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  • Vebits AI Logo
    Vebits AI

    Company Description
    VEBITS was founded in 2017 by a group of scientists and engineers with a shared dream. With many years of industrial experience in each field, we came together and asked ourselves, "Can we help to eradicate traffic fatalities in the world? " As Autonomous driving is still quite far in the future, we want to prepare for its arrival while addressing the current problem of traffic fatalities. VEBITS is partnering with fleet companies to make the road safer now.VEBITS is invested by Entrepreneur First and SGInnovate. Our mission: make traffic safety and efficiency simple for both manned and unmanned vehicles.
  • UVeye Logo

    Company Description
    UVeye provides high-end solutions for automatic external inspection of vehicles, using advanced technologies that include proprietary hardware combined with machine learning and computer-vision algorithms. UVeye’s first line of products, deployed all over the world in the Homeland Security and Defense (HLS) market, enables customers to automatically scan, detect and identify anomalies, modifications or foreign objects in the undercarriage of any vehicle. This year, UVeye introduced its latest line of products to the Automotive market with the 360° system, enabling automatic detection of a wide variety of mechanical issues, as well as damages to the outer frame of any vehicle. UVeye is changing the way people approach vehicle inspection, by automating processes, improving accuracy and standardization of inspections, and reducing resources. Driven by the importance on ‘Inspection as a Service’, UVeye is making its impact, and revolutionizing the Automotive industry.
  • Twikit Logo

    Company Description
    Twikit is a technology company with a sharp focus on mass customization and digital manufacturing. We set a new standard for how brands and industries design and create products: customizable, on demand and digital. The company has its HQ in Antwerp and a commercial office in New York City. The core differentiator of Twikit is the combined knowledge of software development, product design and engineering for digital manufacturing. We work with companies all over the world to help them step into customization by developing seamless end-to-end solutions from ideation to integration. Our unique strength is that we integrate digital manufacturing and mass customization into any business and digital production flow.
  • Silentium Logo

    Company Description
    Silentium Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in developing innovative noise reduction products and solutions for the automotive, home, industrial, medical and IT industries. We are constantly innovating for our clients, which is why we are the World Leader in the field of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) for automobiles and have won the Quiet Mark award for our ARA ™ Soundproofed Rack mount Cabinet. Our mission is to fight noise pollution in all its forms. Noise pollution from hardware causes undue stress, can impair hearing, judgement and communication. In today’s market, consumers are looking for the quietest products available and noise regulators have exceedingly stringent requirements of sound compliance for product manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Seed Logo

    Company Description
    Parking lot sharing service "Smart parking (Smart Parking) management Planning and management of web services and systems Planning and operation of smartphone applications Internet advertisement
  • NearMe Logo

    Company Description
    The mission of nearMe. is to realize a sustainable and enjoyable society / region by providing society with all inefficiencies a platform utilizing the Internet and technology . We are aiming to match the interests of people from the place we are and to create a platform that allows us to discover the goods and goods of the region .
  • Momenta Logo

    Company Description
    Momenta, established in 2016, is one of the leading autonomous driving companies in the world. Momenta is building the “Brains” for autonomous vehicles. Our deep-learning based software in perception, HD semantic mapping, and data-driven path planning enables the realization of full autonomy. Momenta offers multi-level autonomous driving solutions as well as big data services. Momenta’s team is composed of some of the world’s foremost experts on computer vision and deep learning, including one of the authors of Faster R-CNN and ResNet, the most influential deep learning network, and winners of various top Computer Vision Competitions (ImageNet 2015, MS COCO Challenge 2015, ImageNet 2017, etc.). Group members mainly come from top universities and research institutions such as Tsinghua University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Microsoft Research Asia, and well-known technology companies such as Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei and SenseTime. Momenta is leading the autonomous driving software space with advanced technical competence and a strong commitment to innovation.
  • Make My Day Logo
    Make My Day

    Company Description
    Driving assistance, for planning your daily drive, errands, charging stations - connected to your car. Our features for an in car Driving Assistance connects the driver with the car while doing extra activities. Connects the driver to business providers and giving a full range solution for the daily needs of the driver.
  • Kenpal Logo

    Company Description
    Kenpal is a company that is developing the drowsiness sensing drive support system "drive score".
  • Genext Logo

