Plug and Play Japan

Plug and Play Japan is an innovation platform that serves as a bridge between Japan and our global innovation ecosystem.

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We operate mainly in Tokyo and aim to establish the city as a world-class startup ecosystem. By connecting Japan to markets abroad, we will provide startups from Japan with global access like never before.

Our corporate partners in Japan

  • MUFG plug and play
  • Tokyu Land Corporation.001
  • 3-Hitachi_logo.png
  • Fujikura Innovation Strategy
  • Nissay logo
  • Dentsu Corporate Innovation Strategy
  • Norinchukin Bank Innovation Strategy
  • Sumitomo Corporation.001
  • JPower
  • Suzuki
  • 11_SMBC_logo.png
  • Aflac innovation accelerator
  • Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.
  • Coca Cola logo - plug and play accelerator
  • Aisin.001
  • Kyocera internet of things
  • Mitsui Knowledge Industry_LOGO
  • 18_ENEOS Corporation.png
  • Toshiba
  • Sumitomo Pharma
  • 24_Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company.png
  • 第一生命保険株式会社
  • Osaka Gas startup accelerator

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