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  • TG0 - Material Sensing Logo
    TG0 - Material…
    TG0 - Material Sensing Logo
    TG0 - Material Sensing

    Company Description
    TGO delivers existing products and prototypes for: door handles, seat controllers, pressure mapping in-seat foams, touch sensing steering wheels and other automotive human machine interfaces.
  • Phantasma Labs Logo
    Phantasma Labs

    Company Description
    "At Phantasma Labs, we are changing the way in which Autonomous Vehicle companies acquire crucial human behaviour datasets - at scale. Through our Simulation as a Service platform, we crowdsource human input to generate synthetic datasets for training autonomous cars(L3-L5). Users interact as pedestrians or drivers etc., with our life-like virtual worlds which are powered by high-performance physics and game engines.Our first offering includes scenario datasets and human behaviour models that can be used in the existing workflows and simulation stacks of autonomous driving companies."
  • MightyFly Logo

    Company Description
    MightyFly is revolutionizing the logistics market with an expedited delivery service that is faster, cheaper and carbon neutral. MightyFly provides deliveries with a network of automated hubs and high-speed autonomous cargo aircraft with 600 miles of range and 500 lbs of cargo capacity. MightyFly specializes in expedited deliveries for both businesses and consumers across all industry sectors.
  • Meili Technologies Logo
    Meili Technolo…

    Company Description
    The Mobileye for in-cabin safety, Meili Technologies is a contactless medical emergency detection and response system. By employing machine learning techniques such as computer vision and anomaly detection, Meili automatically identifies if a rider is experiencing a medical emergency, whether as the result of a car crash or a medical event such as a heart attack or a seizure. Our system then alerts first responders to ensure that riders receive the care they need as quickly as possible.
  • ChargeNet Stations Logo
    ChargeNet Stat…

    Company Description
    ChargeNet Stations's software platform makes it seamless for Quick Serve Restaurants to offer customers a superior EV charge up experience while satisfying their hunger. ChargeNet's ChargeOpt hardware-agnostic SaaS platform optimizes EV chargers and renewable energy to turn parking lots into profit centers. With over 31,000 fast food restaurants in California alone and only 4% of the EV charging infrastructure we’re going to need by 2040, we’ve structured ourselves to use modular solutions to scale rapidly. Our world-class diversified team with direct domain experience transforms QSR parking lots from cost centers to profit centers while enabling underserved communities to seamlessly extract maximum value from mobility electrification. We have commercial traction on several fronts with revenue and a solid pipeline for rapid growth.
  • Bluedot Technologies, Inc. Logo
    Bluedot Techno…
    Bluedot Technologies, Inc. Logo
    Bluedot Technologies, Inc.

    Company Description
    "Airbnb of charging stations for electric car users. Bluedot is a marketplace where electric vehicles reach charging units and charger owners can share their spots with others. It is a software and hardware integrated system with a mobile application where charger owners can easily schedule and share charger units and make money, while electric car owners reach all the chargers which are publicly and privately-owned. Bluedot App gives booking highlights, which permit EV drivers to discover and book a charging spot and explore an outing. Bluedot Pass for electric vehicle charging has been made compatible with more than 400 networks in Europe, the famous network of rapid charging points on motorways."
  • bloXmove Logo

    Company Description
    bloXmove makes a B2B/B2G decentralized mobility alliance possible by connecting transport operators in their existing apps. Their highly specialized distributed ledger technology combined with decentralized identities (DID) offers mobility service providers a fully automated integrated infrastructure for all transactions: identifying customers, concluding contracts, balancing bookings.
  • BattGenie Logo

    Company Description
    Fast charging and longer life for lithium-ion batteries in all applications - EVs, consumer electronics and stationary storage
  • Zadar Labs Logo
    Zadar Labs

    Company Description
    Zadar Labs brings radar intelligence to autonomous systems
  • UNL Logo

    Company Description
    UNL is a smart location platform that provides businesses with the mapping, location and data tools to build highly scalable, hyper-local services and applications.
  • Aiden Logo

    Company Description
    Developer of an automotive software intended to provide rich, reliable and real-time communication across vehicle brands.
  • Annotell Logo

    Company Description
    The analytics and annotation platform used to ensure the performance of autonomous vehicle perception systems.
  • livil Logo

    Company Description
    livil makes it possible to work safely and productively in the vehicle.
  • Axion Logo

