offer new and branded UX will be one of the most important challenges in the Future of Sustainable Mobility.
  • Novac Logo

    Company Description
    Novac supercaps are completely solid, thanks to the usage of innovative materials and procedures. The absence of liquid prevents explosions, leakages or evaporations which usually limit the number of possible applications of supercaps. The high safety and the wide temperature range are their most important competitive advantages. Problem solved: At the moment the integration of supercapacitors into vehicles leads to different problems, all deriving from the presence of a liquid in their structure. They have a standard and bulky shape (this brings to constraints on the application fields), are unsafe, and work in a very limited range of temperatures. Solution: Novac solves these problems by developing a new generation of supercaps completely solid, using innovative materials and procedures. Furthermore, this supercap is completely mouldable. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to adapt it to different surfaces, reducing the encumbrance and easing the design of the vehicle. Vision: The vision of Novac is to revolutionize electric mobility coupling batteries or fuel cells with safe and high power density systems, perfectly integrated to satisfy structural functions, increasing the life and performance of the battery pack.
  • Ohoskin Logo
    Ohoskin Logo

    Company Description
    Ohoskin is a vegan and sustainable leather-like material made with the byproducts of oranges and cacti. With their production capacity and bio-based composition, they can grant vegan leather with high quality, making Ohoskin suitable for luxury brands. Problem solved: Around 80% of leather worldwide is tanned using chrome, a highly toxic process the impact workers‚ health and the environment. Brand and consumers of luxury goods feel torn between keeping enjoying what they love and living a more sustainable lifestyle. Solution: The company patented a bio-based material that they can process and tan as leather with no environmental and social costs. Vision: They want to make Ohoskin a brand that adds value to luxury goods and makes the company that produces them a symbol of a new luxury that is sustainable and fair to everyone.
  • Green Independence Logo
    Green Independ…
    Green Independence Logo
    Green Independence

    Company Description
    Green Independence is a startup committed in developing disruptive energy technology solutions, gradually leading the transition to a sustainable zero-emission world powered by renewables. Its core business is the strategic and synergic use of different renewable sources in order to provide an innovative energy production and storage system with a very low enviromental impact. Green Independence’s main technology is the NewArtificialLeaf (NAL). NAL makes possible the transformation of combustion’s waste products, CO2 and water (sea water, river water, waste water), into renewable and profitable resources. NAL is a stand-alone-device, inspired by nature, that recycles CO2 emissions while solving the solar energy storage problem by producing "solar fuels". NAL is a new breakthrough technology that is able to efficiently store solar energy into chemical bonds, similarly to what happens in natural photosynthesis, converting water into Green-Hydrogen and/or recycling CO2 into Syngas.
  • Carchain Logo
    Carchain Logo

    Company Description
    With Carchain, current and future owners can build a chain of trust around a car using data relating to its history, integrity, and life, all embedded in an NFT that its owner can share, sell, and transfer. Our ecosystem of blockchain solutions provides transparency for buyers and sellers when advertising, trading, and investing in classic, modern and collector cars. In addition to the classic & collector car market, all types of the 1.4 billion cars on our roads along with motorbikes, planes, and other vehicles, can be digitised and preserved via our platform.
  • Newtwen Logo
    Newtwen Logo

    Company Description
    Our mission is to democratize the use of digital twins throughout the industry. We develop software that generates real-time embedded digital twin solutions for model predictive control and diagnostics of electromechanical systems, enhancing performance, longevity, and reliability. In essence, our toolchain creates a precise digital replica of a physical device, such as an electric motor or power module, in order to accurately model the electromagnetic and thermodynamic behavior of the system across a wide range of operating conditions. We then apply our proprietary mathematical approach to exponentially reduce the computational complexity of this model—so much so, in fact, that our digital twin can be integrated into the device itself to compute in real-time, “on-chip,” as part of an amazingly fast and accurate firmware solution. By accurately predicting temperatures and other critical system parameters thousands of times per second, our Digital Twin On-Chip solutions not only provide unprecedented insight for real-time control techniques to enhance system performance, but also pave the way for data-as-a-service capabilities such as predictive maintenance, monitoring of component aging, and anomaly detection.
  • Reefilla Logo
    Reefilla Logo

    Company Description
    Reefilla offers its service through some enablers: -Platform: Consinst of an IT system that is connected to the hardware via API to monitor the fleet and predict the needs via AI -Portable Chargers: Swappable batteries enabled simple and quick charge -Stationary Charger: DCFC is up to 8x Faster than AC and includes an easy set-up and relocation, Especially second life batteries are used for their service Reefilla wants to increase the charge opportunities in urban areas, with easily accessible services when needed or where infrastructure is yet to come through. They offer an integrated ecosystem-based battery powered portable device that is connected and optimized by an IoT Platform.
  • ElectroKnox Logo

    Company Description
    ElectroKnox’s Intelligent Vehicle Platform helps car makers to overcome network communications challenges in today's highly complex vehicle networks that could include 100+ ECUs using different protocols. EK’s hardware- and vehicle E/E architecture- agnostic SW Stack seamlessly bridges network communications across different vehicle domains and communications protocols. Car makers using EK’s SW Stack have much better control over their vehicles’ SW architecture and are able to take advantage of new, centralized vehicle architecture as Tesla has. EK SW also allows vehicle apps to be deployed in a safe, secure, and stand-alone manner, simplifying development of vehicle applications such as smart diagnostics, whole vehicle OTA, etc, thus clearing the path to software-defined vehicles. Vehicle feature development and update become much less complex when more vehicle functionalities are software defined and the number of hardware ECUs is reduced. EK's powerful, vehicle architecture agnostic HW offers a high-performance compute solution that serves well as central / zonal gateways or domain controller, replacing multiple HW ECUs to give car OEMs the ability to better adapt to changing vehicle network topology, new technology, & fit the future need of software-defined vehicles.
  • Hyperspec AI Logo
    Hyperspec AI

