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  • Soundpays Inc. Logo
    Soundpays Inc.

    Company Description
    Soundpays is a cutting-edge, mobile engagement solution utilizing patented ultrasonic soundwave technology to digitally connect consumers directly to advertising or broadcast content in real time.
  • GPTZero Logo

    Company Description
    GPTZero is a pioneering AI-text detection platform that stands at the forefront of the industry. With a mission to empower users worldwide, GPTZero provides cutting-edge technology that enables individuals to effectively distinguish between human-written text and AI-generated text. As artificial intelligence continues to advance and become increasingly prevalent in various domains, the responsible adoption of AI has become a pressing concern. GPTZero addresses this critical need by offering a comprehensive solution that helps users navigate the intricate landscape of AI-generated content.
  • Rembrand Logo

    Company Description
    Rembrand offers online marketing, social media marketing, newsletter, display advertising, content marketing, digital annual report, digital couponing, brand strategy, brand creation, brand revitalization, brand design, brand experience, employer branding, SEM, SEO, SEA, and more services.
  • Kindo Logo

    Company Description
    Our mission is to elevate the workforce by providing the only truly open AI platform for all businesses, SMB to Enterprise, designed to empower every worker. We champion flexibility and freedom, allowing any AI model, proprietary, open-source, or commercial, to interact with 200+ integrations, and develop AI workflows to end busy work, all while maintaining centralized control, security, and compliance. With Kindo, the future of work is adaptable, secure, and tailored for each unique business need.
  • Shuffll Logo

    Company Description
    Shuffll is a cutting-edge virtual studio for video production that takes you from zero-to-video. By leveraging the power of Generative AI, we’re creating copy, art, and storylines like a full production team in a matter of minutes. Shuffll is the ultimate co-pilot for marketers who want to scale their video creation efforts. Since our launch, we have experienced rapid revenue growth and successfully onboarded esteemed clients such as Microsoft, Intel, Innoviz, and KPMG. We're on a mission to completely change the way companies produce videos. https://Shuffll.com
  • Moonshine Logo

    Company Description
    We're creating the future of video understanding and analysis, starting with reimagining video editing. It still takes over an hour to edit a single minute of footage. Content creation is the fastest-growing occupation in America and people want an intuitive and fast way to edit video. Ideally, editing is as simple as Tik Tok makes it, but extended to long-form content (because that's where creators make money). We're reimaging how videos can be edited, putting your ideas in the driver's seat. A typical 10-minute video can have up to 5 hours of raw video. In a standard workflow, someone would need to go through and manually edit clips. That process is now instant. An all-new editing experience built around text-based input challenges long-standing editor norms, such as a horizontal timeline, in favor of one that underscores a creator's storyline. Our browser-based cloud editor means users can edit on any device with any level of hardware and still get the same level of ultra-fast performance. It takes only three easy steps: upload your footage, type your story, and export the video. That's it.
  • Prescient AI Logo
    Prescient AI

    Company Description
    Prescient is a premier, state-of-the-art automation software that provides transparency and precise data insights for marketers and digital DTC brands alike. With the onset of a major shift toward a privacy-first internet, Prescient is the answer to fueling a brand’s success. Their technology helps measure, forecast, optimize, and continuously backtest marketing funnels with such meticulous accuracy that it saves the two most important things in business: time and money. Prescient knows that the e-commerce space is changing and the internet is evolving. They’re here to set a new tone for the future of tech: predicted profitability. They are rebuilding a sense of “trust in tech” through transparency in their partnerships and the software that they use every day in business.
  • Insyt Labs Logo
    Insyt Labs

    Company Description
    Marketing departments leverage market research to help build effective marketing strategies. However, the current primary and quantitative research methods have several challenges. First, planning, scheduling, conducting, and analyzing results can take months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Second, the length and duration of primary research are limited by constraints - typically less than 60 minutes for interviews and less than 20 minutes for surveys. Finally, marketing budgets typically don't anticipate black swan events, whose impact they may not be able to measure until months later. Insyt Labs is reimagining how market research can be conducted in the age of AI. We allow marketers to create synthetic, interactive versions of their target customer personas or audiences. These personas can then be used to conduct qualitative and quantitative research instead of actual humans. This way they can ask any number of questions, at any time, on any topic, and get instant results. Businesses can use our platform to test product concepts, marketing campaigns, brand positioning, and anything else they can think of. We're looking for design partners to pilot our product and give us early feedback. If what we're building excites you, please get in touch!
  • Alison AI Logo
    Alison AI

