Rise of the Payvider

The challenges of value-based care, care coordination, and population health management have led to a convergence of providers and payers to form a new healthcare category, "payvider." In this panel, Dr. Joan Zoltanski and Dr. Jonathan Slotkin discussed the pressure both parties are under to provide cost-effective care and the increased use of digital solutions.

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A Conversation Between Industry-Leaders

Dr. Joan Zoltanski, Chief Health Officer, University Hospitals: Zoltanski identifies the changing needs of the University Hospitals system and as Chief Health Officer leads in driving innovative systematic change in patient-centered care, the patient experience, care access, and navigation.

Dr. Jonathan Slotkin, Chief Medical Officer, Contigo Health, Associate Chief Medical Informatics Officer, Geisinger: Slotkin practices as a neurosurgeon in the clinical practice at Geisinger, drives digital innovation strategy as Associate Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Geisinger, and leads as Chief Medical Officer at Contigo Health. 


The Highlights of the Panel Discussion

  • Healthcare costs are going up and up which creates an opportunity for employers to do something innovative with self-funded plans.
  • Most Americans get their healthcare through employers as opposed to Medicare or Medicaid which places employers in the position to improve healthcare by working with payers and providers.
  • The best employers are working to control quality and drive access to care for their associates. Employers will use their health insurance plans as a competitive advantage.
  • Provider systems have the data for what is working clinically while payers are not always aligned to the same strategy, financial or clinical metrics thus it becomes beneficial for collaboration.
  • The call to action for payers is to create novel products and move in the direction of real quality not cost in collaboration with providers.
  • “Payviders” are essential in order to shift from traditional ways of securing revenue through high-end specialty care to wellness and prevention healthcare.

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