    Company Description
    Only 3% of US roadways are covered by the high-definition master maps that today's self-driving cars require to navigate. Without a hard tether to these maps, or beyond their bounds, autonomous vehicles simply cannot operate. Worse, the coverage of these maps is expanding at a rate of only 2% every 5 years. At Hyperspec AI we are expanding navigable roadways for autonomous vehicles to 95%, today, by equipping each car with our onboard vision hardware that localizes and navigates with true autonomy. Our high-frequency periodic calibration corrects for drift using satellite imagery to achieve continuous precise real-time positioning at a fraction of the cost.
  • WingDriver Logo

    Company Description
    Starting by targeting mobility, WingDriver aims to significantly reduce the number of road accidents caused by driver mistakes, by building an Aftermarket AI tech for driver and vehicle monitoring, designed specifically for smartphones. WingDriver is the only company applying AI to a combination of facial analysis, vehicle inertial data, and the vehicle surroundings to accurately identify dangerous situations, before the driver causes an accident. The WingDriver app uses smartphone sensors and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) research results, as the foundation for all the interoperability between sensors and all the decision making processes. Additionally to the app we will launch the complementary: - Cloud data: Enabling for a better risk assessment and consequently improved insurance products; - Fleet manager dashboard: Enabling professional fleets to better manage their assets and drivers; - WingDriver SDK: To enable any mobile application company to include these safety features in their products. - White label apps: Our iOS and Android apps are developed in a way that enables a quick change on the visuals to fit our client needs. Facilitating proof of concept activities. New Vehicle Mandates Coming in 2022, from Europe, USA and China.

    Company Description
    Cybersecurity is becoming a requirement for ensuring the safety of today's mobility. Autocrypt provides comprehensive, end-to-end security for transportation technologies, including: - In-Vehicle Security : autonomous and connected vehicles cybersecurity including consulting, testing, security solutions, intrusion detection and protection system (IDS and IDPS), vehicle security operations center (vSOC) - Vehicle-To-Everything (V2X): Smart cities and connected cars security based on Public Key Infrastructure, Certificates and Encryption - Vehicle-To-Grid (V2G) Security: EV Charging security based on Plug & Charge (ISO 15118) and Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) - Digital Key: vehicle smart key installed on your smartphone - Fleet Management System (FMS) for Shared Mobility: efficient and secured fleet management though data analysis and customized development
  • dRISK Logo

    Company Description
    dRISK is an autonomous vehicle company that provides smoother and safer AV solutions for the vehicle industry. The company focused on reducing transportation risk and helping customers create safe and effective autonomous technologies. With dRISK, AV developers can now rigorously test and improve their systems on the full space of edge cases, via: • A comprehensive taxonomy of edge cases derived from a huge variety of edge-case-specific data sources, • A patented technology delivering optimal, semi random and non overlapping test sets guaranteed to traverse the training space while minimizing overtraining, i.e. uniformly improve on all edge cases while preserving performance on center cases, and • A sensor-realistic, reality-matched simulation environment for massively parallel, real-time HIL testing as well as perception re-training. dRISK is now offering these capabilities to AV developers in the form of an edge case API and associated simulation product suite which can test a fully sensorized autonomous vehicle in simulation.

    Company Description
    WHYGRENE’s Energy Exchange is a SaaS application that accelerates the sustainable energy transition by helping solve renewable energy’s greatest problem, which is the power supply & demand imbalance. Our solution is a Blockchain-based TDERMS that automatically buys & sells energy with utilities & their DER customers to balance the grid. While addressing this problem, WHYGRENE adds value to both utilities & DER owners. First, we save utilities money by aggregating DERs as Virtual Power plants (VPPs) for grid services instead of building expensive fossil fuel plants. Second, we increase the ROI for DER owners by compensating them for providing these services. Our hybrid cloud & blockchain application is more secure, decentralized, efficient & affordable, compared to existing software which is centralized & unsecure, or other blockchains that are inefficient & costly. We have over 75 years experience with software, business & utilities when enabling us to find the right product market fit. Our app is the missing piece of software that utilities & DER owners need to monitor & manage the production, storage, consumption & transfers of energy & Renewable Energy Credits (REC). WHYGRENE’s goal is to help utilities Decarbonize, Digitize & Decentralize the grid.
  • Talyn Air Logo
    Talyn Air

    Company Description
    Talyn Air is an electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft system. It separates and recombines in the air and allows each vehicle to operate at peak efficiency without wasting energy. Jamie Gull and Evan Mucasey established it in Los Angeles, California.
  • Emsense Logo

    Company Description
    A Sweden based software development company focusing on developing software and algorithms for sensors that can be used for multiple cases - focusing on the automotive sector, personal safety, public spaces and logistics. This solution is very flexible and provides scalability across business areas. Automotive: Radar technology that can detect heart rates, respiration and other parameters that are affecting the drivers during the ride. This health data is sent in realtime to dispatchers and emergency personnel if a road traffic accident occurs. By providing dispatchers with this data as soon as an accident occurs they have the ability to prioritize rescue efforts, thus saving both lives and expenses. Personal safety and public spaces: by detecting health parameters in public spaces the company can both know if a space is occupied and if the person is in need of help. This is practical in areas where cameras are not feasible. Logistics: Emsense wants to prevent accidents in environments where warehouse equipment is used, such as trucks, pallet lifters and other machines. Focus here is both preventive and reactive measures to save lives.
  • eLeapPower Logo

    Company Description
    eLeapPower has developed a suite of trail-blazing technologies for zero-emission electric vehicles. Our innovative powertrain technology optimizes battery performance and significantly cuts charging time. This also allows for bidirectional charging, as well as charging directly from renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Our patented technology eliminates the need for on-board chargers, lowering manufacturing costs. Moreover, our powertrain works across all manufacturers, vehicle types and batteries.
  • Cling Systems Logo
    Cling Systems

    Company Description
    The Cling platform connects the dots between manufacturers, owners of used batteries, dismantlers and workshops [sellers] with the buyers that capture most environmental and commercial value. In turn, by aggregating batteries and data on the platform and providing logistics, remanufacturers and recyclers [buyers] can source the batteries that fit their specific needs. By coupling each battery with its material content and location, Cling is developing the world’s first online mine.
  • ELEXIR Logo