    Company Description
    Alison is the world's best AI-powered creative (video) Analysis platform. From ideation to optimization to production, Alison makes it easier than ever to create videos with the highest likelihood of success. Our unique SaaS technology allows businesses to identify their top-performing elements in creatives, get full-funnel data, and perform intelligent competitive analysis. Its allows businesses to identify their top-performing elements in creatives, get full-funnel data, and perform intelligent competitive data-driven analysis, enabling clients to optimize the performance of their creatives. Technology - Element analysis: Creative features drill down - Creatives optimization: Creative overview, detects user creative fatigue in real time - Competitive Intelligence: Benchmark top creatives, their features and analyzes them - Insights: Gives creative designers actionable recommendations on features to use Alison uses very advanced on AI analysis for videos - 15 different AI models that include visual, textual, sound, technical and contextual inputs. Stop the guesswork and start making results-driven creatives!
  • Wager Games Logo
    Wager Games

    Company Description
    The LTV for a retained online sports bettor is $2500 over 3 years. However, casino's sports betting apps lose 92% of their users by the third month. One of the primary drivers of this super leaky bucket is the single player design of these casino applications. The thing that we learned from our failed P2P sports betting network is that sports betting is not really about winning a bet. It’s really just an opportunity to hang out with friends. People join their friends bets as an excuse to talk and text throughout the whole game. And so a big part of what people want is just an easy way to see what a friend is betting on and join them across casino platforms. Wager Games is the social infrastructure that connects the world's bettors across casino platforms that makes it easy for bettors to see what friends are betting on and join a friend's bet in one click. This gives sports bettors more ways to play and more reasons to stay. Solving retention for casinos!
  • Rime Logo

    Company Description
    Rime disrupts traditional voice assets markets by leveraging in-house speech data collection, annotation, and experimentation pipelines to create the world's most flexible TTS solutions.
  • Reco Logo
    Reco Logo

    Company Description
    Reco believes that cloud collaboration tools have fundamentally changed the way modern organizations create business value. Attempting to secure these tools with techniques that were developed for legacy on-premises systems restricts collaboration, and misses a broad range of security events. Only by understanding the complete business context of an interaction, can security analysts identify, interpret, and determine the best way to respond to potential threats. Reco provides this business context. Reco builds tools to secure sensitive assets for organizations by mapping and monitoring contextual metadata. Using applied machine learning, Reco creates a model of the relationships among an organization’s employees, teams, and third parties as they interact and collaborate, helping security teams understand and visualize threats from collaboration and sharing. In addition, Reco quickly plugs into tools like Slack, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Jira and more to create a contextualized knowledge graph through which security teams can detect and respond to unauthorized or anomalous activity instantly.
  • Footprints AI Logo
    Footprints AI

    Company Description
    Footprints AI is one of the most advanced Retail Media platforms worldwide. It uniquely uses customer behavioral data from physical stores to power profits and growth for existing Retail Media Networks or to help retailers launch their Omnichannel Retail Media Network in 3 months instead of 3 years. Our Retail Media platform uses in-store customer intention data to predict and influence physical retail sales more profitably. Our data & AI technology understands, predicts, and influences the complete path to purchase of customers in the physical retail environment. This is done through indoor positioning, predictive models, and omnichannel targeting. The result is that brands can target media audiences based on their predicted physical shopping behavior and different stages of their purchasing journey.
  • GoCharlie.AI Logo

    Company Description
    We're a generative artificial intelligence company leading the development of a goal-driven and multimodal engine: Charlie! Charlie helps entrepreneurs and enterprises create content that performs across text, images, and more. Imagine asking an AI to write a social media post that maximizes engagement with your target audience. At GoCharlie we know engagement means commerce, and we want to give you the tools to drive business through all your marketing channels. Charlie will help you with... Blog Posts: Generate a 1000+ word blog from just 1 click or step-by-step with Charlie's blog wizard. Social Media: Create engaging Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn ads and captions. Even create influencer style posts. Images & Art: Turn text into 4K, Vertical and Widescreen images. Have an image but not sure what to write? Image2Ad it. Content Repurposing: Turn your existing brand assets including text, audio, video and creative into into blogs, and social media campaigns in seconds. And 50+ more Marketing Copy use cases!
  • Tuney Logo

    Company Description
    Tuney's music engine uses AI to generate, edit and remix music. Our SMB and Enterprise solutions automate music production and editing functions that would be impossible or cost prohibitive to do manually. Our customers include record labels, media publishers, brand marketers and music companies.
  • ApertureData Logo

    Company Description
    ApertureData is a B2B, data infrastructure startup. We offer a unique data management solution, ApertureDB, a database designed for visual data such as images, videos, feature vectors, and associated metadata including annotations, for the primary purpose of simplifying data access for CV / ML use cases. Data scientists, data engineers, and data analysts within the visual intelligence teams at a Fortune 50 home improvement retailer, Jabil, Zippin, Walmart, use ApertureDB to save months of data engineering when accessing data and setting up their CV / ML workflows. In a world without ApertureData, these users had to rely on a combination of databases and data management solutions, which they are often forced to re-purpose, to fit their visual access requirements due to a lack of recognition of the intrinsic characteristics of visual data by contemporary solutions. ApertureData is therefore well positioned to be the technical leader in addressing the next generation of challenges for visual AI applications.
  • Boostr Logo