    Company Description
    Develop quasi-zenith satellite "MICHIBIKI" submeter grade positioning compatible GPS logger and road traffic law violation automatic analysis system to visualize compliance with road traffic law Did.
  • Cepton Technologies Logo
    Cepton Technol…
    Cepton Technologies Logo
    Cepton Technologies

    Company Description
    Cepton Technologies, Inc. was founded in 2016 with the mission of developing industry-leading 3D sensing solutions for automotive, industrial and mapping applications. Cepton’s patented Micron Motion Technology (MMT™) delivers unrivaled performance and resolution at a low cost to enable advanced perception for smart machines. We are currently shipping our entire line, comprised of four advanced LiDAR solutions, and have more than 70 customers worldwide.
  • Aurora Labs Logo
    Aurora Labs

    Company Description
    Aurora Labs’ Self-Healing Software™ enables vehicle manufacturers to proactively respond to future vehicle software architectures, processes and services. By giving the vehicle manufacturers the power to seamlessly detect potential software issues, fix and update them – we’re making the world of connected cars more predictable.

    Company Description
    AMATELUS JAPAN Co., Ltd. provides a cloud-type web motion video system "SwipeVideo (swipe video)" that can be viewed from an omnidirectional viewpoint (free viewpoint) that can display "people" and "technology" at 360 ° angles.
  • UrDoc Logo

    Company Description
  • Total Brain Care Logo
    Total Brain Ca…
    Total Brain Care Logo
    Total Brain Care

    Company Description
    Total Brain Care Co., Ltd. manufactures cognitive function self-assessment and monitoring systems for medical treatment. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Kobe-shi, Japan.
  • spire.io Logo

    Company Description
    Spire is the world’s only breath and activity tracker proven to decrease stress and increase productivity. Spire quietly measures your movement and breath to give you actionable help for a healthier body and mind.Their mission is to give every person the power to control their own mental and physical health by capturing realtime bio-signals and making the data useful and actionable. They are the recognized market leader in continuous respiration sensing, real-time interventions, and actionable feedback.
  • Robosensor Logo

    Company Description
  • Lily MedTech Logo
    Lily MedTech

    Company Description
    Lily MedTech was established in May 2016 with the aim of developing a new ultrasound imaging system for breast cancer based on research results at the University of Tokyo. Our development is driven by our desire to contribute, to ensuring that women of all ages can remain an active part of society and enjoy the great opportunities in life. Our mission is to protect the lives of women and to bring about a world where breast cancer does not deprive women of the life, choices, or chances they had before being diagnosed.
  • InsureVite Pte Logo
    InsureVite Pte

    Company Description
    InsureVite's SONAR enabled Chatbot platform, Cherry, is transforming the way insurance operates. By enabling insurance carriers to fully digitise their operations for general insurance. Our platform complements even insurers with existing chatbot, upgrading them to perform automated tasks, and provide further cost reduction. Our platform streamlines all customer interactions, allowing customers to conduct all transactions (enquiries, application, payment, claims, after-sales services) on the platform, without going through a separate contact point, eliminating the need for different webforms, e-mails, calls, in-person visits.
  • iChain Logo

    Company Description
    "iChain Insurance Wallet" enables you to manage your insurance policies which you've stored somewhere even you don't remember so far, with their product name, premium, insured, claim amount, insured period and even policy image in your pocket. Moreover you can share the policies with your families so that all of them can see how the family is being covered.
  • Cognitee Logo

    Company Description
    An analytical tool for assessing sales talks, presentations, interviews, and other forms of communication quantitatively. The product line consists of UpSighter Sales, a tool to grasp the needs of the entire company and create a set of customized indexes and scoring algorithms based upon that, and UpSighter Boost, to analyze employees’ talks on monthly basis.
  • Canary Speech Logo
    Canary Speech

    Company Description
    Canary Speech technology is patent protected, with one issued US patent and five additional patents pending in the US and internationally. We are on the cutting edge of a major medical/technical breakthrough that has the potential to positively impact the lives of millions of people, reduce costs, expand tele and remote medical services, provide for screening for a range of diseases and consequently enabling people and organizations to improve quality of life.
  • A10 Lab Inc. Logo
    A10 Lab Inc.
    A10 Lab Inc. Logo
    A10 Lab Inc.