    Company Description
    Elixir is developing a new, completely digital software platform for the automotive industry; it helps automotive companies to develop their cars much faster. Their technology allows car functions to reside in secure, containerized apps such that developers can improve vehicle functions - even while the car is already in customer hands. This shortens development cycles from years to weeks. Car functions are no longer defined by components but rather by apps running on the versatile ELEXIR platform. For this to work, a clean-sheet-of-paper approach is needed that the big OEMs cannot perform or risk. They envision ELEXIR to be a modern building block from new EV startups to big OEMs. ELEXIR enables its customers to concentrate on what makes their car special, while they make the development process and customer experience a breeze. Car manufacturers and app developers alike don't need to care anymore about certification, security, deployment, and updates. Their architecture aims at providing the highest level of security and safety while abstracting from underlying hardware details of the vehicle: The operating system of mobility. This will transform mobility as we know it by opening the market to 3rd party creativity through open data and open APIs that solve actual user needs.
  • Morelli Tech Logo
    Morelli Tech

    Company Description
    Morelli Tech is a start-up born with the idea of revolutionizing the concept of 'hologram'​ making it attractive to people as well as companies. The company develops hologram augmented reality systems with the possibility of interacting with them, to be implemented on cars of the future (holographic windshields), 3D prototyping systems and transparent touch screens. They are building a mixed reality system that can display all the information necessary for driving, such as speedometer, navigator, time, incoming calls, etc. on the windscreen by the projection of a hologram. With AI, they are able to detect any obstacles on the road, such as pedestrians, cars or objects that obstruct the journey or road signs.
  • Driver Technologies Logo
    Driver Technol…
    Driver Technologies Logo
    Driver Technologies

    Company Description
    Driver Technologies provides enterprise partners with critical behavioral driving data at scale. Working with the industry's leading insurance and autonomous vehicle companies, DTI's DriverCloud combines driving video (both internal and external), telematics, computer-vision-based reference labels, distance and speed calculations and analytics in a search-optimized, cloud-based platform. From highways to cities, edge cases to geographical nuances, the DriverCloud's powerful search and filter capabilities enable users to quickly understand real-world driving behavior and improve their own data models. Existing partners utilize the platform for planning and prediction, informing simulations and training context-aware telematics and risk models to bring their products from R&D to production worldwide.
  • ACCURE Battery Intelligence Logo
    ACCURE Battery…
    ACCURE Battery Intelligence Logo
    ACCURE Battery Intelligence

    Company Description
    ACCURE is a data analytics platform improving the safety, reliability and longevity of battery systems through cloud computing. Accure works with energy and mobility companies around the world and has built strong partnerships with insurance firms. Their database contains the operating data of over 1,000 MWh of batteries from all relevant suppliers and in all relevant use cases- the largest independent database of battery performance in the world.
  • Moment Energy Logo
    Moment Energy

    Company Description
    Electric Vehicle batteries still have up to 80% of their capacity left when they are retired from electric cars. Moment is re-purposing EV batteries to create sustainable energy storage. Their units can be paired with any energy source and will be used to replace diesel generators in remote communities. By re-purposing electric vehicle batteries, they extend their lifetime value and provide a viable option for remote communities to transition from using diesel power.
  • Electric Fish Logo
    Electric Fish

    Company Description
    Electric Fish's plan is to engineer, design, and assemble energy storage units with XFC outlet ports, with an initial focus on mobile deployable units. These mobile units will help to make better selections for infrastructure upgrades, to deploy large scale distributed urban energy storage. ElectricFish’s 350² provides community energy storage infrastructure with extreme fast charging. Their plug-and-play system is designed to power community loads through a bi-directional electricity meter, and an ultrafast charging CCS port that can deliver extreme-fast charging rates to vehicle architectures from 300 - 950 VDC. CoReScore is a siting algorithm that uses data from electrical grid local power capacity, vehicle trip-to-trip data, and user demographics to choose the most impactful locations to build distributed storage. Their approach considers hosting capacity, consumer behavior, and technical challenges for building a new electrical grid.
  • Maaind Logo

    Company Description
    Maaind is a neuroscience and AI start-up developing novel neurotechnology that fuses biometrics, sensors, BCI (Brain-Computer Interfaces) and Machine Learning to enable objective measurements of mental states (stress, emotional states, cognitive performance) in real-life settings. Neuroadaptive platform Their core offering is the Maaind middleware platform - available through an API as well as through app-level integrations. Real-time mental state Using real-time biometric and speech recordings in a secure and privacy-preserving way, the platform allows understanding the user's affective state in real-time. Multi-modal Their algorithms are trained using multiple types of data to achieve higher accuracy in different settings. They combine speech, HRV, neural and behavioral data.
  • Social Airbag Logo
    Social Airbag

    Company Description
    Social Airbag is a Mexican company whose purpose is to eliminate transit accidents caused by texting and driving and fatigue. Social Airbag mobile app blocks the user cellphone when exceeding 15km/hr allowing navigation systems, incoming calls, and emergency calls. This way the driver can use the phone in a responsible way. The web app display route analysis and driver's behavior allowing the fleet manager to control in real-time all their fleet and to generate reports in order to increase productivity and performance on their drivers. Social Airbag (Tired Bag) is a facial recognition system that runs through a night vision camera on the unit that identifies when the driver is falling asleep setting up an alarm to let them know they are not in conditions to drive. These products generate a cost decrease on our clients in insurance policies, opportunity costs, accident costs, etc. Most importantly Social Airbag is committed to saving thousands of lives annually worldwide.
  • GO TO-U Logo
    GO TO-U

