Plug and Play Istanbul

Based in Istanbul, our open innovation platform is designed to shape the 4th Industrial Revolution.

We are building an inclusive ecosystem to foster the collaboration and exchange of experiences among corporations, startups, and institutions.

Plug and Play Istanbul is here to connect the most innovative startups with the leading corporations in Turkiye and shape the future of mobility, IoT, smart manufacturing, energy, logistics, and beyond.

Our Corporate Partners

  • Mext
  • Aygaz
  • Togg.001
  • EnerjiSA Startup Accelerator Energytech
  • 27aed904-8eb6-40c0-8f00-388267ad85ea-partners-Otokoç-Otomotiv-Logo-(2)-(1).jpeg
  • Akbank.001

Our focus areas include

Key dates

  • Feb, 24
    Istanbul EXPO Day - Mobility & IoT
  • March
    New Program Launch
  • March, 28
    Focus Week 1
  • April, 28
    Focus Week 2
  • May, 26
    Focus Week 3

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