    Company Description
    Axion is the future of program management for engineering leaders in R&D.
  • Radchat Logo

    Company Description
    Radchat offers a completely new approach to vehicle communications. By adding communication capabilities to radar chips we can proactively delete radar interference, enhance radar functionalities, and open up new possibilities within data sharing.
  • Synop Logo

    Company Description
    Building the Backbone of Commercial EVs
  • Infinite Mobility Logo
    Infinite Mobil…

    Company Description
    Solar Electric Vehicles for Urban Mobility.
  • Aura Intelligent Systems, Inc. Logo
    Aura Intellige…
    Aura Intelligent Systems, Inc. Logo
    Aura Intelligent Systems, Inc.

    Company Description
    A disruptive 4D millimeter wave sensor for autonomous mobility
  • General Radar Logo
    General Radar

    Company Description
    Developer of high resolution 3D imaging radar for autonomous systems.
  • Nodar Logo

    Company Description
    We build mass-producible 3D sensors.
  • DriveU Logo

    Company Description
    Open connectivity and teleoperations platform for autonomous vehicles.
  • Bareways Logo

    Company Description
    Bareways develops software solutions to enable driving assistance features in non-urban areas with non-paved roads.
  • Terra Autonomy Logo
    Terra Autonomy

    Company Description
    Stealth mode startup focused on increasing the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles
  • U-MaP Co., Ltd. Logo
    U-MaP Co., Ltd.

    Company Description
    Development (fiber aluminum nitride single crystal) that can solve the thermal problem of resin in the electronic equipment industry
  • TIL Inc. Logo
    TIL Inc.

    Company Description
    Development of AI-equipped voice system that can take measures against harassment and road heating control system in snowy areas
  • scheme verge, Inc. Logo
    scheme verge, …
    scheme verge, Inc. Logo
    scheme verge, Inc.

    Company Description
    Development of tourism/urban development service that utilizes data
  • LOZI, Inc. Logo
    LOZI, Inc.

    Company Description
    Development of logistics solution that utilizes smart barcodes
  • GHOST-feel it. GmbH Logo
    GHOST-feel it.…
    GHOST-feel it. GmbH Logo
    GHOST-feel it. GmbH

    Company Description
    Development of mechanism to transmit information to humans using haptic technology such as vibration patterns
  • DroidDrive GmbH Logo
    DroidDrive GmbH

    Company Description
    Development of micro-mobility electric freight vehicle for urban logistics
  • 207, Inc Logo
    207, Inc

    Company Description
    Development of business focusing on the last mile "delivery" part of logistics
  • Provizio Ltd. Logo
    Provizio Ltd.
    Provizio Ltd. Logo
    Provizio Ltd.

    Company Description
    Detection, prediction and prevention of car accident by using unique long-distance image sensor & AI
  • Lightblue Technology Inc. Logo
    Lightblue Tech…
    Lightblue Technology Inc. Logo
    Lightblue Technology Inc.

    Company Description
    Reducing occupational accidents with using human sensing and information extraction technology
  • Iterate Labs Inc. Logo
    Iterate Labs I…
    Iterate Labs Inc. Logo
    Iterate Labs Inc.

    Company Description
    AI-equipped platform digitizing human movements to improve labor productivity
  • Exipple Studio, Inc. Logo
    Exipple Studio…
    Exipple Studio, Inc. Logo
    Exipple Studio, Inc.

    Company Description
    Enabling understanding and response to human movements and behaviors via cameras and sensors
  • Coco Inc. Logo
    Coco Inc.

    Company Description
    CX (customer experience) platform to maximize on-site customer service in stores
  • Cerebri AI Inc. Logo
    Cerebri AI Inc.

    Company Description
    Development and sale of CVX, the world's most sophisticated customer experience platform
  • Car Scanner Logo
    Car Scanner

    Company Description
    Technology for vehicle apperance inspection in 120 seconds by utilizing original scanning device
  • AZAPA Inc. Logo
    AZAPA Inc.

    Company Description
    Interpretation of human emotions from biodata and activity records and converting it into services
  • Applications Mobiles Overview, Inc. Logo
    Applications M…
    Applications Mobiles Overview, Inc. Logo
    Applications Mobiles Overview, Inc.

    Company Description
    Developed end-to-end 3D solution utilizing technologies of reconstruction, recognition, and analysis
  • Anagog Ltd. Logo
    Anagog Ltd.