    Company Description
    GO TO-U enables charge point operators (CPOs) to manage, operate and monetize EV charging infrastructure. With GO TO-U complete end-to-end services for EV charging management and operations, CPOs drive two times higher utilization of the locations. GO TO-U mobile application helps EV drivers to find CPOs’ locations, book EV charging stations together with access to facilities and services while charging. Their products include: 1. Powerful dashboard for operators: - EV charging management - Location-based marketing - Billing and invoicing - Statistics and Big Data Analysis 2. Convenient mobile application for EV drivers: - Chargers reservation - Amenities reservation - Simple payments - Route planning
  • Phantasma Labs Logo
    Phantasma Labs

    Company Description
    At Phantasma Labs, they are changing the way in which Autonomous Vehicle companies acquire crucial human behaviour datasets - at scale. Through their Simulation as a Service platform, they crowdsource human input to generate synthetic datasets for training autonomous cars(L3-L5). Users interact as pedestrians or drivers etc., with their life-like virtual worlds which are powered by high-performance physics and game engines. This unique approach allows autonomous systems to be trained for the crucial behavioral edge cases occurring in urban environments. These are the cases currently keeping driverless cars from entering cities. They can answer hard questions, such as what are the ways in which humans behave in urban areas? How do crazy drivers/violators drive on streets? How do people behave across cultural differences? Their first offering includes scenario datasets and human behaviour models that can be used in the existing workflows and simulation stacks of autonomous driving companies.
  • LinkbyCar Logo

    Company Description
    LinkBycar is the connected vehicles Intelligence Platform, that use car telematics natively embedded by cars connected to a high frequency network. No more bag of tools and wasted time. LinkByCar is one single platform connected to multiple car brands allowing product and service providers to derive values from data generated by cars. Why Now? Connected cars growth will outpace population growth for the next 10 years. It will generate about 152 million actively cars connected to high frequency network. What issue are we trying to solve? A lot of the frustration with providers of cars products and services come from poor communication and a poor knowledge between provided services and the way customers use them. The LinkBycar platform allows automotive product and services providers to create a new generation of products that integrates driving behavior of their customers from the surrounding environment, generates insights and simplifies customer experiences.
  • Uniquesec AB Logo
    Uniquesec AB

    Company Description
    UniqueSec AB is an innovative company, developing advanced signal processing algorithms for small-scale radars in various applications such as level measurement, distance and speed measurement, presence detection, outdoor surveillance and object classification. We also design test and verification solutions for radars in different applications particularly in automotive. Our core expertise is the development of signal processing for short-range radars, operating in high frequencies and wide band. We develop advanced signal processing algorithms to make these sensors perform measurements in various conditions. Using this know-how, we have implemented a complete radar system for distance measurement. This product, called UR2, is an affordable solution which improves the precision and maximum range of measurement. It can be reconfigured to measure distance, speed and direction of movement through software upgrade. Our other product is a radar for object classification. It demonstrates the potential of our radar in security and surveillance with reduced cost and without privacy issues. UniqueSec also provides a Radar Development Platform (RDP1) to help signal processing development in industries, universities and research institutes.
  • Albora Logo

    Company Description
    Albora Technologies develops next-generation high-accuracy geolocation solutions for industrial and mass-market applications. The company’s technologies offer fast, high-accuracy, software-based and hardware-agnostic GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) solutions, enabling customers to obtain better geolocation information that is reliable, safe and secure. Our products are especially suited for tracking assets in challenging environments, such as urban areas, industrial complexes and critical infrastructures.
  • BroadBit Batteries Logo
    BroadBit Batte…
    BroadBit Batteries Logo
    BroadBit Batteries

    Company Description
    BroadBit is commercializing sodium chloride (table salt) based battery innovations replacing and surpassing current lithium based batteries in terms of cost, energy, sustainability and scalability; making electric cars cheaper and better performing, grid storage economically attractive and even enabling electric airplanes. BroadBit's batteries are exceptionally fast charging and have high energy per weight and low material and manufacturing costs. For brand manufacturers, BroadBit sells in-house produced battery components for assembly or licenses its battery chemistry, structure and manufacturing technologies. For others, BroadBit sells 3rd party / white-label assembled batteries directly or via distribution partners. BroadBit's components are scalabily made by simple roll-to-roll processing. BroadBit outsources the most labor and CAPEX intensive part of manufacturing, battery and pack assembly, while maintaining control over its key component IP and know-how.
  • Blickfeld Logo

    Company Description
    Blickfeld is disrupting the LiDAR sensor industry by using MEMS-based mirror technology to steer the ranging laser beam instead of relying on mechanical spinners. Our solution is more compact, maintenance free, and provides new capabilities, such as changing scan resolutions on the fly. They work with global automotive OEMs and suppliers to integrate sensors within the vehicle body, providing mid-range sensing data for autonomous navigation. They also offer a stand-alone sensor, the Cube, that can be deployed in a variety of Internet of Things applications, including: • People counting and monitoring – the sensor system is particularly well suited for deployment in large halls or outdoor settings. The companion software (Percept) makes it easy to locate counting “portals” anywhere in the scene. • Mapping: a key early application area is the real-time volume measurement of large stockpiles of minerals and other mining products. • Security: LiDAR sensing works in all lighting conditions and is far less sensitive to false alarms than existing solutions in perimeter monitoring. • Navigation: The Blickfeld’s Cube light weight (270g) makes it a perfect sensor for deployment on drones, performing collision avoidance and mapping tasks. The Cube has been shipping since 2020.
  • TG0 - Material Sensing Logo
    TG0 - Material…
    TG0 - Material Sensing Logo
    TG0 - Material Sensing

    Company Description
    TGO delivers existing products and prototypes for: door handles, seat controllers, pressure mapping in-seat foams, touch sensing steering wheels and other automotive human machine interfaces.
  • Phantasma Labs Logo
    Phantasma Labs

    Company Description
    "At Phantasma Labs, we are changing the way in which Autonomous Vehicle companies acquire crucial human behaviour datasets - at scale. Through our Simulation as a Service platform, we crowdsource human input to generate synthetic datasets for training autonomous cars(L3-L5). Users interact as pedestrians or drivers etc., with our life-like virtual worlds which are powered by high-performance physics and game engines.Our first offering includes scenario datasets and human behaviour models that can be used in the existing workflows and simulation stacks of autonomous driving companies."
  • MightyFly Logo

