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  • xyzt.ai Logo

    Company Description
    xyzt.ai is a visual analytics platform that helps you see and understand your location data. Extract the insights from your big location data using dedicated location analytics pages. This includes trend analytics, time-of-day/hour-of-day, segmentation, and origin-destination analytics. 1) Connect your data and focus on extracting your insights. xyzt.ai takes care of all: from storing, to analyzing, to visualizing. 2) Improve your efficiency through AI-driven automated workflows. Detect anomalies, find similarities, and anticipate future events. 3) Handle all your location data in a highly interactive web platform with instant updates even for billions of records.
  • Zetako Logo

    Company Description
    Global data will grow by 50X in the next decade and current infrastructure cannot keep up with the increasing demand for both Bandwidth & Storage. Current Lossless Compression technologies are all based on a 40+ year old algorithm (LZW). By developing a new math theory based on Statistical Predictive modelling, we are able to apply compression on any datasets with better compression ratio, better speed and with use of less (70%) recourses and energy. Our technology is unique in its ability to do bit-by-bit compression, needing no prior information of data leading to zero latency.
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    Notilo Plus

    Company Description
    Notilo Plus is an an underwater solutions specialist with autonomous and intelligent products. More than underwater drones, we offer complete solution for simple data collection and exploitation in underwater environments, powered by artificial intelligence. Our mission: knowing and protecting the underwater world. Our values: offering a human and societal commitment to the scientific, industrial and recreational exploration of the seabed, while taking into account our impact on the underwater ecosystem.

    Company Description
    FUELSAVE GmbH is an awarded energy efficiency and cleantech company from Germany that focuses on providing innovations in energy efficiency enhancements and emissions reduction in various segments, with a patent portfolio in 11 fields and patent families around it. FUELSAVE GmbH has been funded by the EU as TOP SME in Europe, first german company to ever achieve that. FS MARINE+ is the first solution being commercialized, patented, field and lab proven as cost savings & emission reduction for combustion engines with current & future cleanfuels through dynamic injections of hydrogen, oxygen, water & methanol applicable for combustion engines (not limited to maritime). FS H2GEN+ for efficient hydrogen production with alkaline and PEM stacks , FS ENGINE+ the worlds most efficient pneumatic engine as turbine replacement for various applications including energy recuperation from gas networks and gas transmissions, as well as turbine replacements with an isochor efficiency validated with TÜV of over 95%, outperforming any other engine in this field by 60-140% which can also be used for long term energy storage with AA-CAES at lower CAPEX and lower TCO. FS Heat2Power+ is transforming efficiently waste heat into usable electricity to reduce OPEX and emissions.
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    Company Description
    CyberOwl helps asset operators in the maritime and critical national infrastructure sectors gain visibility, cyber security, and cyber compliance of systems on their distributed, remote assets. Cyberowl provides technologies, a managed service, and specific cyber security advisory services to support asset operators. CyberOwl's technology provides near-real-time visibility of the behaviors of assets and their communication patterns. They are deployed to identify and inventory assets on the IT and OT networks of these operational platforms. They detect and raise early warning of cyber attack tactics, techniques and procedures; identify anomalous and suspicious activity; and monitor for non-compliance with cyber security policies. These are delivered through a modular, distributed architecture that is optimised for environments facing the challenges of intermittent connectivity, bandwidth constraints and the need for remote management. Their managed service provides assurance and support to asset operators with any level of cyber expertise. CyberOwl supports security operations through alert verification, triaging and providing guidance on appropriate cyber incident response actions.
  • Closelink Logo

    Company Description
    Shipping companies lack automated processes and the benefit arising from digital data analysis. Our value proposition: Cost transparency, process automation, emergency support. Our mission is to enable smart procurement in the shipping industry, our vision however goes beyond lubricants. In the years to come, Closelink will become a synonym to the entire global shipping industry as the leading source for major ship supplies. Closelink will facilitate communication between different partners across the globe by integrating with buyers' and sellers' software. Closelink will initiate standards to allow digital sourcing and trading of leading ship supplies in a secure, reliable environment. Industry stakeholders will rely on Closelink not only for transactions but also for information. Information on digital procurement in general, the use of multichannel sales or the possibilities of automation and machine learning.
  • Bleenco Logo

    Company Description
    Our industry approved platform Bleenco Go is designed to meet the needs of everyone across the value chain: On one hand, it offers ready-made solutions for operations, and on the other hand, it offers the tools needed for our clients to build their own digital solutions. Our proprietary AI platform combines the world's AI knowledge in one place, and uses it to address the most pressing industrial challenges. Typically we identify manual processes and automate them to ensure the safety of employees and maximum workspace efficiency, by connecting sensors (to detect inefficiencies) and interactive devices (to react to these inefficiencies). Additionally Bleenco Go offers strategy and R&D departments the tools and gateways to the novel AI needed to easily create new solutions. As a result, our clients can choose amongst proprietary and easily customizable solutions or can decide to build entirely new solutions with our pool of AI components. Some of our most used solutions help companies to monitor safety compliance and accelerate industrial automation with applications such as detecting personal protective equipment, counting and localizing people in the building, estimating industrial ergonomics, detecting liquid or gas leakages or tallying cargo amongst many others.
  • Awake.AI Logo

    Company Description
    Awake.AI is a software platform company building an ecosystem for smart ports and shipping. Awake.AI’s mission is to lead the transition to sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics and reduce global shipping emissions with their ecosystem partners. The platform is the first of its kind, built from the ground up to accommodate seamless collaboration within the entire maritime logistics chain by sharing situational awareness and providing AI-supported predictions for future planning. The API’s and applications built on top of the Awake platform are available for customers and third parties using the subscription business model. For terminal operators they optimise port calls with AI insights, for port authorities they maximise the use of their existing port capacity, for ship operators we enable just in in time arrival and faster turnaround times, for cargo owners they bring full transparency to cargo flow in sea-port-land.
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    Autonomous Kni…

    Company Description
    Autonomous Knight enables the autonomous mobility economies of tomorrow. Our patented technologies deliver leading situational awareness for any industry transporting things or people, in all weather conditions, day & night, 24/7/365. After a technology validation by an international expert jury Autonomous Knight has been awarded a sizable grant from the Belgian agency for innovation and development. The company has designed a multi-spectral sensor system that can accurately and reliably identify the smallest mission critical objects at safe distances in real time to classify objects easily and execute the autonomous control strategy fast and safe enabling level 5 autonomy. Autonomous Knight provides SUPERHUMAN vision sensing abilities to vehicles, vessels, UAV's in any and every scenario. Why SUPERHUMAN vision? Because autonomous control requires safety, reliability and accuracy better than humans could do. Why automate else? Any autonomous operation is only as good as it can perceive its surroundings, near AND far, through rain, snow, fog, hail, dust etc. The better you "SEE" (farther, faster and more detailed) the more time the system has to make accurate, safe and reliable decisions. Autonomous Knight's image based sensor system fasttracks level 5 of autonomy.