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  • Helgen Technologies Logo
    Helgen Technol…
    Helgen Technologies Logo
    Helgen Technologies

    Company Description
    We empower industries that utilize heavy machinery to reach new productivity levels.
  • Streem.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Streem.ai is an AI assistant enabling manufacturers to identify blind spots and patterns in data using automatic machine learning model selection & optimization.
  • The Button Corporation Logo
    The Button Cor…
    The Button Corporation Logo
    The Button Corporation

    Company Description
    The Button Corporation (bt.tn) is the creator of the bttn, the simplest Internet user interface in the world.
  • ExLattice Logo

    Company Description
    ExLattice develops intelligent engineering software for digital manufacturing wit real-time feedback.
  • Breezo Logo

    Company Description
    At Breezo, they provide probiotic air treatment for your space. Their products create a bio-balanced environment to sleep, work, live in.
  • Hypertype Logo

    Company Description
    Personalize your email replies continuously at hyperspeed.
  • Mona Logo

    Company Description
    Mona provides the most intelligent and flexible monitoring platform for AI and ML teams.
  • gnista.io Logo

    Company Description
    Keep control of your sensors.
  • Staex Logo

    Company Description
    Scale your IoT business with next-generation deployment tool for modern machine infrastructures.
  • SymetryML Logo

    Company Description
    High speed, automated machine learning for data in motion.
  • Visionaries 777 Logo
    Visionaries 777

    Company Description
    Visionaries 777 delivers pioneering interactive software solutions to solve global business needs that combine engineering expertise with the latest 3D real time technologies.
  • Taubyte Logo
    Taubyte Logo

    Company Description
    The simplest path for developers to build, run and scale edge-native applications
  • 75F Logo

    Company Description
    IoT-Powered Smart Building Solutions Delivering Comfort and Energy Efficiency.
  • Makini Logo
    Makini Logo

    Company Description
    Makini is the universal industrial maintenance data API.
  • Sensemore Logo

    Company Description
    Sensemore helps companies to quantify and track their machines' health.
  • Ruuvi Innovations Ltd. Logo
    Ruuvi Innovati…
    Ruuvi Innovations Ltd. Logo
    Ruuvi Innovations Ltd.

    Company Description
    Everything you need to measure the world. Their simple, high-quality and certified open-source products work out of the box consumers and businesses can easily adapt them to their own solutions.
  • i-flow Logo

    Company Description
    For manufacturers that struggle to leverage factory data and tap the potential of analytics and AI in their factory operations, i-flow provides a data control room to make operational data actionable in no time and without a single line of code.
  • Stream Analyze Logo
    Stream Analyze

    Company Description
    Stream Analyze makes any device smart. Simpler, quicker and interactive. The company specializes in software for scalable real-time analyses of data in motion.
  • TransferFi Pte. Ltd. Logo
    TransferFi Pte…
    TransferFi Pte. Ltd. Logo
    TransferFi Pte. Ltd.

    Company Description
    Developing safe and efficient industrial long-range wireless power network
  • Retrieva, Inc. Logo
    Retrieva, Inc.
    Retrieva, Inc. Logo
    Retrieva, Inc.

    Company Description
    Providing software solutions using natural language processing and machine learning at high quality and low cost
  • Quantum Operation Inc. Logo
    Quantum Operat…
    Quantum Operation Inc. Logo
    Quantum Operation Inc.

    Company Description
    Developing wearable non-invasive small blood glucose sensor to reduce the burden on diabetic patients
  • Nearthlab, Inc. Logo
    Nearthlab, Inc.

    Company Description
    Providing an automated industrial facility safety inspection service using an autonomous flight drone solution based on an independently developed AI
  • Mashroom Inc. Logo
    Mashroom Inc.
    Mashroom Inc. Logo
    Mashroom Inc.

    Company Description
    Developing the smartphone-controlled smart delivery box that does not require a network or power supply
  • inaho Inc. Logo
    inaho Inc.

    Company Description
    Providing an automatic vegetable harvesting robot that uses artificial intelligence to automatically judge only the best harvested vegetables and perform unattended harvesting work
  • Hmcomm Inc. Logo
    Hmcomm Inc.