    Company Description
    MightyFly is revolutionizing the logistics market with an expedited delivery service that is faster, cheaper and carbon neutral. MightyFly provides deliveries with a network of automated hubs and high-speed autonomous cargo aircraft with 600 miles of range and 500 lbs of cargo capacity. MightyFly specializes in expedited deliveries for both businesses and consumers across all industry sectors.
  • Meili Technologies Logo
    Meili Technolo…

    Company Description
    The Mobileye for in-cabin safety, Meili Technologies is a contactless medical emergency detection and response system. By employing machine learning techniques such as computer vision and anomaly detection, Meili automatically identifies if a rider is experiencing a medical emergency, whether as the result of a car crash or a medical event such as a heart attack or a seizure. Our system then alerts first responders to ensure that riders receive the care they need as quickly as possible.
  • ChargeNet Stations Logo
    ChargeNet Stat…

    Company Description
    ChargeNet Stations's software platform makes it seamless for Quick Serve Restaurants to offer customers a superior EV charge up experience while satisfying their hunger. ChargeNet's ChargeOpt hardware-agnostic SaaS platform optimizes EV chargers and renewable energy to turn parking lots into profit centers. With over 31,000 fast food restaurants in California alone and only 4% of the EV charging infrastructure we’re going to need by 2040, we’ve structured ourselves to use modular solutions to scale rapidly. Our world-class diversified team with direct domain experience transforms QSR parking lots from cost centers to profit centers while enabling underserved communities to seamlessly extract maximum value from mobility electrification. We have commercial traction on several fronts with revenue and a solid pipeline for rapid growth.
  • Bluedot Technologies, Inc. Logo
    Bluedot Techno…
    Bluedot Technologies, Inc. Logo
    Bluedot Technologies, Inc.

    Company Description
    "Airbnb of charging stations for electric car users. Bluedot is a marketplace where electric vehicles reach charging units and charger owners can share their spots with others. It is a software and hardware integrated system with a mobile application where charger owners can easily schedule and share charger units and make money, while electric car owners reach all the chargers which are publicly and privately-owned. Bluedot App gives booking highlights, which permit EV drivers to discover and book a charging spot and explore an outing. Bluedot Pass for electric vehicle charging has been made compatible with more than 400 networks in Europe, the famous network of rapid charging points on motorways."
  • bloXmove Logo

    Company Description
    bloXmove makes a B2B/B2G decentralized mobility alliance possible by connecting transport operators in their existing apps. Their highly specialized distributed ledger technology combined with decentralized identities (DID) offers mobility service providers a fully automated integrated infrastructure for all transactions: identifying customers, concluding contracts, balancing bookings.
  • BattGenie Logo

    Company Description
    Fast charging and longer life for lithium-ion batteries in all applications - EVs, consumer electronics and stationary storage
  • Zadar Labs Logo
    Zadar Labs

    Company Description
    Zadar Labs brings radar intelligence to autonomous systems
  • UNL Logo

    Company Description
    UNL is a smart location platform that provides businesses with the mapping, location and data tools to build highly scalable, hyper-local services and applications.
  • Aiden Logo

    Company Description
    Developer of an automotive software intended to provide rich, reliable and real-time communication across vehicle brands.
  • Annotell Logo

    Company Description
    The analytics and annotation platform used to ensure the performance of autonomous vehicle perception systems.
  • livil Logo

    Company Description
    livil makes it possible to work safely and productively in the vehicle.
  • Axion Logo

    Company Description
    Axion is the future of program management for engineering leaders in R&D.
  • Radchat Logo

    Company Description
    Radchat offers a completely new approach to vehicle communications. By adding communication capabilities to radar chips we can proactively delete radar interference, enhance radar functionalities, and open up new possibilities within data sharing.
  • Synop Logo

    Company Description
    Building the Backbone of Commercial EVs
  • Infinite Mobility Logo
    Infinite Mobil…

    Company Description
    Solar Electric Vehicles for Urban Mobility.
  • Aura Intelligent Systems, Inc. Logo
    Aura Intellige…
    Aura Intelligent Systems, Inc. Logo
    Aura Intelligent Systems, Inc.

    Company Description
    A disruptive 4D millimeter wave sensor for autonomous mobility
  • General Radar Logo
    General Radar

    Company Description
    Developer of high resolution 3D imaging radar for autonomous systems.
  • Nodar Logo

    Company Description
    We build mass-producible 3D sensors.
  • DriveU Logo

    Company Description
    Open connectivity and teleoperations platform for autonomous vehicles.
  • Bareways Logo

    Company Description
    Bareways develops software solutions to enable driving assistance features in non-urban areas with non-paved roads.
  • Terra Autonomy Logo
    Terra Autonomy

    Company Description
    Stealth mode startup focused on increasing the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles
  • U-MaP Co., Ltd. Logo
    U-MaP Co., Ltd.

    Company Description
    Development (fiber aluminum nitride single crystal) that can solve the thermal problem of resin in the electronic equipment industry
  • TIL Inc. Logo
    TIL Inc.

    Company Description
    Development of AI-equipped voice system that can take measures against harassment and road heating control system in snowy areas
  • scheme verge, Inc. Logo
    scheme verge, …
    scheme verge, Inc. Logo
    scheme verge, Inc.

    Company Description
    Development of tourism/urban development service that utilizes data
  • LOZI, Inc. Logo
    LOZI, Inc.

    Company Description
    Development of logistics solution that utilizes smart barcodes
  • GHOST-feel it. GmbH Logo
    GHOST-feel it.…
    GHOST-feel it. GmbH Logo
    GHOST-feel it. GmbH

    Company Description
    Development of mechanism to transmit information to humans using haptic technology such as vibration patterns
  • DroidDrive GmbH Logo
    DroidDrive GmbH

    Company Description
    Development of micro-mobility electric freight vehicle for urban logistics
  • 207, Inc Logo
    207, Inc

    Company Description
    Development of business focusing on the last mile "delivery" part of logistics
  • Provizio Ltd. Logo
    Provizio Ltd.
    Provizio Ltd. Logo
    Provizio Ltd.