    Company Description
    Developing customer-understanding solutions utilizing location intelligence and business analytics
  • A.N.Lab Joint Stock Company Logo
    A.N.Lab Joint …
    A.N.Lab Joint Stock Company Logo
    A.N.Lab Joint Stock Company

    Company Description
    We provide solutions to automate and improve the efficiency of business operations with image AI.
  • autofleet ltd. Logo
    autofleet ltd.

    Company Description
    Development of platform to predict and operate the supply and demand of vehicle sharing services
  • BaseTracK Technology Ltd. Logo
    BaseTracK Tech…
    BaseTracK Technology Ltd. Logo
    BaseTracK Technology Ltd.

    Company Description
    Provision of all-weather autonomous driving and 20% fuel economy savings for heavy-duty truck and freight logistics companies
  • Flect Co., Ltd. Logo
    Flect Co., Ltd.

    Company Description
    Providing of SaaS type Cariot for real-time vehicle dynamics management of company vehicles
  • FleetOps Ltd. Logo
    FleetOps Ltd.

    Company Description
    Operating a matching platform for truck drivers and freight

    Company Description
    The world's first! Manufacturing and development of biomass nanocarbon
  • Keeper Inc. Logo
    Keeper Inc.

    Company Description
    Development of service that matches elderly people who are having trouble moving with nursing-care taxis that provide transportation
  • Luup, Inc. Logo
    Luup, Inc.
    Luup, Inc. Logo
    Luup, Inc.

    Company Description
    Deployment of micro-mobility sharing services
  • SWAT Mobility Pte. Ltd. Logo
    SWAT Mobility …
    SWAT Mobility Pte. Ltd. Logo
    SWAT Mobility Pte. Ltd.

    Company Description
    Provision of on-demand joint transportation shuttle service. Implementation of smart shuttle operation
  • nommoc Inc. Logo
    nommoc Inc.

    Company Description
    We are a business entity that provides "free transportation services" to consumers in order to create a new transportation culture and make people's lives richer and more comfortable.
  • SE4, Inc Logo
    SE4, Inc

    Company Description
    Research and development of robot teleoperation technology that is unaffected by communication delays by integrating robotics x VR x AI
  • Ubipark Pty Ltd. Logo
    Ubipark Pty Lt…
    Ubipark Pty Ltd. Logo
    Ubipark Pty Ltd.

    Company Description
    UbiPark develops the best in-car mobility solutions, enabling people around the world to travel safer and smarter.
  • Whip Mobility Sdn Bhd Logo
    Whip Mobility …
    Whip Mobility Sdn Bhd Logo
    Whip Mobility Sdn Bhd

    Company Description
    Management of a platform that can provide on-demand services for customer interactions with car dealers throug the app
  • Xenon Automotive India Pvt Ltd. Logo
    Xenon Automoti…
    Xenon Automotive India Pvt Ltd. Logo
    Xenon Automotive India Pvt Ltd.

    Company Description
    Developing the software that simplifies vehicle damage assessment using computer vision
  • AC Biode Ltd. Logo
    AC Biode Ltd.

    Company Description
    Developed the first stand-alone AC battery
  • Asilla, Inc. Logo
    Asilla, Inc.

    Company Description
    AI that analyzes human behavior and other behavior
  • C2A Security ltd. Logo
    C2A Security l…
    C2A Security ltd. Logo
    C2A Security ltd.

    Company Description
    Automotive cyber security solutions
  • CarServ, Inc. Logo
    CarServ, Inc.

    Company Description
    IT solutions for automobile maintenance factories
  • Deutsche Energiesysteme GmbH Logo
    Deutsche Energ…
    Deutsche Energiesysteme GmbH Logo
    Deutsche Energiesysteme GmbH

    Company Description
    Developing versatile heating solutions and materials
  • Dream Drive K.K Logo
    Dream Drive K.K

    Company Description
    Rental company for tourists visiting Japan with a small van
  • EPIKAR Inc. Logo
    EPIKAR Inc.

    Company Description
    Car subscription company
  • Spacelink Co., Ltd. Logo
    Spacelink Co.,…
    Spacelink Co., Ltd. Logo
    Spacelink Co., Ltd.