    Company Description
    Providing platform solutions for visualizing sounds such as voice and environmental sounds using deep learning
  • AnyTech Co., Ltd. Logo
    AnyTech Co., L…
    AnyTech Co., Ltd. Logo
    AnyTech Co., Ltd.

    Company Description
    Developed water quality assessment AI that analyzes fluids in camera videos and detects the above in real time
  • TRYETING Inc. Logo

    Company Description
    Improving operational efficiency by utilizing no-code AI cloud
  • SCADAfence Ltd. Logo
    SCADAfence Ltd.

    Company Description
    Preventing musculoskeletal diseases by collecting walking pattern data and providing order-made insoles
  • PSYGIG Inc. Logo
    PSYGIG Inc.

    Company Description
    Proprietary IoT device that connects to services by just scanning NFC tags on smartphones.
  • PacPort Corp. Logo
    PacPort Corp.

    Company Description
    Next generation IoT delivery box system
  • Mira Robotics, Inc. Logo
    Mira Robotics,…
    Mira Robotics, Inc. Logo
    Mira Robotics, Inc.

    Company Description
    Intelligent Wireless Power Solutions featuring proximity sensing and data transfer.
  • Marvelmind Robotics Logo
    Marvelmind Rob…
    Marvelmind Robotics Logo
    Marvelmind Robotics

    Company Description
    OT& IoT cyber security platform that maximizes capacity and risk management for services / production process.

    Company Description
    Cloud-based data analysis platform suitable for IoT
  • IDEAAI Corp. Logo
    IDEAAI Corp.

    Company Description
    Nanocoating solutions that provides IP68 level waterproofing for your electronic devices
  • Enervibe Logo

    Company Description
    Developing communicatable avatar robots for building maitenance and security.
  • DATAGRID Inc. Logo

    Company Description
    An open source platform that automates the deployment and governance of machine learning models.
  • Conol,Inc Logo

    Company Description
    IoT urine analyzing device to monitor daily health
  • Bisu, Inc. Logo
    Bisu, Inc.

    Company Description
    Battery packs with selectable speed limit settings and smart system for micromobility
  • Water Design Japan inc. Logo
    Water Design J…
    Water Design Japan inc. Logo
    Water Design Japan inc.

    Company Description
    World's first cleaning solution attachable to pipes that uses ultra-fine bubble technology
  • System Stone Co. Ltd Logo
    System Stone C…
    System Stone Co. Ltd Logo
    System Stone Co. Ltd

    Company Description
    Developed a predictive machine maintenance management platform
  • SEQSENSE Inc. Logo

    Company Description
    Next generation security solution using an autonomous mobile robot equipped with proprietary SD LIDAR
  • QBOID Inc. Logo
    QBOID Inc.
    QBOID Inc. Logo
    QBOID Inc.

    Company Description
    3D computer vision device for dimension measurements, suitable for logistics.
  • Osaro Inc. Logo
    Osaro Inc.

    Company Description
    Industrial AI solution that can automate picking and assembling processes in factories
  • Idein Inc. Logo
    Idein Inc.

    Company Description
    Platform for advanced sensing technology that enables deep learning inference for devices
  • ICE-Gateway GmbH Logo
    ICE-Gateway Gm…

    Company Description
    Advanced IoT Edge Middleware that can be tailored to any city or organization that requires digital processing
  • Exxar Inc. Logo
    Exxar Inc.

    Company Description
    Utilizes augmented reality technology to solve business communication challenges.

    Company Description
    Degradation diagnosis solutions by drone and Image-analysis AI
  • ARNE Technologies Inc. Logo
    ARNE Technolog…
    ARNE Technologies Inc. Logo
    ARNE Technologies Inc.

    Company Description
    Providing energy consumption abnormality detection solutions and decision support services.
  • AI Samurai Inc. Logo
    AI Samurai Inc.

    Company Description
    AI-driven Patent Evaluation System
  • ACES, Inc. Logo
    ACES, Inc.

