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  • DeepMedia AI Logo
    DeepMedia AI

    Company Description
    The DeepFake Future You Can Feel Good About
  • Gener8 Logo

    Company Description
    Gener8 enables people to control and earn from their own data.
  • Largo Logo

    Company Description
    Largo provides data-driven intelligence to the audio-visual industry with the proprietary technologies.
  • Amity Logo

    Company Description
    Amity powers in-app social experiences, helping companies and developers to easily add pre-built social features to any app with a few lines of code.
  • Trufan Logo

    Company Description
    Trufan is an audience management platform that helps brands and influencers grow their social community and sell directly to their top fans.
  • Twelve Labs Logo
    Twelve Labs

    Company Description
    Semantic search for videos through context-aware AI
  • LensAI Logo

    Company Description
    AI-powered contextual digital ad platform
  • Junction AI Logo
    Junction AI

    Company Description
    Junction AI transforms brand & user generated content into revenue generating advertising & e-commerce insights.
  • ARTI Logo

    Company Description
    Democratizing augmented reality (AR) for engaging video storytelling everywhere
  • Ting.io Logo

    Company Description
    Data Powered Creator Community
  • ScriptBook Logo

    Company Description
    AI driven script & content analysis platform + AI content generation
  • Violet Logo

    Company Description
    Simplifying how and where people buy products.
  • Vermeer Logo

    Company Description
    AR + AI Enabled ISR
  • StreamSum Logo

    Company Description
    StreamSum provides digital media attribution and programmatic live stream advertising.
  • Sport Buff Logo
    Sport Buff

    Company Description
    Sport Buff is a gamified platform that overlays directly onto live sports broadcast, adding an interactive layer that enables fans to play with and against their friends, and for partners to engage, retain, and monetize their audiences.
  • Sceenic Logo

    Company Description
    Watch Together solution (APIs & SDKs) for media companies, telcos, OTT and cable operators
  • Rizzle Logo

    Company Description
    Rizzle is THE platform for user-generated, short series - it is the evolution in short videos for the TikTok generation!
  • Resonance AI Logo
    Resonance AI

    Company Description
    Resonance AI uses machine learning to determine how video truly impacts the audience
  • Momenti Logo

    Company Description
    Touchable Interactive media & content platform that you engage in multiple dimensions, without any plugins, apps, or special hardware (unlike AR and VR), all natively to your phone or browser. Improve ROAS with AI. 7 fully issued patents, all reviewed as fully defensible.
  • Hindsight Logo

    Company Description
    Hindsight provides a cookie-less monetization platform for advertisers and publishers.
  • Geer™ Logo

    Company Description
    Geer™ is the first platform that helps brands and video game publishers work together to sell digitally authentic products into video games.
  • Datasine Logo

    Company Description
    AI-powered creative analysis to help you produce top performing digital ads
  • CatapultX Logo

    Company Description
    CatapultX is the pioneer of on-stream advertising for Advanced TV
  • Beam city Logo
    Beam city

    Company Description
    Beam.city has built DNA, a powerful yet easy to use AI-SaaS platform that helps businesses reach ideal customers fast on 13 ad networks.
  • AudioMob Logo

    Company Description
    Enabling brands to reach mobile gamers non-intrusively using audio ads.
  • Clash Logo

    Company Description
    A social video app with internal tools for video creators to earn a living, and communities for fans to come together.
  • Adomni Logo

    Company Description
    Adomni is Uber's exclusive advertising technology partner and has aggregated 26 billion monthly digital out of home impressions from 115 media owners. We provide a platform that enables marketers to easily plan, launch & measure targeted ad campaigns to reach consumers on screens in the real world.
  • Pinscreen Logo

    Company Description
    Pinscreen is an artificial intelligence that develops the world’s most advanced and photorealistic AI-driven virtual avatars.
  • Marpipe Logo

    Company Description
    The first platform to fully automate multivariate testing for ad creative. Create hundreds or versions of your ad creative in minutes, rapidly test them all, and figure out what people love or hate most about your creative!
  • splashmob Logo

    Company Description
    Splashmob is a SAAS platform for creating custom, interactive, real-time second-screen experiences for concerts, sports, live streaming, broadcast and radio. This enables artists, sponsors, creators and event producers to achieve a deeper level of engagement with their audience, thus driving a lasting connection, with broader access to everything the splashmob client has to offer their market.
  • Persosa Logo

    Company Description
    Persosa connects TV to web experiences, creating a connected customer journey and increasing engagement and sales up to 350%. In addition, connected experiences drive connected data allowing for direct real time attribution, improved audience building, and inventory expansion in the TV media market.
  • ACTV8me Logo

    Company Description
    ACTV8me has built and deployed a sophisticated advertising attribution platform, that serves as a bridge between a brand‘s creative ads and it’s consumer promotional expenditures. Our contextual ad serving platform enables hyper targeting, real time engagement and full funnel attribution.
  • Lately Logo

    Company Description
    Lately uses AI to learn what sales and marketing messaging your customers want to read and then builds a writing model that automatically turns blogs, videos and podcasts into DROVES of social posts, based on what it learns.
  • Hearo.Live Logo

    Company Description
    The first live audience participation platform. TV & Streaming reinvented on 6B 2-way devices.
  • Geenee Logo

    Company Description
    Geenee is an augmented reality productivity platform for businesses. "Like Wix for WebAR". Geenee's cloud-based platform allows anyone to easily create and publish Augmented Reality experiences directly to the web. No app required.
  • Qloo Logo