    Company Description
    Detection, prediction and prevention of car accident by using unique long-distance image sensor & AI
  • Lightblue Technology Inc. Logo
    Lightblue Tech…
    Lightblue Technology Inc. Logo
    Lightblue Technology Inc.

    Company Description
    Reducing occupational accidents with using human sensing and information extraction technology
  • Iterate Labs Inc. Logo
    Iterate Labs I…
    Iterate Labs Inc. Logo
    Iterate Labs Inc.

    Company Description
    AI-equipped platform digitizing human movements to improve labor productivity
  • Exipple Studio, Inc. Logo
    Exipple Studio…
    Exipple Studio, Inc. Logo
    Exipple Studio, Inc.

    Company Description
    Enabling understanding and response to human movements and behaviors via cameras and sensors
  • Coco Inc. Logo
    Coco Inc.

    Company Description
    CX (customer experience) platform to maximize on-site customer service in stores
  • Cerebri AI Inc. Logo
    Cerebri AI Inc.

    Company Description
    Development and sale of CVX, the world's most sophisticated customer experience platform
  • Car Scanner Logo
    Car Scanner

    Company Description
    Technology for vehicle apperance inspection in 120 seconds by utilizing original scanning device
  • AZAPA Inc. Logo
    AZAPA Inc.

    Company Description
    Interpretation of human emotions from biodata and activity records and converting it into services
  • Applications Mobiles Overview, Inc. Logo
    Applications M…
    Applications Mobiles Overview, Inc. Logo
    Applications Mobiles Overview, Inc.

    Company Description
    Developed end-to-end 3D solution utilizing technologies of reconstruction, recognition, and analysis
  • Anagog Ltd. Logo
    Anagog Ltd.

    Company Description
    Developing customer-understanding solutions utilizing location intelligence and business analytics
  • A.N.Lab Joint Stock Company Logo
    A.N.Lab Joint …
    A.N.Lab Joint Stock Company Logo
    A.N.Lab Joint Stock Company

    Company Description
    We provide solutions to automate and improve the efficiency of business operations with image AI.
  • autofleet ltd. Logo
    autofleet ltd.

    Company Description
    Development of platform to predict and operate the supply and demand of vehicle sharing services
  • BaseTracK Technology Ltd. Logo
    BaseTracK Tech…
    BaseTracK Technology Ltd. Logo
    BaseTracK Technology Ltd.

    Company Description
    Provision of all-weather autonomous driving and 20% fuel economy savings for heavy-duty truck and freight logistics companies
  • Flect Co., Ltd. Logo
    Flect Co., Ltd.

    Company Description
    Providing of SaaS type Cariot for real-time vehicle dynamics management of company vehicles
  • FleetOps Ltd. Logo
    FleetOps Ltd.

    Company Description
    Operating a matching platform for truck drivers and freight

    Company Description
    The world's first! Manufacturing and development of biomass nanocarbon
  • Keeper Inc. Logo
    Keeper Inc.

    Company Description
    Development of service that matches elderly people who are having trouble moving with nursing-care taxis that provide transportation
  • Luup, Inc. Logo
    Luup, Inc.
    Luup, Inc. Logo
    Luup, Inc.

    Company Description
    Deployment of micro-mobility sharing services
  • SWAT Mobility Pte. Ltd. Logo
    SWAT Mobility …
    SWAT Mobility Pte. Ltd. Logo
    SWAT Mobility Pte. Ltd.

    Company Description
    Provision of on-demand joint transportation shuttle service. Implementation of smart shuttle operation
  • nommoc Inc. Logo
    nommoc Inc.

    Company Description
    We are a business entity that provides "free transportation services" to consumers in order to create a new transportation culture and make people's lives richer and more comfortable.
  • SE4, Inc Logo
    SE4, Inc

    Company Description
    Research and development of robot teleoperation technology that is unaffected by communication delays by integrating robotics x VR x AI
  • Ubipark Pty Ltd. Logo
    Ubipark Pty Lt…
    Ubipark Pty Ltd. Logo
    Ubipark Pty Ltd.

    Company Description
    UbiPark develops the best in-car mobility solutions, enabling people around the world to travel safer and smarter.
  • Whip Mobility Sdn Bhd Logo
    Whip Mobility …
    Whip Mobility Sdn Bhd Logo
    Whip Mobility Sdn Bhd

    Company Description
    Management of a platform that can provide on-demand services for customer interactions with car dealers throug the app
  • Xenon Automotive India Pvt Ltd. Logo
    Xenon Automoti…
    Xenon Automotive India Pvt Ltd. Logo
    Xenon Automotive India Pvt Ltd.

    Company Description
    Developing the software that simplifies vehicle damage assessment using computer vision
  • AC Biode Ltd. Logo
    AC Biode Ltd.

    Company Description
    Developed the first stand-alone AC battery
  • Asilla, Inc. Logo
    Asilla, Inc.

    Company Description
    AI that analyzes human behavior and other behavior
  • C2A Security ltd. Logo
    C2A Security l…
    C2A Security ltd. Logo
    C2A Security ltd.

    Company Description
    Automotive cyber security solutions
  • CarServ, Inc. Logo
    CarServ, Inc.

    Company Description
    IT solutions for automobile maintenance factories
  • Deutsche Energiesysteme GmbH Logo
    Deutsche Energ…
    Deutsche Energiesysteme GmbH Logo
    Deutsche Energiesysteme GmbH

    Company Description
    Developing versatile heating solutions and materials
  • Dream Drive K.K Logo
    Dream Drive K.K

    Company Description
    Rental company for tourists visiting Japan with a small van
  • EPIKAR Inc. Logo
    EPIKAR Inc.

    Company Description
    Car subscription company
  • Spacelink Co., Ltd. Logo
    Spacelink Co.,…
    Spacelink Co., Ltd. Logo
    Spacelink Co., Ltd.