    Company Description
    A10 Lab Inc. develops a self-improvement mobile application for people to build a team with five people while encouraging each other by chatting. The company was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
  • ZenmuTech Logo

    Company Description
    ZenmuTech, Inc. proposes and provides thin client environment for enterprises (local governments) and employees (officials). It offers thin client that is used as client device for server based computing; solutions to convert PCs to thin client; and ZENMU that protects data on notebooks and PCs from unwanted access. The company engages in the provision of consultation with regard to implementation of thin client infrastructure (support services for system establishment/implementation); development/sales of VUMS and virtualized USB management system for thin client; development of embedded OS (Windows embedded for thin client); and strategic information technology consulting. It serves local government, financial institution, and education sectors. ZenmuTech, Inc. was previously known as TSCI, Inc. The company was founded in 2014 and is based in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Verisium Logo

    Company Description
    Verisium is a breakthrough Customer Engagement and Product Authentication B2C Platform for Luxury Brands.
  • ToneTag Logo

    Company Description
    ToneTag is a sound-wave communication tech platform which enables payments and proximity customer engagement services on any device, independent of the instrument or the infrastructure. ToneTag, with it’s simple SDK installation, seamlessly works inside some of your most trusted mobile apps and devices.
  • Stockmark Logo

    Company Description
    StockMark defines AI as "accumulation of our wisdom". Humans can be more creative by making use of their wisdom accumulation. StockMark believes so and repeatedly conducts research daily.
  • Standage Logo

    Company Description
    Block chain, development of next generation infrastructure based on AI technology. Management of block chain engineer school、OEM Marketing of Fintech market Export business to Africa Support for overseas development
  • Souco Logo

    Company Description
    Souco creates a smoother world by solving logistical inefficiencies through technology.
  • solarisBank AG Logo
    solarisBank AG

    Company Description
    solarisBank is a technology company with a German banking license. We enable other businesses to offer fully digital and fully compliant financial services to their end-customers. We combine a platform engineered like a startup with the regulatory expertise of a fully licensed bank - so our clients can truly focus on their core business.
  • Smartplus Logo

    Company Description
    Community type stock trading application STREAM
  • RESTAR Logo

    Company Description
  • Real World Games Logo
    Real World Gam…

    Company Description
  • Crowd Cast Logo
    Crowd Cast

    Company Description
    Crowd Cast, Ltd. is a Tokyo based Fintech startup. Our vision is to enable cashless for the SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) space that opens up a huge opportunity here in Japan. Staple and Staple Card is spend management solution to simplify payment process between company and employees. It includes award-winning apps and GPR (general purpose reloadable), VISA/Master branded corporate prepaid card that do not exist yet in Japan. Our mission is to enable startups and SMEs to use cards just like traditional corporate credit cards with very difficult to pass credit examinations and also to replace employees using traditional paper/excel based expense reports. Companies can also save significantly on bank transfer fees by removing the need for reimbursements and visualize cash flow in real-time.
  • AliveCast Logo

    Company Description
    Planning and developing websites and apps, using a technology of ASP and Saas in Japan.
  • VAAK Logo

    Company Description
    Vaak provides predictive security support through detailed behavior characteristics detection. It works in conjunction with notifications and external systems to prevent crimes and accidents. It also provides marketing support that analyzes customer's purchasing behavior. This is being done by acquiring the reaction and behavior that age, sex, taken and returned goods are returned. Vaak is based in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Unirobot Logo

    Company Description
    The world's first personal decision support to realistic partner of robot.
  • Submer Technologies Logo
    Submer Technol…
    Submer Technologies Logo
    Submer Technologies

    Company Description
    Submer Technologies provides a revolutionary liquid immersion cooling solution for data centers that saves up to 99% of cooling costs. Their Team has more than 10 years of experience in data center design and day-to-day operation. They’ve designed and built their own technology from the ground up to create the most resilient, eco-friendly and efficient immersion cooling solution on the market.
  • SENSY Logo

    Company Description
    Sensy is a company providing services through 'Sansy app' for fashion related products.
  • Paronym Logo

    Company Description
    PARONYM, INC., a startup developer of TIG, a next-generation interactive video technology.
  • no new folk studio Inc. Logo
    no new folk st…
    no new folk studio Inc. Logo
    no new folk studio Inc.