    Company Description
    Matsuo Lab AI Startup providing behaviour analysis services that utilizes image sensing algorithm
  • Unscene inc Logo
    Unscene inc

    Company Description
    Cloud-based 3D / AR presentation tool
  • Techtouch Inc. Logo
    Techtouch Inc.
    Techtouch Inc. Logo
    Techtouch Inc.

    Company Description
    Digital adaption platform SaaS "Techtouch" for every web systems
  • PID Inc. Logo
    PID Inc.

    Company Description
    Multilingual communication support SaaS "Dicon" for real estate facility owners & residents
  • Nossa, Inc. Logo
    Nossa, Inc.

    Company Description
    New communication system software "Nossa360" that utilizes 360 degree camera
  • Next-Ion Energy Inc. Logo
    Next-Ion Energ…
    Next-Ion Energy Inc. Logo
    Next-Ion Energy Inc.

    Company Description
    Fast-charging batteries with excellent explosion-proof properties
  • MACHINA Inc. Logo
    MACHINA Inc.
    MACHINA Inc. Logo
    MACHINA Inc.

    Company Description
    Remote workspace "IRU" that allows users to have chats like they were in the office
  • Loriot AG Logo
    Loriot AG

    Company Description
    Large scale IoT network that utilizes LoRaWAN
  • iROBOTICS, Inc. Logo
    iROBOTICS, Inc.

    Company Description
    A drone integrator for mechanization, remote control, and automation of plants / infrastructure
  • Hutzper Inc. Logo
    Hutzper Inc.

    Company Description
    Quick, easy, and high-quality image recognition edge AI for the manufacturing industry
  • GAUSS Inc. Logo
    GAUSS Inc.

    Company Description
    AI solution that utilizes an in-house developed algorithm
  • FutuRocket Co. Logo
    FutuRocket Co.
    FutuRocket Co. Logo
    FutuRocket Co.

    Company Description
    ManaCam, ready-to-install smart AI camera utilizing image analysis for stores and facilities
  • Eyeware Tech SA Logo
    Eyeware Tech SA

    Company Description
    3D eye tracking solution that utilizes deep learning
  • Epicbase Inc. Logo
    Epicbase Inc.

    Company Description
    Operation of automatic voice transcription service "Smart Secretary"
  • Enerbrain srl Logo
    Enerbrain srl

    Company Description
    Smart building solutions that combine IoT hardware and energy cloud system
  • A1A, Inc. Logo
    A1A, Inc.

    Company Description
    RFQ cloud, a quotation assessment SaaS system for the manufacturing industry
  • WINFrontier Co,.Ltd. Logo
    WINFrontier Co…
    WINFrontier Co,.Ltd. Logo
    WINFrontier Co,.Ltd.

    Company Description
    Mental healthcare service the visualizes emotions through a smartphone app and wearable devices
  • Origin Wireless, Inc. Logo
    Origin Wireles…

    Company Description
    Develops a indoor GPS and monitoring system that utilizes wireless communication technology
  • Zoi Meet Logo
    Zoi Meet

    Company Description
    Zoi Meet develops enterprise-focused speech recognition solutions that harness the potential of voice data in a privacy-compliant manner.
  • Covariant.ai Logo

    Company Description
    Covariant.ai is developing AI software that makes it easy to teach robots new, complex skills.
  • Elemental Coatings Logo
    Elemental Coat…

    Company Description
    Next-generation anti-icing and anti-scaling coatings. Serving the aerospace, transportation, energy, marine, and consumer sectors.
  • Cavli Wireless Logo
    Cavli Wireless

    Company Description
    Cavli Wireless provides the building blocks of IoT as a B2B subscription based offering to IoT companies, enabling them to launch the various use cases across the globe in a cost efficient, fast, secure manner.
  • causaLens Logo

    Company Description
    Leading Causal AI and Time-Series Research - Autonomously discover value in data.
  • Waku Robotics Logo
    Waku Robotics
    Waku Robotics Logo
    Waku Robotics