    Company Description
    Boostr is a CRM management software that offers ad sales management services to its users. Boostr features forecasting, delivery pacing, pipeline management, sales activity, revenue management, and client and contact management. Delivery pacing offers notifications regarding ad campaigns. Pipeline management offers automation services to its users. Sales activity offers client activity capture services. Media brands like BuzzFeed, Bustle, Insider, and Vice use Boostr to analyze and forecast their ads sales performance. Boostr is also improving legacy advertising systems like Mediaocean, which is widely used across the ad industry. Boostr partnered with Mediaocean to speed up the deal making process between ad buyers and sellers.
  • Jasper Ai Logo
    Jasper Ai

    Company Description
    Jasper is an artificial intelligence platform that helps marketing and sales teams create high-quality content faster. Stop chasing word-count and start pursuing ideas. Jasper is trained to write original, creative content including blog articles, social media posts, website copy, and more. Our clients include global enterprise customers, editors and bloggers. Using the latest OpenAI technologies, Jasper is on the forefront of creating content using proprietary technology and unique product offerings. Jasper.AI software works by taking the minimal information you give it and searching the web to create content relevant to the topic you’re covering. You have the option to create new content by selecting a format and creating a title, typing a few sentences about what you want the summary of the article to be, and even selecting a tone that you want it to take on. These tone options range from informational to “Joe Rogan”. It intuitively learns as you use it more, adapting to make the content sound more personal and taking on your voice as it works.
  • Argoid Logo

    Company Description
    Argoid's AI-powered Personalization Engine powers media enterprises with 1:1 personalization in real-time thereby boosting conversions and customer engagement. Argoid’s personalization engine enables data curation using generative AI and applies proven machine learning algorithms to provide unparalleled accuracies in predicting consumer behaviour in real-time and boosts the conversion rates significantly. The platform offers personalization at every point in a user journey of an OTT Media enterprise: 1) Recommended for You: Recommend the right content at the right time to your users and 10x their user experience and reduce churn. 2) Search for You: Netlfix-like search for users to understand the context of the search query and personalizing the search experience for the user. 3) Campaigns for You: Engage users through AI-driven push notifications, serve offline recommendations, run effective campaigns, and enable true customer delight. We founded Argoid to help organizations increase their user engagement multifold by bridging the gap between each individual consumer’s intentions and preferences.
  • CIPIO.ai Logo

    Company Description
    CIPIO.ai, the Community Commerce Company, helps Brands grow exponentially by identifying, authenticating, and activating Brand enthusiasts. CIPIO.ai’s Community Commerce solutions enable brands to dramatically and cost-effectively increase sales, customer retention, and Brand engagement. CIPIO’s award-winning Community Commerce solutions serve leading brands such as World’s Gym, Dapper Boi, Crunch Fitness, Biovanta, Everybody Eat, CryptoCharged, Dlish, FitnessSF, Moehair, and many more.
  • Tomi.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Tomi.ai helps modern marketing and sales teams drive profitable growth with plug&play predictive analytics. It is most helpful for "long-cycle" businesses (like real estate, banking, SaaS, and EdTech) that suffer from not being able to optimize their marketing programs directly for revenue and LTV. We use Machine Learning to connect hyper-granular ("Ultra HD") behavioral signals (way beyond what's available in Google or Adobe analytics) with future CRM outcomes like sales qualified opportunities and closed won revenue. As a result, we turn first-party intent signals into rocket fuel for profitable growth by: - helping our customers align their marketing investments with marketing touchpoints and assets with highest incremental revenue contribution and true ROI; - turbo-charing feedback loops with ad platforms smart bidding/programmatic bidding engines to train them to drive revenue & LTV rather than leads, free trials, or content downloads, - upgrading accuracy of lead and prospect scores, enabling sales teams to improve win-rates and increase sales productivity. In short, Tomi.ai makes it possible for traditional businesses with long and largely offline sales cycles to run efficient digital marketing campaigns that were previously only available to e-commerce.
  • Neosapience Logo