    Company Description
    Orphe is a smart-shoes system designed for performance that functions both as a customizable lighting system and a musical instrument/audio-visual controller. The sole of each shoe contains advanced motion sensors, over 100 full-color, serially-controlled LEDs, and a wireless module. This technology allows users to intuitively express themselves in new and interesting ways by enabling them to freely map interactions between their movements and light and sound (Patent Pending). They also provide a system that makes it easy for users to share the assets they’ve created online, and they hope to grow a community of artists working in different media and genres who can take inspiration from each other’s use of Orphe hardware and applications.
  • Nexvision Group Logo
    Nexvision Group

    Company Description
    The mission of the NEC Vision Group is to solve customers' challenges through the development of algorithms and create a better future. While technology evolves, a modern society with a declining birthrate and aging population. Society is becoming more sophisticated and convenient as machine learning including deep learning is applied to real society. However, the problem of society with a declining birthrate and aging society, such as shortage of human resources, has not yet been solved. In order to solve these problems of modern society, the NexVision Group focuses on developing algorithms to solve problems, making full use of the mobility unique to the startup, and by closely working with partners, various sensors and machines We will develop more sophisticated technologies utilizing technologies such as learning and contribute to the realization of a better society.
  • Mediar Solutions Logo
    Mediar Solutio…

    Company Description
    Mediar (formerly IDXP Analytics) makes in-store marketing promotions more profitable for Global Brands & Major Retailers. Think of us as Media ROI. Mediar reflects our role as the trusted platform for both CPGs and Retailers. Mediar holds the unique position of working as an expert mediator between Retailers and CPGs bringing value and insight to both sides of the market simultaneously. Our Big Data platform uses proprietary algorithms to deliver deep actionable insights to improve store execution and merchandising effectiveness. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley with R&D in Brazil and have customers in North America, Europe and South America. Mediar is how brands win.
  • Liftians Inc. Logo
    Liftians Inc.

    Company Description
    Empath is Emotion AI, which can identify emotion from the voice in real-time regardless of language. By analyzing multiple physical properties of the voice, Empath detects 4 emotions which are joy, calm, anger and sorrow, in addition to an energy point.
  • Empath Inc. Logo
    Empath Inc.

    Company Description
    Empath Inc. develops Emotion AI Empath, which can identify emotion from the voice in real-time regardless of language.
  • edison.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Social Media Analytics using Image Recognition. edison.ai analyze consumer behaviors based on photos on the social media. Such information helps brands and marketers understand their customers and develop better products.
  • Intsig Logo

    Company Description
    Intsig develops mobile applications specializing in pattern recognition and image processing. The company develops a portfolio of applications comprising CamCard, CamScanner, and CamDictionary to enable users to digitize access and manage information anytime and anywhere more effectively. All applications are multi-OS compatible, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Bada, and multi-language supported. It also provides custom-made enterprise solutions such as business card scanning, document scanning and management, business contact management, expense management, and so on. Intsig has partnered with operators and mobile manufacturers all over the world such as Softbank Mobile, Verizon, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, ZTE and etc. All the company’s applications are multi-OS compatible, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, Bada, and multi-language supported.
  • Bitkey Logo

    Company Description
    It is impossible to tamper with various decentralized technologies using smart contracts and smart oracles, encryption technology, and excellent in cost merit A completely new key technology as a digital key infrastructure that can exchange safely between multiple.
  • AdInte co.,ltd. Logo
    AdInte co.,ltd.
    AdInte co.,ltd. Logo
    AdInte co.,ltd.

    Company Description
    AIBeacon is the O2O service to utilize the Wi-Fi function of a smartphone. If a user approaches to the AIBeacon device setting at various shopping malls or event sites, etc., the characteristic of the user is obtained, which enables to timely provide the effective approach with such as a push notification or a voucher, based on the user characteristic. This is truly the innovative O2O solution.
  • Wayray Logo

    Company Description
    WayRay is a holographic AR techology company headquartered in Switzerland. Since 2012, WayRay has morphed from a tiny startup into a bold manufacturer of holographic optical systems, hardware, and software.
  • Powershare Logo

    Company Description
    Shanghai Dianxiang is an innovative company specializing in intelligent module development in the energy interconnection industry and providing SaaS services. It is committed to providing charging car manufacturers and operators with integrated solutions for electric vehicle charging.
  • Jimu Technology Logo
    Jimu Technology