    Company Description
    LiDAR sensor for mobility (autonomous car/robot)
  • SOS LAB co,. Ltd. Logo
    SOS LAB co,. L…

    Company Description
    Development of supply chain optimization platform using AI
  • Visionaries 777 Logo
    Visionaries 777

    Company Description
    Developed “Green Capacitor” using graphene as a capacitor
  • Cartken Logo

    Company Description
    Cartken makes communities more connected by bridging the distance between customers and the local businesses they love. Our autonomous robot platform is designed to transport goods over short distances and in local neighborhoods. We use advanced AI to power our robots, making them the safest and most reliable in the market today.
  • Valiot Logo

    Company Description
    Valiot creates state of the art software for manufacturing processes and distribution.
  • Retrocausal Logo

    Company Description
    Building visual "mistake-proofing" systems that assist manufacturing assembly workers become more efficient, leveraging cameras and computer vision.
  • Mobilyze.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Mobilyze.ai is the prediction engine for the electric vehicle (EV) market, helping companies micro-target EV-buying households, and optimize the deployment of EV charging stations and grid infrastructure.
  • Liftango Logo

    Company Description
    Want better results from your existing commute program? Drive reliable performance with Liftango On-Demand Transport & Carpooling platforms
  • Dreyev Logo

    Company Description
    AI-powered Copilot to prevent Distracted and Drowsy Driving to fleet managers, insurers and ride sharing companies.
  • Intecells Logo

    Company Description
    Intecells is a manufacturer of lithium batteries.
  • ChargerHelp! Logo

    Company Description
    On demand repair of networked electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Anthill Logo

    Company Description
    Anthill enables companies to retain, engage, and develop employees when work happens away from the office.
  • Imperium Drive Logo
    Imperium Drive

    Company Description
    Enable autonomous vehicles to safely navigate through complex environments.
  • R4DAR Logo

    Company Description
    R4DAR is developing the integrated sensor solution for a Level 4 and above automated vehicles.
  • Creation Labs Logo
    Creation Labs

    Company Description
    Safer, more fuel efficient Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) for trucks.

    Company Description
    Sensor fusion software for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Vehicles (SDC).
  • Ottonomy IO Logo
    Ottonomy IO

    Company Description
    Autonomous robot fleets to make contactless deliveries for safe and enhanced user experience in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Downtown.AI Logo

    Company Description
    Downtown.AI uses ML to optimize & predict traffic.
  • Helix Technologies Logo
    Helix Technolo…

    Company Description
    Helix Technologies is pioneering Dielectric-loaded Multi-Filar Antenna (DMA) technology to address immediate applications that require precision geo-location and timing such as Autonomous Vehicles, Drones and the Internet of Everything.
  • Iomob Logo

    Company Description
    Iomob is an open MaaS technology platform for rail, cities and their transit agencies. It enables transport providers to offer citizens world-class connected mobility services, by creating scalable and efficient mobility markets that are interoperable between cities.
  • Autoflow Logo

    Company Description
    Autoflow is creating the future of user experience by combining next-gen interface technology like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and OLED with highly contextual, AI-driven content fed by a vast and diverse range of data sources.
  • Xona Space Systems Inc. Logo
    Xona Space Sys…
    Xona Space Systems Inc. Logo
    Xona Space Systems Inc.

    Company Description
    Xona Space is developing a next-generation "Super-GPS" system to provide the high accuracy, security, and availability that the autonomous and connected word needs, both indoors and out.
  • Beam Connectivity Logo
    Beam Connectiv…

    Company Description
    Connected Vehicle as a Service platform.
  • Car Scanner Logo
    Car Scanner

    Company Description
    Body and interior visual documentation of a car within two minutes.
  • Deeyook Logo

    Company Description
    Deeyook offers a wireless based, infrastructure free, power saving, and accurate indoor and outdoor positioning solution.
  • Inspektlabs Logo

    Company Description
    Inspektlabs automates inspections of vehicles with photos and videos.
  • Koffie Labs Logo
    Koffie Labs

    Company Description
    AI-driven insurance for commercial fleets.
  • Angoka Logo

    Company Description
    ANGOKA is an IoT security start-up focused on protecting machine-to-machine communications for Smart Mobility and Smart Cities.
  • SensioAir Logo

    Company Description
    Sensio Air is a platform that offers sensors, mobile apps, analytics, and services to support respiratory health management. Using smart algorithms, Sensio Air can identify floating particles in the air, determine the causes of someone’s symptoms, and provide them with personalized alerts to drive behavioral change.
  • Interplai Logo

    Company Description
    Creating the world’s most efficient last-mile delivery solution using smart collaborative robots and agents.
  • Utility Global Logo
    Utility Global

    Company Description
    Revolutionizing the world's electricity & hydrogen landscape with zero-carbon, low-cost energy.
  • Viaduct Logo

    Company Description
    Cloud platform deriving actionable insights from connected vehicle data to make them safer, more reliable, and personalized.
  • Traxen Logo

    Company Description
    Energy optimized semi-automated driving for heavy duty trucks.
  • SpearEye Technologies Logo
    SpearEye Techn…
    SpearEye Technologies Logo
    SpearEye Technologies

    Company Description
    Next generation of HD-map lane driving & navigation with V2X capabilities.
  • Soar Robotics Logo
    Soar Robotics

    Company Description
    Reliable Connectivity for the Autonomous World.
  • Sensagrate Logo

    Company Description
    Real-time software for intelligent traffic signals.
  • Qumulus Seating Logo
    Qumulus Seating

    Company Description
    Data driven, truly personalized smart seating technology.
  • Qcraft Logo

    Company Description
    Bringing autonomous driving into real life.
  • Provizio Logo

    Company Description
    Accident prevention platform embeds safety-first thinking to radically transform vehicle safety.
  • Potential Motors Logo
    Potential Moto…

    Company Description
    Uses Artificial Intelligence to boost vehicle safety and performance.
  • Omnitron Sensors Logo
    Omnitron Senso…

    Company Description
    Providing a new degree of freedom to design with in silicon process for sensors.
  • LiveRoad Analytics Logo
    LiveRoad Analy…

    Company Description
    Advanced road weather solution for improved prediction and mitigation of safety or delay risk in transportation.
  • Ivex Logo

    Company Description
    Technology company developing a safety co-pilot for autonomous cars.
  • AiChemist Metal Inc. Logo
    AiChemist Meta…
    AiChemist Metal Inc. Logo
    AiChemist Metal Inc.