    Company Description
    LiDAR sensor for mobility (autonomous car/robot)
  • SOS LAB co,. Ltd. Logo
    SOS LAB co,. L…

    Company Description
    Development of supply chain optimization platform using AI
  • Visionaries 777 Logo
    Visionaries 777

    Company Description
    Developed “Green Capacitor” using graphene as a capacitor
  • Cartken Logo

    Company Description
    Cartken makes communities more connected by bridging the distance between customers and the local businesses they love. Our autonomous robot platform is designed to transport goods over short distances and in local neighborhoods. We use advanced AI to power our robots, making them the safest and most reliable in the market today.
  • Valiot Logo

    Company Description
    Valiot creates state of the art software for manufacturing processes and distribution.
  • Retrocausal Logo

    Company Description
    Building visual "mistake-proofing" systems that assist manufacturing assembly workers become more efficient, leveraging cameras and computer vision.
  • Mobilyze.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Mobilyze.ai is the prediction engine for the electric vehicle (EV) market, helping companies micro-target EV-buying households, and optimize the deployment of EV charging stations and grid infrastructure.
  • Liftango Logo

    Company Description
    Want better results from your existing commute program? Drive reliable performance with Liftango On-Demand Transport & Carpooling platforms
  • Dreyev Logo

    Company Description
    AI-powered Copilot to prevent Distracted and Drowsy Driving to fleet managers, insurers and ride sharing companies.
  • Intecells Logo

    Company Description
    Intecells is a manufacturer of lithium batteries.
  • ChargerHelp! Logo

    Company Description
    On demand repair of networked electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Anthill Logo

    Company Description
    Anthill enables companies to retain, engage, and develop employees when work happens away from the office.
  • Imperium Drive Logo
    Imperium Drive

    Company Description
    Enable autonomous vehicles to safely navigate through complex environments.
  • R4DAR Logo

    Company Description
    R4DAR is developing the integrated sensor solution for a Level 4 and above automated vehicles.
  • Creation Labs Logo
    Creation Labs

    Company Description
    Safer, more fuel efficient Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) for trucks.

    Company Description
    Sensor fusion software for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Vehicles (SDC).
  • Ottonomy IO Logo
    Ottonomy IO

    Company Description
    Autonomous robot fleets to make contactless deliveries for safe and enhanced user experience in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Downtown.AI Logo

    Company Description
    Downtown.AI uses ML to optimize & predict traffic.
  • Helix Technologies Logo
    Helix Technolo…

    Company Description
    Helix Technologies is pioneering Dielectric-loaded Multi-Filar Antenna (DMA) technology to address immediate applications that require precision geo-location and timing such as Autonomous Vehicles, Drones and the Internet of Everything.
  • Iomob Logo

    Company Description
    Iomob is an open MaaS technology platform for rail, cities and their transit agencies. It enables transport providers to offer citizens world-class connected mobility services, by creating scalable and efficient mobility markets that are interoperable between cities.
  • Autoflow Logo

    Company Description
    Autoflow is creating the future of user experience by combining next-gen interface technology like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and OLED with highly contextual, AI-driven content fed by a vast and diverse range of data sources.
  • Xona Space Systems Inc. Logo
    Xona Space Sys…
    Xona Space Systems Inc. Logo
    Xona Space Systems Inc.

    Company Description
    Xona Space is developing a next-generation "Super-GPS" system to provide the high accuracy, security, and availability that the autonomous and connected word needs, both indoors and out.
  • Beam Connectivity Logo
    Beam Connectiv…

    Company Description
    Connected Vehicle as a Service platform.
  • Car Scanner Logo
    Car Scanner

    Company Description
    Body and interior visual documentation of a car within two minutes.
  • Deeyook Logo

    Company Description
    Deeyook offers a wireless based, infrastructure free, power saving, and accurate indoor and outdoor positioning solution.
  • Inspektlabs Logo

    Company Description
    Inspektlabs automates inspections of vehicles with photos and videos.
  • Koffie Labs Logo
    Koffie Labs

    Company Description
    AI-driven insurance for commercial fleets.
  • Angoka Logo

    Company Description
    ANGOKA is an IoT security start-up focused on protecting machine-to-machine communications for Smart Mobility and Smart Cities.
  • SensioAir Logo

    Company Description
    Sensio Air is a platform that offers sensors, mobile apps, analytics, and services to support respiratory health management. Using smart algorithms, Sensio Air can identify floating particles in the air, determine the causes of someone’s symptoms, and provide them with personalized alerts to drive behavioral change.
  • Interplai Logo