    Company Description
    Enabling warehouses and factories to select, implement and operate the best robotic solutions.
  • Flexiv Robotics Logo
    Flexiv Robotics
    Flexiv Robotics Logo
    Flexiv Robotics

    Company Description
    Flexiv is a global leading robotics and AI company, focusing on developing and manufacturing adaptive robots which integrate force control, computer vision and AI technologies.
  • Flusso Logo

    Company Description
    Flusso is developing the world's smallest flow sensor to enable flow sensing in high-volume applications.
  • Bessern Logo

    Company Description
    The smart way to train people to thrive and be at their best at work.
  • emocean Logo

    Company Description
    Liquify data.
  • Grasp Data Logo
    Grasp Data

    Company Description
    Grasp is a space-time data visualization company for warehouse optimization.
  • Unifai Logo

    Company Description
    Fuelling industrial AI with world-class data.
  • Airqoon Logo

    Company Description
    Airqoon is a hyper local air pollution management solution that provides data-driven, actionable, environmental intelligence to enterprises, cities and institutions.
  • Moeco Logo

    Company Description
    Moeco helps companies to manage their Logistics of sensitive goods in a better way. We help our clients to save their resources and money by providing them real-time monitoring and insights about their goods, shipments, and inventory.
  • Population Logo

    Company Description
    Population is the first suite of software-enabled Far-UVC products to destroy dangerous pathogens and promote health and wellbeing in shared spaces. Using a new kind of UV light that’s both effective and safe, they continuously sanitize to create healthier high-traffic areas.
  • Jaxon Logo

    Company Description
    Jaxon automates the process of labeling data for AI training.
  • Alloy Enterprises Logo
    Alloy Enterpri…

    Company Description
    Lower cost aluminum parts with novel additive manufacturing
  • Hypatos Logo
    Hypatos Logo

    Company Description
    Hypatos deep learning technology automates complex document based back office processes. The technology captures data points from documents, performs validations and automates processes, like accounting, travel & expense management, loan underwriting or claims handling.
  • Natix Logo
    Natix Logo

    Company Description
    NATIX provides video analytics solutions for smart cities enabling them to identify city-related events (e.g. traffic, crowd, crime, etc.) and trigger corresponding actions (alarms, controls, reports).
  • Synthesis AI Logo
    Synthesis AI

    Company Description
    Synthetic data technology generates vast amounts of perfectly-labeled data enabling the development of more capable models across industries and use-cases.
  • Werk24 Logo

    Company Description

    Company Description
    TRACTIAN's platform monitors and analyzes the vibration and temperature of machines and equipment, foreseeing breakdowns and preventing downtime.
  • Smabbler Logo

    Company Description
    Smabbler cause-effect reasoning language engine analyzes and unlocks knowledge from diverse textual data assets. It's fully scalable across topic domains, processes, and applications able to ensure information consistency, productivity enhancing, and business value scaling.
  • Pascal Tags Logo
    Pascal Tags

    Company Description
    Pascal Tags builds a data driven supply chain through chip-less inventory tags that perform like a VIN number, but for every product.
  • Klyck.io Logo

    Company Description
    Sales enablement for industrial manufacturing.
  • Reflekt Logo

    Company Description
    Augmented reality platform for maintenance, operations, and training.
  • Gideon Brothers Logo
    Gideon Brothers

    Company Description
    Fast-growing provider of safe, collaborative, mobile-material handling automation solutions that help companies transition into intelligent enterprises by bringing their people, systems, and our self-driving robots together into orchestrated, collaborative workflows in an ever-changing environment
  • Increment Logo

    Company Description
    Tracking platform of internal on the job up-skilling for industrial workers in order to help manufacturers and workers adapt to Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing skills needs.
  • IndustrialML Logo

    Company Description
    Factory productivity through machine learning.
  • ForceN Logo

    Company Description
    ForceN is enabling robotic and other high-tech industries to collect and transmit multi-axial, noise-immune, drift-proof, and sensitive force-data in real-time, all in one complete patent-pending force-sensing-system.
  • Everguard Logo

    Company Description
    AI-based industrial worker safety solution.
  • EmbeDL Logo