    Company Description
    Neosapience develops Typecast.ai, a virtual voice and video actor casting service. They're a synthetic voice and video platform, Typecast, that allows users to turn text into video without having to record and edit it in a studio. Neosapience makes AI-powered virtual actors accessible to everyone. They have developed core technology to synthesize hyper-realistic and emotional speech from given text script. Currently, they run an AI voice actor service called Typecast based on the technology. Furthermore, they are also developing technologies to generate facial expressions and gestures, so that anyone can cast AI powered virtual voice and video actors and generate videos by just editing text. It would lead to a revolution in the media entertainment industry as creating content can be cheaper and easier. Neosapience is a startup founded by former Qualcomm engineers and KAIST graduates in 2017. It's an artificial being enabled by artificial intelligence, will soon be everywhere in our daily lives.
  • Pareto Logo

    Company Description
    We are revolutionizing the RPA market through Tess - the 1st professional AI assistant in the world. Our mission is to rehumanize people and robotize processes, through a powerful AI-enhanced automation software, freeing the human mind to do what it does best: be creative, strategic and brilliant. Our vision is to accelerate human success through a powerful AI-enhanced end-to-end automation platform. With a no-code DIAA (data integration, analytics and automation) platform we help mid-market and enterprise companies to scale their marketing and sales operation. Main solutions: Pareto ETL and Data Warehouse; Omnichannel Budget Manager; Paid Media and CRM Integration; Antifraud for Display Ads; A.I. Anomaly Detector; and Smart Triggers with 2nd Generation RPA Algorithm. More than 500 active customers, $500M+ under management per year and 25,000 companies connected to our software. We are an award winning technology, recognized by Google since 2017 as one of the most innovative partners in the world.
  • Adriel Logo

    Company Description
    Adriel is the Ad Operations (AdOps) platform of choice for leading brands and agencies around the world. We help businesses make effective decisions faster without manually collecting, processing, and managing data. To date, we’ve assisted over 6,000 enterprises automate data aggregation, mitigate marketing campaign risks, and discover insights. Adriel provides intuitive dashboards designed to help marketers identify profitable campaigns, channels, and ad creatives. The platform empowers you to make optimal decisions based on standardized cross-channel data, storytelling visualizations, and real-time performance alerts. Companies like Harley Davidson, H&M, LG, Samsung SDS, and many more trust us to scale their digital marketing initiatives.
  • Wink Logo

    Company Description
    Wink is industry’s first multi-factor biometric authentication platform that combines the convenience and security of face-id type experience enhanced by strong digital voice printing and very strong device biometrics. Our unique and patented one-way anonymous encryption technology ensures full privacy protection as the unique Wink ID represents the user’s device, face and voice data as a 3D model of numbers and characters that cannot be decrypted. Unparalleled Security, Guaranteed.Wink gives internet applications an unparalleled multi-factor authentication capability that eliminates passwords so they can deliver the ultimate omni-channel experience to their consumers with a unique combination of speed, convenience and security. Any app developer can integrate Wink Login authentication plug-in to eliminate account take-over, account sharing and other password related problems to enhance security, improve customer experience and say goodbye to reset password or forgotten password issues. Merchants and E-Commerce companies can integrate the Wink video checkout plug-in to eliminate account takeovers. Dramatically improve conversions and eliminate cart abandonments as consumers simply smile to check-out. Make long checkout forms and forgotten passwords a thing of the past.
  • Kahoona Logo
    Kahoona Logo

    Company Description
    Kahoona, a 1st party data activation platform for the open-web, anticipates the tectonic change towards a cookie-less and identity-less digital ecosystem. Kahoona's solution helps digital businesses secure revenue and protect their users' privacy, in a walled-garden world. Kahoona's novel AI driven approach understands users by analyzing their interactions with websites and apps, transforms insights into audience segmentation data and actionable personalization to increase user monetization and improve conversion KPIs.
  • Influur Logo

    Company Description
    Professional marketplace where brands and influencers can meet and work, with operations in the US and Latin America. Addresses the creator market economy, connecting multiplatform stars, digital celebrities, and influencers with brands. The platform simplifies all aspects of the traditional influencer marketing process – from prospecting, and negotiating to payment – in one place. How does it work? Brands post a job opportunity, Influencers apply, Brands do a casting and pay through the app. In less than a year, Influur is being used in 9 countries and brands activating campaigns on Influur include Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music, Viacom, Paramount Plus, Boxy Charm, Subway, and Hard Rock Cafe, among others.  Influencers working on Influur include Sofia Vergara, Thalia, Jen Selter, Gianluca Vacchi, Danna Paola, Juanpa Zurita, Calle y Polle, Pautips, Juca, Camilo, Evaluna Montaner, Xime Ponch, Sebas, among others.  Our greatest customer value proposition is the optimization of budgets. On average, Influur optimizes 15%-30% of the brand's budget. This happens because Influencers are applying for job opportunities and they are choosing the jobs they want to do. Most of the time, Influencers end up charging less when they apply for job opportunities.
  • Rella Logo