    Company Description
    Creating the world’s most efficient last-mile delivery solution using smart collaborative robots and agents.
  • Utility Global Logo
    Utility Global

    Company Description
    Revolutionizing the world's electricity & hydrogen landscape with zero-carbon, low-cost energy.
  • Viaduct Logo

    Company Description
    Cloud platform deriving actionable insights from connected vehicle data to make them safer, more reliable, and personalized.
  • Traxen Logo

    Company Description
    Energy optimized semi-automated driving for heavy duty trucks.
  • SpearEye Technologies Logo
    SpearEye Techn…
    SpearEye Technologies Logo
    SpearEye Technologies

    Company Description
    Next generation of HD-map lane driving & navigation with V2X capabilities.
  • Soar Robotics Logo
    Soar Robotics

    Company Description
    Reliable Connectivity for the Autonomous World.
  • Sensagrate Logo

    Company Description
    Real-time software for intelligent traffic signals.
  • Qumulus Seating Logo
    Qumulus Seating

    Company Description
    Data driven, truly personalized smart seating technology.
  • Qcraft Logo

    Company Description
    Bringing autonomous driving into real life.
  • Provizio Logo

    Company Description
    Accident prevention platform embeds safety-first thinking to radically transform vehicle safety.
  • Potential Motors Logo
    Potential Moto…

    Company Description
    Uses Artificial Intelligence to boost vehicle safety and performance.
  • Omnitron Sensors Logo
    Omnitron Senso…

    Company Description
    Providing a new degree of freedom to design with in silicon process for sensors.
  • LiveRoad Analytics Logo
    LiveRoad Analy…

    Company Description
    Advanced road weather solution for improved prediction and mitigation of safety or delay risk in transportation.
  • Ivex Logo

    Company Description
    Technology company developing a safety co-pilot for autonomous cars.
  • AiChemist Metal Inc. Logo
    AiChemist Meta…
    AiChemist Metal Inc. Logo
    AiChemist Metal Inc.

    Company Description
    Enables sustainable lightweight batteries using high strength, thin-film, metal and nano-fiber materials.
  • Hybrid LiDAR Systems Logo
    Hybrid LiDAR S…
    Hybrid LiDAR Systems Logo
    Hybrid LiDAR Systems

    Company Description
  • Heex Technologies Logo
    Heex Technolog…
    Heex Technologies Logo
    Heex Technologies

    Company Description
    Data management solution improving access to relevant data for autonomous driving.
  • Heat Inverse Logo
    Heat Inverse

    Company Description
    Photonic thin films that cool with no energy input.
  • Gestoos Logo

    Company Description
    AI solution enabling cameras and sensors to see, understand, and respond to human movement, gestures, and activities.
  • CY Vision Logo
    CY Vision

    Company Description
    3D Augmented Reality Head-Up Displays for next generation and autonomous vehicles.
  • Carbin.AI Logo

    Company Description
    AI system that provides real-time local and global connectivity between vehicles and their surroundings.
  • Bitsensing Logo

    Company Description
    Radar development for self-driving. Promoting better safety through Radar solutions in the era of self-driving cars.
  • Arris Composites Logo
    Arris Composit…

    Company Description
    Next-gen composites for mass market applications including aerospace, automotive, and consumer products.
  • Allganize Logo

    Company Description
    Helps business automate answering questions with Natural Language Understanding technology.
  • Wluper Logo

    Company Description
    Specializes in building a conversational AI for transportation and navigation space.
  • Tactual Labs Logo
    Tactual Labs

    Company Description
    Innovator in human-computer interaction technology.
  • Synaptiv Logo

    Company Description
    Connected car platform helping fleet and OEMs monetize the data generated by their connected vehicles.
  • SoundTrack AI Logo
    SoundTrack AI

    Company Description
    Acoustics-based and AI-enabled Predictive Maintenance Platform.
  • RoboTire Logo

    Company Description
    Automating vehicle maintenance for today and future autonomous vehicles with robot and software.
  • Roadz Logo

    Company Description
    MaaS platform transforming the fragmented $60B global fleet technology market into an integrated Smart Fleet ecosystem.
  • Owl Autonomous Imaging Logo
    Owl Autonomous…
    Owl Autonomous Imaging Logo
    Owl Autonomous Imaging