    Company Description
    Efficient deep learning in embedded systems.
  • Edgeless Systems Logo
    Edgeless Syste…
    Edgeless Systems Logo
    Edgeless Systems

    Company Description
    The most secure platform to store, process, and share sensitive data.
  • Decision AI Logo
    Decision AI

    Company Description
    Translating machine learning into better business results.
  • Dapster AI Logo
    Dapster AI

    Company Description
    AI-fueled touchless pick.
  • Clairify Logo

    Company Description
    Clairify improves employee wellbeing and productivity by optimizing indoor air quality to user needs and activity.
  • Aionics Logo

    Company Description
    Aionics is a data-enabled materials design platform for batteries.
  • Allganize Logo

    Company Description
    Helps business automate answering questions with Natural Language Understanding technology.
  • XIris Logo

    Company Description
    Software that uses AI to 'watch' surveillance cameras 24/7.
  • Xailient Logo

    Company Description
    Lowers costs and improves performance of computer vision with software that optimizes the processing of AI across devices, from camera to cloud.
  • Wynd Technologies Logo
    Wynd Technolog…

    Company Description
    Enables healthy spaces so people can be at their best.
  • Vanti Logo

    Company Description
    Helps hi-tech enterprises to be data-driven, so they can launch their products faster and operate with increased margins.
  • Ubiik Logo

    Company Description
    Long range, low power wireless technology for IoT.
  • Tellius Logo

    Company Description
    AI-powered analytics. Uncover hidden insights faster with natural language interface.
  • SmartAxiom Logo

    Company Description
    Provides comprehensive blockchain security for the Internet of Things, protecting from edge to cloud and everything in between.
  • Robust Machines Logo
    Robust Machines
    Robust Machines Logo
    Robust Machines

    Company Description
    Developing technologies and solutions to address these bottlenecks and accelerate the integration of AI into enterprise and IOT applications.
  • Nebbiolo Technologies Logo
    Nebbiolo Techn…
    Nebbiolo Technologies Logo
    Nebbiolo Technologies

    Company Description
    Hyper-converged Infrastructure for Edge Computing, purpose built for the IIoT domain across Industrial Automation, Oil & Gas, and Utilities verticals.
  • NanoFlowX Logo

    Company Description
    Developer of nano-coating technology that prevents damage for electronic devices against liquids, moisture, humidity, gases, dust, corrosion and bacteria. The application takes only 1 minute and doesn't require much training.
  • Knaq Logo

    Company Description
    Provides an integrated hardware/software IoT solution for condition-based and predictive industrial equipment maintenance.
  • Kinetic Eye Logo
    Kinetic Eye

    Company Description
    Stealth-mode vision-based analytics platform.
  • Jeeva Logo

    Company Description
    Redefining the standard in wireless connectivity by eliminating power as the roadblock to IoT by using reflected RF signals to transmit sensor data using protocols with 1000x less energy than any existing conventional radio solution.
  • GoEPIK Logo

    Company Description
    Allows you to build your own digital transformation without bugging your IT Team or coding.
  • Flapmax Logo

    Company Description
    SaaS platform for seamlessly deploying inference models into production environments.
  • BEAD Technology Logo
    BEAD Technology

    Company Description
    Creates digital models of buildings by using real-time data and AI.
  • AUCTA Logo

    Company Description
    Enables your workforce to make full use of the data available on the shop floor through immersive technology. By contextualizing information and focusing on the task at hand, we increase productivity while lowering error rates.
  • Altin Labs Logo
    Altin Labs

    Company Description
    Enabler of the 5G transformation for industrial IoT.
  • 42 Layers Logo
    42 Layers

    Company Description
    B2B Automation and Data Exchange.
  • Airkit Logo
    Airkit Logo

    Company Description
    Airkit simplifies how real-time customer experiences are made, with a Low-Code Digital Engagement platform for CX that integrates with existing systems. This turns any team into builders of digital journeys that truly engage customers.
  • Gecko Robotics Logo
    Gecko Robotics

    Company Description
    Robotic inspections for industrial assets.
  • Anzene Logo