    Company Description
    Gone are the days of trying to stay on top of your brand deals within your email inbox. Consolidate your deadlines, links, and earnings all in one place with the sponsorship feature. Rella is here to keep you organized so you can focus on creating connections with brands. With Net 30/60/90, getting paid as an influencer is a challenge in itself. Get paid on time, predict your expected monthly income, send automated invoices, and store all your brand payments in one place with the earnings feature. Rella is determined to help you be in control of your income. Most creators have more than one Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube profile. Manage your social profiles all under one account. Rella is here to keep your personal, business, and client content separate and organized. Your dream of having a consistent posting presence is now a reality! Schedule posts for any social platform from a day, week, month, or list view. Batch and auto-post with Rella’s content calendar. In order to encompass every aspect of your business, Rella is inclusive of all types of content, including non-social media platforms like podcasts, blogs, and newsletters.
  • Octane11 Logo
    Octane11 Logo

    Company Description
    Octane11 is a B2B-focused data analytics and collaboration platform that connects paid, owned, and earned marketing, sales, and product usage data to drive real business results. We help B2B enterprises with $100M+ in revenue to integrate, enrich, and analyze data across teams, and compare performance to industry benchmarks. Octane11 is backed by Javelin Venture Partners, BDMI, Honeystone Ventures, Plug and Play Ventures, Circadian Ventures, Base Ventures, and AperiamVentures. Launched in late 2020, Octane11 is already helping some of the largest B2B enterprises break down data silos and turn every digital interaction into an actionable insight. Follow us on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/octane11.
  • Decentriq Logo

    Company Description
    We are the neutral ground for secure data collaboration. Our SaaS data clean rooms enable companies around the globe to collaborate with other organizations on their most sensitive datasets and create value for their clients. The technologies we apply make it impossible for anyone to see the sensitive data, us included. Decentriq is a founding member of the Confidential Computing Consortium including Microsoft, Google, Meta and Intel.
  • Quantum Metric Logo
    Quantum Metric

    Company Description
    Quantum Metric helps you uncover your biggest digital opportunities, do it faster, and align your teams. Since 2016, leading Fortune 500 brands, across industries like retail, financial services, and travel and hospitality, have taken the Quantum Metric leap. Our digital experience intelligence platform helps organizations automatically identify customer friction, quantify the business impact, prioritize opportunities, and continuously measure success. Quantum Metric enables travel and hospitality brands to:- Increase conversion and revenue: Rapidly identify, quantify, and prioritize conversion blockers across your booking and upsell flows.- Reduce customer friction faster: Uncover UX or technical friction that has a negative impact on the guest experience and revenue.- Rapidly iterate digital products: Validate that new products have the intended impacts with real-time customer signals.
  • Omneky Logo

    Company Description
    Omneky utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning to personalize creative content across all digital channels. Our machine learning algorithms analyze what designs and messaging are resonating with prospective customers and use these insights to generate ads most likely to drive engagement.
  • Stream Engine Logo
    Stream Engine

    Company Description
    Stream Engine solves the last-mile problem with influencer marketing by introducing fully automated content validation using cutting edge ML/AI.
  • Blueshift Logo

    Company Description
    Blueshift helps brands deliver relevant, connected experiences across every customer interaction.It’s SmartHub CDP provides brands with the complete toolkit to seamlessly deliver 1:1 experiences in real-time across the entire omnichannel journey, including real-time data unification, audience segmentation, predictive intelligence, 1:1 personalization, omnichannel orchestration, and unmatched scale. The flexible, easy-to-use platform unifies customer data from any source, unlocks intelligence with customizable AI, and activates data across touchpoints in real-time using intelligent decisioning.Using the power of real-time segmentation and dynamic-content personalization, the platform enables marketers to automate Segment-of-One Marketing across multiple channels including email, push notifications, Facebook & SMS. Blueshift complies with leading privacy compliance regulations, including GDPR, CCPA, SOC2, and HIPAA.
  • PlumResearch Logo

    Company Description
    Plum Research is an independent source dedicated to providing the most reliable Big Data for Big Media. Our team is led by Founder and CEO Lukasz Jeziorski, a dedicated entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience building products for the entertainment industry. PlumResearch is comprised of top talent in tech, engineering, and business fields who came together from various backgrounds to create one vision: a powerful, accurate, user-centric approach to data visualization and analytics.In 2015 Jeziorski foresaw that with the rising popularity of streaming services and changes in consumer viewing preferences, there would be a corresponding demand for granular insights from networks, broadcasters, studios, talent agencies and others invested in creating and licensing content.The goal was to build a product that met real client needs by accurately tracking, analyzing, and displaying the audience behavior that clients relied on most to make their decisions: who was watching content, what were they watching and how were they watching? These are the same questions that have also kept us up at night.
  • Flavourworks Logo