    Company Description
    Hangzhou Jimu Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative tech company specializing in artificial intelligence and key technologies of robots. The company is devoted to the R&D of autonomous driving technology and application in the fields of special vehicles and mobile robots. The company was founded by Dr. Wei Qi in July 2016 and located in Binjiang District of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China and Silicon Valley of California, U.S. The main product domain of Jimu Tech. is industrial mobile robot, based on the company's proprietary autonomous driving technology, applied to warehousing, logistics, parking lots, factories, etc. Key members of our technical team are the top technical elites from Lenovo, Intel, CMU Robotics Institute etc., covering artificial intelligence, vehicle design, smart device, robots areas.
  • ITD Lab Logo
    ITD Lab

    Company Description
  • Aptpod Logo

    Company Description
    Our company is providing the services for implementation of products and customizing the services accompanying the implementation of a product for the purpose of supporting various industries. We are providing services to support the development of prototype system applications including the area of M2M/IoT mainly on the Visual M2M. It covers a variety of areas such as automotive, energy management (HEMS), and healthcare.
  • Apostera GmbH Logo
    Apostera GmbH

    Company Description
    Apostera GmbH is an Automotive Industry engineering and development Company
  • Acerta Analytics Solutions Inc. Logo
    Acerta Analyti…
    Acerta Analytics Solutions Inc. Logo
    Acerta Analytics Solutions Inc.

    Company Description
    Acerta provides the industry’s only AI-powered solution designed specifically for automotive applications. By integrating domain expertise into our machine learning models, we are capable of delivering results with unmatched precision. From reducing scrap and rework, to accelerating root cause analysis, our solutions provide clients with a tool to reduce waste, increase throughput, and boost product quality.
  • かぞくごはん(kazokugohan.com) Logo
    かぞくごはん(kazokugohan.com) Logo

    Company Description
  • SQREEM Technologies Logo
    SQREEM Technol…
    SQREEM Technologies Logo
    SQREEM Technologies

    Company Description
    Helping organizations identify and understand the Unknown Unknowns through on-demand artificial intelligence and cognitive learning.
  • Sasuke Financial Lab Logo
    Sasuke Financi…
    Sasuke Financial Lab Logo
    Sasuke Financial Lab

    Company Description
    Sasuke Financial Lab creates clearance in "households" of active households through "Wealth care" which provides advice on household improvement based on know-how of financial planner, "Donut" which proposes optimal combination of insurance, I am aiming for a society that can realize various life options such as advancement, marriage, and child rearing. By all means, I think that you can realize the clearance of household finance through the donuts.
  • Mealthy Logo

    Company Description
  • JustInCase Logo

    Company Description
    justInCase is an insurance company that changes insurance. Our Mission is we will achieve the followings through our activities; and we make an impact in the society via insurance We make insurance more friendly
  • InsurChain Logo

    Company Description
    InsurChain is started by XLAB Foundation LTD.,a non-profit foundation organization founded in 2018 in Singapore. InsurChain will become the provider of the global blockchain infrastructure for all insurance markets around the world and a blockchain-based insurance ecosystem. On one hand, we will build an enterprise-level blockchain-based platform, on the other hand, we will also build scalable Dapps to support the system. We will leverage blockchain to address the pain point in insurance and improve operating efficiency of the entire industry. InsurChainCoin (INSUR) is the crypto token used in the InsurChain ecosystem. Users can exchange InsurCoin for various functions of InsurChain. Other that, InsurCoin can also be used as an asset in certain transactions on the platform.
  • Hokan Logo

    Company Description
    Hokan's role is to visualize insurance policies and to conduct sales activities based on graphs and data. According to hokan, 90% of those who sign insurance do not accurately grasp their guarantee details in the online questionnaire survey conducted by the company for 200 people, 40% of the total is where the insurance policy is located It was found that it was not grasping whether it was kept.
  • GRE foundation Limited Logo
    GRE foundation…
    GRE foundation Limited Logo
    GRE foundation Limited

    Company Description
    Global Risk Exchange (or 'GRE') is a blockchain based, decentralized and open global risk exchange market, with the purpose of helping individuals, companies and organizations to access and trade and manage their risks. GRE completely reconstructed traditional risk management tools(insurance and derivative contracts) in a decentralized way, and will become the underlying operation system to support insurance and derivative transactions in the era of blockchain. GRE aims to build the infrastructure and trading platform for risk management industry in the blockchain driven world in the near future, by providing a fundamental protocol for the creation of risk events, pricing, trading, information collection and oracles to verdict specific risks. It will enable individuals and institutions around the globe to achieve risk and return equilibrium.
  • Friendly Logo

