Partnerships Transforming Healthcare

Fausto Lendeborg (Secberus) and Edmond Mack (GSK) talk about their partnership and the key factors in their collaboration, as they strive to transform healthcare by providing CISOs, CIOs, and CSOs with the tools necessary to secure their public clouds.

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Taking a Deep Dive Into Cybersecurity

Fausto Lendeborg is CEO of Secberus. He has 12 years of experience in cybersecurity and two cybersecurity patents. He co-founded and was SVP of security at Zenedge (acquired by Oracle). His knowledge, passion, and expertise began as employee 14 at Prolexic, which was later acquired by Akamai. Lendeborg helps CISOs and information security humans understand how to secure the cloud.

Edmond Mack is VP of Security Architecture & Engineering at GSK. He also worked at Voya Financial and Cigna Healthcare, where he led multiple teams within the Cyber Security organization. He was in charge of the Identity and Access Management organization, re-engineering their capabilities to meet the global needs of their customers and workforce. He was responsible for the Network and Endpoint Engineering organizations, creating global technology standards.


Key Takeaways

  • Faster development cycles and service delivery call for the ability to respond from a security perspective needs to move at that same speed.
  • Cybersecurity is about enabling a business at the speed of which business decisions are made.
  • Cybersecurity is empowering for the company as it allows business units to make decisions and solve critical needs at lightning speed.
  • Enabling security for the business is about allowing the business to make some of the security decisions within a realm of control.
  • Cybersecurity has two layers: a business that mandates the policies across its applications and the application owners that navigate those policies.
  • The key to building a lasting business relationship is being able to lean on a partner to discuss where the rubber hits the road.
  • The healthcare industry was a little bit late to the cybersecurity game but in the last 10 years has made efforts to catch up.

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