    Company Description
    Enables sustainable lightweight batteries using high strength, thin-film, metal and nano-fiber materials.
  • Hybrid LiDAR Systems Logo
    Hybrid LiDAR S…
    Hybrid LiDAR Systems Logo
    Hybrid LiDAR Systems

    Company Description
  • Heex Technologies Logo
    Heex Technolog…
    Heex Technologies Logo
    Heex Technologies

    Company Description
    Data management solution improving access to relevant data for autonomous driving.
  • Heat Inverse Logo
    Heat Inverse

    Company Description
    Photonic thin films that cool with no energy input.
  • Gestoos Logo

    Company Description
    AI solution enabling cameras and sensors to see, understand, and respond to human movement, gestures, and activities.
  • CY Vision Logo
    CY Vision

    Company Description
    3D Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays for next generation and autonomous vehicles.
  • Carbin.AI Logo

    Company Description
    AI system that provides real-time local and global connectivity between vehicles and their surroundings.
  • Bitsensing Logo

    Company Description
    Radar development for self-driving. Promoting better safety through Radar solutions in the era of self-driving cars.
  • Arris Composites Logo
    Arris Composit…

    Company Description
    Next-gen composites for mass market applications including aerospace, automotive, and consumer products.
  • Allganize Logo

    Company Description
    Helps business automate answering questions with Natural Language Understanding technology.
  • Wluper Logo

    Company Description
    Specializes in building a conversational AI for transportation and navigation space.
  • Tactual Labs Logo
    Tactual Labs

    Company Description
    Innovator in human-computer interaction technology.
  • Synaptiv Logo

    Company Description
    Connected car platform helping fleet and OEMs monetize the data generated by their connected vehicles.
  • SoundTrack AI Logo
    SoundTrack AI

    Company Description
    Acoustics-based and AI-enabled Predictive Maintenance Platform.
  • RoboTire Logo

    Company Description
    Automating vehicle maintenance for today and future autonomous vehicles with robot and software.
  • Roadz Logo

    Company Description
    MaaS platform transforming the fragmented $60B global fleet technology market into an integrated Smart Fleet ecosystem.
  • Owl Autonomous Imaging Logo
    Owl Autonomous…
    Owl Autonomous Imaging Logo
    Owl Autonomous Imaging

    Company Description
    Thermal Ranging™ platform that uses proprietary sensors and software to deliver safe autonomous operation to the Autonomous Vehicle, ADAS, and Robotic Mobility markets.
  • One Silicon Chip Photonics Logo
    One Silicon Ch…
    One Silicon Chip Photonics Logo
    One Silicon Chip Photonics

    Company Description
    Integrated and reliable motion sensing solution.
  • Next-Ion Logo

    Company Description
    Battery component startup for fast charging.
  • NeurobotX Logo

    Company Description
    State-of-the-art neuroscience, AI and robotics company that creates spatial intelligence for autonomous drones and cars.
  • JETCOOL Logo

    Company Description
    Cooling for high power electronics.
  • HiAuto Logo

    Company Description
    Automotive Grade Speech Recognition.
  • Frenzy Logo

    Company Description
    Makes mobility free, sustainable and engaging.
  • EV Chip Logo
    EV Chip

    Company Description
    A company developing innovative solutions for power consumption.
  • Electriphi Logo

    Company Description
    Simplifying electrification planning and operations for commercial vehicle fleets.
  • Datu Logo

    Company Description
    Aims to empower everyone with our meta Al technology that can automatically generate customized Al pipelines for different tasks and domains.
  • Clay AIR Logo
    Clay AIR

    Company Description
    AI and computer vision company specializing in hand tracking and gesture software.
  • Caliber Data Labs Logo
    Caliber Data L…

    Company Description
    Building AI platforms for perception-heavy applications.
  • Bia Logo

    Company Description
    Turns electric vehicles into the core enablers of clean and resilient electricity grids.
  • ADAPT Logo

    Company Description
    Accelerates Sustainable Transportation through a single API on an Open Data Exchange.
  • Above Logo

    Company Description
    Many Systems. One Mission. Teamwork for Robots.
  • Relectrify Logo

    Company Description
    Supplies advanced control technology, which increases the lifetime and decreases the cost of battery storage systems, both for second-life and new batteries.
  • Magnax Logo

    Company Description
    Axial flux electric motors with extreme power density for next-gen electric vehicles. They have developed a unique, proprietary variant of axial flux direct drive machines, which can provide a step change in efficiency, size, reliability, manufacturing resource requirement, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Nth Cycle Logo
    Nth Cycle

    Company Description
    Nth Cycle developed a modular recycling technology for cost-efficient recovery of the critical metals from e-waste for reuse in the clean energy sector.
  • Circulor Logo

    Company Description
    Traceability for supply chains and plastics waste. Empowering better business
  • Lincode Logo

    Company Description
    Helping manufacturers go autonomous using AI and ML. Lincode provides visual inspection and shop floor automation using AI, ML and IoT.
  • WEAV3D Logo

    Company Description
    EAV3D Inc. is a manufacturing technology company focused on developing and commercializing revolutionary fiber-reinforced plastic manufacturing processes and processing equipment.
  • Tanvas Logo

    Company Description
    Developer of next-generation technology designed to connect people to the digital world through rich touch interactions.
  • SILC Logo

    Company Description
    SiLC leverages 20 years of silicon photonics heritage to provide a highly integrated 4D FMCW LiDAR vision chip in a proprietary low cost silicon process running at a high volume foundry addressing Automotive, Biometric, Robotics and Consumer application.