    Company Description
    Friendly offers the most effective and simplest way to attract and retain patients. Using Friendly’s EMR integrated platform, patients can report common health concerns and receive treatment in a timely manner from their own trusted provider. Doctors are more productive because they help them document less and treat more.
  • Alertgy Logo

    Company Description
    We are revolutionizing the way you will manage your Type 2 diabetes, applying leading edge sensor and materials technologies to detect blood sugar levels and present them to you through Alertgy GM. What is Alertgy GM? The Alertgy GM is a band that you wear around your wrist that works with an app on your smartphone to measure your blood sugar. Through the Alertgy GM you will be able to get a blood sugar reading on demand, see how your blood sugar levels change over time, and allow you to set alerts to notify you, loved ones, or others if your blood sugar level goes too low or too high. The band will be waterproof, hypo-allergenic, and is worn 24 hours a day.

    Company Description
    Field system Co., Ltd. has reached its 25th term in 2015 and has been in eleventh period since specializing in mobile phone business in the field of business in 2004. Currently the field system is developing in the mobile phone business with three businesses, the content provider business (CP business) / sound code business / consignment business (contract development business). The mobile phone market in which we are involved is now undergoing a drastic change period, and the trend has largely shifted from feature phones to smartphones, and a new worldwide market is acceleratingly formed. In anticipation of such market trends, we have been speeding up business development and technology development to become a pioneer company in the smartphone era. In the content provider business, many users in Japan and overseas have been evaluated, such as service-in a content sales site for smartphones "uistore.net" in 2011 and delivering works exceeding 1 million DL worldwide We are developing content distribution service. Also, in order to build a new platform business for the future smartphone era, we have been promoting research and development since 2006, a new communication technology called "sound code" ™ that converts text data to voice signals (Patented) sound code business will start full-scale from this year. In addition, based on the know-how of mobile phone business that we have cultivated in the content provider business and sound code business, we are developing various consignment projects that can respond to the needs of customers in various industries. With these business activities in mind, we will do our utmost to develop new growth. We appreciate your further support and guidance in the future.
  • Enecoat Technologies Logo
    Enecoat Techno…
    Enecoat Technologies Logo
    Enecoat Technologies

    Company Description
    IoT services in Energy industry.
  • toorPIA Logo

    Company Description
    toorPIA visualizes massive big data and meaningful insights. Our technology, progressive intelligence is different from artificial intelligence and machine learning. toorPIA does not need any learning data but it eliminates noise and error automatically. It provides hierarchical clustering for unlimited data.
  • Synamon Logo

    Company Description
    VR, AR, MR related products, content planning, development, management.
  • Snips Logo

    Company Description
    Snips provides Private-By-Design, Decentralized Voice Assistant Technology and Solutions.
  • Novars Logo

    Company Description
    Novars will help you to transform your business into IoT quickly and with a low budget. IoT such as everyday goods and furniture has a big opportunity also in the industry different from the IT industry so far. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any troubles regarding how to do app, cloud, wireless communication.
  • HoloEyes Logo

    Company Description
    We provide services using VR and MR to healthcare field, as well as medical education. In addition, we convert those 3D data and store them into a digital library for browsing. With digitalized data, clients are able to share experiences, mark archives, search data, rewind past experiences, or mashup those data.
  • HERBIO Logo

    Company Description
    Modern women have diversified choices of way of life, such as work, marriage, childbirth. In working and living as a woman, you must understand the mechanism of the body specific to women and manage themselves. We think that we would like to support the creation of a viable society for women living in modern times, with the help of technology, and to have a more freely shining future walk forward.
  • Galution Logo

    Company Description
    Cling to the family left behind. We manage OKUList (service) that consolidates information on procedures necessary after an important family member dies and supports the procedure.
  • FlyData Logo

    Company Description
    FlyData handles real-time replication for all of the major RDS systems, including mySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Amazon Aurora, MariaDB, and Percona.
  • CODE Meee Logo
    CODE Meee

    Company Description
  • ACALL Logo

    Company Description
    ACALL is a modern and user-friendly cloud-based visitor management system that increases the efficiency and quality of welcoming your important guests and visitors with the concept of the Japanese term "omotenashi."​
  • Quantstamp Logo