    Company Description
    Anzene enables micro-mobility to be safer, sustainable, secure. Our tech includes smart sensors to control speeds & a patented fire extinguisher ensures battery fires are minimized.
  • Edgetensor Logo

    Company Description
    Edgetensor mission is to make edge-based AI affordable and accessible to the mass market. Our proprietary and hardware agnostic Neural Inference Engine powers our AI applications that run on various architectures such as ARM and Intel and is cross platform (Windows, Android, Linux etc) as well.
  • Oloid Logo

    Company Description
    Oloid.ai offers a secure privacy-forward software solution for smart access and clock-in into buildings and workspace to improve identity assurance and worker productivity.
  • Zensors Logo

    Company Description
    Create smart cities, offices, and shops using Zensors sensing platform and existing cameras for answers to critical business questions.
  • Veracity Protocol Logo
    Veracity Proto…

    Company Description
    AI solution to securely connect physical assets to digital records with just a smartphone - no embedded elements needed.
  • Squishy Robotics Logo
    Squishy Roboti…

    Company Description
    Squishy Robotics develops impact-resilient sensor robots for disaster response and remote monitoring.
  • Shapes AI Logo
    Shapes AI

    Company Description
    Human-like reasoning for any camera.
  • Optio3 Logo

    Company Description
    Optio3 is a secure, highly scalable, cloud-based software solution that provides enterprise class customers complete visibility of all the connected (IoT) devices and data on their assets (buildings, trucks and motor coaches, and nanogrids).
  • Omni Speech Logo
    Omni Speech

    Company Description
    Software-only speech extraction solution.
  • Neuro AI Logo
    Neuro AI

    Company Description
    Neuro AI is a startup making hardware for the high speed processing of AI.
  • Macrometa Logo

    Company Description
    Macrometa is an edge computing infrastructure. It allows enterprises and developers to compute more locally, at lower latency, higher accuracy, and with frameworks for data privacy.
  • Liquid Wire Logo
    Liquid Wire

    Company Description
    Provider of printable metal gels for stretch electronics, in garment RFID, and biofeedback.
  • Lincode Logo

    Company Description
    Helping manufacturers go autonomous using AI and ML. Lincode provides visual inspection and shop floor automation using AI, ML and IoT.
  • Intenseye Logo

    Company Description
    Prevent workplace accidents with AI-powered video analysis.
  • Hacarus Logo

    Company Description
    Lightweight and explainable AI - enabled for the cloud and the edge. Delivering Explainable, Lightweight AI for Medical and Manufacturing Applications
  • Gyrfalcontech Logo

    Company Description
    Edge AI Chipset with a ratio of high performance to very low energy use at an affordable cost.
  • Fabric8Labs Logo

    Company Description
    Fabric8Labs developed a unique process that is an intuitive combination of two mature technologies: Stereo-Lithography and Electro-Deposition.
  • Edgeworx Logo

    Company Description
    Open source universal edge computing platform.
  • Dori Logo

    Company Description
    A robust ML platform to accelerate development and deployment of edge, cloud, and hybrid computer vision applications.
  • Conundrum Logo

    Company Description
    Industrial AI systems for predictive and prescriptive maintenance, quality control and optimization.
  • Concertio Logo

    Company Description
    Concertio is a premier provider of AI-powered performance optimization tools.
  • CleanAir Logo

    Company Description
    CleanAir is building ALVI, the next generation of furnace filter.
  • Braincast AI Logo
    Braincast AI

    Company Description
    Braincast enables developers to build AI products faster than ever without previous experience in data science.
  • Alchera Logo

    Company Description
    Alchera Inc. provides Visual Anomaly Detection Technology (VADT) utilizing edge-based image recognition AI to save life and property.
  • Southie Autonomy Logo
    Southie Autono…
    Southie Autonomy Logo
    Southie Autonomy

    Company Description
    Southie Autonomy makes a No-Code software platform for robot arms that lets logistics and manufacturing businesses automate tasks as fast as their products change.
  • Slync.io Logo