    Company Description
    Thermal Ranging™ platform that uses proprietary sensors and software to deliver safe autonomous operation to the Autonomous Vehicle, ADAS, and Robotic Mobility markets.
  • One Silicon Chip Photonics Logo
    One Silicon Ch…
    One Silicon Chip Photonics Logo
    One Silicon Chip Photonics

    Company Description
    Integrated and reliable motion sensing solution.
  • Next-Ion Logo

    Company Description
    Battery component startup for fast charging.
  • NeurobotX Logo

    Company Description
    State-of-the-art neuroscience, AI and robotics company that creates spatial intelligence for autonomous drones and cars.
  • JETCOOL Logo

    Company Description
    Cooling for high power electronics.
  • HiAuto Logo

    Company Description
    Automotive Grade Speech Recognition.
  • Frenzy Logo

    Company Description
    Makes mobility free, sustainable and engaging.
  • EV Chip Logo
    EV Chip

    Company Description
    A company developing innovative solutions for power consumption.
  • Electriphi Logo

    Company Description
    Simplifying electrification planning and operations for commercial vehicle fleets.
  • Datu Logo

    Company Description
    Aims to empower everyone with our meta Al technology that can automatically generate customized Al pipelines for different tasks and domains.
  • Clay AIR Logo
    Clay AIR

    Company Description
    AI and computer vision company specializing in hand tracking and gesture software.
  • Caliber Data Labs Logo
    Caliber Data L…

    Company Description
    Building AI platforms for perception-heavy applications.
  • Bia Logo

    Company Description
    Turns electric vehicles into the core enablers of clean and resilient electricity grids.
  • ADAPT Logo

    Company Description
    Accelerates Sustainable Transportation through a single API on an Open Data Exchange.
  • Above Logo

    Company Description
    Many Systems. One Mission. Teamwork for Robots.
  • Relectrify Logo

    Company Description
    Supplies advanced control technology, which increases the lifetime and decreases the cost of battery storage systems, both for second-life and new batteries.
  • Magnax Logo

    Company Description
    Axial flux electric motors with extreme power density for next-gen electric vehicles. They have developed a unique, proprietary variant of axial flux direct drive machines, which can provide a step change in efficiency, size, reliability, manufacturing resource requirement, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Nth Cycle Logo
    Nth Cycle

    Company Description
    Nth Cycle developed a modular recycling technology for cost-efficient recovery of the critical metals from e-waste for reuse in the clean energy sector.
  • Circulor Logo

    Company Description
    Traceability for supply chains and plastics waste. Empowering better business
  • Lincode Logo

    Company Description
    Helping manufacturers go autonomous using AI and ML. Lincode provides visual inspection and shop floor automation using AI, ML and IoT.
  • WEAV3D Logo

    Company Description
    EAV3D Inc. is a manufacturing technology company focused on developing and commercializing revolutionary fiber-reinforced plastic manufacturing processes and processing equipment.
  • Tanvas Logo

    Company Description
    Developer of next-generation technology designed to connect people to the digital world through rich touch interactions.
  • SILC Logo

    Company Description
    SiLC leverages 20 years of silicon photonics heritage to provide a highly integrated 4D FMCW LiDAR vision chip in a proprietary low cost silicon process running at a high volume foundry addressing Automotive, Biometric, Robotics and Consumer application.
  • ReJoule Logo

    Company Description
    ReJoule enables automakers reduce EV battery costs, warranty costs and testing time through its advanced battery diagnostic integrated hardware and software system.
  • Psionic Logo

    Company Description
    Psionic Doppler Lidar™ technology measures a target's distance, heading and speed of travel.
  • Picap Logo

    Company Description
    Picap is a Colombian ride-hailing service provider that helps people to request a ride-sharing service through their mobile phone.
  • Ottopia Technologies Logo
    Ottopia Techno…
    Ottopia Technologies Logo
    Ottopia Technologies

    Company Description
    Ottopia Technologies develops and provides a platform that enables remote humans to guide vehicles in a way that is safe, reliable, scalable, and cyber-secure.
  • Mpathy.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Building the virtual ride attendant for shared mobility.
  • Metalmark Logo

    Company Description
    Metalmark has a technology platform that creates nanostructured coating, which treats airborne pollutants and toxins to support indoor air quality systems.
  • Marian Logo