    Company Description
    Flavourworks is the leading, next gen games engine for video entertainment. Our goals is to make the world's video into games using our pioneering technology and our unique approach to immersive storytelling. With a unique methodology and best in class proprietary TouchVideo technology, we sit at the intersection of filmed entertainment and gaming, both industries generating >$100bn in annual global revenue. Flavourworks uniquely combines live action games design with an arresting cinematic aesthetic. Our tech-driven approach positions us years ahead of any other market participants.
  • Pixel Canvas Logo
    Pixel Canvas

    Company Description
    Pixel Canvas is a full-suite digital events platform to showcase the best in class and keep us connected. They create a digital world that allows participants to feel like they are actually at a real convention with fully interactive booths, keynotes and digitally enhanced attendee networking. With this, digital events become collaborative experiences where corporates can personalize the experience based on the expected outcome.
  • Struum Logo

    Company Description
    Struum is a female-led, and LGBTQ founder team of seasoned digital and media executives. It is an innovative new entertainment streaming software company that brings over 60+ services together, allowing customers to view content across channels within a single subscription and app experience. Using a credit-based subscription model customers can access and discover a wide variety of content across 1000s of shows and movies. The current introductory monthly subscription is $4.99 for 100 credits which allows for roughly 35 hours of monthly viewing.For content partners, this first of its kind credit-based model delivers a two-pronged distribution model that drives content and brand discovery as well as a acquisition funnel, to full subscriptions. Partners are paid based on the credit usage by the customer and the conversion into on-platform managed services (e.g., channels). The product is now live on iOS mobile/tablet, web, Chromecast and AirPlay.Content Partnerships: signed over 60 partner brands with 30k+ assets under contract, including brands like: BBC Select, Tribeca, Magnolia Selects, Tastemade and many others.
  • Native Voice Logo
    Native Voice

    Company Description
    Native Voice is a software SDK for audio device manufacturers to integrate their SDK to create the next generation of listening devices. The company is building a fundamental building block to enable this voice-first ecosystem. Native Voice removes that friction by helping to connect with multiple assistants and all their skills or actions while acting as the library for the brands that are deploying their own voice-enabled solutions.
  • Newsreels Logo

    Company Description
    We are the company behind the future of news – Newsreels.TikTok and IG Reels reshaped the way people consumed digital media in the past year (96% of the digital population increased their online video consumption in 2020 alone), and projections point to its popularity only getting wider in the next years.We took the same revolutionary format and placed it in Newsreels. By making news content scrollable in video format, users can absorb more news in no time at all.Furthermore, we developed a powerful summarization engine which condenses full articles into just a one-minute read.This effectively saves the users’ time through transforming content into digestible pieces.Other USPs:- Neural Text-To-Speech engine developed in-house- Community Feed where users can generate content using our reels and bullets AI- Available in 86 content languages, in over 150 territories- Top news channels in every territory- Customizable topics, channels, and location preferencesDuring our early access release (available on Android and iOS), we were able to observe some interesting data.Traction & numbers:- Early access downloads: 355k- Monthly active users: Average 60k- Top locations: USA (168,111); Vietnam (28,124); India (10,128); KSA (5,427); UAE (4,351); and other territories
  • DeepMedia AI Logo
    DeepMedia AI

    Company Description
    The DeepFake Future You Can Feel Good About
  • Gener8 Logo

    Company Description
    Gener8 enables people to control and earn from their own data.
  • Largo Logo

    Company Description
    Largo provides data-driven intelligence to the audio-visual industry with the proprietary technologies.
  • Amity Logo

    Company Description
    Amity powers in-app social experiences, helping companies and developers to easily add pre-built social features to any app with a few lines of code.
  • Trufan Logo

    Company Description
    Trufan is an audience management platform that helps brands and influencers grow their social community and sell directly to their top fans.
  • Twelve Labs Logo
    Twelve Labs

    Company Description
    Semantic search for videos through context-aware AI
  • LensAI Logo

    Company Description
    AI-powered contextual digital ad platform
  • Junction AI Logo
    Junction AI

    Company Description
    Junction AI transforms brand & user generated content into revenue generating advertising & e-commerce insights.
  • ARTI Logo

    Company Description
    Democratizing augmented reality (AR) for engaging video storytelling everywhere
  • Ting.io Logo

    Company Description
    Data Powered Creator Community
  • ScriptBook Logo

    Company Description
    AI driven script & content analysis platform + AI content generation
  • Violet Logo

    Company Description
    Simplifying how and where people buy products.
  • Vermeer Logo

    Company Description
    AR + AI Enabled ISR
  • StreamSum Logo

    Company Description
    StreamSum provides digital media attribution and programmatic live stream advertising.
  • Sport Buff Logo
    Sport Buff