    Company Description
    Qloo is a cultural artificial intelligence platform that operates via an application programming interface. Qloo has developed cutting-edge machine learning processes and AI algorithms to predict taste for any target audience and map relationships within and between cultural domains, including: Music, Film, TV, Dining, Nightlife, Fashion, Books, Travel and Tech.
  • Parallux Logo

    Company Description
    With a focus on empowering immersive storytelling and collaboration at scale, Parallux develops creative and technical solutions for real-time content creation, virtual production, and shared XR experiences.
  • Codec Logo

    Company Description
    We are a cultural intelligence platform. We help brands grow by putting cultural intelligence at their heart. Supporting you to make more impactful marketing decisions with objective, AI-driven insight across brand strategy, creative, and media.
  • Attestiv Logo

    Company Description
    Attestiv verifies the authenticity of digital media and data, helping businesses build efficient processes, improve customer experience and provide a higher standard for information exchange.
  • ARWall Logo

    Company Description
    Augmented reality displays that require no headset, no goggles, no smart device.
  • Synapbox Logo

    Company Description
    AI Powered Content Analytics.
  • eyecandylab Logo

    Company Description
    We enable viewers to engage and interact with any video they see by providing a platform for "transactable video" which helps to convert viewers instantly from awareness to action.
  • Setka Logo

    Company Description
    Setka is combining content design and data science to help companies around the world to grow their business by elevating content experiences.
  • TONIK+ Logo

    Company Description
    AI- and data-driven video platform producing engaging creative across social platforms for both brands and agencies using intra-video intelligence.
  • Axle AI Logo
    Axle AI

    Company Description
    axle ai makes it radically simple for media teams to transcribe and search their video content. We have over 600 customers including major brands including Madison Square Garden, PWC, Patagonia, Coca-Cola and NBCU.
  • Exeest Logo

    Company Description
    We're streamlining distribution for filmmakers, production companies and catalogues and creating modern tools for media companies to acquire Premium Video Content.
  • Fixel Logo

    Company Description
    Fixel allows brands to optimize their media investment 5X faster than today's best practices by identifying the waste in their traffic sources.
  • Wave Sports Logo
    Wave Sports

    Company Description
    Wave is the sports network for the modern fan.
  • Viralspace.ai Logo

    Company Description
    AI-first enterprise software that predicts the performance of visual assets for marketing teams at large companies.
  • VNTANA Logo

    Company Description
    VNTANA empowers companies to easily create interactive mixed reality experiences to engage consumers with data collection to quantify engagement.
  • nFlux Logo

    Company Description
    The world's most intelligent video analytics platform.
  • Firework Logo

    Company Description
    Firework is one of the fastest growing interactive video platforms on mobile.
  • Recess Logo
    Recess Logo

    Company Description
    Help brands harness the power of live events by making sponsorships easy, efficient and stress-free for brands and event organizers.
  • SnappyGifts Logo

    Company Description
    Snappy reinvents the way companies reward and motivate their team members and clients with a simple effective and fun solution.
  • Lucidity Logo

    Company Description
    Lucidity is a data analytics company that uses blockchain to give brands a holistic view of their campaign performance across the advertising supply chain.
  • Omnivirt Logo

    Company Description
    OmniVirt is 360 degree Virtual Reality advertising platform for brands and publishers. Audiences can view 360 degree content with just one tap of their fingertip on smartphones, tablets and websites, with or without VR headset.
  • LuckyMobility Logo

    Company Description
    Location Based marketing API that allows brands to engage with and gather consumer insights from people as they travel throughout a city using mobility apps (ride sharing, e-scooters, bike share, etc.) by creating personalized experiences.
  • Battlefy Logo

    Company Description
    Battlefy is used by 120+ thousand game developers, leagues, brands, influencers, and teams to create, scale, and market esports competitions that reach over 80+ million players globally.
  • Hive Logo

    Company Description
    Hive is a full-stack deep learning company focused on solving visual intelligence challenges for enterprises.
  • Influential Logo
    Influential Logo

    Company Description
    Influential is an A.I. influencer technology and the only developer partner of IBM Watson for influencer marketing and technology.
  • mParticle Logo

    Company Description
    Omni-channel customer data platform built to serve the enterprise and marketing teams.
  • MachEye Logo
    MachEye Logo

    Company Description
    AI-powered BI platform offers natural search, click-less intelligence, and interactive audio-visuals to improve the speed of decisions, uncover business opportunities, and increase user engagement.
  • Arena.im Logo

    Company Description
    Arena.im is an AI marketing cloud for enterprises to build content experiences in real-time and increase engagement, generate leads and earn revenue.
  • Quid Logo

    Company Description
    Quid’s software reads millions of documents and offers immediate insight by organizing that content visually. Quid powers human intuition with machine intelligence, enabling organizations to make decisions that matter.
  • r4 Logo

    Company Description
    Created by the founders of Priceline.com, r4 is helping organizations realize new revenue and profit growth by combining yield optimization with AI technology. The r4 cloud-based platform brings together data across the enterprise, discovers opportunities for profit and revenue yield, and pushes them directly to existing business and IT systems.
  • QuanticMind Logo
    QuanticMind Logo

    Company Description
    QuanticMind delivers a next-generation bid management platform that transforms SEM profitability. Learn more about how you can improve your company's SEM performance through InsideVault's proprietary data science techniques, predictive machine-learning algorithms and real-time automated bidding solutions.