    Company Description
    Quantstamp is a Y Combinator backed security company with a mission to secure and drive the mainstream adoption of Smart Contracts. They are building a protocol that aims to help blockchain developers and projects around the world use its technology to perform cost-effective security audits on their contracts. Quantstamp’s team boasts decades of combined experience in software security, formal verification, and static analysis, with over 500 Google scholar citations. To date, Quantstamp has secured hundreds of millions of dollars of transaction value in smart contracts issued by leading blockchain projects around the world with our white glove security auditing services. As a proponent of the blockchain ecosystem, Quantstamp works with core infrastructure projects, community initiatives such as the Ethereum Community Fund, and funds blockchain research at leading universities such as the National University of Singapore and MIT.
  • OsidOri Logo

    Company Description
  • Mint Logo

    Company Description
    Mint is an application that anyone can issue original points and send to fans and regulars. Even individuals and shops, anyone can issue points for free.
  • GINKAN Logo

    Company Description
    Building a Token Economy GINKAN is a Japan based startup company building a new economy with blockchain technology and tokens. As centralized services around the world move towards a decentralized future, we believe a new token economy can be created with a decentralized platform which rewards hidden value with cryptocurrency token rewards. During this transitional period of blockchain innovation, we hope to serve as a bridge between new technology and the average consumer. Our mission is to build a global token economy with no national boundaries that will bring excitement and happiness to people around the world.
  • Gaia Logo

    Company Description
    Development of system trade based on machine learning. Development and operation of follow trade platform "Money"
  • DataTron Logo

    Company Description
    Datatron speeds up AI life cycle model-management in today’s machine-learning paradigm by orders of magnitude.
  • Taiger Logo

    Company Description
    Taiger is a high tech software vendor specialized in providing knowledge worker automation solutions such as Corporate Account On-boarding, Margin calls, Manual Allocations, SSI or claims processing to Financial Institutions, Insurance and Governments.
  • Moxtra Inc Logo
    Moxtra Inc

    Company Description
    Moxtra helps financial services companies deliver a customer-centric, digital branch experience to attract, engage, and retain today’s banking customers. Banking clients can connect to their bank agents via secure messaging, powerful document collaboration, and virtual meetings from within their existing mobile & online banking applications.
  • Skytree ® Logo
    Skytree ®

    Company Description
    We extract CO2 from closed spaces to improve the quality of indoor air and reduce energy consumption for buildings and increase the range for cars as a result of the energy savings.
  • SEMPLUS Logo
    SEMPLUS Logo

    Company Description
    SEMPLUS has created a patented touch screen that combines flexibility, touch, and pressure into a single touch product, enabling innovative design, multi materials touch surfaces and new UX.
  • innoviz Logo

    Company Description
    Innoviz is an Israeli startup providing LiDAR remote sensing solutions for fully autonomous vehicles. InnovizOne™, our flagship High Definition Solid State LiDAR, enables smart and advanced 3D sensing. InnovizOne™ produces highly accurate, real time 3D images of the vehicle’s surroundings. Driven by its proprietary HW & SW technologies, InnovizOne™ offers superior performance and accuracy meeting automotive grade reliability while significantly reducing both cost and size. Innoviz also provides Computer Vision solutions including Object Detection, Tracking and Classification as well as Accurate Mapping and Localization. Our team is comprised of leading experts in numerous fields such as Electro-Optics, Computer Vision, MEMS design, Signal Processing and System Architecture.
  • Holo-Light Logo

    Company Description
    Holo-Light is an Austrian software development company, founded in April 2015. We offer Windows Holographic solutions and are a leading company in Europe concerning software development on Microsoft HoloLens. We especially focus on the industry, do pilot projects with big companies and offer first products for HoloLens. We improve current processes and raise them to a new level. In case that you have an automotive, maintenance, manufacturing or similar case, please contact or visit us in our headquarters in Munich, Germany in order to feel, what innovation means.
  • GuardKnox Logo
    GuardKnox Logo