    Company Description
    Slync is a next generation supply chain platform revolutionizing multi-party interaction, automation, and collaboration. Their API-first platform combines visibility, exception management, workflow automation, and AI to drive greater predictability and operational efficiencies.
  • Automation Hero Logo
    Automation Hero

    Company Description
    Automation Hero combines RPA with AI to form an intelligent process automation platform to automate repetitive business processes.
  • ZaiNar Logo

    Company Description
    ZaiNar can track the real time location of anything with a radio signal including cellphones, IoT sensors, chipless RFID tags, and even vehicles.
  • XYZ Robotics Logo
    XYZ Robotics

    Company Description
    Robotic perception and manipulation technology for material handling and industrial automation
  • Wheel.me Logo

    Company Description
    wheel.me helps people improve the way they live and work by enabling everything indoors to move effortlessly on Smart Wheels.
  • Tend.AI Logo

    Company Description
    Predictive Analytics for Industrial Robotics
  • Symbio Logo

    Company Description
    ymbio helps Auto OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers improve their manufacturing through the implementation of Robotics and AI technologies
  • SensaData Logo

    Company Description
    Sensadata's vision is to be a leading global supplier of valuable data, delivered through low-cost, high-value data acquisition solutions for IoT implementations across any industry.
  • Reflective AI Logo
    Reflective AI

    Company Description
    Perception Intel for Industrial Automation.
  • Qubercomm Technologies Logo
    Qubercomm Tech…
    Qubercomm Technologies Logo
    Qubercomm Technologies

    Company Description
    Qubercomm Technologies is delivering superior products and services that enable enterprises to build IoT solutions.
  • PureLiFi Logo

    Company Description
    Recognised as the leader in the field – the use of the visible light spectrum instead of radio frequencies to enable wireless data communication
  • Purar Logo

    Company Description
    Purar protects commuters from the harm of air pollution without compromising on style. It's as easy and comfortable as wearing a scarf.
  • Phion Logo

    Company Description
    True spatially independent wireless power and data over distance.
  • IoT Block Logo
    IoT Block

    Company Description
    Smart IoT governance and device management platform for the sharing economy and beyond.
  • Inspirit IoT Logo
    Inspirit IoT

    Company Description
    Inspirit IoT is a leader in delivering sensor intelligence through our design tools and custom platforms that analyze and optimize machine learning for efficient hardware deployment
  • InOrbit Logo

    Company Description
    InOrbit cloud robot management platform enables robotics companies and operators to develop, deploy and operate smart robots at global scale
  • GenXComm Logo

    Company Description
    GenXComm enables true full duplex for next generation communications infrastructure.
  • Drofika Labs Logo
    Drofika Labs

    Company Description
    Drofika Labs is a fog computing platform that processes data for applications and IoT devices
  • Dimensional Mechanics Logo
    Dimensional Me…

    Company Description
    They offer an AI platform that uses AI to build AI, provides governance support for operational implementation, can be run in most environments (cloud, on-premise, IoT) and enables all engineers, regardless of skill, to create AI solutions with as little as 10% of the effort of competing products.
  • DeepHow Logo

    Company Description
    DeepHow develops an AI-powered learning platform for manufacturing, service, and repair.
  • Crispify Logo

    Company Description
    Crispify is the first automotive air quality management system that works to create superior user experience by ensuring a clean air ride, anywhere any time.
  • Augmate Logo

    Company Description
    Augmate is making IoT more beneficial by building the first open platform for secure and scalable IoT device and data management that integrates technologies like blockchain & artificial intelligence.
  • Solace Power Logo
    Solace Power

    Company Description
    Solace challenges traditional power architectures with a wireless power, sense and data platform based on proprietary capacitive technology.
  • HyperSurfaces Logo

    Company Description
    HyperSurfaces is a AI company that uses clever AI and ML applied to standard sensors to convert any object or surface of any material and shape into a data-enabled smart surface.
  • Ondaka Logo
    Ondaka Logo

    Company Description
    Visual search for the real world. Heavy infrastructure, oil and gas, industrial IoT intelligence company.
  • eLichens Logo