    Company Description
    Marain develops software to provide planning, analysis, simulation, and in-the-loop real-time electricity optimization capabilities for operators of automated mobility-as-a-service (e-robo-taxi) fleets.
  • LGN Innovations Logo
    LGN Innovations
    LGN Innovations Logo
    LGN Innovations

    Company Description
    Edge AI for autonomous cars.
  • Hugo Logo

    Company Description
    Hugo is redefining how communities move by enabling safe, cost-effective and efficient transportation, with children at the core.
  • Highlands Power Logo
    Highlands Power

    Company Description
    Highlands Power is an engineering company manufacturing compact electric motors and generators.
  • Greenvolt Nano Logo
    Greenvolt Nano

    Company Description
    A new type of solid state nano battery that doubles as the structural element of the device it powers.
  • Einride Logo

    Company Description
    Einride’s solution is based on autonomous, all-electric vehicles, coordinated by an intelligent routing software, that integrates customer data, traffic data, etc. to optimize delivery time, battery life and energy consumption.
  • Eatron Logo

    Company Description
    Developing Automotive Safe AI for Battery Management Systems and L2+ Autonomous Driving Software.
  • Dryve Logo

    Company Description
    Dryve is the first peer-to-peer car sharing platform in the Middle East and North Africa. They are doing for cars what Airbnb did for homes by providing the most safe, straightforward, and ultimately reliable way for users to share their cars with one another.
  • Bluespace Logo

    Company Description
    Faster and safer path to driverless with next-gen AV. BlueSpace 4D perception gives guaranteed motion bounds, vehicle can brake gradually.
  • Atlis Motor Vehicles Logo
    Atlis Motor Ve…

    Company Description
    Atlis Motor Vehicles designs and develops 100% battery electric trucks for commercial markets and charging stations.
  • Actasys Logo

    Company Description
    Actasys is commercializing ActaJet, a unique sensor cleaning technology for automotive and transportation industries.
  • FleetUp Logo

    Company Description
    Founded in 2013 at Plug-n-Play, FleetUp provides a Total Mobility - Transportation Fleets, Assets, Equipment & Operators - Management System (MaaS) with a single uniform but Scalable Cloud Platform that incorporates Machine Learning & Data Analytics.
  • Revvo Logo

    Company Description
    Revvo is a startup that has built a first-of-its-kind, sensor-enabled artificial intelligence software platform to monitor vehicle tires.
  • Ducktrain Logo
    Ducktrain Logo

    Company Description
    Smart, clean and efficient urban transportation. Multiple vehicles can form a train for efficient transportation on longer distances within cities and industry areas. Ducktrain provides vehicle platforms and automation technology that will change urban and industrial logistics.
  • Worklane Logo

    Company Description
    Mobile space as a service.
  • Weave Grid Logo
    Weave Grid

    Company Description
    Weave Grid uses machine learning across utility, automotive and driver data to predict, optimize and manage electric vehicle charging, solving grid integration challenges from rapid EV adoption
  • WaveSense Logo

    Company Description
    WaveSense enables autonomous vehicles to navigate on any road in any condition -- including snow -- using ground-penetrating radar.
  • Valerann Logo

    Company Description
    Valerann turns roads into data generating infrastructure that supports all road users: from road operators to autonomous vehicles
  • Solace Power Logo
    Solace Power

    Company Description
    Solace challenges traditional power architectures with a wireless power, sense and data platform based on proprietary capacitive technology.
  • Precivision Logo

    Company Description
    HD Mapping and Localization for safe autonomy.
  • PreAct Logo

    Company Description
    PreAct leverages ADAS and autonomous vehicle sensors and infrastructure to predict and prepare a vehicle and its occupants for an imminent crash, thereby reducing severe injuries and deaths by up to 86%
  • Pointcloud Logo

    Company Description
    They are developing a 3D imaging platform on a chip, built from the ground up, and enable the future of augmented reality, robotics and autonomous
  • Passenger AI Logo
    Passenger AI

    Company Description
    Passenger AI provides autonomous mobility fleets with a full suite of cabin monitoring tools including embedded cabin sensing, realtime monitoring for agents and data cleaning for intelligence.
  • Orbis Logo

    Company Description
    Patented Ring-Driven Wheel technology is a revolutionary solution for the high cost of batteries in battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.
  • Lingrove Logo