    Company Description
    GuardKnox offers automotive manufacturers a comprehensive hardware cyber security solution, which fits seamlessly into the automotive value chain and alleviates the difficulties of integrating a software solution. Our solution is a proven technology tailored specifically to the automotive eco-system. The unique methodology, developed by the GuardKnox team, has been successfully deployed in the Israeli Air Force - Iron Dome and Arrow III missile defense system as well as the Israeli F-15I, F-16I and F-35I fighter jets. GuardKnox has engaged with German OEMs to develop unique solutions, geared to answer current and future needs of connected vehicles, both private and commercial. A proposal to one OEM, for a production unit, is currently being evaluated.
  • otonomo Logo

    Company Description
    The Otonomo platform powers the first connected car data marketplace to enable auto manufacturers, mobility service providers and application developers to safely share and integrate car-generated data, so that the driving experience is safer, smarter and more convenient.
  • Vayyar Imaging Logo
    Vayyar Imaging
    Vayyar Imaging Logo
    Vayyar Imaging

    Company Description
    Vayyar Imaging creates sensing and monitoring solutions based on a unique radio wave technology that sees through and inside objects. Our smart retail shelves enable high-resolution sensing across the entire shopper experience and inventory life-cycle. Our products do not use cameras, so data collected is completely private.
  • Falkonry Logo

    Company Description
    Ready-to-use machine learning for industrial operations.
  • LifeSite Logo

    Company Description
    LifeSite’s secure web and mobile based solutions help individuals, families and “life networks” organize, share, and collaborate on the most important information in their life - anytime, anywhere.

    Company Description
    HEXANIKA's simple, smart & efficient software harnesses Big Data & Machine Learning to automate data ingestion & rules creation for analytics & reporting. The solution improves data quality, keeps regulatory reporting in harmony with the dynamic regulatory requirements & keeps pace with latest regulatory updates.
  • Eltropy Logo

    Company Description
    Eltropy is the world's first text-messaging based Sales platform for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) companies. BFSI sales teams using Eltropy leverage SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Facebook Messenger etc. to engage and sell financial products to customers.
  • CarVi Logo

    Company Description
    CarVi employs the vision based safety tools to gather data, using a small dashboard camera installed in your car that "talks" to your smart phone.
  • PikcioChain Logo

    Company Description
    PikcioChain is the secure, blockchain-based, compliant data ecosystem that saves time, reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction with any process that requires the collection, certification and exchange of personal data
  • AdviceRobo Logo

    Company Description
    Psychometric credit scoring and risk reduction by predicting creditworthiness, default, prepayments and churn to empower millennials and SME’s that are not served by traditional banks.
  • Paytweak Logo

    Company Description
    Universal secure payment links that convert hypertext links into digital payment channels. Trigger secure payments by credit card in one click from an email or SMS and receive funds directly from the bank account without delay, intermediaries nor commissions.
  • Cogniac Logo
    Cogniac Logo

    Company Description
    Cogniac makes it insanely easy to automate any visual inspection task using state of the art convolutional neural networks that learn by example. All aspects of data curation, model design, model testing, and model deployment are fully automated, enabling anyone to build visual AI's that classify, detect, count or measure items or conditions of interest.
  • Nauto Logo

    Company Description
    Nauto automatically understands when a collision is about to happen, and records the scene inside and outside of the car then. Images and data about the incident are stored in the cloud, and can be shared with a fleet manager or driver via Nauto’s mobile app, which proves handy for resolving questions of liability.
  • Omniscience Logo
    Omniscience Logo

    Company Description
    Omniscience commercializes US intelligence agency AI and distributed data mining research to connect the dots across large, diverse data sources.
  • Motionloft Logo

    Company Description
    Motionloft uses artificial intelligence to digitize physical movement.
  • Dotin Logo

    Company Description
    Enterprises are spending billions of dollars in understanding their users (Customers/Employees). The current software’s focuses only on users 10% conscious mindset data (clicks, tags, text, etc.) yielding poor business results. Hence we have devised a cognitive AI decision-making software that can tap into other 90% insights of users (subconscious mind) to yield powerful business outcomes.
  • what3words Logo

    Company Description
    what3words is the world's first addressing system designed for voice - every 3m x 3m square in the world has been assigned an address made of just three words from the dictionary.
  • Trillium Logo

    Company Description
    Trillium is a Designer and Provider of Custom, Multilayer Adaptive Cyber-systems. Specialising in Vehicular & Transportation applications for the vehicles of today and tomorrow.
  • Reality AI Logo
    Reality AI

    Company Description
    An AI signal processing engineer that detects anomalies and classifies signals.