    Company Description
    First comprehensive air quality analysis and prediction platform
  • ReSec Technologies Logo
    ReSec Technolo…
    ReSec Technologies Logo
    ReSec Technologies

    Company Description
    Ultimate protection from known and unknown file-based malware threats, using patented Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology.
  • VTRUS Logo

    Company Description
    Vtrus Inc. has developed ABI, an autonomous indoor inspection drone.
  • VLNComm Logo

    Company Description
    VLNComm's LiFi solution offers an alternative to WiFi by using optical energy for wireless connectivity, and integrates access-points into lights.
  • Uptake Logo

    Company Description
    Uptake is the leader in advanced analytics software that makes industries more productive, reliable and safe.
  • Ubiquios Logo

    Company Description
    The ubiquios full stack simplifies the development of wireless IoT devices.
  • Streametric Logo

    Company Description
    STREAMETRIC is a digital service platform that helps these operators of water and wastewater treatment facilities meet and exceed their targets for productivity, costs and quality.
  • SnapSupport Logo

    Company Description
    SnapSupport is an IoT enabled monitoring & resolution platform on mobile.
  • SLAMcore Logo

    Company Description
    SLAMcore provide robot OEM’s with the tools they need to build autonomous machines with true spatial understanding.
  • SensorUp Logo

    Company Description
    SensorUp is the leader in Internet of Things cloud service platform for customers who rely on geospatial in their IoT Implementations.
  • Scortex Logo

    Company Description
    Automation of on-premise quality control using deep-learning and AI.
  • Robotik Innovations Logo
    Robotik Innova…
    Robotik Innovations Logo
    Robotik Innovations

    Company Description
    Tech company developing tactile sensors and AI for robots.
  • Rescale Logo

    Company Description
    Inertial Sense focuses on micro-navigation solutions for an autonomous world.
  • Nanonets Logo

    Company Description
    Nanonets is a machine learning API platform offering developers a platform with limited data & knowledge of deep learning to build custom models solving problems specific to their applications.
  • Monolets Logo

    Company Description
    MonoLets is building an end-to-end encrypted and enterprise-scale data warehouse. We build the network with batteryless and standards' compliant wireless mesh sensors, at a profile and price point that essentially enables embedding wireless connectivity into physical objects.
  • MemComputing Logo
    MemComputing Logo

    Company Description
    MemComputing’s software-based MemCPU™ Coprocessor technology attacks today’s most complex and time-consuming problems reducing compute times by orders of magnitude, at scales and complexity once thought impossible.
  • Emoshape Logo

    Company Description
    Emoshape developed a whole new generation of Emotion Chip that gives a plug and play emotion technology to IoT, Ai, Robotics, Gaming, and Automation.
  • Bare Conductive Logo
    Bare Conductive

    Company Description
    Bare Conductive is a printed electronics company providing functional coatings, printed sensors and integration solutions to industry for applications in smart home, pest control, security, and healthcare.
  • Atollogy, Inc. Logo
    Atollogy, Inc.
    Atollogy, Inc. Logo
    Atollogy, Inc.

    Company Description
    Atollogy’s proprietary algorithms & capabilities are revolutionizing how physical operations are managed by integrating the physical world with artificial intelligence.
  • Atlas Dynamics Logo
    Atlas Dynamics

    Company Description
    Atlas Dynamics vision is to lead the Next Gen Aerospace industry with autonomous and cost efficient solutions that optimize resources while saving lives.
  • DataTron Logo

    Company Description
    Datatron speeds up AI life cycle model-management in today’s machine-learning paradigm by orders of magnitude.
  • Foghorn Logo

    Company Description
    FogHorn Systems is a leader in edge intelligence for IoT.
  • Indegy Logo

    Company Description
    Indegy’s Industrial Cyber Security solution enables organizations to gain visibility, security and control of their industrial operations, OT and IT networks.
  • Dispel Logo

    Company Description
    The Dispel Deal Center is a secure collaboration space built for multiparty and internal project-specific communications. Designed to support financial institutions grappling with issues of data governance, transmission security, access control, and segmentation,