    Company Description
    Lingrove is a material and design firm focused on plant-based fibers and resins that outperform traditional materials while preserving elegant natural grain finishes.
  • Launch Mobility Logo
    Launch Mobility

    Company Description
    Shared Mobility solutions provider, offering both Tech Platform and Operations Services.
  • Kopernikus Automotive Logo
    Kopernikus Aut…
    Kopernikus Automotive Logo
    Kopernikus Automotive

    Company Description
    Kopernikus enables Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)-based driving of serial production automobiles.
  • HyperSurfaces Logo

    Company Description
    HyperSurfaces is a AI company that uses clever AI and ML applied to standard sensors to convert any object or surface of any material and shape into a data-enabled smart surface.
  • EIQ Mobility Logo
    EIQ Mobility

    Company Description
    Enables the transformation to zero-emission mobility through optimized planning, delivery, and operation of electric mobility services at scale.
  • Compredict Logo

    Company Description
    COMPREDICT's purely software based solution (no additional sensors) uses AI to predict and understand failures of automotive components.
  • Commute02 Logo

    Company Description
    Shared workspace in the suburbs for enterprise teams.
  • Cognomotive Logo

    Company Description
    Automotive-grade, data-driven AI at the edge and in the cloud to detect and predict system faults, failures, malfunctions, and misbehaviors.
  • Amply Power Logo
    Amply Power

    Company Description
    Amply Power is a distributor of energy storage.
  • Addionics Logo

    Company Description
    Addionics provides specialized improved rechargeable batteries.
  • Actronika Logo

    Company Description
    Actronika builds haptic platforms enabling a seamless systems integration.
  • In the Car Logo
    In the Car

    Company Description
    In The Car has patented a new and disruptive way to sell Automobile Insurance.
  • Intellicharge Logo

    Company Description
    Software to optimize electric vehicle charging so cars are charged with the cleanest and the greenest electricity while helping electricity grids balance.
  • Sparkcharge Logo

    Company Description
    SparkCharge offers a portable charging unit that is small, ultra fast, and modular.
  • ContinUse Biometrics Logo
    ContinUse Biom…
    ContinUse Biometrics Logo
    ContinUse Biometrics

    Company Description
    ContinUse Biometrics develops a unique optical sensing unit & data platform that captures medical grade physiological information from people remotely
  • Zeleros Logo

    Company Description
    Zeleros has designed an innovative hyperloop transport solution.
  • Wavelength Logo

    Company Description
    Wavelength is an AI technology company. We provide deep learning neural network and computer vision software for automotive industry including ADAS and autonomous driving, as embedded low power edge computing solutions.
  • Voicery Logo

    Company Description
    At Voicery, they synthesize ultra-realistic voices using cutting-edge deep-learning research.
  • Thor Trucks Logo
    Thor Trucks

    Company Description
    Thor is a fleet lab offering holistic, flexible solutions for fleets adopting electric mobility.
  • Tangi0 (TG0) Logo
    Tangi0 (TG0)
    Tangi0 (TG0) Logo
    Tangi0 (TG0)

    Company Description
    TG0 is an interactive technology that allows brands and manufacturers to build 3D touch control systems.
  • SWVL Logo

    Company Description
    SWVL is a private premium alternative to public transportation that enables riders heading in the same direction to share a ride during rush hour for a flat fare, thus increasing the overall system’s efficiency and making the process convenient and affordable to all stakeholders.
  • Silicon Mobility Logo
    Silicon Mobili…

    Company Description
    Silicon Mobility is a full stack technology player powering control solutions for a cleaner, safer and smarter mobility.
  • Regulus Logo

    Company Description
    Regulus is the first company looking at sensor security as its primary focus.
  • Realtime Robotics Logo
    Realtime Robot…
    Realtime Robotics Logo
    Realtime Robotics

    Company Description
    General Purpose autonomy platform for robotic systems.
  • Populus Logo
    Populus Logo

    Company Description
    Populus is a transportation technology company that helps cities and private mobility providers deliver safe, equitable, and efficient streets through better data and analytics.
  • Poly AI Logo
    Poly AI

    Company Description
    PolyAI is a London-based startup building the next generation of conversational user interfaces.
  • Owl Cameras Inc. Logo
    Owl Cameras In…
    Owl Cameras Inc. Logo
    Owl Cameras Inc.

    Company Description
    Owl Cameras, Inc. focuses on design, development and production of video security for your car never seen before.