    Company Description
    Sport Buff is a gamified platform that overlays directly onto live sports broadcast, adding an interactive layer that enables fans to play with and against their friends, and for partners to engage, retain, and monetize their audiences.
  • Sceenic Logo

    Company Description
    Watch Together solution (APIs & SDKs) for media companies, telcos, OTT and cable operators
  • Rizzle Logo

    Company Description
    Rizzle is THE platform for user-generated, short series - it is the evolution in short videos for the TikTok generation!
  • Resonance AI Logo
    Resonance AI

    Company Description
    Resonance AI uses machine learning to determine how video truly impacts the audience
  • Momenti Logo

    Company Description
    Touchable Interactive media & content platform that you engage in multiple dimensions, without any plugins, apps, or special hardware (unlike AR and VR), all natively to your phone or browser. Improve ROAS with AI. 7 fully issued patents, all reviewed as fully defensible.
  • Hindsight Logo

    Company Description
    Hindsight provides a cookie-less monetization platform for advertisers and publishers.
  • Geer™ Logo

    Company Description
    Geer™ is the first platform that helps brands and video game publishers work together to sell digitally authentic products into video games.
  • Datasine Logo

    Company Description
    AI-powered creative analysis to help you produce top performing digital ads
  • CatapultX Logo

    Company Description
    CatapultX is the pioneer of on-stream advertising for Advanced TV
  • Beam city Logo
    Beam city

    Company Description
    Beam.city has built DNA, a powerful yet easy to use AI-SaaS platform that helps businesses reach ideal customers fast on 13 ad networks.
  • AudioMob Logo

    Company Description
    Enabling brands to reach mobile gamers non-intrusively using audio ads.
  • Clash Logo

    Company Description
    A social video app with internal tools for video creators to earn a living, and communities for fans to come together.
  • Adomni Logo

    Company Description
    Adomni is Uber's exclusive advertising technology partner and has aggregated 26 billion monthly digital out of home impressions from 115 media owners. We provide a platform that enables marketers to easily plan, launch & measure targeted ad campaigns to reach consumers on screens in the real world.
  • Pinscreen Logo

    Company Description
    Pinscreen is an artificial intelligence that develops the world’s most advanced and photorealistic AI-driven virtual avatars.
  • Marpipe Logo

    Company Description
    The first platform to fully automate multivariate testing for ad creative. Create hundreds or versions of your ad creative in minutes, rapidly test them all, and figure out what people love or hate most about your creative!
  • splashmob Logo

    Company Description
    Splashmob is a SAAS platform for creating custom, interactive, real-time second-screen experiences for concerts, sports, live streaming, broadcast and radio. This enables artists, sponsors, creators and event producers to achieve a deeper level of engagement with their audience, thus driving a lasting connection, with broader access to everything the splashmob client has to offer their market.
  • Persosa Logo

    Company Description
    Persosa connects TV to web experiences, creating a connected customer journey and increasing engagement and sales up to 350%. In addition, connected experiences drive connected data allowing for direct real time attribution, improved audience building, and inventory expansion in the TV media market.
  • ACTV8me Logo

    Company Description
    ACTV8me has built and deployed a sophisticated advertising attribution platform, that serves as a bridge between a brand‘s creative ads and it’s consumer promotional expenditures. Our contextual ad serving platform enables hyper targeting, real time engagement and full funnel attribution.
  • Lately Logo

    Company Description
    Lately uses AI to learn what sales and marketing messaging your customers want to read and then builds a writing model that automatically turns blogs, videos and podcasts into DROVES of social posts, based on what it learns.
  • Hearo.Live Logo

    Company Description
    The first live audience participation platform. TV & Streaming reinvented on 6B 2-way devices.
  • Geenee Logo

    Company Description
    Geenee is an augmented reality productivity platform for businesses. "Like Wix for WebAR". Geenee's cloud-based platform allows anyone to easily create and publish Augmented Reality experiences directly to the web. No app required.
  • Qloo Logo

    Company Description
    Qloo is a cultural artificial intelligence platform that operates via an application programming interface. Qloo has developed cutting-edge machine learning processes and AI algorithms to predict taste for any target audience and map relationships within and between cultural domains, including: Music, Film, TV, Dining, Nightlife, Fashion, Books, Travel and Tech.
  • Parallux Logo

    Company Description
    With a focus on empowering immersive storytelling and collaboration at scale, Parallux develops creative and technical solutions for real-time content creation, virtual production, and shared XR experiences.
  • Codec Logo

    Company Description
    We are a cultural intelligence platform. We help brands grow by putting cultural intelligence at their heart. Supporting you to make more impactful marketing decisions with objective, AI-driven insight across brand strategy, creative, and media.
  • Attestiv Logo

    Company Description
    Attestiv verifies the authenticity of digital media and data, helping businesses build efficient processes, improve customer experience and provide a higher standard for information exchange.
  • ARWall Logo

    Company Description
    Augmented reality displays that require no headset, no goggles, no smart device.
  • Synapbox Logo

    Company Description
    AI Powered Content Analytics.
  • eyecandylab Logo

    Company Description
    We enable viewers to engage and interact with any video they see by providing a platform for "transactable video" which helps to convert viewers instantly from awareness to action.
  • Setka Logo

    Company Description
    Setka is combining content design and data science to help companies around the world to grow their business by elevating content experiences.
  • TONIK+ Logo

    Company Description
    AI- and data-driven video platform producing engaging creative across social platforms for both brands and agencies using intra-video intelligence.
  • Axle AI Logo
    Axle AI

    Company Description
    axle ai makes it radically simple for media teams to transcribe and search their video content. We have over 600 customers including major brands including Madison Square Garden, PWC, Patagonia, Coca-Cola and NBCU.
  • Exeest Logo

    Company Description
    We're streamlining distribution for filmmakers, production companies and catalogues and creating modern tools for media companies to acquire Premium Video Content.
  • Fixel Logo

    Company Description
    Fixel allows brands to optimize their media investment 5X faster than today's best practices by identifying the waste in their traffic sources.
  • Wave Sports Logo
    Wave Sports

    Company Description
    Wave is the sports network for the modern fan.
  • Viralspace.ai Logo

    Company Description
    AI-first enterprise software that predicts the performance of visual assets for marketing teams at large companies.
  • VNTANA Logo

    Company Description
    VNTANA empowers companies to easily create interactive mixed reality experiences to engage consumers with data collection to quantify engagement.
  • nFlux Logo

    Company Description
    The world's most intelligent video analytics platform.
  • Firework Logo

    Company Description
    Firework is one of the fastest growing interactive video platforms on mobile.
  • Recess Logo
    Recess Logo

    Company Description
    Help brands harness the power of live events by making sponsorships easy, efficient and stress-free for brands and event organizers.
  • SnappyGifts Logo

    Company Description
    Snappy reinvents the way companies reward and motivate their team members and clients with a simple effective and fun solution.
  • Lucidity Logo

    Company Description
    Lucidity is a data analytics company that uses blockchain to give brands a holistic view of their campaign performance across the advertising supply chain.
  • Omnivirt Logo

    Company Description
    OmniVirt is 360 degree Virtual Reality advertising platform for brands and publishers. Audiences can view 360 degree content with just one tap of their fingertip on smartphones, tablets and websites, with or without VR headset.
  • LuckyMobility Logo

    Company Description
    Location Based marketing API that allows brands to engage with and gather consumer insights from people as they travel throughout a city using mobility apps (ride sharing, e-scooters, bike share, etc.) by creating personalized experiences.
  • Battlefy Logo

    Company Description
    Battlefy is used by 120+ thousand game developers, leagues, brands, influencers, and teams to create, scale, and market esports competitions that reach over 80+ million players globally.
  • Hive Logo

    Company Description
    Hive is a full-stack deep learning company focused on solving visual intelligence challenges for enterprises.
  • Influential Logo
    Influential Logo

    Company Description
    Influential is an A.I. influencer technology and the only developer partner of IBM Watson for influencer marketing and technology.
  • mParticle Logo

    Company Description
    Omni-channel customer data platform built to serve the enterprise and marketing teams.
  • MachEye Logo
    MachEye Logo

    Company Description
    AI-powered BI platform offers natural search, click-less intelligence, and interactive audio-visuals to improve the speed of decisions, uncover business opportunities, and increase user engagement.
  • Arena.im Logo

    Company Description
    Arena.im is an AI marketing cloud for enterprises to build content experiences in real-time and increase engagement, generate leads and earn revenue.
  • Quid Logo

    Company Description
    Quid’s software reads millions of documents and offers immediate insight by organizing that content visually. Quid powers human intuition with machine intelligence, enabling organizations to make decisions that matter.
  • r4 Logo

    Company Description
    Created by the founders of Priceline.com, r4 is helping organizations realize new revenue and profit growth by combining yield optimization with AI technology. The r4 cloud-based platform brings together data across the enterprise, discovers opportunities for profit and revenue yield, and pushes them directly to existing business and IT systems.
  • QuanticMind Logo
    QuanticMind Logo

    Company Description
    QuanticMind delivers a next-generation bid management platform that transforms SEM profitability. Learn more about how you can improve your company's SEM performance through InsideVault's proprietary data science techniques, predictive machine-learning algorithms and real-time automated bidding solutions.